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Valentine Gibbs - 1829
NC State Archives; Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.34

May 25, 1829 - Whereas by the death of Valentine Gibbs, late of Hyde County, the Estate of said deceased descended to all his Brothers & Sisters (half-blood) & their representatives.  In which estate there are Six Negroes, viz: Jack 75 years old, Barbara 73 years old, Fan 50 years old, Silve 30 years old, Jery 12 years old & Lewis about 12, which Negroes or their value must be divided among 16 different heirs.  Petitioners ask that an order to William Watson, Administrator of said Valentine Gibbs, be given in order to sell said Negroes at public sale.  /s/ John T. Davis, Jesse Gibbs, Senr, Jordan A. Gibbs, Wm. Watson, Isaiah H. Spencer, David Carter.

May 25, 1829 - Administrator's bond for $4000.00 signed by William Watson, Admr, David Carter Sr and Isiah H. Spencer

May Term 1829 - Ordered by the Court that Admr make sell of perishable estate and the negroes agreeable to petition.

June 16, 1829 - Account of Sales of the Estate of Valentine Gibbs (10 pages of items were listed); Various buyers were: George Howard, Stephen Gibbs, Willis Williams, Seth Gibbs, Littleton Bragg, Reuben Rolinson, Joseph Tunnell, Caleb Ballance who bought Negro Lewis for $325.50, George Pugh who bought Negroes Jack & Barbara for 30 cents, Caleb Stow who bought Negro Fan for $100.90, Jordan A. Gibbs who bought Negro Silvey for $250.00, and W.R. Palmer who bought Negro Jerry for $401.30.  Total sale amounted to $2521.461/4.  /s/ Wm. Watson, Admr

Aug. 31, 1829 - Further inventory of the Estate of Valentine Gibbs, decd - Received $313.00 of Oliver Gibbs, Executor of Cason Gibbs, deceased, the balance due Valentine Gibbs; cash found in desk; Samuel Brooks bill for $1.00 (desperate); Banister Gibbs judgment for $15.40 dated Mar. 27, 1824 bearing interest from July 20, 1822 (desperate)

Dec. 16, 1829 - William Watson, Administrator, in account Current with the Estate of Valentine Gibbs, decd.; mentions $7.10 paid to V.W. Sanderson for coffins for Mrs. Phebe Gibbs and $7.00 for coffin for Valentine Gibbs, $55.25 to Dr. Shanklin and $24.50 to Dr. Masters.  Balance due estate $2774.42.  /s/ Benj. Saunderson, W. Selby, James McClaud

Apr. 5, 1830 - Carteret Co. Court of Equity to George Howard & wife Nancy - Whereas William Watson & others have petitioned the Court of Equity for the purpose of obtaining a decree from the said Court to sell the lands of Valentine Gibbs, decd.  You are therefore commanded to appear in Court of Equity in Hyde County on the 6th Monday after the 4th Monday in March at the Court House to plead, answer or demur.  /s/ H.W. Gibbs, Clerk & Master of Equity

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