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Anna (___?___) November 5, 2005

I am looking for a maiden name for Dilsie (?) McCABE, wife of Willam McCABE. William was born in 1857 in Swan Quarter, Hyde, NC. Dilsie was born 1899 and I am unsure where she was born but she died Mar. 1970 in Swan Quarter, Hyde, NC. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


John McQuilliams Octuber 2, 1997

I am attempting to pinpoint the coumty of origin of Lewis McWILLIAMS (McQUILLIAMS). Lewis died in 1796 in Mecklenburg Co., NC, we believe that he was a relative of Hugh McWILLIAMS (1736-1787), of Hyde County. The thread we have is slender so any help you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Alex Mack August 16, 1999

Seeking information on apprenticeship records in Hyde Co., NC. Specifically, the court documents relating to the apprenticeship of my gr gr gr grandfather, Simpson MACKAY / MACKEY, to one Thomas SPENCER in May 1804. Simpson at that time was about 8 years old. I believe that he was part of the Matamuskeet tribe that either lost or sold their reservation in the early 1790's. Any information on who to write or contact would be appreciated.


Ramona Brown May 27, 1999

I wish to get more information on MACKEYS and BARBERS from Hyde County Fairfield and Scranton who were Indian, mulatto, and fair-skinned blacks. I can be reached at 5133 Dantonville Court, Knightdale, NC 27545. My family is Benjamin MACKEY (d. June 11, 1965) and Laura Lee BARBER (d. Dec. 7, 1941). Thanks so much.


Lason Mackey January 13, 2001

I am searching for information on the following MACKEY family members: John and Robert MACKEY (listed in the Mattamuskeet Indian Documents), Easter MACKEY and Clarice MACKEY (parents were Benjamin and Mary Jane (BARBER) MACKEY. Specific information includes any (1) children of John and Robert MACKEY, (2) Clarice MACKEY's death date (3) where the MACKEY clan may have originated (4) and the parents of Benjamin MACKEY (married to Mary Jane BARBER, daughter of Bartee and Marena BARBER).

Lason Mackey August 14, 2003

I'm searching for the father of Benjamin MACKEY. Benjamin MACKEY was married to Mary Jane BARBER and they lived in Hyde County. I'm told Benjamin's father had an Indian name.  Is there anyway to find out what his father's name is, and/or is there any type of Native American Census for Hyde County and surrounding areas?  Was there a census taken for the residents who lived on the Mattamuskeet Reservation? If so, where does one find this information?  Thanks!


Jo Anne Makely April 6, 1998

Doing research on MAKELY Family - Originally from NY. Jacob bc 1795 in Columbia County, NY died in Fairfax County, VA. He had sons Purdy b 1823; Metrah b1831, baptised August 25, 1836 at Saint Thomas Lutheran Church, Claverack, Columbia, NY, married Francis RICE ? - Metrah went to NC; Albert d 1906 in Fairfax Co. VA; Wesley - was in Alexandria Vai n 1896. Looking for information on NC branch - believe some relatives were in Sladesville also. Jo Anne Makely, PO Box 532, Jewett, NY 12496


Vi Crowder September 8, 2001

I am descended from Sophia MANN who was born on the 6th of Oct. in 1790 in Hyde County. She married Spencer DANIEL(S) of Wanchese. I know that her parents and brother lived in Hyde County. But I know very little more. One of the books I've read had an article stating that the MANN family have lived in the same home for almost 200 years. Is there a MANN descendant out there who can help me learn more of the MANNS? I know that such an old family must have wonderful tales to share! I am "hungry" to hear them! Is there a family history available somewhere? Thank you for taking the time to read my query!


(No Name) August 25, 1999

Looking for info on Roy MANNING, who was born 1900, died 1977, in Greenville, NC. He was married to Hulda JONES. I know that they lived in Hyde Co., NC in 1931, when my father was born. I can't find hide nor hair of him. Please help.


Edie Rider June 25, 1999

I have two questions. First, Benjamin MANNING (b: 2/6/1889 in Hyde Co) supposedly shot and killed Bennie MANNING accidentally with a shotgun that fell. Bennie was not a relative of Benjamin. I am trying to find any newspaper article or other document that might document this event. I believe that when this event occurred, they both lived in Currituck Township. Benjamin lived in Sladesville and/or Bellhaven at some point after this event, I believe. Second, Bess SMITH arrived in Sladesville around 1900-1902 to begin teaching at the school there. She only taught for one year then she married Benjamin MANNING and quite teaching. I am trying to document this teaching endeavor including the dates and what grade(s) she may have taught, and where she taught. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Florence Fulford Moore November 28, 1999

Is anyone who is from Hyde County researching Thomas and Elizabeth MARTIN's lineage? There is an Elizabeth MARTIN (will of Mar. 30, 1767 - South River, NC) and her will lists a connection with Prudence FULFORD. I am seeking to learn whether this may be my missing MARTIN line! They may have had a son named William MARTIN, whose daughter married a Joseph FULFORD ca. 1730s - her name may have been Ann or Nancy. There is also another MARTIN marriage into the FULFORD line ca. 1780s (another Ann MARTIN to Enoch FULFORD, who was the grandson of William FULFORD and Sevill Pigott FULFORD). I do not know if she was from this same MARTIN line or another one. Your response would be deeply appreciated. Thanks.


