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Linda Goetz October 24, 1998

Searching for Joseph TART, Sr. that had a will in Hyde County, dated June 19, 1748. He names sons Nathan and Joseph. Daughters Mary McCEALE and Tabitha TART and his wife Sarah. He had plantations in Hyde and Beaufort County. Mary McCeale was the mother of Mary McCEALE born 1762 in Bertie County, married 1st to William HARRISON, 2nd to John GARRETT and 3rd to Jonathan BAKER. Need info on Joseph TART and Mary McCEALE.


Alice Davis-Perry July 2, 1999

I am searching for a David Henry THOMAS married Mary Dawson HANKS in Sept. 22, 1836. I am looking for dates and his parents. He was born about 1808. Living in Hopkins Co., KY in 1850. Any information of the THOMAS family would be greatly appreciated.


Doug Thompson July 14, 2006

Searching for info on W. George Thompson (1828-1866).  I'm also searching for any information about my GGFather Robert J. THOMPSON (b4/10/1861- d8/9/1936) and GG-Mother Mary Alice (Sadler) THOMPSON (b8/9/1860-d9/10/1954). Together they had nine children, including my Grandfather, Henry B. THOMPSON. The other eight siblings were: Capt. George, Lucas (Wilson), Harell (Harold), Sam, Fannie, Lyda, Annie, and Robert (Robbie) THOMPSON. I would deeply appreciate any help. Thank you.


Pauline Thornton Elkins February 11, 1999

Seeking information on Thomas THORNTON of Hyde Couny. He had five sons and two daughters in the 1786 Census. Married to a CLARK. He died 1794. Named sons Joseph and Nathaniel and three daughters Winnie, Mary and Susannah. Believe one daughter married to a CARTWRIGHT. Where was this Thomas THORNTON from? Was William THORNTON and Samuel THORNTON related to this Thomas THORNTON? All three were in Hyde Co. at the same time. Any assistance appreciated.


Mary Fulford Moore June 18, 2000

George Veale and Martha Ann (McWILLIAMS) CREDLE had a son, George Tilson CREDLE (b. 10-27-1856). How does the TILSON name fit into this family? I know that there was a Tilson CREDLE who married an Ellen S. CREDLE. Where the does TILSON name come from and who are its people? Would you share with me if you have any background on this particular surname? Thanks!


Martha Ann Murray September 16, 1997

My gggrandfather, James H. WILLIAMS married on 24 April 1844 to Francis Marion ( Frances Marian?) TOOLEY, b. Mar. 18, 1825 - d. Mar. 16, 1906. In the family Bible I found a small slip of paper with the following information: "Charles TOOLY, son of Anson TOOLY and Polly TOOLY his wife was borned January 12, 1820."
"Calvin TOOLY son of Anson TOOLY and Polly his wife was borned July 29, 1821" I am searching for her parents - father possibly George - and would like to know if Charles and Calvin were brothers. James H. WILLIAMS (we think the H. stands for Henry) b. Oct. 10, 1814 - d. Apr. 8, 1872, the s/o Benjamin WILLIAMS and Sarah "Sallie" Bonner HODGES - her mother was a BLOUNT, father Samuel HODGES. Have had no luck finding out anything about Benjamin, where he came from, parents, etc. One of James' sisters, Mary Ann WILLIAMS, married Henry LUCAS and that line is well followed. Any assistance with either family will be appreciated. Thanks! Martha Ann


Glenn Tuley February 9, 1998

Seeking information on Henry TULEY, who appeared in the 1786 Hyde Co., NC Census. I am looking for information on his parents, wife and children. Any help will be appreciated.

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Kenton Bennett April 29, 2006

Researching genealogy of John VOLIVA, Sr., John VOLIVA, Jr. and William VOLIVA for the time period from 1724 to 1833 when some of the Voliva's left Currituck Co., N.C. for Indiana. Interested in derivation of name, and where they were from, maybe Virginia or Pennsylvania, etc.

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Lewis A. Wagoner December 1, 1997

Looking for information on WAGONER family. My father Herbert Gladstone WAGONER was born in Germantown Aug. 4, 1898. Any help will be appreciated.


