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Sammy Pierce October 25, 1998

Searching for information on Asa O'NEAL, b. ca 1793, m. Mary BRUFFET, b. ca 1813; children included William W. O'NEAL, b. ca 1841, Henry W. O'NEAL, b. ca 1844, Thomas R. O'NEAL, b. ca 1849 and Melinda O'NEAL, b. ca 1854, d. 20 Aug 1911, m. Anson Walter SAWYER.


Kelly White November 15, 1998

I am researching Hezekiah O'NEAL who was married to Patsy Ann HAWKINS. Their son, who I am descended from, is Isaiah O'Neal, b. 31 Mar 1867 and d. 23 Nov 1939. Any information would be a great help.


Kari Bullock March 18, 2000

I am looking for a Missouri ONEAL and/or Alfred BULLOCK. I believe they resided in Hyde County anywhere between the mid to late 1800's through the early 1900's. If anyone has any information on either of these people please contact me. Thank you.


Dana Jernigan January 26, 2001

Hi, I am trying to locate some O'NEAL's all were born in Hyde County. I am looking for relatives of Douglas Eugene O'NEAL, Mary Janice O'NEAL, Amelia O'NEAL, Titan O'NEAL and Delores O'NEAL. They were born after 1910. Their father's and mother's names were Theodore & Betty O'NEAL. They were from Scranton or Sladesville. What I need to know if any of these O'NEALS or relatives of were stricken with Huntingtons Cholrea. It is important that I find out this info. Thanks.


Sidney O'Neal January 2, 2002

I'm looking for the parents of William O'Neal who married Olivia Pugh. Their children were:
Mary Christmas O'Neal - born ca.1790;
Asa O'Neal born 1792; Asa married Claressa (___?___) and had the following children:
Hezekiah - b. June 11, 1814; Frances - b. May 14, 1816; William - b. Sept. 23, 1819; Pollie M. - b. Feb. 13, 1821; Clarissa Ann - b. Nov. 29, 1829;
Asa was married secondly to Joanne (___?___) and had the following child:
Malissa Cescelice - b. July 20, 1836;
Asa was married thirdly to Mary Pollie (___?___) and had the following children:
Henry Alonza - b. June 27, 1838; William W. - b. Mar, 23, 1841; Rebecca - b. Dec. 25, 1842; Henry Winn - b. Dec. 2, 1844; Mary Joanne - b. May 13, 1847; Thomas Redmon - b. June 16, 1849; Asa Ben - b. Dec. 3, 1850; Sandford - b. Jan. 29. 1858. I cannot find any information on any of Asa's children except Thomas Redmon and Sandford. Thomas Redmon is my great-grandfather. I would appreciate any information on any of the above if you would like to swap information. Thanks!


Kim O'Neal Sadler June 13, 2006

My ggg grandfather was Jesse O'NEAL, living in Hyde County from the 1830 Census. He was between 20-30 years of age. I believe his father to be John O'NEAL, who is listed as being between 40-50 years of age. Jesse's married more than one. His second wife was Mary "Polly" FARROW. Jesse had multiple children: Teressa b. 1825, Warren, 1832, Jesse J. 1835, Mary 1837, Charity 1842, Dolly 1845, David (my lineage) born 1848, Mary 1851, Metilda b. ca. 1853, and Sharlotte b. ca. 1842. Do you have any history on John's parents? Do you know of someone I may contact on the O'Neal's in Hyde County.


Wanda Parks July 28, 2006

Seeking ANY information on Hugh J. / Hugh Jerry O'Neal.  When and where he died and where buried?  Parents?  Any living descendants?  Any information would be greatly appreciated!


S. Outlaw April 12, 1998

I am looking for any information on Elias & Delila OUTLAW listed in Hyde County 1850 Census, Kennekeet Banks District. He owned land in Hyde County, Cape Hatteras in 1849. They had a son named Jacob F. OUTLAW who married Lousia WILLIAMS. They moved to Currituck County and had a son named John Homer OUTLAW who married Martha Carolina EVANS. Any information on Elias OUTLAW from Hyde County would be greatly appreciated.


