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Bannister D. Midyett- 1842
NC Archives, Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.50

Nov. 28, 1842 - Benj. Midyett, along with Banister Midyett & Thos. R. Gibbs as his securities, signed an administrator's bond for $1000.00 in order that Benjamin Midyett administer on the estate of Bannister D. Midyett.  /s/ Benjn. Midyett, Thos. R. Gibbs, Bannister Midyett

Dec. 22, 1842 - Account of sales & inventory of the perishable property of Bannister Midyett, dec'd.  Various buyers were Isr. Brooks, Joshua White, Saml. T. Douglass, Caleb F. Brooks and Dameron H. Pugh.  Total sale amounted to $649.67.  /s/ Benjn. Midyett, Adm'r.

May Term 1843 - Inventory & account of sales returned into Court and ordered to be recorded.  /s/ R.M.G. Moore, Clk.

Nov. Term 1842 - May 28, 1844 - The estate of Banister D. Midyett in account current with Benjamin Midyett, Adm'r.  Amount due the estate $818.62.  /s/ Benjn. Midyett

May Term 1844 -  Account returned into Court by Benj. Midyett, Adm'r. and ordered to be recorded.  /s/ R.M.G. Moore, Clk.

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