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Ann Hunter Ross August 11, 1997

Hyde County - GASKILL Seeking ancestors and descendents of Hilary GASKILL and wife Joyce SPENCE and of Nancy Jarvis ENGLISH, wife of Enoch H. GASKILL.


Winnie Minson August 29, 2000

I am looking for information on a Joseph Lee GASKILL from Hyde Co., NC. There have been several Joseph GASKILLS since the GASKILLS first migrated to the area in the early 1700's, one of the first being a son of William GASKILL, the earliest known GASKILL in the area.


Elizabeth Rose Andrew November 21, 2003

I am researching Nancy GASKILL as a possible gr grandmother. She would have been born in early 1800s and married a NIXON. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Craig Austin  July 26, 2010

I am looking for parents of William Williams born abt 1748 and married to Jane Gaskill with children William and Elizabeth who married Zachariah Burrus.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Lisa Axtell December 29, 2016

Seeking information on the GAYLORDS in the Hyde County / Beaufort County area, particularly on Thomas GAYLOR, Jeremiah GAYLOR, Sr. and Jr. and their related families. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.


Lisa Axtell December 29, 2016

Looking for information on the GAYLARD, GAYLORD, or GAILLARD family of Hyde and Beaufort counties. I have a lot of information to share on this family. I'm particularly interested in finding more information on Thomas GAYLARD / GAYLORD, Sr. and his son, John GAYLORD. Love to hear from you. Thank you.


Betty Cason November 29, 1997

Looking for information on Thomas GIBBS, s/o Joseph GIBBS and Mary BRINSON. Believe he may be the Thomas GIBBS that settled in Irwin Co., GA. around 1812. His wife was named Nancy and she was born in N.C. They had 10 children and 6 or 7 of them were born in N.C. If any of you are researching this Thomas GIBBS would like to hear from you. Thanks.


Richard W. Gibbs August 20,1997

Looking for information on Henry GIBBS, b. abt 1710 d. 1759. Have children,spouse. Need parents and/or origin. Have many Hyde GIBBS and am willing to share gedcom files or mail . Other names wanted as are related to this family.


Bill Rhodes June 10, 1997

I am very much in need of informations in connection with the following: Banister GIBBS b. Apr. 3, 1848, d. Apr. 10, 1915; his wife was Sally Ann BROOKS 1856 - 1896. Who were the parents and grandparents of Banister GIBBS. Will certainly appreciate your help. Thanks.


Sandy Usewicz April 24, 1997

Hi, looking for info on Henry GIBBS born c.1710 married Ann (___?___). Henry gave land on 12 Dec 1759 to his daughters MARY and Prisila, wives of Jacob and Anthony TULY. He also gave land on 28 Feb 1753 to his daughter Sarah and husband John JENNETT. He had 3 sons (there could have been more): William GIBBS married Cassandra SELBY, daughter of Samuel SELBY, Sr.; Joseph GIBBS married Mary BRINSON, daughter of Cason and Francis (MARSH) BRINSON, and Henry GIBBS. In a Hyde Co. deed Henry GIBBS is said to be the brother-in-law of William SPENCER. The deed mentions land near the burial ground where Thomas SPENCER, father of his wife, and mother of said William SPENCER are buried. Any help on these lines would be appreciated.


Jim Anglim June 1, 1997

I am looking for information on the GIBBS and TOLSON families in Hyde County in the late 1700's and early 1800's. Specifically, Charity GIBBS who was born in Hyde County Feb. 15, 1810 and married William COX and lived in Pitt County. Charity's mother seems to have been Elizabeth TOLSON. I do not know Charity's father's name. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Ann McWhirter January 8, 1998

Cason GIBBS (c.1749-c.1828) had at least15 children by three wives: (1) Dinah BARTEE, (2) Nancy LOCKHART, and (3) Pheba HARRIS. His daughter Elizabeth (c1780-c1841/9) married (1) Benjamin WESTON and (2) Richard SPENCER. Does anyone know which wife was Elizabeth's mother? Also, where did the name LOCKER come from or what does it mean in this case? I ask because Clara Jane SPENCER, the granddaughter of Cason GIBBS and the daughter of Elizabeth GIBBS and Richard SPENCER, named her only daughter Narcissus Locker (Locha) GORDON. I have always wondered where that name came from. Are you able to shed any light on this situation?