Shirley Gray Outlaw November 4, 2004

Jacob F. OUTLAW was listed in the flowering census records: 1870 Dare Co., Hatteras Township - Page 297; 1890 Currituck Co., Popler Branch Township - Page 002; 1900 Currituck Co., Married for 33 years. Joseph C. JENNETT sold to Jacob F. OUTLAW for the sum of one hundred dollars a parcel of land lying and being on Cape Hatteras, butted and bound as follows: Beginning at the cedar post at the Sound at David W. FARROW land corner running a South Easterly course with the said Farrow line to the back line and thence a Easterly course to Joseph C. JENNETT line and thence with the said JENNETT line a North Westerly course to the South and thence with the Sound to the first station to include forty acres of land. Hyde County, North Carolina - Aug. 8, 1865. Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of Nasa S. WILLIAMS & Benjamin C. JENNETT. Jacob F. OUTLAW married Louise C. WILLIAMS from Hyde County. They had ten children, one of whom was John Homer OUTLAW who married Martha Carolina EVANS (they lived in Grandy, North Carolina where Jacob OUTLAW is buried). They also had ten children one of whom was Atlis OUTLAW who is my husband's grandfather (they also lived in Grandy, North Carolina). I believe Elias OUTLAW was his father. I am having a very hard time proving this.

" P "


Tara Campbell-Walton September 16, 1997

I am looking for info on Mary PAINE b. Dec. 30, 1707 d. May 20, 1778. She married Samuel MIDYETT, s/o Matthew MIDYETT. Does anyone know if she has any brothers or sister, who her parents might be? Also, looking for Sarah PAINE b. April 30, 1709. She married John MIDYETT, s/o Matthew MIDYETT. Are these PAINE women sisters? Thanks.


Olivier Pasteur March 25, 2000

Looking for any information on any Pasteur living in Hyde County, NC. Information already gathered and compiled can be found at:


Peter Patrick February 26, 2007

I am searching for the background to David Lafayette PATRICK, b. 1874, d.1959 and his father Wilson A. PATRICK, b.abt 1825. David Lafayette PATRICK was born in Scranton and lived in Swan Quarters. His father Wilson PATRICK also lived in Hyde County, and he and his wife Annelisor were both born in NC. Also, from what I understand so were the parents of Wilson A. PATRICK. Thank you very much for your assistance.


Joliene Byrd Clark August 5, 2005

Seeking contact with anyone working on the Redmond PAUL line. The inventory and sale of his property took place in Hyde County on Oct. 12, 1836. He is listed on several census with children. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


Faye Thomas November 7, 1998

Seeking info on John and Thomas PHILLIPS, both of whom lived in Hyde County. There was an inventory of Thomas PHILLIPS held Sept. 7, 1729 by John MIXON. I wondered if he might have had a will? A Thomas PHILLIPS of Hyde Co. partioned the General Assembly of N.C. to attach Hyde County to Beaufort westward of Pongo River. Is there any info that this was done? Also, there was a John PHILLIPS who gave power of attorney to John PARAMORE that was recorded in June Court in 1756 in Beaufort. I wondered if any reference had been made that this said John PHILLIPS might be the son of Thomas. Anything you might have along this line would be helpful. Thanks.


J. Michael Piland January 6, 2000

I'm looking for any family information for a Michael Lawrence PILAND who married a Lucretia Credle WAHAB probably late 1800s to early 1900s. What I have so far tells me that he served as Postmaster for Ocracoke Island at some point and that he and Lucretia owned/lived on an island known as Beacon Island (?). Any information will be greatly appreciated.


L. Shelton January 6, 2001

I need information on Margaret Elizabeth PITTMAN - her mother was Susan A. and her father was Augustus R. WHITNEY. I don't know why her daughter Nellie Green SHELTON, who was my grandmother, listed her mother's last name as PITTMAN on an old form when asked what her mother's full maiden name at birth was unless that was her mother's (Susan A.) family name. Margaret Elizabeth PITTMAN would have been born around 1867 in Swan Quarter. I would also like info on her mother, Susan A. The 1880 census lists Margaret as being 13 yrs. old and her brother as William H., age 8, sisters Ellis A. age 6, Mary E. age 10, Effal age 3, and Lena age 2, and two other people : James Stevens and Hardie Peterson, no relationship was given. Susan A. and Margaret Elizabeth PITTMAN were of full or part Native American. Thanks for any info that you might share.


Bonnie January 24, 2000

I'm looking for any information on the POPPERWILL's. They were early settlers to Hyde Co. and moved to Pamlico Co.


Alice Yezarski April 5, 1997

I am looking for information on Isaiah POWERS, and I understand he is listed in the 1870 Hyde County census records. Also, I would like information on his son, Charles A. POWERS, born around 1859 and died before 1898. Isaiah POWERS was my great-grandfather, and Charles A. POWERS was my grandfather. I know very little about them and any assistance will be deeply appreciated.


