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William Daily
Oct. 31, 1811 - Nov. Term 1812
Will Book 3; pg. 569-570

State of North Carolina
Hyde County

That I William DAILY do make this my Last Will & Testament in manner & form following viz.

I give and bequeath to my Wife Elizabeth DAILY one negro woman named Lucinda, and all her children at the time of my death.  I also give her two negro Men Ruben & Luke together with my horse & chair & harness. I also give her two beds and furniture together with the rest of the house & kitchen furniture.  I also give her half my stock of hogs & all my sheep if they donít exceed thirty head, a yoke of oxen & cart Twenty bushels wheat all my bacon & Thirty barrels of corn, also one hundred pounds in notes with one third of my stock of cattle.

I lend to my Son Samuel DAILY all the residue of my property, whether real or personal till the day of Twenty One years if he should die before that time & I have no other children then give halfe my personal property to my Wife Elizabeth DAILY and the rest of my property whether real or personal to my relations on the part of my Mother in England if any living there names was TOMPSONS and James was the only living & he single Twenty years ago, a Daughter was living who married one ANDERSON. If they are to be found If not I give my property to John SALTER my Wifes Brother, but should my Son live to the age of Twenty One years then I give him every part of my property whether real or personal to dispose of as he may think proper.

I will that York, Tish and old Joe be sold as well as the perishable part of my property, also Kate if she donít breed in Three or Four years.  Likewise Rhode to be sold if my Executors think Twelve months Credit will make the property bring a better price they will give it.  The part of my Plantation  that my Wife will have. I wish to lay out if it will not produce one third of what maybe made on it, the negroes that is hired out to best advantage and to be particular that the negroes have Three shirts Three pairs of trowsers and pair of woollen clothes, a good upper jacket of woollen cloth also an under jacket with two pair of shoes and blanket apeace.

I wish that my executors would lay out to the best advantage all the surplus increase of Sammy's property as well as the sales of the negroes as perishable property in young negroes not under Six nor above Twenty years without it might be a valuable fellow, no girls above Fifteen or Sixteen.  I wish my executors to lend money at interest but to collect it and make the purchase of the young negroes either at private sale or ready money vendue. I wish my executors to have the management of Sammy's property till he comes of age.  I do constitute and appoint my executors Sammy's personal guardians and that they keep him at the University till he is Eighteen years of age and by that time I hope he will be Master of the Lattin & Greek languages, also the French, together with the other branches of Liturature sufficient for him to commence the study of the Law with the same good person, Judge TAYLOR if he should be alive.  Leave William PARMERLE & John ADAMS my executors. Signed sealed with out witness this 31 October 1811.

    /s/ WILLIAM DAILY seal

NB [Note well] My motive for erasing Mr. HOVEY as an executor is that Maurice JONES may not have anything to do with my estate or with my Son directly or indirectly.
October 5, 1812


Hyde County SS}     November Term 1812
    The due execution of this Last Will of William DAILY Dec. was proved by proving the handwriting of testator by the oath of Thomas H. Blount, Thomas SEABROOK & Major J. CLARK & further prayed that the said Will was found amongst the valuable papers on Desk of the deceased by the oath of William DICKINSON and ordered to be recorded.
    Att. Benj. FOREMAN  Clk

(Submitted by Judy M. Brickhouse)

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