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Zorabable Gaskins - 1801
NC State Archives; Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.27

1801 - a bond for 5000 pounds was signed by Ann Gaskins, administrator, with Robert Jennett and Cornelius Howard as her securities
Heirs:  Christopher Gaskins
            Anna Gaskins
            Benjamin Gaskins
            Louis Gaskins
            John Gaskins
            Rebecca Gaskins
            Laurana Gaskins
Guardian for the first 4 children was John Selby 3rd

Hyde Co., N.C. Deed Bk. O; Pg. 457
John Gaskins, Jr. of Carteret Co. sold to Adam Gaskins of Hyde Co., for $43.00, "my part of 50 acres which I heired by the death of my father, Zorobable Gaskins, it lying on Mattamuskeet in Hyde County joining said Adam Gaskins..." The indenture was made Dec. 17, 1811.
   Wit: Elijah Styron                                                     /s/ John Gaskins Jun'r.
           Cason Gibbs, Jun'r.
   Proved: May Term 1812
   Reg: June 17, 1812

Hyde Co., N.C. Deed Bk. P; Pg. 246-247
Robert Jennett, Sr. and his wife Rebecca of Hyde Co., N.C. sold to Christopher Gaskins of Hyde County, for $56.00, 2 tracts of land "formerly owned by the late Zorabable Gaskins" said land lying up a ditch known by the name of Hugh Henry ditch and was bought by the aforesaid Zorobable Gaskins & Adam Gaskins of Burradge H. Selby in two tracts, one containing 75 acres and the other containing 25 acres and was divided by Adam Gaskins and Nancy Gaskins, widow of Zorabable Gaskins, which division will more plainly show the westernmost half of the 75 acre tract & lot #2 contained 371/2 acres which fell in the division to the heirs of the aforesaid Zorabable Gaskins and the eastern tract & lot #1 of the 25 acre tract containing 121/2 acres fell to the heirs of Zorabable Gaskins, their half amounting to 50 acres of land, one-seventh of which is now sold & conveyed to Christopher Gaskins.  This indenture was made May 18, 1814.
   Wit: Robert Jennette, Jun'r.
           Thomas Jennette                                               /s/ Robert Jennett, Sen'r.
   Reg: Sep 24, 1814                                                     /s/ Rebeca [x] Jennett

Hyde Co., N.C. Deed Bk. R; Pg. 179
Ann Gaskins of Hyde Co., N.C. sold to Christopher Gaskins of Hyde Co., N.C., for $56.00, one-seventh part of two tracts of land lying on Mattamuskeet adjoining Adam Gaskins on the east, Hardy Swindell on the south, the heirs of Joel Swindell, dec'd., on the west and supposed Hezekiah Farrow on the north, they being 1/7 part of 2 tracts of land set apart to the heirs of Zorobabel Gaskins in a division of 2 tracts sold to Adam Gaskins & Zarobabel Gaskins by Burridge Hutchens Selby, the first a 75 acre lot & the second a 25 acre lot, this 1/7 part "being all the land left me by my father."  This indenture was made Nov. 29, 1816.
   Wit: William [x] Swindell                                            /s/ Ann Gaskins
           Benjamin Gaskins
   Reg: Nov. 18, 1817

Hyde Co., N.C. Deed Bk. Q; Pg. 104?
Benjamin Gaskins of Hyde Co., sold to Adam Gaskins of Hyde Co., for $200.00, a tract of land in Hyde Co. adjoining the lands of said Adam Gaskins on the east and north & the heirs of Joel Swindell, dec'd., on the west "it being 5/7 of the land that fell to the heirs of Zerobabel Gaskins, dec'd., one of the said 5/7 I heired by the death of my father Zerobable Gaskins and the other seventh I bought of Zacheus Bell & his wife Luranah, containing 14 acres."  This indenture was made May 23, 1818.  (later in this deed it says 2/7 not 5/7.)
   Wit: Hezekiah Farrow
           Joseph Tunnel                                                     /s/ Benj'n. Gaskins
   Reg: Aug. 11, 1818

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