C. W. Carawan, Jr. April 24, 1999

Allie PUGH and a Mr. H. W. QUIDLEY were married 11/5/1926. They had 4 daughters: Aldean Sophia, born 12/9/27 : Elma Ilene, born 12/17/29 : Doris Irene, born 10/20/31 : and Helen Maxine, born 6/8/34. I haven't been able to determine what happened to them.

" Q "


Bill Carawan April 10, 1999

I am researching information on the QUIDLEY Family of North Carolina. What I know so far is that Sarah QUIDLEY, who is my Great Grandmother, was the daughter of John QUIDLEY and Ellen TETTERTON. Sarah was buried at South Creek in Beaufort County. John's Father and mother were Levi QUIDLEY and Lucretia QUIDLEY. Levi is listed in the 1840 census of Hyde County. If anyone has any information on the QUIDLEY Family please contact me. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

" R "


James R. Rasco January 10, 1999

Researching the RASCOE family of Hyde County. Can anyone give me the names of the heirs of Daniel RASCO who made his will in 1806. His estate was settled in 1809. Also William RASCO whose estate was settled in 1799. A John RASCO married a Mary SWINDELL before 1790. Their children, William, Rachel, John, Arthur, and one other unknown, were born in Hyde County. Mary was some relation to Christopher and Cason SWINDELL. By 1820 the family had moved to Orange County NC. Can anyone help identify the parents of John RASCO and Mary SWINDELL?


Mark Brick April 18, 1997

I'm looking for any data on Katie Lavinia RESPESS, born circa 1892. Also looking for info on her parents George RESPESS and Cora SADLER. Thanks for any assistance.


Florence Fulford Moore March 19, 1999

Oscar and Sarah RHUE - is anyone researching the REW / RUE / RHUE / AREW family? A distant kinsman, Oscar RHUE, lived in Hyde County in the middle 1800s (not sure of time frame), and I am trying to locate data on him and his family. I think that he is buried (around 1880) in Cedar Grove Cemetery in New Bern, NC. If anyone has data on the RHUES and any family information, I would love to hear from you. I have a BERRY cousin who is kin to the RUES, and I am helping her research this line. Thanks for your help.

Florence Fulford Moore August 19, 1999

Solomon and Beverly REW were in the Hyde County area (Portsmouth Island, too), in the mid 1700s. I am trying to discover families that these Rews married into while in the Hyde County area, particularly BEVERLY, JASPER, MACADE, and BERRY lines. Can anyone help me here? I have found a lot of Rew data at archives in Raleigh NC and have some marriage and family linkage, but what I am seeking just isn't to be discovered yet. Thanks for your assistance.


Andrea Beck April 19, 1999

I am trying to find information on Rufus Preston RICHARDSON, born Sept. 22, 1881 in Hyde Co., NC. I would like to know his parents, brothers and sisters. I hope someone can help. We would like to know something about him, as he is our grandfather. Thanks.


No Name December 31, 1999

Searching for Mitchell ROE / ROW / ROWE who is listed in the 1790 census of County. Need any info if possible.


Ramona Robinson Meekins May 05, 2002

I am researching the ROBINSONS and SPAIN families. I know that most of my relatives lived in Hyde County at one time or another. I am looking for the parents of Redding Jones ROBINSON, born 15 Feb. 1856, and his wife, Rebecca Ann SPAIN. Their son Brinson ROBINSON is my great grandfather. I believe that Redding might have been born in New Bern and that their son Brinson lived in and was buried in Aurora, NC. I hope that someone can find a connection. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Coley Jordan January 9, 2000

