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John Farrow - 1791
June 2, 1791 - May Term 1797
Will: Hyde Co., NC Will Book 1-2-3; pgs. 285-286
Estate: Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.23

Daughter Naomi Farrow 73 acres already laid off for her joining Thomas Brooks and all other things she is already with

Son William Farrow I give 230 acres beginning at Naomi's second corner being a lightwood stake standing in Stephen Brooks' line, runing with said line to a ceder stake in the Branch, thence the corse still continued as far as to conclude 230 acres and running to the Sound and for both ends to be of an equal width.

Son Jeremiah I give 230 acres joining the Gald Swamp being the division between Joshua Wals and I and running to the Bay or Hawlover as will conclude 230 acres binding on William Farrow's land

Son David I give 230 acres beginning at Jeremiah's second corner, running with the Pattern as far as will conclude 230 acres.

Daughter Bethier I give 50 acres joining David to her and her heirs.

Daughter Charity I give 50 acres joining Bethier to her and her heirs.

Daughter Sarah I give 50 acres joining Charity and running with the Corse of the Pattern at the South End of my land

Sons William, Jeremiah and David I give a Cow and Calf a peace.  I give Brown's Island to them and their heirs

My land in Pasquotanck and my Sloop to be sold and my notes and book debts collected to pay my debts.  My Negroes are to be hired out yearly for the support of all my children and to give them larning.  When David comes of age, all Negroes and their increase to be equally divided.

Daughters Bethier, Charity and Sarah I give my stock and household furniture to be equally divided.

Executors: my friend Thomas Farrow and my beloved son William Farrow

/s/ John Farrow

   Thomas Farrow, Senr
   Hezekiah Farrow
   Christopher O'Neal


Aug. 18, 1797 - A Just and True Inventory of the Estate of John Farrow Deceast taken by David Carter, admr - this list encompasses 4 pages which included 2 Negroes [a man & a woman], 9071/2 acres of land; various buyers were Jeremiah Farrow who hired out the Negroe woman, William Brooks, Banister Midyett, George Middyett, Stephen Cutrell, Naomy Neal, David Carter who hired out the Negroe man, John Farrow, & Joshua Walls.

Aug. 18, 1797 - An acct of Notes, Judgments & Executions for the estate of John Farrow Deceast dating from Feb. 1791 thru Aug. 1796- various names mentioned were: Solomon Fuller, John ONeal of Okrikok, Michael Peters, Robert Maccay, Dinah Maccay, Caleb Mason, Thos. Foddray, Richard Atkins, George Carter, David Spencer, etc.

Aug. 18, 1797 - An Inventory of property lent to John Mayo by John Farrow for 1 year by a lease on Sept. 7, 1795 and yet in Mayo's possession - items included 3 flag bottom chairs, knives, forks, teakettle, pot trammel, washing tubs, looking glass, blankets, linen wheel, etc.

May 20, 1800 at Germanton - The Estate of John Farrow in further Acct. Current with David Carter, Admr - mentions 13 days going to Superior Court in 1799, 17 days going to Superior Court in March 1800; amount due the estate 244 pounds, 2 shillings & 11 pence.  /s/ I. Watson, Lovett Bell, Joseph Masters, auditors

Aug. 25, 1800 - Summons to the Sheriff of Hyde County to appoint commissioners to divide the perishable estate and lands and tenements of John Farrow, decd, among the several heirs [not named]

Hyde County Deeds [these 2 original deeds were found in the Alton W. Payne Collection, no book nor page numbers were indicated]
[Plat drawing of division of land] - This plan represents three hundred acres of land (late the property of John Farrow Decd.) lying in Hyde County on Mount pleasant Begining at the South West corner of said Farrows old Patent which includes the land on which he lived, runing with said Patent line No 31 Et 244 po to a Cedar Stake near the Gaul Berries; then with Joshua Walls's line No 2 Et 194 Po; then No 59 Wt 122 Po; then So2 Wt 194 Po; then So 31 Wt 244 Po; then So 59 Et 120 poles to the Beginning, Granted to said Farrow in a Patent bearing Date December 1794.  Pursuant to Order of Hyde Court November Term 1800, We the appointed commissioners have determined [torn] and divided the above represented and described land among the five heirs of the said Decd., Viz Naomy, Bethiah, Charity, Jeremiah, and Sarah Farrow, in the following order; that is to say, the lot No 2 to Naomy; No. 3 to Bethiah, No. 5 to Charity, No 1 to Jeremiah; and No 4 to Sarah Farrow. The lot No 1 lies in the South most end of the Patent, and the other lots follow agreably to the Numbers annexed to the parts contained in the plot. The division lines are all parrallel with each other, and runs No 59 Wt from the Easternmost side of the Patent.  Feb. 5th 1801.
/s/ William Brooks, Joshua Walls, Thomas Brooks, Jesse Midyett, B
[torn] ter Midyett

[Plat drawing of division of land]
Names of the five heirs:
No 1. Naomy Farrow
No 2. Bethiah Farrow
No 3. Charity Farrow
No 4. Sarah Farrow
No 5. Jeremiah Farrow
    This plan represents fifty acres of land late, the property of John Farrow, Dec'd., lying in Hyde County, on Mount pleasant, being part of the land which remained to be divided amongst the heirs of the said Decd.; and is included in an old Patent of three hundred acres joining on the Southward end of said Farrow's old Patent of the land whereon he lived. Begining at the Southwest corner of the Fifty acres of land which said John Farrow, Decd. let by will to his daughter, Sarah Farrow, runing lying in the Patent first above named, runing with the Patent line So 25 Wt 48 po to the corner of the said first named Patent; then with the Patent line So 85 Et 185 po to the South East corner of the Patent; then with the Patent line No 27 Et 49 po to the South East corner of Sarah Farrow's Fifty acres of land left to her by her Fathers will as aforesaid; then with said Sarah Farrow's line No 85 Wt 186 po to the Beginning.  Pursuant to an Order of Hyde Court, November Term 1800. We the appointed commissioners have determined on the division of the above Represented and described Fifty acres of land as by the Plot, and the Numbers and names of the heirs annexed thereto. Each lot contains ten acres, and is nine poles and ten feet wide nearly __ the first Course of the Plot, Viz the So 25 Wt Course. The division lines are all parrallel, and runs through So 85 Et from the Westernmost line of the Patent.  Feb. 5th, 1801
/s/ William Brooks, Joshua Walls, Thomas Brooks, Jesse Midyett, Banister Midyett

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