Loretta Ward Parmer April 25, 2002

I am searching for any information on Will WARD, could be William, shown in the 1830 Hyde County census, page 278. The census shows 6 members in the household. I am trying to make a connection with the WARD's from N.C. that went to Hardin Co., Tennessee, and then finally settled in Van Buren Co., Arkansas. Your help will be most appreciated. Thanks.


Vicky Simpson Lane April 7, 1999

I am trying to locate information about my grandfather, John Drew WARLICK, born June 5, 1890, in Swan Quarter. His father was the Rev. Robert Logan WARLICK, Minister of Methodist Episcopal Church South. Thanks.


Howard I. Watson March 18, 2000

The Rev. Benjamin WATSON left Hyde County, NC some time in the early 1800's. He became a circuit riding Methodist preacher and went to Virginia, then to Tennessee and finally to Arkansas. He was my grandfather. I know nothing about his parents or his grandparents. Any help at all in tracing the Rev. Benjamin WATSON would be appreciated.


Robert K. "Bob" Williams October 9, 2000

I recently found an old picture in possession of Mabel Lura SWINDELL. Picture is identified as Leslie WATSON of Aurora NC. Married to Dell BENSON. Anyone have connections ??


Jim Spencer March 21, 2000

Has anyone researched the family tree of William WATSON, Sr. and Sopha CARY, whom I recently discovered in the two transcribed BOOMER and WATSON diaries posted on the Hyde Co. genealogy website ( and They are said to have emigrated from England (Sopha was Irish) to Hyde Co. by way of the Eastern Shore of VA or MD. I am especially interested in determining if they are the parents of James WATSON whose will has also been posted ( - see #206). The diaries and will are consistent for all names (siblings and children), with the exception that the diaires give James's wife as Susannah BENSON, whereas the will lists the wife as Sarah (this could be due to a nickname for the same person or perhaps two different wives, even if it is the same husband). The approximate years (as inferred from the diaries) are also consistent. I am ultimately trying to determine if James and Sarah's daughter Prudence SPENCER (as listed in James' will) is the wife of my ggg grandfather Edward SPENCER, Jr. (Edward was born ca. 1793, Prudence b. ca. 1795, m. July 13, 1812) of the large Thomas SPENCER clan of Hyde Co. (Chickocomick). One of Edward and Prudence's sons was named William Watson SPENCER.


Dan Griggs September 8, 1997

I need any information on Daniel T. (D.T.) WATTS who married Annie Bertha HARRIS in Hyde County on 29 Sep 1897. At the wedding there was a George WATTS. Can anyone tell me ANYTHING about Daniel? I know from census data that he was a sailor and that he shows on the 1900 Hyde County census. Who was he? Where did he go? This is the worst blind spot in all my family data. Help!! He was my GG-Grandfather.


Dan Griggs November 10, 2001

George WATTS and wife Annie came from Baltimore to live in Makelyville in the 1880's. They had at least 4 daughters and one son. The son was Daniel WATTS. Annie died on 9 May 1899 and was buried in the Episcopal Churchyard which no longer exists I understatnd. Does anyone have anything on these people? Some obscure state/county census or town record? Are there any town records? Did they all die or move back to Maryland? They don't show on the 1900 census that I can find.


Ellen Williams June 21, 2004

I am seeking the identity of Jarvis SMITH (page 448 in Beaufort Co 1790 census living by himself).  Parents, wife, county of origin, etc. I am also seeking the identity of Jarvis WEST who in 1754 was listed next to Foster JARVIS, Jr. in a Hyde Tithable List and in 1755 Foster JARVIS, Jr. and Roger MASON, Esqr. were ordered  to take WEST's estate into their possession and divide it between his widow and creditors.  Who were his parents, wife, and county of origin, etc.?