I would like to contact any descendant of George Smith ROLLINSON and Eliza AUSTIN. I am a descendant of his brother Ephraim W. ROLLINSON and Mary P. O'NEAL also of Hatteras, Buxton, & Frisco which was once in Hyde County. Ephraim and his family moved up Bay River around 1870 and settled on Newton Creek in Pamlico County at Maribel.
1 George Smith ROLLINSON Born: Abt. 1820 in Hatteras, Hyde Co., NC .+Eliza AUSTIN Born: Mar 17, 1823 in Hatteras, Hyde Co., NC Died: Feb 26, 1880
..2 Erasmus H ROLLINSON Born: Feb 1843 Died: Bet. 1888 - 1900
...+Emma C DEVINE Born: Feb 28, 1851 in Ocracke, Hyde Co., NC Died: Mar 17, 1924
....3 George Kenneth ROLLINSON Born: Oct 31, 1870 in Frisco, Hyde Co., NC Died: Jul 31, 1947
.....+Bethany Anderson HOOPER Born: Mar 16, 1871 in Salvo, Dare Co., NC Died: Sep 23, 1953
....3 William Gibbons ROLLINSON Born: Jun 1873 in Frisco, Hyde Co., NC
.....+Mariah D WHIDBEE Born: Sep 05, 1875 in Frisco, Dare Co., NC Died: Apr 02, 1935
....3 Parlia C ROLLINSON Born: Oct 24, 1875 in Frisco, Dare Co., NC Died: Jul 12, 1902
.....+David E FULCHER Born: Jul 13, 1865 in Hatteras, Hyde Co., NC Died: Jul 07, 1946
....3 Eliza M ROLLINSON Born: Oct 24, 1875
....3 Edward M ROLLINSON Born: Mar 1879
....3 Warren Rockey ROLLINSON Born: Jan 08, 1887 in Frisco, Dare Co., NC Died: 1968
.....+Cynthia F TOLSON Born: Dec 04, 1888 in Frisco, Dare Co., NC Died: Mar 14, 1978
....3 Anna Howard ROLLINSON Born: Sep 1888 in Frisco, Dare Co., NC
.....+Charles Oden PEELE, Sr. Born: Dec 1886 in Hatteras, Dare Co., NC
..2 Elizabeth S ROLLINSON Born: Dec 1845 in Frisco, Hyde Co., NC Died: Bef. Oct 1905
...+Robert R TOLSON Born: 1838 in Frisco, Hyde Co., NC Died: Bef. Oct 1905
....3 Martin Basnight TOLSON Born: Jun 08, 1876 in Frisco, Dare Co., NC Died: Aug 05, 1971
.....+Victoria ROLLINSON Born: Dec 21, 1881 in Buxton, Dare Co., NC Died: Jan 04, 1940
.....*2nd Wife of Martin Basnight TOLSON: .....+Lonie Alice BRAGG Born: Jun 08, 1901 in Buxton, Dare Co., NC Died: Jan 1976
....3 John Thomas TOLSON, Sr Born: Dec 1882 in Frisco, Dare Co., NC Died: Oct 1961
.....+Celeste NEWBERRY .....*2nd Wife of [2] John Thomas TOLSON, Sr:
.....+Sidney Styron AUSTIN Born: Nov 27, 1887 in Frisco, Dare Co., NC
..2 William George ROLLINSON Born: Dec 06, 1847 in Hatteras, Hyde Co., NC Died: 1887
...+Mary FARROW Born: 1853 in Frisco, Hyde Co., NC
....3 George S ROLLINSON Born: Abt. 1885 in NC
.....+Ethel Roberts AUSTIN Born: Jun 27, 1885 in Frisco, Dare Co., NC Died: Apr 01, 1951
..2 Margarett B ROLLINSON Born: Mar 08, 1850 in Hatteras, Hyde Co., NC Died: Mar 11, 1917
...+William A POYNER Born: Abt. 1851
....3 Arkey Empie POYNER Born: Nov 1878 in Frisco, Dare Co., NC
.....+John Lotson AUSTIN, Jr Born: Jun 10, 1874 in Frisco, Dare Co., NC Died: Bef. 1910
....3 Uloomus POYNER Born: Abt. 1883 in Hatteras, Dare Co., NC
..2 Nancy Maria ROLLINSON Born: Mar 08, 1853 in Hatteras, Hyde Co., NC Died: Abt. 1879
...+John Dick ROLLINSON Born: Jan 1855
....3 Eliza Ann ROLLINSON Born: Jan 25, 1877 in Frisco, Dare Co., NC Died: Apr 05, 1959
.....+Christopher Evans ROLLINSON Born: Dec 31, 1864 in Frisco, Dare Co., NC Died: Sep 03, 1929
...3 Kenneth S ROLLINSON Born: Oct 23, 1878 Died: Jul 22, 1895
..2 Moses Rawson ROLLINSON Born: Jul 16, 1855 in Frisco, Hyde Co., NC Died: Aug 08, 1936
...+Nancy Dilla FARROW Born: Abt. 1859 in NC
....3 Victoria ROLLINSON Born: Dec 21, 1881 in Buxton, Dare Co., NC Died: Jan 04, 1940
.....+Martin Basnight TOLSON Born: Jun 08, 1876 in Frisco, Dare Co., NC Died: Aug 05, 1971
...*2nd Wife of Moses Rawson ROLLINSON: ...+Della M MEEKINS Born: Jan 24, 1873 in Hatteras, Dare Co., NC Died: Jun 11, 1952
....3 Victoria ROLLINSON Born: Dec 21, 1881 in Buxton, Dare Co., NC Died: Jan 04, 1940
.....+Martin Basnight TOLSON Born: Jun 08, 1876 in Frisco, Dare Co., NC Died: Aug 05, 1971
....3 John H ROLLINSON Born: Mar 11, 1896 in Hatteras, Dare Co., NC Died: Sep 30, 1911
....3 Homer W ROLLINSON Born: Apr 01, 1897 in Hatteras, Dare Co., NC Died: Aug 17, 1967
.....+Beatrice RUSSO
....3 Margaret Z ROLLINSON Born: Oct 04, 1901 in Frisco, Dare Co., NC Died: Feb 27, 1984
.....+Alpheus Benjamin AUSTIN Born: Dec 31, 1890 in Hatteras, Dare Co., NC Died: Jul 27, 1939
....3 Joseph Nye ROLLINSON Born: Feb 02, 1912 in Frisco, Dare Co., NC Died: Sep 22, 1978
....3 Lettie Lee ROLLINSON Born: Apr 28, 1915 in Hatteras, Dare Co., NC Died: Oct 1960
.....+Clyde Elspher WILLIS
..2 Liddie Jane ROLLINSON Born: Oct 19, 1858 in Hatteras, Hyde Co., NC Died: Bef. Aug 1945
...+John E WHITEHURST Born: Abt. 1856
..2 Kenneth ROLLINSON Born: Sep 12, 1860 in Hatteras, Hyde Co., NC Died: Bef. 1870
..2 Celia Ann ROLLINSON Born: Jun 20, 1864 in Hatteras, Hyde Co., NC Died: Mar 1964
...+John Howard MIDGETT Born: Jan 28, 1854 in NC Died: Aug 10, 1910
....3 Oscar M MIDGETT Born: Sep 10, 1882 Died: Nov 05, 1886
....3 Emma Hill MIDGETT Born: Dec 1885 in NC
.....+John Bunion QUIDLEY Born: Feb 26, 1877 in NC