Barbara Kennedy February 18, 2001

Looking for information on Benjamin MARTIN, born in the late 1700's. He received monies for service in Rev. War for service in NC troops. Wive's names: Penelope? and Janet?


Diane Mason February 20, 1997

Seeking the maiden name of Nellie who married John MASON b. 1778 of Hyde Co., NC. They had a child born 1806, Catherine "Catie" MASON who married Dorset MASON Hyde Co., NC.


Diane Mason February 20, 1997

Seeking the maiden name of Sarah who married John MASON b. 1732-98 of Hyde Co., NC. They had a son James MASON b. 1753 who married Charity SWINDELL of Hyde Co., NC.


Peggy Mason February 27, 1998

We are looking for a link to the Earl C. MASON family, which goes back to Ausbond Foy MASON born 1807. WE are trying to link up to Benjamin MASON born 1758, or Christopher MASON or Roger MASON. Thanks for any help you can give.


Jonathan Mason June 3, 1998

My ancestors, John MASON, Sr., 1662-1702, and John MASON, Jr., 1688-1747, lived in Hyde County. Then some went to Craven County to live and after 1722, some lived in Carteret County. Many of my family members still live there. I am trying to find any connection to Francis MASON, 1795-1858, of Craven and then Carteret County? Francis married Susan H. WALLACE. Many thanks for any help.


Earl C. Mason January 18, 1999

Would like to know if anyone would know of the parents of Ausbond Foy MASON, born 1807 and died 1841, and married to Mary (Polly) COWELL. Thanks.


Al Jones August 21, 1999

Searching for documentation of the parents of Benjamin MASON, b. ca. 1786, d. ca. 1870/71 in Hyde Co., NC, m. Mary "Polly" JARVIS, dau. of Foster JARVIS (III) and Delacy. To the best of my knowledge, there is no proof that he was the son of Christopher MASON, son of Benjamin MASON and Elizabeth JONES, as stated in W. H. MASON's, "The Masons of Eastern North Carolina", nor is there proof that he was the Benjamin MASON, Jr., son of Benjamin MASON and Elizabeth JONES, who married Mrs. Rebekah SWINDELL before 1785.


Jan Cooper April 29, 2000

I am looking for information on a Samuel MASON who was married to Susan. They were in Hyde County in the mid to upper 1700's. Thank you for your help.


Cathy Straley January 23, 2002

I'm looking for David MASON from Hyde County, NC, who commanded a company of Tennessee Rangers in 1812-1813 during America's War of 1812. My ancestor --John COX -- served in David MASON's Company, joining up in Franklin, Tennessee, in the summer of 1812. Captains organizing military companies most often solicit friends and neighbors, and it's therefore presumed that David MASON and my ancestor were acquaintances (or possibly relatives) prior to these 1812-1813 military encounters. My John COX (b: 1787 VA) also had ties to NC, MO & KY. After his war service, John went west to southwest Arkansas. If you know of David MASON or any connections to my John COX, please respond. Thanks.


Vickie Mattocks January 7, 2001

I have recently found documentation that showed a John MATTOCKS was Clerk of Court in Hyde County in 1730. I am researching MATTOCKS' and any information about this MATTOCKS would be greatly appreciated. He may have had a son named Francis MATTOCKS. Thanks for any help.


Christine May Moore June 22, 1999

I am looking for my ancestor Joseph MAY's father. Joseph resided in Hyde County, NC. during the 1820 census. Any information would be appreciated. I would be happy to share and info that I have.


Yolanda Midgette Blackmon  September 29, 2005

I am looking for information on my great-grandfather.  My grandfather, Harvey Branch Midgett, was born between 1906-1913.  He had a brother Clay born between 1893-1906 or maybe there is two different Clays and a sister Eva born 1903-1908.  Their father was Pealege and mother was Annie.  I need to know what Annie's maiden name was and any info on Pealege as far as his parents go.  I think Pealege was born around 1873 and Annie was born 1885.  My grandparents, Hilder/Hilda Slade and Harvey Branch Midgett, had nine children but I can only find some of them.

I found Annie Lauria Midyette Aug 15, 1933
I found H.B. Midgette, Jr. Dec. 24, 1934 died Nov. 14, 1988 through SSI
I found Gloria Mae Midgett Oct. 13, 1951 I know she died in NY but I can't find a death date or info it was around 1974-1975
I found Oscar Lee Midgette Jan 30, 1941 died Jul 31, 1998 through SSI
I found Hilda Mae Midgett May 3, 1943 have her birth registration
I haven't found Willie Lee Midgett, Ella Midgett, Samuel Midgett, Betty Jean Midgett

Whatever help can be provided will greatly be appreciated.


Anita Bennett February 26, 1998

I am seeking the parents of John (T/D) MIDGETTE born in 1805. He was married to Elizabeth JARVIS, d/o Jonathan JARVIS and Lydia (___?___) . I would also like to learn Lydia's maiden name and any other info available on her family. Thanks.


