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Pharoah Farrow- 1840
NC Archives, Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.

Nov. Term 1840 - Petition of Abraham & Isaac L. Farrow who state that they obtained letters of administration at the present term of this court to administer on the estate of Faroh Farrow, dec'd.  They state that the estate of their intestate is little indebted and they are desirous of making distribution to the heirs as soon as possible.  In order to effect this distribution a sale of the perishable estate and negroes and other chattel property will be necessary.  There are 11 negroes: Sam, Ede, Toney, Fane, Hariet, George, Will, Hannah, Rodney, Violet & a small child.  /s/ W. Beckwith

Nov. Term 1840 - Court orders that Abraham & Isaac L. Farrow have leave to sell the perishable estate & negroe slaves belonging to Pharoah Farrow on a credit of 6 months, they taking bonds with approved security.  /s/ R.M.G. Moore, Clk.

Nov. 26, 1840 - Inventory of Notes and Accts. belonging to the estate of Pharoah Farrow, dec'd.  Notes & accounts amounted to $1950.21.  /s/ Abraham Farrow, I.L. Farrow, Admr's.

Dec. 2, 1840 - Abraham Farrow & Isaac L. Farrow with William W. Spencer, Israel Brooks & R.M.G. Moore as securities, sign a bond for $20,000 to administer on the estate of Pharoah Farrow.  /s/ Abraham Farrow, Isaac L. Farrow, R.M.G. Moore, Will. W. Spencer, Israel Brooks

Dec. 28, 1840 - Acct. of Sales of the personal estate of Pharoah Farrow, dec'd., sold by Abraham & Isaac L. Farrow, Admrs.  Various buyers were: Zion Flowers, John Peel, Abner Gray, Lewis Midyett, Dorcas G. Farrow, Absolum Clark, & Benj. Fulcher.  Total sale amounted to $2226.33.  /s/ Abraham Farrow, Isaac L. Farrow.  [This was a very lengthy sale encompassing over 9 pages.]

Dec. 28, 1840 - Acct. Sales of Negroes belonging to the estate of Pharoah Farrow, dec'd., sold by Abraham & Isaac L. Farrow, admrs.  /s/ Abraham Farrow, I.L. Farrow, Admrs.

Negroes Purchasers Amount
Negro Samuel I.L. Farrow $ 152.00
Negro Anthony         do $ 320.00
Negro George Abram Farrow $ 682.00
Negro boy Rodney Howard Farrow $ 110.00
Negro woman Ede H.F. Barnett $   36.25
Negro Harriet & child Christian Scharber $  200.00
Negro Thane & child Dorcas G. Farrow $  330.00
Negro girl Mile Dammon Gray $  255.00
Negro girl Hannah E.H. Farrow $  140.00
Total $2255.25

Feb. Term 1841 - Then was the Inventory & Acct. of Sales returned into Court by Abraham & Isaac L. Farrow, Admrs., on oath and ordered to be recorded.  /s/ R.M.G. Moore, Clk.

May 21, 1842 - Joseph Jennett, William Weatherington and Joshua H. Dailey proceeded to examine and adjust the accts. between Abraham Farrow & Isaac L. Farrow, administrators on the estate of Pharoah Farrow, dec'd.  Amount due the estate was $5659.84.  /s/ Wm. Weatherington, Joseph C. Jennett, JP, Joshua H. Dailey

June 1, 1842 - For value received, I promise to pay unto Abraham Farrow & I.L. Farrow, Admrs. to the estate of P. Farrow, the sum of $60.00.  W.H. Russell

Nov. 29, 1842 - Thomas H. Blount with Zachariah Gibbs as his security, signed a bond for $2500.00 wherein Thomas H. Blount became guardian to Howard Farrow, son of Pharoah Farrow, dec'd.  /s/ Thos. H. Blount, Zachariah Gibbs

Aug. 29, 1943 - Abraham Farrow & Israel Brooks sign a bond for $1200.00 in order that Abraham Farrow be appointed guardian to Jane [Farrow].  /s/ Abraham Farrow, Israel Brooks

Feb. 24, 1845 - Jane G. Farrow, minor, in account current with Abraham Farrow, guardian.  Mentions receiving $518.63 as ward's distributive share of the estate of Pharoah Farrow.  Total balance due ward $536.41.  /s/ Abraham Farrow

May Term 1845 - Petition of Napoleon H. Farrow and Jane G. Farrow, infants under the age of 21, by their guardian Josiah G. Jarvis. who shows the court that they are two of the children and next of kin of Pharoah Farrow late of Hyde County, deceased, who at his death was possessed of a considerable personal estate in said county and died intestate in 1839, leaving them & several other children surviving; that shortly after his death letters of administration were granted by the court to Abraham & Isaac L. Farrow who took possession of his personal estate and having paid his funeral charges and debts paid off the several distributees their shares, except your petitioners.  Petitioners state that there is due to them a surplus of about $2000.00 which will appear upon a fair account taken of their deceased father's estate which is yet in the hands of said administrator, Abraham, and the Executor of the deceased administrator, Isaac L. Farrow who departed this life in 1842, having duly published his last will & testament whereof he appointed as executors Israel Brooks & Joseph C. Jennett, who qualified in the proper court and caused the will to be duly proved and took possession of petitioners funds & estate.  Petitioners have repeatedly applied to the executors of Isaac L. Farrow and Abraham Farrow but they have refused.  Petitioners pray that process and a copy hereof may issue to Israel Brooks & Joseph C. Jennett as Executors of the last will of said Isaac L. Farrow, who was one of the administrators of Pharoah Farrow, and on Abraham Farrow, the surviving administrator of said Pharoah Farrow, dec'd.  /s/ W. Beckwith, Sol. for Petrs.

