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Banister Midyett- 1824
Estate: NC Archives, Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.50

May Term 1824 - Petition of Sealy Midyett humbly shewth your worships that her late husband Banister Midyett died without leaving any last will and testament or making any provision for the support of your petitioner and family for one year. Your petitioner being entitled therefore by act of assembly to one years provisions out of the crop, stock and other estate of her late husband Banister Midyett, dec'd., and Israel Brooks having administered on the same at this term pray your worships to grant an order appointing one justice of the peace and three freeholders unconnected and agreeable to law to examine said estate and allot and set off to your said petitioner's family one years provisions out of the crop and stock of her late husband and for the want of crop and stock sufficient out of any other part of the estate agreeable to the several acts of assembly in such cases and provided and at the same time to set off to your petitioner one bead and its necessary furniture and all the bed clothing of family domestic manufacture kitchen furniture and also the loom, bureau, wheel and cards agreeable to an act of the general assembly proposed at the last session making further provision for widow and so that your petitioner may be entitle to retain the same and your petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray.  /s/ Selah Midyett

May Term 1824 - Pursuant to an order of The Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions for the county of Hyde May Term 1824 to us directed, we, the undersigned commissioners, have this day viewed the estate of Banister Midyett, dec'd., and set off to Celia Midyett, widow of said dec'd. and family, what appears to us necessary to serve the said widow & family one year with the valuation amount to all that is not on hand in the following order:

one Cow and Calf one shoat with the Poultry on hand    ------
35 barrels Corn  $ 70.00
2 barrels flower     14.00
1000 lbs pork     60.00
40 lbs Coffee     12.00
100 lbs Brown Sugar     15.00
14 lbs Loaf Sugar       3.78
2 lbs Tea       3.50
2 bushels Salt       2.00
120 lbs Lard     12.00
2 lb pepper         .80
1 Alspice         .50
5 Gallons Molasses       2.00
2 Gallons Vinegar         .80
1 bushel Beans       1.00
30 lbs tallow       3.00
Total $200.38

There being no crop and provisions on hand we have stated the articles which would be required for widow & family support for one year, valuation amounting to the sum of $200.38 as above and further in obedience to an order to us directed, we have set off to said widow, Celia Midyett, one bed and furniture, all the domestic bed clothing, one wheel and cards, one loom and harness and all the kitchen furniture as the law requires. June 28, 1824.
    /s/ Benj. Sanderson
         Wm. Selby

June 1824 - Inventory of the notes and Acts. and money & Perishable Estate of Banister Midyett, Decd - List of notes included David Paine, Ebenezer Midyett, Hugh Jones

June 28, 1824 - The account of sales of the property of Banister Midyett, dec'd., by Israel Brooks, Adm'r. at a credit of 6 months.  (This was a lengthy list covering 6 pages so this is a partial listing of various buyers.)

one dry Cow Daniel Midyett $ 10.25
one Cow & Calf John Delon    10.50
one Heffer yearling Benjamin Midyett      4.00
one dry Cow Israel Brooks      8.00
one horse yearling L.J. Pugh    25.00
one lot of paint Hardy Swindel        .65
one-half bushel barrels Samuel Brooks      1.05
one lot tools Dameron Pugh      2.50
one lot tools Nathan ONeal      3.00
one mall & iron wedges Durant H. Murry      2.10
one lot tools Anthony Gaskill      2.25
one lot corking irons David Paine        .70
one bench William Selby        .30
one bridle Christopher Neale        .55
one bridle Benajah Watson        .22
one lot iron Caleb Ballance        .65
one coffee pot Sparrow Midyett        .60
one coffee mill Nathaniel Gibbs      1.25
two candle sticks Marcus Swindle      1.10
one mahogany desk James Watson    20.00
one table, knives & Bible Seleah Midyett        .25
The one-half of old Negro man America Nathan ONeal  125.50
residue of estate (Negros excepted) Daniel Midyett        .50
Total Sale   $404.15
Account of sales of Negros hired out
   Negro Fanny  to Israel Brooks - 2.50
   Negro boy Luis? to  Daniel Midyett - 1.55
   Negro Boy America at the last bidder to Seleah Midyett - 1.00
   Rilly and 3 children, David, Ann, Samuel to the last bidder to Daniel Midyett - 10.00

Hyde County session August Term 1824. Then was this acct. Sales and inventory returned on oath into court by Israel Brooks, Administrator.
    /s/Jno. B. Jasper, C.C.

Nov. Term 1843 - Petition of Benjamin Midyett, Dan'l. Midyett, Israel Brooks in right of his wife Polly & Benjamin Midyett, Jr by his guardian above named, shows that many years ago Banister Midyett of Hyde County died leaving petitioners heirs to his estate and tenants in common with Banister Midyett of Beaufort County and John Midyett (who left an only child named Benjamin also mentioned) of a tract of land in Hyde County on Mount Pleasant containing 84 acres and adjoining the heirs of James Pugh and the land owned by Benjamin Midyett, Sr., one of your petitioners.  Petitioners further show that Dan'l. Midyett, one of the petitioners, has purchased the right of Banister Midyett of Beaufort County.  Petitioners pray for commissioners to be appointed to divide said land.  /s/ Edw. Stanly, Sol. for Petitioners

Hyde Co., NC County Court Minutes (1820-1844); Microfilm C.053.30003
May Term 1824
    Ordered that Israel Brooks be appointed Administrator of the estate of Banister Midyett, dec'd., by entering bond of $2000.000 with Little John Pugh & Dameron Pugh as his securities
    On petition of Selay Midgett & others it is ordered that Israel Brooks, adm'r. of Banister Midyett, have leave to sell half of a Negro named Morrice and that commissioners be appointed to divide Negros.  Ordered that one years provision be set off for Celia Midgett, widow of Banister Midgett.

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