Hyde Co., N.C. Death Certificate Index
~  Spencer, _____ -  Spencer, Cornelous ~

Bk./Pg. Deceased Race Death Date Township Sex Mother Father
11/49 Spencer, _____ B 1956/06/07 Lake Landing F Annie Spencer Not stated
11/87 Spencer, _____ B 1957/11/01 Lake Landing M Carrie Spencer Jesse Spencer
9/36 Spencer, Abern B 1937/10/31 Lake Landing M Not stated Africa Spencer
12/162 Spencer, Abraham B 1966/09/17 Beaufort Co., NC M Nora Spencer Abe Spencer
9/87 Spencer, Addie [Jane] W 1939/04/27 Lake Landing F Nancy O'Neal
[Nancy J. Jennett]
James O'Neal
[Graham Moore O'Neal]
11/9 Spencer, Addie M. [Mae] W 1955/06/16 Fairfield F Matilda Gibbs Edward [B.] Jarvis
12/606 Spencer, Agatha [Agnes] Gibbs W 1972/06/14 Washington, NC F Dortha Gibbs Thad [Bisco] Gibbs
3/101 Spencer, Albert B 1918/06/12 Lake Landing M Katie Harris Not known
5/195 Spencer, Alice Gertrude B 1923/12/23 Fairfield F Sarah Simpson Henry Spencer
9/137 Spencer, Alonzo S. [Sarfull] W 1941/07/28 Lake Landing M Elizabeth Spencer
[Elizabeth Gibbs]
Sorrowful Spencer
13/438 Spencer, Alte B 1981/11/18 Washington, NC F Gertrude Mann Joseph Harris
8/27 Spencer, Amos B 1929/02/22


M Dorcas Spencer Thomas Spencer
10/20 Spencer, [Jr.] Andrew Sommers W 1947/08/25 Ocracoke M Susan [Ann] Williams Somers Spencer
[Andrew Sommers Spencer, Sr.]
13/302 Spencer, Andrew Sommers W 1979/10/04 Elizabeth City, NC M Louisa [Jane] Simpson Nathan Spencer
4/99 Spencer, Angel B 1919/04/14 Lake Landing M Mary Credle Jones Spencer
11/48 Spencer, Angenora B 1956/03/25 Lake Landing F Jannie Spencer Abe Spencer
9/14 Spencer, Annie B 1937/03/28 Lake Landing F Hannah Morris Jim Collins
5/233 Spencer, Annie Bell B 1925/08/03 Fairfield F Victoria Spencer Not stated
8/182 Spencer, Annie L. [Liza] W 1935/09/05
Swan Quarter F Polly Bridgman
[Polly L. Cutrell]
John [Langston] Bridgman
11/164 Spencer, Archie Linwood W 1960/10/19 Lake Landing M Beulah [Benton] Watson T. L. Spencer
[Thomas Locker Spencer]
9/17 Spencer, [Marvin] Beecher W 1937/04/04
Lake Landing M Cynthia Stowe Cason [Gibbs] Spencer
10/203 Spencer, Beaulah [Benton] Watson W 1953/05/15 Lake Landing F Hettie Brooks
[Mahettable Jodie Brooks]
James [B.] Watson
12/783 Spencer, Benjamin Early W 1975/05/12 Pasquotank Co., NC M Hattie [Wallace] Simpson Samuel [Tilden] Spencer
10/184 Spencer, Benjamin Jones W 1951/12/29 Lake Landing M Evelyn Sanderson
[Mary Evline Tooley]
[John] Jasper Spencer
5/362 Spencer, Bertha L. B 1924/08/09 Lake Landing F Not stated Albert Spencer
1/203 Spencer, Bessie B 1915/01/15 Lake Landing F Louisa Gibbs Winfield Moore
11/99 Spencer, Bethany [Susan] W 1961/05/04 Swan Quarter F Eveline [F.] Harris Ervwin Williams
[Irvin Lockhart Williams]
14/75 Spencer, Betty Thomas W 1986/12/24 Scranton, NC F Mary Grover George Thomas
12/394 Spencer, Blanche [Rae] Carawan W 1969/12/20 Belhaven, NC F Margaret [Rebecca] Howard William Carawan
[Eugene Arthur Carawan]
10/217 Spencer, Bobby Ray B 1954/01/09 Lake Landing M Mary Gibbs Willie Spencer
13/59 Spencer, Bonnie Carl W 1976/06/10 Washington, NC M Eva [Mae] Watson W. J. Spencer
[Wm. John Spencer]
9/1 Spencer, Branch B 1937/01/19 Lake Landing M Charity Collins Dave Spencer
8/80 Spencer, Brideta B 1930/11/15 Lake Landing F Lizzie Collins Jones Spencer
5/287 Spencer, Burnice B 1922/06/22 Lake Landing M Lillie Spencer Claude Spencer
12/442 Spencer, Carol B 1970/09/11 Engelhard M Annie Collins Lewis Spencer
8/1 Spencer, Charity B 1928/04/03 Lake Landing F Sarah Collins Ed Collins
4/90 Spencer, Charlie B 1918/10/23 Lake Landing M Emilie Fonville Tilman Spencer
9/93 Spencer, Charlie E. B 1939/07/29 Lake Landing M Not stated Not stated
14/174 Spencer, Charlie L. B 1990/09/27 Fairfield M Gatsie Rickard Charlie Spencer
9/18 Spencer, Christine Doris B 1937/05/01 Lake Landing F Lodema Howard Charlie Spencer
8/4 Spencer, [Jr.] Christopher [Columbus] W 1928/03/22 Lake Landing M Not stated
[Mary Todd]
Christopher Spencer
[Christopher Columbus Spencer, Sr.]
12/105 Spencer, Clarence D. [David] W 1965/12/30 Fairfield M Mary [Matilda] Nixon Edward [Jones] Spencer
12/331 Spencer, Cleophus Edison W 1969/01/16
Beaufort Co., NC M Sally Armstrong
[Sallie Francis Armstrong]
Willie Spencer
[Wm. Sarfull Spencer]
12/770 Spencer, Cleveland B 1975/05/06 Engelhard M Almeta Jennett Cornelius Spencer
10/128 Spencer, Clossie B 1949/01/12 Engelhard M Hattie Gibbs Otis Spencer
11/71 Spencer, Cornelous (Cornelius) B 1957/02/16 Lake Landing M Annie Collins Lewis Spencer

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