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Bannister Midyett- 1841
NC Archives, Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.50
[This was a very lengthy estate encompassing over 100 pages.  The below is just a portion of that estate.]

Aug. Term 1841 - Charlotte, widow & relict of Bannister Midyett, late of Hyde Co. who died intestate, relinquishes her right of administration. The court orders letters of administration to Rinaldo Midyett by entering $10,000.00 bond with Riley Murray & Andrew Shanklin as his securities.

Aug. Term 1841 - Charlotte, widow of Banister Midyett, petitions for her 1 years provisions for her and her family.  /s/ Charlotte Midyett by M. Shaw, Atty.

Aug. Term 1841 - Charlotte Midyett states that Banister Midyett, late of Hyde County, departed this life therein during the month of May last, intestate owning in fee simple 3 tracts containing in all 162 acres in Hatteras, 1 tract of 50 acres at Mount Pleasant; the home tract of 50 acres lying on the Banks; 14 acre tract an undivided interest of 1/5 of 100 acres.  Heirs-at law besides the widow:
    (a) Rinaldo Midyett
    (b) Benjamin W. O'Neal
    (c) Bethana O'Neal
    (d) Rinaldo M. O'Neal
    (e) Lurana O'Neal
    (f) Louisa O'Neal
[These O'Neal's are children of Elvira (Midyett) O'Neal, dec'd., wife of Christopher O'Neal, dec'd.]
    (g) George W. Willis & wife Christian
    (h) Lurana, wife of Davis Gray
    (i) Daniel S. Midyett
    (j) Christian, wife of George W. Willis
    (k) Edmund D. Midyett
    (l) Watson L. Midyett
    (m) Little Banister Midyett
    (n) Caroline F. Midyett
    (o) Kitty F. Midyett
    (p) Cordelia Midyett
    (q) Bethana Ann Rebecah Midyett
    (r) Nancy S. Midyett
    (s) Pharoah F. Midyett
    (t) Charlotte Midyett

Aug. 31, 1841 - Advertisement of property of Banister Midyett - Notice is hereby given that the subscriber was at August Term 1841 of Hyde County Court appointed administrator of the estate of Banister Midyett, dec'd., all persons indebted to said estate are requested to apply to him and settle and those who have claims against said estate are requested to present them to him for settlement within the time allowed by law or this notice will be plead against them.  /s/ Rinaldo Midyett, Adm'r.
    On the 22nd day of September next at the late residence of said Banister Midyett will be sold on a credit of six months the purchasers giving bond with apporved security before the property is changed.  The vessel on the stock--the Schooner Willis Williams, Schnr David Warrin, 3 canoes, one yawl boat, the apparattus of a windmill, a quantity of live oak timber, some square timber and lumber, the horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, sails and rigging blocks, one anchor and chain and some cordage.  Also the household & kitchen furniture.  The negroes will be hired for the remainder of the year and many other articles will be sold too tedious to be mentioned.  /s/ Rinaldo Midyett, Adm'r.
    Witnesses that the above notice was posted up are Green Bridgman at Court House, R.M.G. Moore at Currituck, Josiah Blackwell at Middle Creek and Wm. Wetherington at Chicamikomico.

Sept. 16, 1841 - One year's provision set off for Charlotte Midyett, widow of Banister Midyett, dec'd.  /s/ Isaac L. Farrow, Abraham Farrow, Wm. Weatherington

Sept. 22, 1841 - Acct. of sales of the personal estate of Banister Midyett, dec'd.  /s/ Rinaldo Midyett, administrator [This was 12 pages in length.]  Mentions a new schooner bought by Capt. Farrow for $1000.00, the schooner Willis Williams was bought by David C. Cox for $520.00, the windmill was bought by Banister Ballance for $158.00.  Other various purchasers were: Oliver ONeal, George W. Willis, Thomas Etheridge, Davis Gray, Bateman Scarbough, Josiah Stow, Little John Gray, and many, many others.  Another small sale was made on Nov. 16, 1841.  Total for both of these sales was $3195.06.

Oct. 12, 1841 - Inventory of the personal estate of Banister Midyett, Dec'd., taken by his Adm'r., Rinaldo Midyett  [This is 8 pages in length.]

Nov. Term 1841 - Inventory returned into Court and ordered to be recorded.  R.M.G. Moore, Clk.

June 2, 1842 - A book account against the estate of Banister Midyett, deceased, in favor of Rinaldo Midyett for labour and other articles from March 1839 to May 1841.  Mentions work done to the schooner Willis Williams and work on the house.  /s/ Batn Scarborough, JP

Aug. Term 1841 - Jan. 1844 - The estate of Banister Midyett, dec'd., in account current with Rinaldo Midyett, adm'r.  Mentions hire of negroes Jack, Hanah, William [listed as Bill in other places] Mariam & James.

Oct. 1, 1844 - Account of sales of the negroes belonging to the estate of Banister Midyett, dec'd., sold by me on the 1st day of October 1844 on a credit of six months as per order of Court at Aug. Term 1844.  Notes & security taken by me -- Cason G. Spencer, Commissioner

Negroes Amount Purchasers
Jack $  500.00 Peledge Spencer
William $  410.25 Federick S. Roper
Hanner $  322.00 Peledge Spencer
Maryam $  312.00 Israel Brooks
Gim $  210.50 Oliver ONeal
Mary $  120.00 David C. Cox
Rose $  220.50 Ezekiel Midyett
Levine $  110.25 Israel Brooks
Total $2205.50

Nov. Term 1844 - The petition of Rinaldo Midyett in his own right and as guardian of Rinaldo M. O'Neale respectfully shows that at the August Term 1841 of your court he was appointed administrator of Banister Midyett; that the said Banister left 8 Negros which now belong to his heirs, said Negros are named Bill, Hannah, Young Bill, Mariam, Jim, Polly, Lavine and Rose. The foregoing persons are entitled to said Negros, viz: Rinaldo Midgett, his widow Charlotte Midyett, Benjamin W. O'Neale, Bethany O'Neale, Rinaldo M. O'Neale, Lurana O'Neale, and Louisa O'Neale, children of Elvira, daughter of Banister Midyett and wife of Christopher O'Neale, both of whom are now dead, and their children, infants whose guardian is Oliver O'Neale (excepting Rinaldo M. O'Neale and Daniel S. Midyett, Edward D. Midyett, Lurana J. Gray and her husband Davis Gray and Christian Willis, daughter of Banister Midgett & George W. Willis her husband and Watson L. Midgett and also the foregoing who are infants and have no guardian, Banister Midyett, Caroline F. Midyett, Kitty F. Midyett, Cordelia Midyett, Bethany Midyett, Nancy S. Midyett, Pharoah F. Midyett and Charlotte Midyett). Petitioner prays that a proper person will be appointed to sell said Negros.

Feb. Term 1850 - The petition of Cason G. Spencer and Josiah G. Jarvis shows that at the February Term 1844 Rinaldo Midyett was appointed guardian to Bannister Midgett, Caroline F. Midgett, Nancy S. Midgett, Pharoah F. Midgett & Charlotte Midyett, infant children of Bannister Midgett, dec'd. That said guardian was required to enter into bond in the sum of $4000.00 as guardian and your petitioners at the request of said Rinaldo Midgett became sureties to said bond. Said petitioners believe that Rinaldo Midgett has failed to renew his guardian bond at the expiration of 3 years and are concerned by reason of their said suretyship. They pray the worships of this court to command Rinaldo Midgett to appear and give other sufficient securities to be approved by the court.  /s/ F.B. Satterthwait, Sol. for Petrs.

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