Patti Thompson February 6, 1998

I am looking for the ancestors of Lessis Lee SELBY, born 5/30/1893, died 8/7/1974. She was married to Herbert Evans GIBBS, born 4/1/1896, died 2/14/1970. I have a little information on his parents, Thomas Ruffin GIBBS and Hettie Helen ROSE. Any data would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Louise McLeod April 18, 1998

Who were the Parents of Esther FARMER who married Capt. Joseph GIBBS? Will appreciate any assistance.


Bill Smith November 14, 1998

I am looking for information on my slave ancestors, in the Wills, Deeds, and other slave- holders papers. My gggrandfather, Anson GIBBS b. 1810, was owned by Benjamin M. GIBBS, who left him to his four youngest children in 1859. Adam GIBBS, the son of Anson, was owned by Benjamin M. GIBBS, who left him to his son William H. GIBBS. My gggrandmother, Louisa O'NEAL b.1820, was sold to W. O'NEAL by Noah BELL in 1827. In 1853 she was willed to William O'Neal's wife, Claussa O'NEAL. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Keep The Faith. Researching NC: SMITH / GIBBS / MIDGET or MIDYETTE / MOORE / JENNETT / BALLANCE / O'NEAL / JONES / SAWYER / CREDLE / BELL / MCCOTTER / CLARK / SLADE / WARNER / GREEN.


Larry Gibbs February 22, 1999

I am trying to determine origin of my great great grandfather, Jesse GIBBS, born in 1816, in Warren Co., TN. Warren Co. originally was part of White Co., TN. Your list on the Hyde Migrations Page shows the following: Bartee, Benjamin, Casin (Cason), Jesse and Uriah GIBBS. Can you provide any more info on these people, such as birthdates, relationship to each other, etc.? There have been suggestions from Warren Co. research that my Jesse may have been the son of Uriah, or of an earlier Jesse. The earlier Jesse GIBBS is mentioned in a Warren Co. history, as being in his twenties and a Captain in the War of 1812, but no military record has ever been located by myself. I am wondering if the Jesse GIBBS listed in the Hyde Co. migrations may have been the same as Jesse who was in War of 1812; and if my GGGF may have been his son, or his brother's (Uriah??) son. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have been trying to locate this info for ten years.


Julianna Shoemaker Martin April 6, 1999

Hi, My grandmother was Lucy Viola GIBBS, b. 6/7/1888, Crews, Lamar Co., AL; d. 8/28/1977, Black Hawk, MS; m. David A. HOLMES, b. 5/6/1884, Huntsville, Madison Co., AL; d. 7/13/1957. Lucy's parents, Levi Jackson GIBBS, b. 1846, AL and Sarah HAWKINS, b. 1845, AL; m: 1867. Levi's parents were William E. GIBBS, b. 1814, NC, and wife Sarah (Sallie) STANFORD, b. 1808, Giles Co., TN. Levi's brothers were JOHN C. GIBBS (b.1835) AL; ABRAHAM F. GIBBS (b.1836) AL; WILLIAM T. L. GIBBS (b.1837) AL; JAMES M. GIBBS (b.1842) AL. Levi GIBBS children are LUCY V.(GIBBS) HOLMES, EVA(GANN) GIBBS and Addie( LeDUKE) GIBBS, all from AL. My grandmother Lucy GIBBS had 8 children, so there is a long line on her siblings. I have pix of her father Levi GIBBS, wife and children. See any connections? I hope so. Thanking you in advance.