Sandy Usewitz April 24, 1997

I am researching Edward(Nedy) ROSE, born C1792 buried Feb 1867 in Far Creek, NC, the Ben Wilson Cemetary. Edward was married at least 3 times: 1st wife: Dorcas HOPKINS(?) (children, if any, unknown); 2nd wife: Alpha (___?___) children: Rueben and Luanna & probably others; 3rd wife: Mary Eliza O'NEAL (m. 28 Feb 1855) children: Nancy, Martha, Stephen, Ira, Sally, and John Edward. Edward served in the War of 1812 and received 160 acres for service. Any help in finding his parents would be appreciated, Thank You.


Sallie Gargis September 13, 1998

Researching my g-g-grandparents, William A. ROSE b. abt. 1852 married Martha M. BRINN. A daughter of that marriage, Nicie Caroline "Carrie" ROSE, b. Nov. 28, 1882, d. Mar. 26, 1972 is my g-grandmother. I would appreciate receiving any information available on these. I will be happy to share any information that I have on these families.


Elizabeth Rose Andrew June 28, 2006

James Edward ROSE b. 1851 d. bef 1892. His parents were Edward & Eleanor (Nelly) ROSE. He married Nancy CARAWAN 9/10/1874. James Edward and Nancy had one child: Tina Edna ROSE. Any information regarding the parents (Edward & Eleanor ROSE) of James Edward ROSE would be appreciated


Tammy Theusch Beasley September 8, 2006

I am searching for information about Edward S. ROSE born about 1855 who married Francis Elizabeth EDWARDS on May 7, 1882.  They had 3 children that I know of including my Great-Grandmother, Caddie Lenior ROSE, who was born April 15, 1891.  Her death certificate states she was born in Tyrrell County but when I got copies of her children's birth certificates she states that she was born in HYDE County.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Iva Ross Lange March 27, 2005

I am searching for more information on Elijah ROSS. I found his name in the 1790 Beaufort County Census. Could you advise me how to obtain other information not verified. His father was John ROSS. Date of birth believed to be circa 1727, but not verified. John ROSS sailed from Scotland in 1774 on the ship Bachelor of Lerth. He was 47 years old and a widower. He had six sons, age 20-4 years. Bnjamin, Elijah, Martin, John, William (Billy) and Francis (Frank). He had lived at Kabel in the Parrish of Farr and County of Sutherland. Elijah was married to Winnifred DANIELS. Any information you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Joel Russell March 23, 1998

Researching RUSSELL family of eastern North Carolina. I'm very interested in finding information on RUSSELLs living in Hyde County during the 1700s and how they may be connected to the RUSSELLs in Carteret, Craven and Onslow Counties. I'm specifically interested in Benjamin, Habakkuk, William, or Joseph RUSSELL.


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