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Aaron Barnett - 1869
NC State Archives; Original estates records 1745-1904

1869 - Application for administration by I.H. Scarborough, Esq. with surities Alonzo Stowe and Zion F. Scarborough; widow relinquishes her right to administer

Oct. 7, 1869 - Ignatius H. Scarborough, George V. Credle & Christopher C. Miller sign $1000 bond

Oct. 7, 1869 - Ignatius H. Scarborough signs $500 guardian bond--guardian to John A. Barnett

Spring Term 1870 - Petition of widow, Malissa (does not say what she is petitioning for)

NOTE: John Aaron Barnett, Sr. was born in Buxton c1837.  He married Melissa C. Miller (c1840-1880) and they had one known child, John Aaron Barnett, Jr. (1867-1948).  John Jr. lived with the Benjamin F. Whedbee family in 1880 Hatteras Twp.

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