Fr. Bill Hadden March 8, 1999

I am seeking any information on Hannah Edwards MIDGETTE, her husband Lewis MIDGETTE and their daughter Amanda MIDGETTE who was born on Ocracoke Island in 1845. I am seeking this information on behalf of one of my parishioners, Beatrice SIMS who is the great, great granddaughter of Hannah and Lewis MIDGETTE. Fr. Bill HADDEN, St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church, New Bern, NC.


Mrs. C.A. (Joann) Midgette-Bryant

I am looking for family that was related to Benjamin MIDGETTE and his wife Alief (CREDLE) MIDGETTE. They left Hyde County and went to Pamlico County. I was able to find that a Ms. Jessie CARTER was one of his neices. Also he had a sister whose name was Lydia MIDGETTE with the possile last name of SPENCER or SIMPSON. I don't have any information on Aleif accept maybe an Issac CREDLE may have been her father.


Kathy Midyett (?) April 24, 2005

On the 1870 census of Lake Landing Twp., Hyde Co., NC, there is a John MIDYETT, age 35, farmer, his wife Amanda, age 35, and their children John 13, Richard 7 and Franklin 3. Also living with them (and listed after the children) is William MIDYETT age 23, farmer, and Martha MIDYETT age 14. I am trying to find out more information about Martha MIDYETT. She is the right age to be the ancestor I am looking for. Does anyone else have any information on this family? Thanks.


Marilyn Sawyer Wesner June 25, 2004

I am trying to find a photo of my great-great-grandmother, Clarissa "Clara" Elizabeth (JARVIS) MIDYETTE (b. 1833, d. 1931), daughter of Albert JARVIS and Elizabeth "Betsy" CREDLE, m. Zachariah Robert Russell MIDYETTE in 1854. Since she lived until 1931, I'm hopeful such a photo still exists. Any other details about her would also be appreciated. Thank you.


Keith Midgette November 25, 1996

Does anyone have the genealogy for the MIDYETT family before MATTHEW MIDYETT (1667-1734) arrived in America? I have heard from some sources that he may not be the immigrant, that his father Samuel (1640-1705) may have been the first MIDYETT in America. Would appreciate any updated info anyone has. Also searching for father of William Van Burean MIDGETT. Mother was Anna Eliza Midgett, daughter of Nichodemaus MIDYETT (1828-1901) and Effrica S. (MEEKINS) MIDGETT (1830-1912). All were born in or around Rodanthe,NC.


Lillian Barnes January 23, 1999

I am seeking information regarding a family bible belonging to John Mann (Uncle Jacky) MIDYETT, born April 1792. He was a resident of Stumpy Point. Anyone having knowledge of the whereabouts of this bible, please contact me via email. Thanks.


Kay Midyette January 4, 2000

I am looking for info/pictures, anything relating to the John Thomas MIDYETTE family. John's wife was Sebie DUNN, they had many children. One of them, John Thomas MIDYETTE, 7-31-1904, was my father-in-law. He died 1977 in Santa Fe, NM. Thank you for any help.


Elizabeth Rose Andrew 24 May 2005

I am searching for a connection to William MURRAY NIXON, b. abt 1838. His middle name is a surname and his mother's name is Nancy. Timothy MURRAY married Easter WATSON. Children: ????. Could one be Nancy, b. abt. 1801 ? High Tide 2002, pg. 6, 7, 12 mentions an Easter who married Timothy MURRAY. Would like contact with persons researching this family. Any help appreciated.

" N "


Rose Andrew December 23, 2000

My mother is Beatrice Hilda (NIXON) COLLINS, born 1912 at Lake Landing, NC. Her father was James C NIXON and her mother was Tina Edna ROSE. James NIXON's parents were: William NIXON & Louisa COX. Tina ROSE's parents were: Ed ROSE & Nancy CARAWAN. Any info will be appreciated. Just getting started.


David J. Nobles August 2, 1997

I am searching for any information on a Baker E. NOBLES. He enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1863 in Beaufort Co. but he is listed in the 1870 and 1880 census as living in Hyde Co. I am looking for any link that Baker E. NOBLES may have with Jethro NOBLES of Chocowinity, NC. Thanks.


Buck Rosenthal February 22, 1999

Seeking information on Ann NOLEN, born 1787 in NC. Her parents owned a plantation with 99 slaves. She married (___?___) WILKINSON and had 12 children. I know names of only four: Marvel, David, Noah and Margaret WILKINSON. I'm told Hyde County was where the WILKINSON's lived. I haven't learned the name of Ann's husband. The WILKINSON family left NC about 1821-22 when Margaret was one year old. I believe they were in Tennessee until Ann and four of the children surfaced in Livingston Co., KY. My great grandfather, David, married Catherine BAIRD, 1838 in Smithland, Livingston Co., KY. In 1850 David and family were living in Macoupin Co., IL and my gg-grandmother Ann was living with a son, Noah Hampton WILKINSON, in St, Clair Co., IL. Any assistance will be appreciated.


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