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Daniel Midyett - 1852
NC State Archives; Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.51

May Term 1852 - Bethany M. Midyett shows the court that some time about March 1852 her husband (name not mentioned in this bond) died intestate leaving her a widow and a family of 7 children.  She states that Benjamin Midyett has been issued letters of administration on said estate and asks for her one years provision.  /s/ N. Beckwith, Solicitor

Aug. Term 1852 - Bethany Midyett shows the court that in 1852 Daniel Midyett died intestate and at his death lands descended to Sabry Pain, Amanda Lupton, William W. Midyett, Dameron Midyett, Bethany Midyett, Daniel O. Midyett, Burns Midyett (also seen as Burrus Midyett), Arretta [also seen as Henrietta] Midyett & Banister Midyett, heirs at law of the said Daniel Midyett  She asks the court to appoint commissioners to set off 1/3 of said land for her dower.  /s/ N. Beckwith, Solicitor 

Aug. 22, 1853 - Petition of Bethany M. Midyett, along with Benjamin Midyett & William W. Spencer as her securities, signed a guardian bond for $3000.00 in order that Bethany could become guardian to Benjamin D. Midyett, Henrietta Midyett & Banister Midyett, minors.  /s/ Betheny M. Midyett, Benj. Midyett, Will W. Spencer

Aug. Term 1853 - Bethany M. Midyett in her own right and as guardian to Benjamin B. Midyett, Henrietta Midyett and Bannister Midyett, infant children of Dan'l. Midyett, dec'd., and of Warren Midyett, William D. Midyett and Dan'l. Midyett, infant children of Dan'l. Midyett, dec'd., by their next friend , Selby Bonner, and of Selby Bonner in right of his wife, Bethany, and of Christopher Lupton in right of his wife, Amanda, and of James Gibbs in right of his wife, Sabra, vs. Benjamine Midgett, administrator of Daniel Midgett, dec'd.  The petitioners show that said estate was very large and administrator has paid all debts and has in his possession a large amount that should be distributed to said petitioners as tenants in common, each to 1/10 share.  They ask the court to summon Benjamin Midyett to court to show amount to which each one is entitled.  /s/ F.B. Satterthwaite, Sol. for Pet'rs.

[NOTE:]  Daniel Midyett, Sr., son of Banister Midyett & Celia "Selah" (Pugh) Midyett, was born Nov. 5, 1800 & died Mar. 28, 1852.  He was 1st married to Sally Erby Pugh (1809-1843) about 1828 and they had 8 children:
    1) Sabra Jane Midyett (b. 1830) who married 1st Daniel M. Paine and 2nd James M. Gibbs
    2) Amanda G. Midyett (b. 1831) who married Christopher Jones "Kit" Lupton
    3) William Warren Spencer Midyett (b. 1833) who married Mary Little Midyett
    4) Bethany P. Midyett (b. 1835) who married Selby Sylvester Bonnerr
    5) William Dameron Midyett (b. c1838) who married Mary Elizabeth Dupree
    6) Otway Burns Midyett who died as an infant in 1841
    7) Sally Erby Banister Midyett who died as an infant in 1842
    8) Daniel Midyett, Jr. (b. 1843) who married 1st Asneath Lydia Robinson and 2nd Patsy Hill Brooks

After the death of Daniel Sr's first wife, he married Bethany Paine (1815-1900) and they had 3 children:
    1) Benjamin Burrus Midyett (b. c1847) who married Mary Ann Susan Jones
    2) Henrietta Midyett (b. 1850) who married Ivy Bryan Nobles
    3) Bannister Midyett (b. 1852) died at the age of 18 unmarried

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