Hyde Co., N.C. Death Certificate Index
~ Selby ~

Bk./Pg. Deceased Race Death Date Township Sex Mother Father
10/108 Selby, Allice B 1947/07/08 Lake Landing F Maria Mitchell John Gilliam
8/57 Selby, Anson B 1929/06/18
Swan Quarter M Louise Selby Anson Selby
10/49 Selby, Austin B 1947/04/18 Swan Quarter M Guillie Selby Austin Selby
8/9 Selby, Jr., Austin B 1927/07/15 Swan Quarter M Ottie Selby
[Ottie Credle]
Austin Selby [Sr.]
8/138 Selby, Bertha B 1933/02/12 Lake Landing F Mabel Spencer Auther Selby
11/9 Selby. Betty Lue B 1950/06/30 Lake Landing F Lucy Iceal Briddie Selby
11/45 Selby, Bobby Lee B 1957/08/26 Swan Quarter M Nina Benfall Maxwell Selby
12/644 Selby, Carrie B 1973/03/03 Engelhard F Etter Spencer Charlie Gibbs
5/353 Selby, Clara B 1924/07/24 Lake Landing F Pinkey Selby  Busgre? Selby
12/227 Selby, Clydie G. B 1967/12/13 Beaufort Co., NC F Bedie Peterson Rufus Fonville
11/17 Selby, David Gaskill W 1954/10/25 Lake Landing M Nancy [Jane] Midyett John [P.] Selby
13/557 Selby, David Hubert W 1983/08/04 Salisbury, NC M Odessa [Sabra] Ballance David [Gaskill] Selby
12/797 Selby, Dennis Lee W 1975/07/18 Belhaven, NC M Laura [Linzce] Spencer Samuel [J.] Selby
9/134 Selby, Dessie Belle B 1941/01/20 Lake Landing F Betsey Barber T.C. Mann
1/83 Selby, Dixon Swindell W 1914/07/25 Lake Landing M Matilda Swindell Tolbert [H.] Selby
8/137 Selby, [Sr.] Edison E. [Ernie] B 1933/02/13 Lake Landing M Mabel Spencer Auther Selby
11/129 Selby, Jr., Edison Ernie B 1962/10/19 Swan Quarter M Clydia Fonville Edison Selby
[Edison Ernie Selby, Sr.]
9/107 Selby, Edward Bell B 1940/03/18 Swan Quarter M Lizzie [Mae] Credle  Hatten [R.] Selby
8/30 Selby, Emmit O. W 1929/06/25 Lake Landing M Viola [Mae] Gibbs Dennis [Lee] Selby
12/731 Selby, Essie B 1974/12/08 Engelhard F Martha Cloa Henry Midgett
5/247 Selby, Eunice B 1920/03/24 Lake Landing F Annie Selby Lonzo Selby
14/48 Selby, Eva Spencer W 1985/09/19 Engelhard F Eva [Mae] Watson William [John] Spencer
11/184 Selby, Fannie W 1961/08/07 Lake Landing F [Mary] Alice Sadler Bob Thompson
[Robert J. Thompson]
3/88 Selby, Fannie (Frances) Elizabeth W 1918/02/04 Lake Landing F Lavina Murray Jeptha Rose
11/120 Selby, Flossie B 1962/12/05 Swan Quarter F Aretha Green
[Arelia Green]
Golet McClaud
9/169 Selby, Fousworth
[Farnsworth Selby Jr.]
W 1942/09/21 Currituck M Laurie Thompson
[Fannie Thompson]
Fousworth Selby
[Farnsworth Selby, Sr.]