Norma Mahaney February 4, 2001

I have copied about 3/4 of the 1691-1768 Abstract of North Carolina Wills. I am looking specifically for families named WHITE which I understand some of my family may have been living in Hyde Co. at that time. I hope someone else is researching the WHITE family in this area and can give me a little help. The only two WHITE's listed for Hyde Co. are: John WHITE April 7, 1724. April Court 1726. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: Robert PEYTON, Patrick MAULE. Clerk of the Court: Thomas JONES. Executrix qualified before Samuel SLADE. Coat of arms on seal. Sarah WHITE Jan. 6, 1726. April Court, 1717. Legatees: Benjamin MORDICKE (plantation on Machepungo River), Elizabeth MONTGOMERY, John SNOAD, Jr., Ardley THPRPWGOOD, Sarah BELL (executrix) Witnesses: Gi. HALIDAY, William WEBSTE Rebster. Clerk of the Court: Thomas JONES. Could the above Sarah be John's wife who died right after he did? Why are all the names different in Sarah's will? Can anyone help me on the this family or any other WHITE families in the area that could be related to John WHITE and Sarah?


L. Shelton February 19, 2001

Need info on Arnol WHITFIELD who lived in Lake Landing in the 1870's, and also Grandson WHITFIELD and Taft WHITFIELD. Does anyone have any info on the slaveowners of HYDE COUNTY. Thanks for any info.


Debi Giltner May 28, 2001

Seeking information on Sarah Whitney listed in the 1786 State Census and the 1790 Federal Censuses of Hyde County. There are estate papers for her dated 1797. I'm trying to find out if any of her children possibly moved to Arkansas. A Sarah Whitney purchased land in Arkansas very close to the Arkansas Whitneys I am researching who migrated from NC to Arkansas. The son's name was Arthur J. Whitney, aka Arter, on his land records, born in 1790's in NC. Thanks if you are able to help.


Mike Weber December 22, 1997

My name is Mike Weber and I am researching the WILKERSON family of Hyde County, NC. A Marvel WILKERSON lived in Hyde County between 1800-1810. I believe this to possibly be my ggggg Grandfather. My gggg Grandfather was also Marvel and had two brothers, David W. and Noah Hampton. It is possible the last name may have been WILKINSON. We believe the mother of these boys was Anna NOLAN. They eventually moved to Missouri, passing through Illinois. My gggg Grandfather Marvel, married Eliza Jane SCRIBNER, while in Gallatin Co., IL. Any information will be appreciated.


Melody Booker December 23, 1997

Looking for information on the WILKERSON / WILKINSON family who lived in Hyde and Beaufort Co. at least from 1800 - 1850s. Names include Marvel, Isaac, Israel, Abraham, Richard, Robert, James, Jacob, Bryan, Adin, Coleman, and others. Am particularly interested in who the father and siblings of Marvel were. Marvel's brother could possibly be a GGGGgrandfather. Thanks!


David Wilkinson February 22, 1997

I am looking for information on Jordan WILKINSON m. Mary Jane WINDLEY in 1857. Jordan was the son of Aaron WILKINSON and ? RATCLIFF (d/o Ephraim RATCLIFF). Jordan and Mary Jane had a son Samuel Walter WILKINSON (my GGrandfather) b. Mar. 2, 1862 - d. Mar. 14, 1943 in Beaufort Co., NC. I am trying to fill in some blanks and get a starting point move further back.


Nona Jordan June 23, 1998

I am looking for information on Thomas WILKERSON / WILKINSON in the 1800, 1810 and 1820 Census of Hyde Co. NC. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.


Steve Lynn March 1, 1997

Seeking any information on Samuel Watson WILLIAMS, who was born in North Carolina in September, 1842. He married Mary J. ? about 1870. He is listed in the 1880, 1900, and 1910 Pamlico Co. Census. I believe that he is the same Samuel W. WILLIAMS, age 5, on page 341 of the 1850 Hyde County Census. I can't find him anywhere in the 1860 and 1870 Census, but I don't have a census index. Anyone who has access to any Hyde records, I would greatly appreciate it if you see if he married there or lived there in 1860 or 1870. Thanks. Steve Lynn


Earl W. O'Neal, Jr. October 12, 1998

Seeking information on the family of Robert WILLIAMS who served as a crew member on the U.S. Navy's ship Monitor in 1862-1863 and went down with the ship December 31, 1863. We have knoweldge of a Robert WILLIAMS born to John W. WILLIAMS III and wife Euphemia SALTER at Ocracoke Island in the 1840s. Is listed in the 1850 census but does not show up in 1860 or later at Ocracoke, we wonder if he could be the one. Would appreciate any information on either one or both, if in fact they are different people.


