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Riley J. Gaskill - 1837
NC State Archives; Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.27

June 1823 - Mar. 1834 - Aaneas [Ananias] Sadler in account current with Riley J. Gaskill.  Mentions judgment paid to the administrator of David Gaskill; boarding & schooling of the ward; building a chimney, a barn, kitchen, cook house; buying pine & cypress rails; paying the administrator of Joseph Gaskill and rent of land and negroes.  Total amount was $1697.08

Jan. 1825 - Jan. 1837 - Ananias Sadler in Account current with his ward, Riley J. Gaskill, dec'd.  Mentions receiving $441.11 from Joseph Gaskill, adm'r. of Wm. Gaskill; also mentions rents from the plantation for various years as well as the hire of Negro Jack; mentions receiving $63.83 from the executor of Jacob Gaskill in March 1827.

Apr. 2, 1835 - Pursuant to an order of court to settle the guardian accounts of Ananes [sic] Sadler.  He is due $143.27 as guardian.

Nov. 28, 1837 - Administrator's Bond issued to Joseph Gaskill, adm'r. of Riley J. Gaskill, dec'd.,  in the sum of $2000.00.  /s/ Joseph Gaskill, Joseph Swindell, Dixon Swindell

Feb. Term 1838 - Petition of Joseph Gaskill, adm'r. of Riley J. Gaskill, dec'd., to sell Negro Jack for the purpose of affecting a distribution among the heirs at law.

Feb. Term 1838 - Petition of Joseph Gaskill who says he obtained letters of administration in 1837 on the estate of Riley J. Gaskill, late of Hyde County; that in 1824 Riley, then a minor, was in the custody of Ananias Sadler, his guardian; that Riley was seized of a valuable tract of land lying on Mattamuskett Lake from which he received large rents and profits which, together with the hire of his slaves, amounted to $2000.00 or so.  He further states that Sadler received from the adm'r of William Gaskill, the father of said Riley, the sum of $440.00; that said Sadler says that the rents & profits were small and nearly as much as the expenditures.  Sadler has failed to show him the guardianship accounts.....  /s/ W. Beckwith, Att. for Petr.

Feb. 1838 - Summons to Ananias Sadler from the Sheriff of Hyde County to appear before the court to answer charges against him from Joseph Gaskill.

Apr. 1, 1838 - Sale of Negro man slave, Jack, at Geo, H. Sheldon's & Co. Store at Lake Landing.  Jack sold for $788.00 to James McClaud.

May 1838 - Summons to G.H. Sheldon, Riley Murray and Samuel Sadler to appear at George Sheldon's on Thursday, Aug. 16, 1838 before Robt. Jennett & Dixon Swindell as referees to testify the truth in behalf of Joseph Gaskill, adm'r. in a certain matter of controversy wherein Joseph Gaskill is plaintiff and Ananias Sadler is the defendent.

Aug. Term 1839 - Account current with Jos. Gaskill, Adm'r. of Riley J. Gaskill, dec'd.  Balance due the estate was $2064.01.  /s/ Joseph Gaskill, Adm'r.

[This was a large estate with many papers in it.  The above listing is just part of it.]

{Hyde Co., N.C. Deed Bk. Y; pgs. 21-23}
    Elizabeth MIDYETT (formerly Elizabeth GASKILL), daughter of Jacob GASKILL, dec'd., of Hyde County, N.C., being one of his legal heirs & representatives, also being the legal heir & representative of my brother, David GASKILL, dec'd., of Hyde County and also one of the legal heirs & representatives of my nephew Riley J. GASKILL, dec'd., of Hyde County & I, the said Elizabeth, having many years since intermarried with Richard MIDYETT of Hyde County but now residing in White County, Tennessee, do hereby nominate & appoint my worthy friend & husband, Richard MIDYETT, my lawful attorney to demand & provide for me jointly, with himself, being my husband, from the administrator of the estate of Jacob GASKILL, my deceased father, or from any other person having charge of said estate, all such sums of money or property which may be due me or which may hereafter be coming to me from my father's estate & the said Richard MIDYETT, by virtue of the intermarriage. And also to demand & receive from Anthony GASKILL, administrator of my brother, David GASKILL, dec'd., all money & property which descends to me and the said Richard by virtue of the intermarriage, as heirs-at-law & legal representative of David GASKILL, administrator of my nephew, Riley J. GASKILL, dec'd., all money or property which descends to myself & the said Richard MIDYETTby virtue of our marriage as heirs-at-law & legal representative of Riley J. GASKILL, dec'd., all late of Hyde County. Elizabeth MIDYETT empowers Richard MIDYETT to sell or dispose of all or any part of land obtained by him as attorney to take & receive money or take notes on other property or to bring suit or suits to prosecute in order to gain possession of & to establish my title to all the estates aforementioned, being my deceased father, brother & nephew.
Witness: N. OLDHAM
    /s/ Elizabeth (x) MIDYETT

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