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Joseph Farrow - 1824
NC State Archives; Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.23

Oct. 12, 1823? - Account of Sales of the [next several words unreadable] Joseph Farrow.  Articles Sold By William and Tilman Farrow, Extrs to his Will [next words unreadable]
One Whole? of the Schooner Mary An to Rhoda Farrow - $400.00
One half of the Schooner Fox to Benjamin & S____? Spencer - $83.00
One half of the Schooner Hope to Elisha Burrus - $140.00

May Term 1824 - On motion Ordered that Foster Jarvis Sr, John Clark and James Credle be appointed to audit and settle the accounts of William & Tilman Farrow, Executors to the Estate of Joseph Farrow and Report to Next Court.  Motion Granted.
    /s/ Jno. B. Jasper CC

Aug. Term 1824 - The Estate of Joseph Farrow, Decesd in account Current with William & Tilman Farrow Extrs.  Mentions notes against the estate from Nasa Farrow, Richard Winslow, William Jennett, & Samuel Farrow.  Also mentions accounts against the estate from Banister Midyett, Anjelico Barnett, Ezekiel Midyett, Robert M. & John Blackwell, Peter Gorden, Edward Farrow, Thos. A. Demell?, Wilson Credle, Hugh Jones for a visit, medicine and advice, David Anderson for Marble Tomb table and Letterin, Richard Hauton? for bricks, Foster Jarvis Snr.  Receipt for taxes paid for 1819, 1820 & 1821.  Balance of $11.51 due the executors from the estate.
    /s/ Foster Jarvis Seanor, John Clark, James Credle

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