Cheryl Crowder July 2, 1999

Looking for family of Giles WILLIAMS of Hyde County. In 1735, he witnessed the will of James BRIGHT. Giles WILLIAMS' estate records are in the NC Archives and he appears on the Tithable Lists of Hyde County for 1748. Any help will be appreciated.


Georgie Williams July 23, 1999

I am looking for information on Noah Bell WILLIAMS. I have no information on him, but his wife was Lovie Beatrice SMITH, born Nov. 16, 1875 in Hyde Co,, NC died Sept. 6, 1916, at Pantego, Beaufort Co., NC. I am also interested in knowing the date of their marriage. His father's name was Albin B. WILLIAMS. I have some information on him and Grandfather, Benjarmin Pledger WILLIAMS.


Lois Lane September 22, 2000

I am searching for the parents of Willis WILLIAMS, he was born about 1850 and m. Rebecca BUNDY in Pasquotank, NC on Dec. 9, 1869. They had the following children: Alphonsa Hollis WILLIAMS, Alice WILLIAMS, and Mary L. WILLIAMS. Have reason to believe Willis' family came from that area. Thank you.


Steve Lynn January 28, 2000

Seeking information on the family of Shadrach WILLIAMS and Rebecca (SAWYER) WILLIAMS. Would like to find the names and birthdates of all of their children. Thanks!


Craig Austin  July 26, 2010

I am looking for parents of William Williams born abt 1748 and married to Jane Gaskill with children William and Elizabeth who married Zachariah Burrus.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Rusty Williamson June 7, 2006

I am looking for information on the WILLIAMSON family from Hyde Co., NC. I know that Dempsey WILLIAMSON came to Tennessee from Hyde County and was married to Charity SWINDELL


Jon Morris April 29, 2000

I am looking for information on Benjamin Willis who was born around 1882. He was married to my great-aunt, Ella Mae Morris who was born around 1890. I know Benjamin was born in Hyde county and that he and Ella had at least six children, part of whom were born in Carteret County--Ruth, a set of twins: Ella Virginia and Ben, Edwin Earl, Mary Louise and Sarah. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Sue Howard September 19, 1998

I'm looking for information about John WINFIELD, either JR. or SR. There were two in 1786 in Hyde County. I'm really trying to find out about the father of my great, great grandfather, James Kennedy WINFIELD, born in 1812 in Anderson Co., SC. It is said that his father was a John B. WINFIELD from North Carolina. Don't know anything about him at all. Trying to figure out if either John would have been the right age to be James' father. James' father supposedly married a woman from South Carolina. Thanks for any help you can give me.


Ivie Gordon February 24, 2005

Hi. my grandmother was Lelia Louisa WINFIELD, her father was Stephen Carter WINFIELD. His father was Jesse WINFIELD. I am looking for any information on the WINFIELD line. I will be glad to send you what I have. Thank you.


Steve Garber or alternate e-mail February 28, 2002

I am researching the ancestors and descendants of Michael WINDLEY who was born 1765 and died 10 Dec 1794. He married Elizabeth DURDEN (died c1789) Their children were: Elizabeth (born c1786) and Henry Eborn WINDLEY (born 9 Feb 1789) who married Penelope BARROW. I'm especially interested in Henry and Penelope's 1st child, Jacob Darden WINDLEY (b Jan 11 1811) who married Mary A. (___?___) and was living in Washington County by 1850. Any information on this line is appreciated.

" Y "


Betty Born September 10, 2002

Richard H. YOUNG died in 1841 in Hyde County. Richard and his wife Priscilla are both buried in the Young Cemetery as listed in In Memory of. Also shown are the parents of Richard as being Isaac and Mary YOUNG. I have not been able to find anything else on Isaac YOUNG in Hyde County. Where did this information come from?  I would love to hear from anyone else researching this YOUNG family.


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