May Term 1845 - Answer of Israel Brooks & Joseph C. Jennett, defendants and executors of the last will & testament of Isaac L. Farrow, deceased, who was one of the administrators of Pharoah Farrow, dec'd., along with Abraham Farrow.  The defendants agree that Pharoah Farrow died seized of a sizeable estate; that they settled with all the distributees except for Napoleon H. Farrow & Jane G. Farrow and in order to do so they had their accounts audited and returned to this court and they lately & suddenly found that Thomas H. Blount has proved to be insolvent; Abraham , by agreement with Isaac L., paid off certain of the distributees and both considered the Blount note good.

May 28, 1845 - Josiah G. Jarvis, along with Foster Jarvis & Thos. J. Jennett as securities, signed a guardian bond in the amount of $2000.00 in order that Josiah G. Jarvis would become guardian of Howard N. Farrow and Jane G. Farrow. minors.  /s/ J.G. Jarvis, Thomas J. Jennett, Foster Jarvis

Feb. 24, 1846 - Abraham Farrow, along with Israel Brooks & Cason G. Spencer as securities, sign a guardian bond in the amount of $1200.00 in order that Abraham Farrow has guardianship of Jane G. Farrow.  /s/ Abraham Farrow, Cason G. Spencer, Israel Brooks

Feb. 24, 1846 - Jane G. Farrow & Napoleon H. Farrow by their guardian, Jos. G. Jarvis vs. Isaac L. Farrow & Abraham Farrow, Admrs. of Pharoah Farrow, dec'd. - This case being referred to me by the Court to state the Adm'r. with the estate of Pharoah Farrow, dec'd., so as to show what sums are due from said admr's.  to Jane G. Farrow & Napoleon H. Farrow in respect to Pharoah Farrow's estate.  Your referee finds that there is due unto Jane G. Farrow $497.52 on Feb. 24, 1846 and to Napolian H. Farrow $374.02 from Isaac L. Farrow.  At the same time your referee also reports that the same above reported would be larger but for the following facts, viz: that among the debts owing to the said Pharoah Farrow there were certain notes or obligations herewith reported that are insolvent; that the debtors therein owed the same to said Pharoah and that the claims came into the hands of said admrs. and were by them treated as good but contrary to general expectation, one of the debtors, namely Thomas Blount, became suddenly insolvent whereby the said debt was lost without any default of said administrators.  It is therefore not charged against said admrs. and your referee also says that this debt was insolvent at the decease of said Farrow.  /s/ R.M.G. Moore, Referee

Dec. 1840 - Feb. 24, 1846 - The estate of Pharoah Farrow, dec'd., in account current with Abraham Farrow & Isaac L. Farrow, Admrs.  Amount due the estate was $6788.59

May 4, 1847 - Six months after date we promise to pay unto Abraham Farrow, guardian to Jane G. Farrow, the sum of $200.00 for value received.  /s/ Samuel Credle, Caleb F. Brooks

Nov. Term 1847 - Petition of Thomas Ballance, Adm'r. of N.H. Farrow, dec'd., shows that at the Aug. Term 1847 that he was appointed Adm'r. on the estate of N.H. Farow and as such is entitled to the personal estate of his said intestate.  He states that Josiah G. Jarvis was appointed guardian to said intestate in 1845 and by virtue of his authority he received into his possession a large amount of money & notes which he has not accounted for.  Petitioner desires a settlement with said Josiah G. Jarvis and has frequently called upon him for that purpose but he still refuses to settle with him.  Petitioner asks that said Jarvis appear in court and render an account of his said guardianship and that whatever may be found to be due from the said guardian shall be paid over to him.  /s/ T.B. Satterthwait, Sol. for Petr.

Feb. 29, 1848 - Joshua H. Dailey, along with Benj. T. Fulcher & Thomas Ballance as securities, sign a bond for $500.00 in order that Joshua H. Dailey could administer on the estate of Farrow Farrow, Jun.  /s/ J.H. Dailey, Benjamin T. Fulcher, Thos. Ballance

Mar. 2, 1848 - Received from Josiah G. Jarvis $378.70, the amount of Judgment in Hyde County Court regarding Thos. Ballance, Admr. of N.H. Farrow vs. Josiah G. Jarvis, guardian of N.H. Farrow less $10.85 which is the amount of costs in said suit which was to be paid out of the funds.  /s/ Thomas Ballance, Admr.

Mar. 4, 1848 - Amount of the estate of Pharoah Farrow, Junr. received from William W. Barnes, the administrator of Abraham Farrow, deceased.  Amount was $177.41.  /s/ J.H. Dailey, Adm'r.

Feb. 27, 1850 - The estate of Pharoah Farrow in account current with J.H. Dailey, Adm'r, debonis non.  /s/ Green Bridgman, William H. Howard, Zachariah Gibbs

May 26, 1851 - Sheriff's summons to Francis Pharough to appear in court at Swan Quarter on the 4th Monday in August next to answer unto Benjamine T. Fulcher, Adm'r. of Pharough Pharough, dec'd., of a plea of trespass on the case to his damage of $500.00.  /s/ Will. W. Spencer, Clerk

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