Hyde Co., N.C. Death Certificate Index
~ Young - Zook ~

Bk./Pg. Deceased Race Death Date Township Sex Mother Father
9/47 Young, Allie [Mariah] W 1942/04/12 Fairfield F Mary [Fletcher] Burrus Frank Midyette
[Wm. Franklin Midyette]
13/176 Young, Bennie B 1977/12/23 Beaufort Co., NC M Liza _____ Major Young
11/58 Young, Bennie J. B 1956/11/14 Lake Landing M Not stated Major Young
9/43 Young, Bernice B 1937/10/24 Lake Landing F Arnetta Spencer Major Young [Sr.]
10/2 Young, Emma B 1943/01/01 Lake Landing F Dessie Gibbs Romulus Gibbs
13/563 Young, Flora W 1933/08/25 Belhaven, NC F Ida Asey Levie Turner
12/795 Young, Frank M. [Midyette] W 1975/07/01 Belhaven, NC M Allie [Mariah] Midyettte [Richard] Luther Young
8/114 Young, Gortra B 1932/09/30 Lake Landing F Safronia Spencer Benie Young
12/363 Young, Herma Gibbs W 1969/07/21 Beaufort Co., NC F Lovenia Gibbs Watt Gibbs
[Walter B. Gibbs]
10/159 Young, Ida Mae B 1950/07/04 Engelhard M Arnetta Spencer Major Young [Sr.]
14/143 Young, James Earl B 1989/06/29 Engelhard M Arnetta Spencer Major Young, Sr.
5/122 Young, Jones Herbert W 1925/01/17 Currituck M Celestia Young Edward Young
5/169 Young, Lida
[Lyda Carter Young]
W 1921/08/24
Fairfield F Allie [Mariah] Midyett R.L. Young
[Richard Luther Young]
3/109 Young, Major B 1918/08/31 Lake Landing M Fannie Batten Major Young
11/7 Young, Jr., Major B 1954/06/26 Lake Landing M Eliza Young Major Young
12/232 Young, Jr., Major B 1967/10/05 Beaufort Co., NC M Donna Moore Major Young
13/473 Young, Jr., Major J. B 1982/07/03 Washington, NC M Arnetta Spencer Major Young, Sr.
12/772 Young, Mary [A.] Payne W 1975/04/19 Engelhard F Della [Mae] Midgette William [Carvossow] Payne
10/24 Young, Payton B 1948/01/01 Ocracoke M Annie Wilson Sipin Young
8/6 Young, Sophronia B 1928/05/13 Lake Landing F Lizzie Collins James Spencer
10/136 Young, Thomas Goelet W 1949/11/07 Lake Landing M Juanita [Thomas] Goelet Jacob [Gaskill] Young
12/2 Young, unnamed B 1964/09/03 Beaufort Co., NC M Millie Blanchard Tealson Young
12/241 Zook, Bertha Tice W 1967/08/31 Pantego, NC F Catherine Mast Daniel Tice
12/546 Zook, Grace Rhoda W 1971/09/15 Belhaven, NC F Bertha Tice Paul [P.] Zook

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