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Hugh H. Foddrey - 1852
NC State Archives; Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.23

Feb. Term 1852 - Polexeny Foddery, widow of Henry [listed as Hugh everywhere else] H. Foddery, dec'd., states that her husband departed this life intestate some time in January last past, leaving her with 3 children [not named] unprovided for and asks the court for her 1 years provision.  /s/ F.B. Satterthwaite, Sol. For Petr.
    Commissioners were appointed by the court to value the estate of Hugh H. Fodrey and set off to Polixany Fodrey, widow of Hugh H. Fodrey, a sufficiency for 1 years provision.  Also one bed and furniture, one wheel and a pair of cards.

May 1,1852 - Commissioners laid off and allotted to the family of Hugh H. Fodrey, dec'd.:
   1 bed and furniture     6 chairs                                    1 barow
   1 table                         1 safe & crockery                   2 chests
   1 coffeemill                 2 looking glasses                     carpenters tools
   75# bacon                    11/2 bu. of corn                        1 loom
   1 hand mill                   kitchen furniture                     4 head of cattle
   12 head of hogs           the wheat now growing

1 Account due from Wm. J. Cox for---------    $13.121/2
1 Account due from Wm. Boomer for-------        4.00
1 Account due from John J. Jordan for-----      10.121/2
1 Account due from Benj. Gaskins for------      17.871/2

There not being sufficient of crop, stock and provisions on hand to make a comfortable provision for said widow & family for the year, we assess the deficiency to the sum of $160.52 and we have further laid off to said Polexay Fodrey one bed and its necessary furniture and one wheel and one pair of cards as her absolute property.  /s/ Jos. E. Blount, JP, Jno. Jas. Spencer. Jas. E. Bell, Stephen D. Carter

[NOTE:]  This surname has many spellings--Fodry, Fodray, Fodrey, Foddary, Foddrey, Foddery, Fodera, Fodrie, etc.  Hugh H. Foddrey was the son of Thomas & Betsy Foddary [see Thomas' will here].  Polexany Foddery could be Pollyanna Mason, daughter of Thomas Mason who died in 1817.  Hugh H. Foddrey appeared to have been married to a Fanny prior to his marriage to Polexany.  According to census and other records, the 3 unnamed children in this estate appear to be:
    1) Richard H. Foddrey who married Eliza J. Smith.  Richard was born in Hyde Co. on July 13, 1837 and died in Washington, Beaufort Co., NC on Apr. 26, 1915.  He and Eliza are both buried in Oakdale Cemetery in Washington, NC.
    2) Eleanor L. "Nelly" Foddery who married 1st Henry O. Tooley in Hyde Co. on Dec. 6, 1854; 2nd Benjamin B. Hall in Hyde Co. on Jan. 14, 1877; and 3rd Sylvester Davidson in Hyde Co. on May 28, 1882.  Eleanor was born in Feb. 1838 or 1839 and died June 12, 1902.
    3) Edward S. Foddery who was born c1840 and married 1st Mary C. Howland in Carteret Co., NC on June 1, 1870; 2nd Fannie Howland on Mar. 5, 1874 in Carteret County.

Hyde Co., NC Will Bk. 3; pg. 751-752
    An account of sales of the property of Thomas Mason, dec'd., was sold on March 8, 1817 by Hugh H. Foddray, adm'r.

Hyde Co., N.C. Record of Wills; Book 4; pg. 44
    We, the undersigned, agreeable to an order of Court August Term 1817, proceeded to divide the Negroes of Thomas Mason, Senr., dec'd., among his several heirs who petitioned the same, viz: Hugh Foddrey and his wife Fanny, Thomas Mason, Junr., and Jane Mason, widow of Thomas Mason, Senr., in the following manner:
Patience valued at 200.00
Haly valued at 350.00
Carly valued at 350.00
George valued at 500.00
Anson valued at 450.00
Peledge valued at 300.00
There being 6 heirs and the petitioners above only of age, they were divided in the following manner: Jane Mason drew Carly, Hugh Foddrey drew Peledge, Thomas Mason, Junr. drew Patience. Each share is $355.33 2/6 and the petitioners jointly pay to Jordan Mason, Joshua Mason, and David Mason.   /s/ Ormond Tooley, Clinton Tooley, Jacob Tooley, Littleton Bell - Commissioners

Hyde Co., NC County Court Minutes (1820-1844) - Microfilm C.053.30003
    August Term 1822 -  Ordered that an audit be made on the accounts of Hugh H. Foddrey with the estate of Thos. Mason, dec'd.

1850 Hyde Co., NC Census (Currituck Dist)
    Fodery,    Hugh              57    Farmer
                     Richard H.    12    Attended School
                     Polexany       50
                     Eleanor L.     12    Attended School

                     Edward S.       7     Attended School

Hyde Co., NC Deed Bk. 8; pg. 97
    November 21, 1857 - Poleyany Fodry of Hyde County sold to Mary E. Mason of Hyde County, for $95.00, a parcel of land lying in Hyde County on the north of and adjoining Crooked Creek.  Beginning at Winfield's Landing and running east to a forked pine standing on the side of the public road, thence north to the division line between my sister Olivia and myself, thence down the division line to the Flaggy Glade, thence down the glade to the mouth of the creek, then up the main creek to the beginning, containing 40 acres more or less, that I heired by the death of my the said Mary E. Mason and her children.  /s/ Poleyany [x] Fodry

1860 Hyde Co., NC Census (Swan Quarter Twp.)
Fodray,    Polyxeany    60
                 Rich'd,         24     Farmer
                 Edw. S.        20      Farm Laborer

(More research needs to be done on this family.  If any researcher has anything to add please drop me a line.)

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