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Thomas Mann - 1805
Mar. 20, 1805 - August Term 1805
Will: Hyde Co., NC Will Book 1-2-3; pgs. 385-386; CR.053.801.17
Hyde Co., N.C. Will Bk. 3; Pgs. 158-159, 175-177, 351-352;CR. 053.508.48

In the name of God Amen. I, Thomas Mann, of the state of No Carolina & county of Hyde, being infirm in body but of sound sense, mind & memory, do make this my Last Will & Testament first revoking and making void all other wills made heretofore by me or for me and making this and no other my Last Will and Testament in manner & form following, viz--First I give and bequeath to my beloved son Joseph Mann one Bed & furniture and one trunk.

Item: I Give and bequeath to my beloved Daughter Sophia Mann one Bed and furniture & one trunk. I request my Executor that immediately after my decease be entered on my estate and after giving twenty days Public notice shall sell at Public sale all my personal Estate not already Given away, Giving six months Credit & takeing notes with Good and Lawful Security.

I request my Executors that as soon as the opportunity be he shall purchase a negro boy between fifteen and twenty years of age and that he carry all my negroes up to Stumppy Point and hire them out at private Sale as he may think most proper, calling on Edward Mann to assist him in the same. I do request my Exer to rent out my plantation on the Lake at private sale for a part of the Crop as he may find most advantages and to rent out my house and Lot at Middle Creek as he may think most proper. My request is that said son Joseph Mann and my sd daughter Sophia Mann may be carried to Stumpy Point and put under the care of Edward Mann, to be kept at school as long as he may think Necessary. My desire is that my Executor may keep all my estate in his hands and under his direction untill my aforesaid son and daughter shall arrive to proper age to receive it then for all my estate both Real & Personal to be equally Divided Between Them Except Sixty Dollars which I wish my Exr to retain in his hands for the purpose of schooling John Mason & Edward Mason, sons of Sally Mason, and in case either my son Joseph Mann or my Daughter Sophia Mann shall decease without heir lawfully begotten by their bodies or before they arrive to proper age to receive that there and in such case the surviving Brother or Sister shall receive and inherit my Whole Estate both real & personal as if there never had been but one surviving child.

Lastly I nominate and appoint my friend Peledge Spencer my Executor to this my Last Will and Testament.  I, the said Thomas Mann hath signed, sealed and acknowledge this instrument of writing to be my last will and testament. This 20th day of March 1805. signed, sealed and acknowledged in presents of
Cason Gibbs, Sr.       
Wm. Watson                                                                                     /s/ Thos. Mann     Seal

August Term 1805
The due ratification of the Last Will and Testament of Thos. Mann, decd., was duly proved in open Court by the oath of William Watson, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto. Ordered to be recorded.
Test. Ben Foreman, Clk.


Aug. 24, 1805 - An inventory of the estate of Thomas Mann, dec'd., by Peledge Spencer, exe'r

July 1, 1805 - An account of sales of the estate of Thomas Mann, dec'd., sold on July 1, 1805 by Peledge Spencer, exe'r. (Gideon Mason & Sally Mason were 2 of the buyers--large estate.)

Feb. 18, 1806 - Further inventory of the estate of Thomas Mann, dec'd., was taken on Feb. 18, 1806 by Peledge Spencer, exe'r.

Jan. 3, 1809 - An audit of the executor's accounts on the estate of Thomas Mann, dec'd., in account with Peledge Spencer, executor (1805-1809). Jonathan Harris, Ben. Saunderson & William Watson, auditors.

Jan. 4, 1809 - A division of the estate of Thomas Mann, dec'd., was made between his heirs.
    Lot #1 (upper 1/2 of land on the Lake, negros, cash & notes) fell to Sophia Daniels.
    Lot #2 (lower 1/2 of land on the Lake, house & lot at Middleton, negros, cash & notes) fell to Joseph Mann.
    John & Edward Mann's (should be "Mason" according to will) legacy left to school them by will $60.00.
        /s/ Jonathan Harris, William Harris, Robert Henry, Ben. Saunderson & Israel Watson, commissioners

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