Harold Gosnell October 20, 1999

I'm looking for information on Cornelius GIBBS born 1775-85 in Hyde Co., N.C. I believe that he might be the father of Wiley W. GIBBS born in Lincoln Co., N.C. Thanks for any assistance.


Jimmy Smith May 28, 1999

I am looking for any accurate information as to family of Charity GIBBS who is believed to have been born in Hyde County. Our information thus far as to parents, grandparents and great grandparents has apparently been erroneous. She was born February 15, 1810 and died in the St. Johns Community of Pitt County on February 19, 1872. She was married to William COX and had six children: Mary, Martha Ann, Nancy, Eliza Jane, Lewis Bryant and William Henry. She was a once thought to be the daughter of Joseph GIBBS & Elizabeth TOLSON (TOLSTON) GIBBS but she is not listed as one of the children in his will. Another will entry that refers to Charity is a misprint for Charley GIBBS. In all likelihood, she probably did come from Hyde County but we have not been able to find the place of her birth or parents, grandparents or great grandparents. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jimmy Smith June 16, 1999

I am searching for any information on Charity GIBBS (b.02/15/1810-d. 02/19/1872), who is believed to have been from Hyde County. Charity was married to William COX and had six children named Mary, Martha Ann, Nancy, Eliza Jane, Lewis Bryant, and William Henry. She died in what is known as the St. John's Community of Pitt County approximately two miles west of Coxville and is buried on the farm where she lived until her death. My father's brother and two sisters range from 80 to 90 and cannot remember any history about their great grandmother, Charity, except that they always heard she was from Hyde County. My cousin and my brother have done extensive research in the records of Beaufort, Craven, Hyde and Pitt counties trying to unlock the unknown past of Charity's family. I have also searched all the records that are posted on the web page and found no trace of Charity GIBBS. However, I did discover a Charity A. FARROW and Nancy M. FARROW who were the children of Miles FARROW (deceased) and two more entries of Charity and Naoma(i) M. These two children who were apparently left orphaned by their deceased parents became wards of their guardian who was the wife of Oliver GIBBS. Although I am searching for anything on Charity GIBBS, I am searching for any information on Charity and Nancy FARROW including birth dates as well as Miles and Naoma FARROW. There are three clues that could confirm if Charity FARROW and Charity GIBBS were one and the same person: 1. Charity FARROW's birth date being the same as Charity Gibbs. 2. Charity A. FARROW's middle name being Ann. 3. One of Charity GIBBS' daughters being named after Charity FARROW's sister, Nancy M. FARROW. I am attaching text extracted from the Hyde County records that raise my suspicions as to Charity GIBBS and Charity A. FARROW being one and the same person. Any and all information that you can assist me with Charity GIBBS and/or Charity A. FARROW will be greatly appreciated. 202. Oliver GIBBS in right of his wife in account with Charity A. & Nancy M. FARROW, orphans of Miles FARROW Vouchers from August 31, 1824 - Feb. 28, 1826 We have examined the account and find the sum of $185.68 due the heirs.[signed] Cason JONES, John J. BONNER - Commissioners. 374. Oliver GIBBS, in right of his wife, in account current with Charity A.& Naoma FARROW Vouchers from Feb. 26, 1826 - 1827; Mentions 2/3 of Negro Joseph Pursuant to an order of Court November Term 1827, we have this day settled the accounts between Oliver GIBBS, in right of his wife, guardian of Charity A. and Naoma FARROW, minors of Miles FARROW, dec'd., and find a balance of $186.79 due the minors. Given under our hands at Whiteplains Feby. 22nd 1828. [signed] William COHOON, Robt. JENNETT, Benjamin WATSON - Commissioners. 870. Oliver GIBBS, in right of his wife, guardian, in account current with Charity A. FARROW, his ward Voucher from Feby. 22, 1825 mentions rent of lands for 4 years and hire of Negro Joe for 4 years. Balance due the ward of $90.94. Oliver GIBBS, in right of his wife, guardian, in account current with Naomi M. FARROW, his ward Voucher from Feby. 22, 1825 mentions rent of lands for 4 years and hire of Negro Joe for 4 years. Balance due the ward of $94.81. Given under our hands and seals this 22nd Feby. 1832. [signed] William CAHOON, Benj. WATSON, Timothy WINDLEY - Commissioners.


Wes Simpkins September 19, 1999

Researching Joseph GIBBS, Senr., son of Henry & Jane GIBBS, Senr., married Mary BRINSON. Joseph was the father oF Brittania GIBBS, who married my 4th great grandfather, Stephen JEWELL. Does anyone have infomation on the GIBBS line? All I have I've just mentioned. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Florence Fulford Moore March 20, 2002

Henry White GIBBS (b ca. 1861-5 probably at Lake Landing, NC, died of pneumonia ca 1905 and is buried in Bayview Cemetery, Beaufort County NC) married Cora Eva CARAWAN, daughter of Richard Benjamin CARAWAN and Susan MIDGETT.  Henry and Cora had three children: Mattie Bell, Sallie, and Rufus GIBBS. Rufus married Elsie RADCLIFFE; they had no children of their own but adopted a child named James MALCOLM. (He did not take the GIBBS surname.) Mattie Bell GIBBS married a JARVIS (Foster, I think) and they had three sons: Carl Mack, Henry Lincoln, and Linwood JARVIS (all deceased). Sallie GIBBS married Albert Cartwright CREDLE and had Thelma, Edith, Sidney Arthur, and Bryce CREDLE, of which Thelma and Bryce survive. I am seeking to learn who Henry White GIBBS' father and mother were, but no one seems to know who has the GIBBS family Bible or anything specific about this Henry White GIBBS and his lineage. My mother is Thelma (CREDLE) FULFORD, daughter of Sally and Albert CREDLE. I am trying to weave together her lineage, and although she is 89, she is mentally alert and still relatively spry. She remembered where in Bayview Cemetery that her grandfather was buried from her last trip there when she was about five years old and took me to it without hesitation a couple of Sundays back. Can anyone help me with this particular line of GIBBS as to where they came from, who his parents were, and anything else that can help me to chart this line for her? Some GIBBS researcher is bound to have information on these Hyde County kinfolks. Thank you for any response.


Karen Swindell January 18, 2001

I'm looking at a copy of the Hyde County 1850 census record for David and Pembrook (JENNETTE) GIBBS. Living with them was Mary SWINDELL (age 61). She was old enough to be the mother of one of these two. Does anyone know if these two are related to the SWINDELL family in any way? Thanks!


Roberta J. Woods May 26, 2001

I have been looking at Hyde Co., NC for my Henry W. GIBBS. All else has failed. The only Henry's I have found were in Hyde County. Henry W. GIBBS was born April 1812 and married in Carroll Co., GA on 1 Jan. 1844 to Mary A. H. HORSLEY. I have every documents since that date, even his bible record. Nowhere are his parents listed. Hope you can help.


Pat Schuebert April 12, 2002

I would very much appreciate your help concerning my family line. My ggrandfather, William GIBBS, was born in White Co., GA a in 1855. His father, either Cornelius or John, was from North Carolina. The only Cornelius I could find was from the Hyde Co. area. Rebecca, was from NC, and was the wife of either John or Cornelius. I found all three names in the Hyde Co. Census. In the 1860 White Co. Census, Cornelius was 30, John was 40 and Rebecca was 23. I found a John in the Hyde Co. 1840 census. I found a Rebecca and Cornelius in the 1850 Hyde Census but no John. William GIBBS, my ggrandfather, named my grandfather Robert Thomas GIBBS (which I see both in a Hyde Census). I found a Cornelius GIBBS, born in 1814 in Hyde County, but he would have been too old. Could it have been his son? In the Georgia Cherokee Land Lottery, 1838, I found three Cornelius GIBBS in Rabun Co., GA. I also found a Cornelius GIBBS married to a Rebecca DECAN in Habersham Co., GA in 1831. I don't know what to think but John, Rebecca and Cornelius are all listed from NC. Please help!


Shirley Gilbert Cahoon February 22, 2002

Seeking info on Sally Ann GIBBS (daughter of Seth Washington GIBBS and Susan Ann SWINDELL) born 4 March 1844. She married Henry Clay GIBBS. I am interested in where they lived, if there were children, and death information. Thanks.


Shirley Gilbert Cahoon April 2, 2004

Seeking information on Elizabeth SPENCER, daughter of Washington GIBBS.  In his will of 1859, Washington GIBBS left a legacy to his daughter, Elizabeth SPENCER, and her children.  Washington's daughter, Louisa (Luizer) GIBBS, left a legacy to her sister, Elizabeth SPENCER, in her will of 1873.  Any clues to Elizabeth, her husband, and children would be greatly appreciated.


Gladys Shelton January 23, 2002

Will the real William H. GIBBS please stand up? I'm having trouble sorting out my N.C. Gibbs genealogy. I have a William GIBBS migrating to Goose Creek Island. (Pamlico Co. - back then Beaufort). He is there for the l850 census with a one year old male named Nathanial. (Nathanial GIBBS is my great grandfather...thus William is my great, great grandfather.). The census says that William was born in l8l8. An earlier Henry GIBBS was in a Goose Creek Island census in l8l0. He was over 45, making him born before l765. He was only there in that census. Does anyone know who this Henry GIBBS was? Was he the father of William GIBBS... or grandfather? I can't make the connection at this generation so as to go any further back. In l820, there was a GIBBS on Goose Creek Island... a female was head of household. Her name was Sabra. Perhaps Henry died and Sabra remained on the island. If anyone has knowledge of the GIBBS from Hyde Co. and Goose Creek Island, I'd appreciate a reply. Thanks!


Kimberly Sadler July 18, 2005

I am new to this site. This is a reply to Glady Shelton's query on William S. GIBBS. William S. GIBBS was the father of Nathaniel Henry GIBBS. He has a brother Zachariah GIBBS (who married 1st - Julia F. WATSON, daughter of William C. and Lovey WATSON and married 2nd - Mary ENSLEY (daughter of ? Father and mother Dealey ENSLEY), sisters Mary A. GIBBS(married a James LEARY, son of Salathiel and Nancy LEARY, on December 17, 1867) and Hannah GIBBS. Nathaniel's mother was Nancy Ann SANDERS or SANDERSON. Believed to be the later surname. Nathaniel was married twice - the 1st to Joanna LEARY (daughter of William and Jane LEARY) and 2nd to Lovey Margaret CARAWAN. They resided on Goose Creek Island. I do not know if there were children from the first marriage but Lovey Margaret had three daughters - Mary (WILKINS), Patsey Elizabeth(GIBBS), Elsie Ann (HENRIES). It is believed by what research I have found that William S. GIBBS, lost his father at an early age - believed at present to be Henry GIBBS. By records, William S. GIBBS' guardian by court records was a J. SPENCER. Please email me if you have other records.


Kimberly Sadler July 22, 2005

Looking for information on Robert GIBBS and wife Diedamia COX. Did they have children? Diedamia COX was the daughter of Jesse COX. She had three brothers: Richard COX, Asba COX, Abram COX and one sister Elizabeth COX. Any info particularly on the GIBBS side, and the children of Robert & Diedamia (COX) GIBBS would be greatly appreciated.


Kim Sadler November 5, 2005

Looking for information on a William S. GIBBS, born in 1880, Parents were Zachariah GIBBS and Mary ENSLEY. His mother died either during childbirth or not long after. In the 1880 Hyde County/Currituck district. William S. GIBBS (age 4/12) is listed with his grandmother, Dealy Ann ENSLEY, widowed (wife of William Stanley ENSLEY), and his father Zachariah GIBBS (widowed) and a brother Zachariah Lee (he was called Zacheus Lee GIBBS). