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Pat January 15, 2001

I am trying to help a relative locate information on his father, William Jesse HAISLIP. All that is known is that he died in 1934 and, until his death, he ran a small store at the drawbridge at what is now known as The Intercoastal Waterway on Hwy. 264. Any information on the store or William Jesse HAISLIP will be greatly appreciated.


Fay Kemp May 6, 2002

I am looking for information on Prudence ROSE who married Benjamin HALL. I do not have dates for Prudence but She and Benjamin had a son, Bart or Bartlett HALL, born January 15, 1868. I will appreciate any information. Thanks.


Lou Hall March 21, 2005

I am looking for information on Benjamin HALL who was married to Prudence ROSE in about 1867. They had a son Bartlett who is buried in Soule Cemetery in Hyde county. I would also like to make contact with Fay KEMP who posted a similar query on May 6, 2002. I have been unable to reach her at the e-mail address she gave at that time.


Diane Mason June 6, 1997

Looking for ancestors and descendants of Samuel HAMILTON b.1841/42. Civil War veteran who served in Co. F, 33rd. Regt. Father was Jordan O. HAMILTON, Sr. Wife was Mary Francis CARAWAN. Dau. was Patsy E. (HAMILTON) DOUGLASS.


Earl W. O'Neal, Jr. October 12, 1998

Seeking information on the HAND or HANDS family living on Hatteras Island, NC in the 1800s. More specifically, if they had and family ties to Robinson Woolen HANDS, Third Assistant Engineer on the U.S. Navy's ship Monitor 1862 until it went down Dec. 31, 1863. Robinson HANDS and his brother George Washington HANDS, Jr. worked in Baltimore, MD as engineers on steam locomotives prior to his going in the Navy and the Monitor.


William Thomas Adams, III August 26, 1998

I am looking for info about my great grandparents Alma Jane HARRIS who married Josephus ADAMS late 1800's or early 1900's. Alma's father William Truman HARRIS married Fanny Green SAWYER on Oct.20,1866 at Swan Quarter. This is all the info I have. I need info on any ancestors on either side. Thank You.


Bobbie Fisher Nantz November 17, 1998

Seeking information on: Parents & siblings of Jonathan HARRIS (b. ca 1778 - d. 1851) Hyde County. Married to Cassandra GIBBS (daughter of William (T.) GIBBS and Melissa TOOLEY). Their daughter, Belinda HARRIS (b. 1817 - d. 1900), my great-grandmother, was married to Noah S. SADLER (b. 1823 - d. 1876.) Also, parents & siblings of: Noah S. SADLER (see above data) / William (T.) GIBBS / Melissa TOOLEY. Any information will be greatly appreciated.


Sharon Gable November 27, 1998

Looking for information on my great-great grandfather, Gilbert G. HARRIS, son of Benjamin and Jane HARRIS. He was born in Hyde County, NC in 1859, married Mary Ann Veal CREDLE in 1879 and fathered four children, Ellen, William, Edward and Charles. He was no longer part of the family in 1886 when Mary CREDLE married her second husband William Dameron PUGH. Gilbert HARRIS was living in Chesapeake City (Cecil County), MD in 1931 where he was visited by his son, Edward. I have not found a death record for him in MD. Did he have another family in Cecil County, MD? Did he return to Hyde County to die? Did he return to Martin County, NC where his mother had lived? Any information would be appreciated.


Lila Swink August 15, 1999

Researching Ezekiel HARRIS and wife, Priscilla SWINDELL, m. Jan. 15, 1785 in Hyde Co., NC. Children: Josiah, Comfort, Gordan, Robert, Jabez Kingsbury, Polly, William Riley and Dupree HARRIS. William Riley HARRIS and William Gordan HARRIS, son of Gordan HARRIS, went to Mississippi and then on to Indian Territory. Looking for Harris cousins in NC. Any help will be appreciated.


Lila Swink September 20, 1999

Gordan HARRIS b. July 29, 1792 son of Ezekiel and Priscilla Swindell HARRIS. Gordan m. Elizabeth Hudson? They had a son William HARRIS m. Mary (Polly) ? maybe his HARRIS cousin. Their son William Gordan HARRIS, b. Nov. 18, 1835; went to Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory. Need genealogy on wife of Gordan Harris and wife of William Harris. I will be glad to share genealogy on William Riley Harris and William Gordan Harris from Bible records. Does anyone have documentation on HARRIS generations before Ezekiel?


Lila Swink September 20, 1999

William Riley HARRIS, b. Sept. 7, 1802 Swan Quarter, son of Ezekiel HARRIS and Priscilla SWINDELL. m. Anna Eliza Cornelia PITCHLYNN. Nov. 27, 1835, Lowndes Co., MS. William Riley & Eliza Ann Cornelia went on the Trail of Tears of the Choctaw Nation to Eagle County, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory (later Oklahoma). William Riley was joined in the Choctaw Nation in 1860 by William Gordan HARRIS, b. Nov. 18. 1835, Swan Quarter, Hyde Co. son of William HARRIS and Mary (Polly) HARRIS, Grandson of Gordan HARRIS. Gordan HARRIS was also a son of Ezekiel and Priscilla HARRIS. William Riley and William Gordan HARRIS both deceased Choctaw Nation.


Lila Swink September 20, 1999

Lorenzo G. HARRIS, b. Feb. 4, 1809, m. Elizabeth PITCHLYNN Nov. 4, 1836 Lowndes Co., MS. Lorenzo is known to have had a store in Columbus, MS. Lorenzo & Elizabeth (Betsy) went of the Choctaw Trail of Tears to Eagle Co., Choctaw Nation Indian Territory (later Oklahoma). Lorenzo G. is given two places of birth: 1. Oyster region, New Bern, NC. 2. Swan Quarter, Hyde Co., NC. Lorenzo G. HARRIS was the brother-in-law of William Riley HARRIS, they lived across the trail from each other in the Choctaw Nation. Does anyone have a Lorenzo G. HARRIS in their Hyde Co., HARRIS families?


Gordon Mack Harris October 13, 1999

My name is Gordon Mack HARRIS of Dallas, TX. My father's name was Garland Ray HARRIS; his father was Isiah HARRIS, Jr.; and his father was, William HARRIS, Jr. All were born in Fairfield, N.C. William HARRIS, Jr., was born on Nov. 11, 1863 and died on Nov. 20, 1928 and his wife, Lovie Ann (LINTON) HARRIS, was born on Sept. 25, 1857 and died on June 20, 1936. William HARRIS, Jr.'s father, William HARRIS, Sr., was also from Fairfield. I need any information you may have about him, especially where he was buried??? The five children of William Riley, Jr. & Lovie (Linton) HARRIS were Isiah, Riley III, Roe, Mary and Ben HARRIS. Any help with this family will be appreciated.


Ryan Carawan April 1, 2000

I'm looking for information on Eleanor (Ella) HARRIS born 1822 died before 1862. She married George D. CARAWAN.


Otis Culpepper, III - November 5, 2000

I am looking for any information on Homer HARRIS or Eli HARRIS.


Judy Brickhouse August 29, 2000

I am desperately looking for a link of some kind to help me find out who Nancy HARRIS' mother and father were. Nancy HARRIS was born c. 1851 and died 1915. She married Albin JOHNSON and had 3 children: Zorada, Cordella, and Thomas. That is all I know for sure about her. Zorada was my husband's Grandmother and he remembers her telling him that he was so dark complected because of her Indian blood. Is there Indian blood in the HARRIS line? We run into a lot of people who have heard the same rumor but no one can help in giving us a starting point. If you can help us at all it would be much appreciated!! I forgot to mention that Nancy HARRIS' daughter, Zorada, married William A. BRICKHOUSE in Hyde Co. July 23, 1905. Is it a coincidence that their son was named Thomas or was he named for a father or brother? The daughter Cordella married a CUTHRELL and remained in Hyde Co.


Lillian Masch 2002

I am searching for a picture of Hattie Elizabeth HARRIS (Apr. 22, 1870 - July 5, 1915). She was married to William WATSON (May 3, 1866 - Apr. 11, 1941). Her parents were Captain John Graham HARRIS (Nov. 6, 1841 - Dec. 30, 1915) and Lillian Deborah (VERNELSON) CAEKEET (Jan. 6, 1843 - Mar. 28, 1919). My mother who is Hattie Elizabeth's granddaughter has never seen a picture of her grandmother and I would love to find one. I do not care what age she is in the picture. Thank you.


Manja (Harris) Zeigenbein June 17, 2002

I am trying to locate my great-grandfather and family. His name is William Riley HARRIS, b. abt. 1864 I have TN as his birthplace, not 100% sure.  Also birth date could be conflicting--could be 1855, TN.  Could be somewhere else! I don't have anything on siblings only his children.  I am researching my HARRIS family to try and find as well as get past my great-grandfather.  Although we have him born and dying in TN, I've also heard it said that he traveled a lot and could have been a horse-trader.  Could possibly have been in N.C.  this is what I'm trying to find out.  Appears he was born in the mid 1800's.  Since the name is common on this site I have to wonder if there could be a connection.  If anyone knows please email.  My grandfather, James Riley HARRIS was the son of my William Riley HARRIS.  Thanks!


Earline Barnes January 19, 2004

I am researching my African American family history. I am trying to find my great-great- grandfather Jack HARRIS. I have been told by my great uncle that Jack HARRIS was a former slave and was freed. My great uncle has related to me that a Mr. GIBBS had given him a copy of manumission papers on Jack HARRIS years ago, but he cannot find them now. I live in Florida, and I am new to genealogy research, and do not know how to go about getting a copy of manumission papers. Any assistance you could give would be greatly appreciated. I believe Jack HARRIS is listed in the 1880 census as married with six children, the youngest child listed I believe is my great-grandfather Edwin HARRIS. I have also found a listing in the 1890 Hyde County Tax List. The interesting fact here is there is no listing of how much property was owned by Jack HARRIS or any other "colored" person on this list. I have been told he owned several hundred acres. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated!


Earline Barnes January 19, 2004

I am researching my African American family history. I am trying to find information on my great-grandmother. Her maiden name was Robena SPENCER. She appeared in the 1900 Hyde County Census at age 16 with no parents. Her death certificate is dated Feb. 17, 1925. Her parents were listed as Sam SPENCER & Allie MORRIS, but I can find no trace of them. She married Edward HARRIS sometime between 1900-1902. They are listed in the 1910 Hyde County Census. If you can find any information on any of the above listed names it would be greatly appreciated!


Earline V. Barnes October 19, 2006

I am trying to find any information available on the African American HARRIS, VASS and Reddick families.
Samuel Allen HARRIS was the son of John “Jack” HARRIS of Fairfield, and Lake Landing in Hyde Co. Samuel moved to Pantego, probably some time in 1910 with his wife Elizabeth (SPENCER) HARRIS and children, Samuel; George; Otis; Naomi; Ruth; Adelaide; Ina Mae; and Lovie; Rufus; Christina; and Hettie HARRIS.
Hannah and Harrison VASS were the step children of John “Jack” HARRIS. Their mother was the second wife of Jack HARRIS, Mariah VASS. Harrison also moved to Pantego where he married Mattie REDDICK and had a son Willie L. VASS. I have confirmation from my mother that the Reddick families are our cousins, because they visited my grandmother Clida Bell HARRIS-ALLEN when she moved to Norfolk, VA and Mt. Vernon, NY. I am trying to establish if they were related prior to the marriage of Harrison VASS and Mattie REDDICK. Anyone have any information on any of these families it would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to share any information I have with anyone who needs it.


Ron Pulley June 25. 2008

I am trying to get beyond a dead end in my family research. It concerns the HARRIS family. My great, great grandfather, THOMAS C. HARRIS, was born about 1825 and I am not sure of the location. He died in White County Tennessee. One of his sons, Alvie M. HARRIS, married ANNELIZA KNOWLES, the daughter of CASON KNOWLES and STACY HUTCHINGS. The KNOWLES, HARRISES, AND SWINDELLS all lived near each other in White County and from some information I have, I believe these same families lived together in Hyde county and possibly moved to Tennessee together. I would like to know when these families moved to Tennessee and if my Harris family was a part of this move This may give me a clue as to the father of my Thomas.  Thanks very much.


Gloria Baker April 29, 1999

Looking for information on Lilliam Isalenon HARRISON who married Benjamin Franklin RESPESS on 18 June 1905. All I know is that they died in Hyde County. Thanks for your help.


Dawne Sutherland May 28, 2003

Researching the teaching history of John Winfred (sometimes referred to as J.W.) HEATH.  I am the great-granddaughter of Mr. HEATH.  Thus far my research shows he was probably teaching at the Fairfield High School and my have been the principal for part of that time.  This probably took place before 1932.  After that time he was in Raleigh with the Raleigh School of Commerce.  Any information would be appreciated.  Thank you.


Robert Henderson August 27, 1999

My great grandfather Jones S. HENDERSON, b. Feb. 18, 1839 - d. Oct. 26, 1914, known to have lived in Lake Landing, c. 1874. His wife was Nancy CUTRELL. If anyone has information on either Jones S. HENDERSON or Nancy CUTRELL please contact me. Thanks.


Robert Henderson April 20, 2001

On a recent trip to Currituck and Hyde court houses I found my gr grandfather, Jones S. HENDERSON's death certificate and marriage bonds. He was married three times, (1) Ann McKINNY in 1859 (2) Nancy E. CUTRELL (my gr grandmother) in 1865 and (3) Ellen BISHOP in 1884. On his death certificate his mothers maiden name was listed as "SELBY" and on a 1884 marriage bond he lists his father as Tho. S. HENDERSON and his mother as Britty HENDERSON. In the Hyde Co., NC Wills and Accounts Will Book # 5 (May Term 1830 - May Term 1837) Part 4 Tho. S. HENDERSON is listed as having a wife named "Eliza". Does anyone know if there is a connection between the names Britty and Eliza? Also would like any information on the SELBY family in Hyde county. Thanks!


Robert Henderson July 6, 2002

I am researching the HENDERSON's of Hyde county and came across the 1715 Beaufort/Hyde corn list. In this list and the 1717 land list I found a Thos. HENDERSON who had a patent on 300 acres on the west side of the Pamlico River. I am trying to pin down this location. On the map there doesn't seem to be a west side of the river, only north and south banks. Does anyone have any ideas on where this location is? My earliest HENDERSON is Thomas HENDERSON (1784) who owned land on the Pungo River in western Hyde county.


Linda Henries Norfleet February 18, 1999

I have been working on the HENRIES family tree. The names that I have found are CARAWAN, HENRYS / HENRIES, LUPTON and NORFLEET, all of which come from Hyde County. I would like to share and to have contact with anyone with these surnames. Thank you.


Glenda Jenkins January 23, 2001

I'm looking for infomation on Robert HENRY, Samuel HENRY, Hugh HENRY and John HENRY who lived in Hyde Co., NC from 1786 - 1810. Anyone out there doing this line of HENRYS'? Thanks.


Janie Cravens February 4, 2005

I am looking for information on Joseph HENRY, born in 1772 in Hyde Co., NC and died in 1858 in Crawford Co., IL. He married Dorcas (__?__) in NC or TN. His father may have been Samual HENRY who fought in the Revolutionary War with the Hyde County Malitia.


Diedre Parris April 24, 2001

I am searching for the ancestry of a man called Bershaba HILL, who I believe was born in Hyde County in the late 1700's--early 1800's. Bershaba would have been my ggggg-grandfather. He married Sarah. He moved from Hyde in the early 1800's and bought land in Haywood Co. NC. He is listed in the 1820 Haywood Census records along with a Greenberry and James HILL. In 1830, he is listed along with Greenberry, Henry, Rebecca, and a Richard HILL. Barshaba, Greenberry and Henry are listed in the Hyde estate records (1823, 1838, 1814 respectfully), which leads me to believe that they inherited land there when a close relative died. Now, I have no proof that the 3 men listed in Hyde's estate records are the same ones that ended up in Haywood Co, but Greenberry and Barshaba are not common names, and it's an awfully big coincidence that they disappear from Hyde and reappear in Haywood at approximately the same time.
Barshaba called his daughter Narcissus (my gggg-grandmother). Narcissus is also an uncommon name, but I did find a reference in Hyde documents to a Narcissus ROUSE (who married a Richard DAWSON). Two of her sisters married HILLS. Sarah ROUSE m. Thomas HILLand Susan ROUSE m. Henry HILL. This Henry may be the same one who ended up in Haywood with Bershaba and Greenberry. Perhaps one of the sisters carried Narcissus' name to their children. Do any of these people sound familiar to anyone in Hyde? Any help would be so appreciated.


Nancy Hamilton - October 24, 2003

I think that Rev. Isham H. HILL  d. 1880 of Currituck District is very possibly a brother to my ggg grandmother, Puah (HILL) HAMILTON. Would be interested in any information that lists his siblings or his parents Rev. Micajah and Sarah HILL. Would be interested to contact any descendents to compare genealogical nformation. Thanks!


Teresa Howard Harrell August 30, 2000

I am trying to locate the descendants of Martha Eleanor (HOWARD) HODGES and Wm. Jospeh HODGES. She was my great-aunt. Her brother Benjamin L. HOWARD was my great-grandfather. My family did not know of her existance or that of her sisters and brothers until this very week. If you know where they are, any of them, please let me know, as we are trying so hard to find everyone. We are going to plan a reunion, so that at last the HOWARD side of Daniel and Jerusha HOWARD will be back together. Thank you.
Benjamin HOWARD married Emma SLADE. He died Nov. 11, 1929 in Philadelplhia. My great-grandmother, Emma, died in 1972 and was 91 or 92 years of age.
Their children were:
Viola born Apr. 1, 1902 deceased
Henry Clay , my grandfather, born Oct. 26, 1909; died of pancreactic cancer, March, 1971
Orville Creely, born May 17, 1914, died Aug. 1971 of pancreactic cancer
Vivian, born Nov. 22, 1904, died Aug. 1971 of pancreactic cancer
Kathleen, born Dec. 1, 1907 deceased
Benjamin Lee born May 1, 1912, died Aug. 1996, born in Roper
George, born Oct. 1917, must have died as an infant
Evelyn, born Aug. 1919, must have died as an infant
Warren, born May 22, 1921, still living, in Roanoke Rapids
My cousin, Barbara Lee (HOWARD) ROBERTS, has the HOWARD/SWINDELL bible. In that bible it lists Jerusha's parents as being Bartholomew SWINDELL and Sarah MEEKINS. We do know that in 1870 Bartholomew was living with Jerusha and Daniel, and it is these two who are buried at the Daniel C. SWINDELL cemetery in Hyde County. I would like to know if the "C" stands for Cornelius. If so, my set of HOWARD's desend from Wm. HOWARD of Ocracoke Island. Daniel's father was Martin HOWARD.


Haven M. Hodges May 22, 2003

My HODGES family came from Hyde Co. I have been stumped with subject of James HODGES. His wife was Mary who died 1831 in Hyde Co. James HODGES and Mary had 4 children. One son, Josiah HODGES who died 1839, & his wife Elizabeth (?); they had a son William M. HODGES b. 1816 d. 1900. They also had 3 daughters ??? Does anyone have any info on this family? Or where James HODGES came from? He first shows up in the 1790 Hyde Co. Census and was the only HODGES in that census. I know nothing about Mary his wife, or Elizabeth, Josiah's wife. I have most of the HODGES family from William M. HODGES to the present and many other families that I am related to by marriage.


Rita Rogers October 19, 1997

I am looking for information on Elizabeth HOGG, born in Hyde Co. in 1774. She married Thomas RICHARDS from Beaufort Co. According to oral history she was either from France or England. I have the book "Hathaways of America" and would be glad to assist any one in that area. Thanks.


Phyllis Belangia March 11, 2004

I'm looking for any information on the HOLLIS family, specifically my great-great-grandfather, Jeremiah HOLLIS, and his daughter Julia.  Any information on these persons would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


Lucy Lucas January 8, 2001

I am looking for my grandmother's (Ina HOLLOWAY) mother and father and their parents. Ina had three children: my mother Emma, Carrie and Mildred. I know where my mother is (passed away) and my aunt Carrie, who is 94, doesn't remember anything. I don't know what happened to Mildred. They lived in Swan Quarter. I would like to know who my mother's father was, which would be my grandfather. I think that my grandmother married C. FRANKLIN, but I am not sure. I was in Swan Quarter in 1956, and met Ranson GREEN and his family and they said I was their cousin. I also met Freddie FRANKLIN and he said he was C. FRANKLIN's son and my cousin. My grandmother passed away in 1958 but I don't know when or were she was laid to rest.  I am also looking for my gg-grandfather, Anson LUCAS, who lived in Lake Landing, NC around the year 1880 and before. I am the daughter of Anson LUCAS, the second. My father was named after is grandfather, I think. I would appreciate any information on these two families. Thanks.


Teresa Howard Harrell April 9, 2000

Looking for information on Daniel HOWARD and Gerusha SWINDELL. They were my great-great grandparents. My great-grandfather was Benjamin HOWARD, who I assumed was named after Gerusha's grandfather, Benjamin SWINDELL. I would like to know if she had more children as he is the only one I am aware of. Please let me know if you have information. Thanks.

HOWARD (Swindell / Bishop / Hodges / Williams / Beck)

Teresa Howard Harrell April 12, 2001

Daniel HOWARD was born in 1830 his wife was Jerusha SWINDELL born in 1836. She died in 1886. Their children were Laura HOWARD, born in 1856. She married Charles BISHOP. Martha Eleanor HOWARD married Wm. Joseph HODGES. Selestia HOWARD WAS born in 1860. Twins Eliza and Louisa were born in 1857, Ellen was born in 1877. The boys were George, born in 1867, Benjamin L. born in 1862 - died in 1929 in PA , and Bennett, born in 1869. Martha was born in 1857 - died in Oct. 1941. The twins appear on the 1860 census, it has them as 3. Beside Louisa's name it has 3/12. I don't know if that means they were 3 months old or not. But Martha is not on the 1860 census, my guess is because she was born July 27, 1857.
Ambrose HOWARD, born in Oct. 1828 - died Aug. 28, 1903. His wife was Patsy WILLIAMS. I have Wm. Thomas HOWARD born Oct. 1883 - died Apr. 15, 1970. He married Sallie BECK.
If anyone knows of their grandchildren, ggrandchildren, gggrandchildren please contact me, I am trying to plan a family reunion. My family never knew that Grandfather Benjamin had brothers or sisters.


Craig Austin July 27, 2010

I am looking for the family of John Burrus and Margaret Howard; this means their children and parents.  They married on 15 Dec 1762.  I am descended through their son, Zachariah.  Thanks to all for your help.


Dee Burr January 7, 1998

I am researching the Abel HUTSON family. Abel HUTSON, son of Abel, b. ca. 1774 in Hyde Co., NC m. (1) Rebecca SWINDELL (2) Sarah MOORE. Abel and family moved to White Co., TN approx 1811. They had children, Matthias, Isaiah and Julianna. Would like to correspond with anyone with HUTSON ties. Thanks


Dan Sniffin January 11, 1998

Seeking family of Christian C. HUDSON, b. ca. 1802, probably in Hyde Co., NC, d. aft. 1879 in Monroe Twp, Wayne Co, IA. She married Thomas K. SHEPHERD, b. Sept. 4, 1808 in KY and d. Aug. 22, 1871 in Monroe Twp, Wayne Co, IA. Their married date and location are; circa 1830, prob. White Co., TN. Their children, all born in White Co., TN, were: Camelia SHEPHERD, b. 1832; Arena Irene SHEPHERD [my ancestor], b. 1834; Selina A. SHEPHERD, b. 1836; Mary Ann SHEPHERD, b. 1837; Blanchey E. SHEPHERD, b. 1839; John Perry SHEPHERD, b. 1841; Archibald M. SHEPHERD, b. 1842; M. M. SHEPHERD, b. 1843.
I have a lot of the descendants of this family but nothing going further back than Christian HUDSON. She was possibly the daughter of Archibald & Elizabeth (MIDYETT) HUTSON or Abel & Sarah Rebecca (SWINDELL) HUTSON who moved from Hyde County to White Co., NC before 1816. Can anyone tell me who the parents of Archibald or Abel HUDSON are? Would like to connect with someone who can advise me where to start my search. Thanks.


Merlin Berry January 11, 1998

I would like to prove a connection between my ancestor Elizabeth HUDSON (born 1793) (married Gordon HARRIS) to the other HUDSONS in Hyde County but have no doubt that she and Elijah HUDSON were siblings, and that their father was either Abel HUDSON, Jr or William HUDSON. If it was Abel, perhaps she was married to Gordon HARRIS before Abel HUDSON moved to White Co., TN. Any help appreciated.


Adell DeVinaspre December 15,1999

Is there any info on Able HUTSON, 1759, from Hyde Co., NC other than his migration to White Co.,TN? I am aware of his offsprings. I am really looking to find out info on where he came from, who his parents were,etc. At this point any direction would be helpful. Thank you.


Rev. Clark Sneed August 19, 2006

ABEL HUTSON b. ca. 1760, d. 1845 lived in Hyde County before moving to White County, TN.  I live near his grave, but can't locate much information about him.  Apparently his father was also Abel Hutson.  Any info appreciated. 


Adell DeVinaspre October 15, 1999

I am looking for information for Rev. Able HUTSON, b. 1756, m. Susannah BRITTON (?), d. ca. 1805. He was the father of Able, Arcibald, Matthias, Isaiah, and Juliana HUTSON. If you have ANY information on Rev. Able HUTSON or his family please contact me. Thank you.


Shelley Hudson November 24, 2000

I am looking for any information you may have on the surname of HUDSON. Especially on Elijah P. HUDSON, born in 1888. He married Blanche HARRIS. I have no furthur information on him. Thank you for your time and assistance.


Betty Cox July 2, 2000

Abel HUDSON migrated to White Co., TN from Hyde Co. NC. He may have married Sarah Rebecca SWINDELL. I would like to share information on this family.


Michael Parsons March 20, 2005

I am seeking information on Eliza (Harve)? HUDSON (born 1815 - died 1906). She is buried in Soule Cemetary in Hyde County with her husband Elijah SERMONS (born 1815 - died 1903). Elijah SERMONS was first generation American, having been shipwrecked on Hatteras. Their first child was born in 1837/38. My grandfather, Thomas POPPERWILL, born 1885 in Hyde, was their grandson and raised me in Little Washington. He told me that Elijah "grabbed the first woman he found" after being rescued on Hatteras and that she was an Indian. So far I have nothing further back than Eliza HUDSON. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I would be happy to share any info I have. Thanks.


Cindy Stringer  February 12, 2010

I am looking for ANYONE that may know the exact location of the tombstones of Elijah Pickett Hudson and his daughter, Letha Mae Hudson.  The tombstones were in Mt. Olive Church of Christ Cemetery in Ponzer, Hyde County, NC [see a photo of the church here] but have since sunk below ground because of flooding in that area.  I've had new tombstones made for Elijah and Letha and wish to put them in the correct spot.   In Memory of: An Index to Hyde County Cemeteries was published in 1973 and there was a marker for Elijah at that time, however, Letha was listed as an unmarked grave.  If anyone reading this has photos of tombstones from this cemetery that might show where Elijah and Letha were originally buried in this cemetery or if you have any information about the vicinity of their last resting place, would you please contact me?


Cindy Wood May 23, 2007

I am looking for information regarding my grandparents: Gertrude (Sawyer) HYDE and Nick HYDE.  My grandfather was orphaned and took the name of HYDE from his adoptive parents.  He was part Native American, was born in 1899 somewhere near Scranton and died in 1981, but was buried in Durham.  My grandmother died in 1992 and was also buried in Durham.  I remember spending summers in Hyde County with aunts, uncles, and relatives but I have no ties with them since my grandparents died.  Any help would be appreciated.


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