5/421 Selby, Francis B 1922/05/03 Swan Quarter F Lovenia _____ Hintiny Holloway
1/199 Selby, Frank B 1915/02/21 Lake Landing M Not stated
[Maria Mitchell]
Not stated
14/76 Selby, Genie B 1986/12/06 Engelhard F Recy Selby Dave Selby
9/125 Selby, Sr., George Andrew W 1940/06/02 Lake Landing M Anabella O'Neal
[Arabella A. Neal]
Andrews Selby
[George Anson Selby]
11/204 Selby, Harvey Thomas B 1962/03/12 Lake Landing M Leather Howard Phillips Selby
10/29 Selby, Jails B 1944/11/07 Lake Landing M Elgie Jones Major Selby
10/21 Selby, James B 1944/04/18 Lake Landing M Not stated John Selby
13/242 Selby, James Edward B 1978/11/22 Washington, NC M Pinzie Sadler Bruce Selby
8/40 Selby, Jodie W? 1929/05/12 Lake Landing M Alice Mitchell Jiles Selby
5/127 Selby, John B 1925/05/15 Currituck M Harriet Hardy Daniel Selby
10/149 Selby, John Derossett W 1950/05/06 Engelhard M Sally Davis John Selby
13/452 Selby, John Thaxton W 1982/04/23 Engelhard M Nancy Midgette
[Nancy "Nannie" Gibbs]
Milton [Edward] Selby
2/51& 3/87 Selby, Landon McDonald W 1917/05/29 Lake Landing M Lula [L.] Landon Perren Selby
12/668 Selby, Leatha Spencer B 1973/07/04 Washington, NC F Lucy Burrus Thomas Spencer
11/174 Selby, Leatha Jane B 1961/03/31 Lake Landing F Louise Swindell Bennie Howard
1/233 Selby, Lileen B 1915/09/20 Lake Landing F Lemen Gibbs Sam Selby
6/64 Selby, Loney May B 1925/06/15 Lake Landing F Essie Selby Sam Selby
10/22 Selby, Mamie Gibbs
[Nancy "Nannie" Gibbs Selby]
W 1944/05/17 Lake Landing F Sally Brooks
[Sarah Ann Brooks]
_____ Gibbs
[Bannister Gibbs]
3/105 Selby, Martha A W 1918/07/12 Lake Landing F Eliza Farrow Jones [Wellington] Boomer
10/59 Selby, Mary [Ann] W 1952/06/23 Wake Co., NC F Fannie Midgette
[Frances B. Midyett]
Henry Slade
[Henry Selby]
8/19 Selby, Maurice
[Nancy Elizabeth Selby]
W 1928/10/16 Lake Landing F Nina Nixon Tolbert Selby
9/65 Selby, Melton
[Milton Edward Selby]
W 1938/09/02
Lake Landing M Not stated
[Nancy Jane Midyett]
Not stated
[John P. Selby]
8/121 Selby, Messadia B 1931/06/04 Swan Quarter F Lethia Spencer Dennis Selby
10/5 Selby, Missouri Collins B 1943/01/17 Lake Landing F Charlotte Sanderson Durng? Morris
9/27 Selby, Nina W 1937/07/22 Lake Landing F Elizabeth Cahoon John Nixon
11/191 Selby, Phillip B 1961/10/11 Lake Landing M Melvina Brooks _____ Selby
10/76 Selby, Recy B 1945/04/20 Lake Landing F Mary Selby John Selby
1/223 Selby, Robena B 1915/10/01 Lake Landing F Louisa Selby Winfield Moore
11/167 Selby, Ruth B 1960/11/19 Lake Landing F Julia Barber Andrew Mackey
10/173 Selby, Sabra Odessa W 1951/07/05 Lake Landing F Eleanor [Rue] Ballance George Ballance
12/366 Selby, Sr., Thaddeus Lee W 1969/10/02 Emgelhard M Odessa [Sabra] Ballance David [Gaskill] Selby
12/533 Selby, Thomas Mayhew W 1971/12/17 Engelhard M Fannie Midgette
[Frances B. Midyett]
Mayhew Selby
[Henry Selby]
2/63 Selby, Tolbert W 1917/10/17 Lake Landing M Susan (Susanna) Gibbs Wm. [Arnold] Selby
5/5 Selby, unnamed B 1920/03/22
Currituck F Not stated John Selby
6/91 Selby, unnamed B 1926/03/08 Lake Landing M Mamie Hardy James Selby
8/184 Selby, Vicy B 1936/03/25 Lake Landing F Hetty Boomer Not stated
[Frank Selby]
12/10 Selby, Viola [Mae] Gibbs W 1964/10/07 Beaufort Co., NC F Jennie Gibbs
[Louisa Jane Gibbs]
John [Oliver] Gibbs
1/351 Selby, Wallace B 1915/11/27 Swan Quarter M Julia Shackelford Burrage Selby
9/74 Selby, William E. [Edw.] W 1938/11/01 Lake Landing M Mary Spencer
[Mrs. Mary Ann Gibbs Gibbs]
Milton [Edward] Selby
5/329 Selby, Willie B 1923/10/19 Lake Landing M Joe Selby Philip Selby
10/9 Selby, Willie Latham B 1943/02/22 Lake Landing M Julia Selby George Jennette

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