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Jeremiah Farrow - 1830
Oct. 7, 1826 - Nov. Term 1830
Hyde Co., Will Book 5; pgs. 24-25

NC State Archives; Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.23

Jeremiah Farrow "being weak in body" - 7 October 1826 / Probate: November Term 1830

Wife: Elizabeth Farrow I lend the 50 acres of land whereon I now live with all the privileges belonging thereto during her natural life or widowhood. I also lend to her all my plantation tools, one mare and cart, one wheel, one bed and furniture, one loom & harness, one chest, one buffet & furniture and one Negro woman named Hannah.
Son: Hezekiah Farrow the small pieces of land I bought of Samuel Selby and his wife and of Charles Gibbs. I also give him the 50 acres where I now live after the widowhood of his mother. Also one Negro man named Harry; one horse named Dolphin; one bureau; the buffet after his mother's widowhood; the threshing machine; 2/3 of wheat fan?; one corn mill & machine; one corn sheller and my watch.
Daughter: Naomy Cox to have 14 acres of land I bought of Asby Cox; one Negro girl named Thial?.
Daughter: Margaret to have one Negro girl named Sucky; one bed & furniture and one linen wheel.
To: S.P. Farrow I give one Negro girl named Diana; one bed & furniture and one linen wheel.
Daughter: Eliza to have one Negro woman named Jude; one bed & furniture and one large trunk.
I give to my two last children, Harriet & Eleanor Boen --- one bed to my daughter Harriet; one Negro man named Len, one Negro girl child named Philis and one Negro boy child called Sam. I wish that my crop now made after taking Hezekiah's part and a sufficiency for my family for one year, then the balance to be equally divided between my five daughters: Margaret, Sabrey P. [probably same as S.P. Farrow listed above], Eliza, Harriet and Elenor B.
Executors & guardians to minor children: son Hezekiah Farrow and David Carter, Jr.
Witnesses: none listed (the will was proved by the oaths of John W. Roper, Wm. G. Swindell and Lovett Bell who swore to the writing of Jeremiah Farrow)
[signed] Jeremiah Farrow

November Term 1830 - The last will & testament of Jeremiah Farrow, dec'd., was proved & ordered to be recorded.  This will was exhibited for probate by Hezekiah Farrow, the executor therein named.

Nov. Term 1830 - The petition of Elizabeth Farrow sheweth unto your worships that in the present year her husband Jeremiah Farrow, late of said county, departed this life seized & possessed of a tract of land whereon he lived immediately before his death which contained about 83 acres. He also was in possession of another tract adjoining the land of the heirs Of Rich'd. Cox & Riley Gibbs which contains about 53 acres. Elizabeth Farrow wishes that commissioners set aside 1/3 of this property for her dower. (The commissioners met on Dec. 9, 1830 and made this allotment.)

Nov. Term 1830 - Hezekiah Farrow, executor of the last will & testament of Jeremiah Farrow, dec'd., and guardian appointed in said will to the minor heirs of said Jeremiah Farrow, shows the court that the will left the following legacies given to the persons therein named: viz, the balance of his crop made after deducting the part belonging to said Hezekiah, your petitioner, is sufficient for the support of the family for 1 year to be divided between his 5 daughters, Margaret, Sabary P., Eliza, Harriet and Elenor Boen Farrow. Your petitioner asks the court to allow him to sell the surplus perishable property.

Dec. 22, 1830 - Account of sales of the balance of the crop according to the last will of Jeremiah Farrow, dec'd., left to Margaret, Sabra P., Eliza, Harriet, and Eleanor B. Farrow by order of Court sold by H.S. Spencer, sheriff, on Decr. 22nd 1830. The list of crops included: corn, wheat, cotton, flax & flax seeds, peas and beans.
[not signed]

February Term 1831 - Account of sales & inventory of Jeremiah Farrow, dec'd., was returned into court on oath by Hezekiah Farrow, executor.

February Term 1831 - A true copy of the account of sales & inventory of the estate of Jeremiah Farrow, dec'd., sold 22nd day of December [1830] by Hezekiah Farrow, ext'r.
Various buyers included: the widow, Margaret Farrow, Sabra P. Farrow, Thomas Ballance, Cason G. Spencer, John Blackwell, and Allen Burrus. Mentions Negro boy Burridge, Negro man Len?/Lon?, Negro girl Sucky, Negro woman Jude and Negro girl Diana hired by Hezekiah Farrow. Also listed are the Negroes considered expensive: Betty, Mary, John, Riley and Dave.

May Term 1831 - In obedience to the annexed writ, we have come in person to a certain plantation whereof Jeremiah Farrow, dec'd., died lying on the Ridge and containing 50 acres and have set off to Elizabeth Farrow, widow of said Jeremiah, 1/3 part beginning at the Indian line and at Richard Saunderson's include the dwelling house.  [signed] Henry S. Spencer, Sheriff, Vincent W. Saunderson, John W. Roper, Ivy Gibbs, William Gibbs, Silvester Gibbs, Charles Gibbs, Timothy Windley, Robt. Jennett, Noah Gibbs, Saml. T. Gaskins, Ephraim O'Neal, Ives Saunderson

Feb. Term 1832 - Your petitioners, Hezekiah Farrow, Margaret Farrow, Asby Cox & wife, and Sabra Farrow, Eliza Farrow, Harriet Farrow & Ellen Farrow by their guardian, Hezekiah Farrow, show the court that they are seized & possessed of one tract of land containing 53 acres adjoining the lands of Benj'n. Saunderson and Richard Cox and two other tracts, one containing 18 acres and the other containing 15 acres, both of which are bound by the lands of Benj'n. Spencer and Talbot Selby. Your petitioners are tenants in common and desire these land to be partitioned off to them.

May Term 1832 - The amended petition of Hezekiah Farrow, Margaret Farrow, Asby Cox & wife Naomi, and Sabra Farrow, Eliza Farrow, Harriet Farrow and Ellen Farrow by their guardian Hez. Farrow shows that one 50 acre tract was omitted from the previous petition. This 50 acres was bought by Jeremiah Farrow from Thomas Gibbs which
together with the 15 acre & 18 acre tract constitute one farm or plantation of which Jeremiah Farrow was seized. the petitioners pray for a division.

August Term 1832 - Ordered that commissioners audit accounts between Hezekiah Farrow, executor of Jeremiah Farrow, and make report.

November Term 1832 - An account current of Hezekiah Farrow, executor of Jeremiah Farrow, dec'd., was examined & recorded.  Audit of guardian accounts of Hezekiah Farrow with his wards, Margaret, Sabra P., Eliza, Harriet & Eleanor Bowen Farrow was returned to court.

November Term 1832 - Hezekiah Farrow, executor, in account with the estate of Jeremiah Farrow.  Mentions hire of Negro Burridge for 1831 & 1832 and Betty, Mary, John, Dave, and Riley for 1830.  Pursuant to an order of Court at Aug. Term 1832, we have examined the account and find a balance due the estate of $81.951/2 on the 28th Nov. 1832. Given under our hands and seals this 22nd day of Nov. 1832.  [signed] Riley Murray, T.H. Selby, Robt. Jennett

Aug. Term 1833 - Hezekiah Farrow, executor of the last will & testament of Jeremiah Farrow, dec'd., states that after testator made his will he became the owner of six negroes which at the time of his death were undivided and are divisible among his children, Hezekiah Farrow (petitioner), Asby Cox & wife Naomi, Margaret Farrow, Durant Murry & wife Sabra, Eliza, Harriet & Ellen B. Farrow, the last 3 of which are still minors of tender years, and the widow Elizabeth Farrow. He asks the court to allow him to sell the negroes at public sale in order to effect a division among the heirs.

August 1833 - The petition of Hezekiah Farrow, guardian of Eliza, Hezekiah & Elen B. Farrow, and for himself, and Asby Cox and his wife Naomi, Durant H. Murray & his wife Sabra, Margaret Farrow, and Elizabeth Farrow, widow of Jeremiah Farrow, to sell negroes as prayed for in said petition.

August 1833 - Pursuant to an order of court made Aug. Term 1833 I shall on the 19th of September offer for sale at the house of the subscriber, six negros belonging to the estate of Jeremiah Farrow, dec'd., on a credit of six months.  /s/ Hezekiah Farrow, Exec'r.

November Term 1833 - Account of sales of the Negroes belonging to the estate of Jeremiah Farrow, dec'd., sold on the 19th day of Sept. 1833 by Hezekiah Farrow, Ext'r.
Burridge to Thomas Ballance at $550.00
Betty to Jno. J. Fulford at $227.00
Mary to Thos. Ballance at $141.00
Dave to D.H. Murray at $161.00
Riley to Elizabeth Farrow at $100.00
John to Thos. Ballance at $131.00
    [signed] Hezekiah Farrow, Ext'r.

Nov. Term 1833 - An account of sales of negroes belonging to Jeremiah Farrow, dec'd., was returned & recorded.

Aug. Term 1837 - William Swindell, in right of his wife Harriet, and Hezekiah Farrow, guardian of Eleanor Farrow, shows the court that by the last will & testament of Jeremiah Farrow, dec'd., that they are entitled to 2 negroes by the names of Len and Phillis and are desirous of having them equally divided amongst them. They petition the court for this division. /signed/ William Swindell 4th; Hezekiah Farrow, Guar.

Commissioners made this division on Aug. 20, 1837 and valued the negroes as follows:
   1. Negro man Len valued at $225.00 drawn by H. Farrow, guardian
   2. Negro girl Phillis valued at $325.00 drawn by William Swindell 4th, said Swindell to pay to Hezekiah Farrow $50.00

Received of Hezekiah Farrow, guardian of Harriet W. Farrow, alias Harriet W. Swindell, $227.67 which is the balance due her in settlement of said
guardianship. (This receipt was given about the middle of 1837.)  /s/ William Swindell 4th

March 1, 1842 - Received of Hezekiah Farrow, former guardian of Eleanor B. Farrow, $564.52 which is the balance due her in settlement of said guardianship.  /s/ Eleanor B. Farrow

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