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Abram [Abraham] Farrow - 1847
NC State Archives; Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.22

Aug. 25, 1847 - Administrators bond for $8000 signed by William W. Barnes, adm'r., with Thomas Ballance, Joshua H. Dailey, Thos. R. Gibbs and Josiah G. Jarvis as his securities.
    Sarah Farrow, widow of Abram Farrow, deceased, states that said dec'd. died on July 30, 1847, intestate possessed of considerable personal estate and that Wm. Barnes has obtained letters of administration.  Sarah asks for her one years provision.  /s/ F.B. Satterthwaite, Solicitor

Sept. 20, 1847 - Inventory and Account of sales of the chattle property belonging to the estate of Abraham Farrow, deceased, sold by William Barnes, administrator.  Various buyers were Nasa Scharborough who bought the Schooner Resolution for $438.00, E. Hooper who bought the wreck of the schooner Surpass, Capt. Murphy, Robert Rolinson, Richard W. Midyett, Stephen Gray, Wallace Austin, and others.  Bad debts included Asa Gray, Isaac Meekins and Lott Farrow.  Total sale amounted to $1508.33.   Also one years provision set aside for Sarah Farrow, widow.

Feb. Term 1848 - Petition of Nasa [Ignatius] Scarborough and wife Ester, Sally Farrow, Isaac K. Farrow and infant by his guardian Benj. F. Fulcher and later Jones Spencer, and the widow vs. William Barnes.  Petitioners state that Abram Farrow departed this life intestate some time in the year 1847 and that at Aug. Term 1847 letters of administration were issued to William Barnes who took possession of four negro slaves belonging to Farrow's estate which are owned in common with the petitioners and also William Barnes and his wife Christany as the next of kin and distributees.  Petitioners ask for a partition of said slaves so that they may receive their portions.  /s/ F.B. Satterthwaite, Sol. for Petitioners

Feb. 29, 1848 - Benjamin T. Fulcher, guardian, along with his securities, Joseph C. Jennett and Thomas R. Burrus, signed a guardian bond for $1500.00 so that Benj. Fulcher could become guardian to Isaac Farrow, infant son of Abram Farrow, dec'd.  /s/ Benjamin T. Fulcher, Thomas R. Burrus, Joseph C. Jennett

May 30, 1848 - Acct. of Sale of Certain Negro slaves belonging to the estate of Abraham Farrow sold at the Court House in Hyde County by William W. Barns, Administrator of said Abraham Farrow  /s/ William W. Barnes, Adm'r.

Negroes Purchasers Amount
Jacob Thomas Ballance $  461.00


Grog?             do     290.00
Crane Benja. T. Fulcher     343.00
Amt. $1510.00

June 1, 1848 - Summons to Sheriff to have Saml. C. Credle & Caleb F. Brooks at Court on the 4th Monday in August to answer unto Wm. Barnes, Adm'r. of Abram Farrow, dec'd., to render unto him $200.00 which they owe.

Aug. 26, 1848 - The estate of Abraham Farrow, dec'd. in acct. current with William W. Barnes, Administrator - Balance due the estate was $2879.95.  /s/ William W. Barnes, Adm'r.

Nov. 10, 1848 - Summons to Sheriff to have Thomas Ballance & Frederick S. Roper at Court on the 9th Monday after the 4th Monday of Sept. next to answer unto William Barnes, to render unto him $299.25 which they owe to the estate of Abram Farrow, dec'd.

Mar. 1848 - May 1, 1850 - Acct. current of Isaac K. Farrow, minor, with Benjamin T. Fulcher, guardian.

May 27, 1850 - Jones Spencer along with his securities Thos. R. Gibbs & Will W. Spencer, signed a guardian bond for $1500.00, in order that Jones Spencer could become guardian of Isaac K. Farrow, minor.  /s/ Jones Spencer, Thos. R. Gibbs, W.W. Spencer

May 28, 1850 - Receipt of Benj. T. Fulcher, former guardian of Isaac K. Farrow, minor, the sum of $649.09 being the balance due said ward by said guardian with interest calculated up to May 1, 1850.  Received by me, present guardian of said Isaac K. Farrow.  /s/ Jones Spencer, guardian

May 27, 1850 - Nov. 1851 - Isaac K. Farrow, minor, in acct. current with Jones Spencer, guardian.  Amount due ward on Jan. 1, 1852 $744.09.  /s/ Jones Spencer

NOTE: Abraham C. Farrow, son of Pharoah Farrow and his 1st wife Rosannah, was born Oct. 3, 1793 & died July 30, 1847.  He married Sarah "Sally" Meekins on April 6, 1817.  Abraham and his brother, Isaac L. Farrow, were appointed administrators of their father's estate at Nov. Term 1840 and Abraham was also appointed Commissioner of Wrecks at the same term.

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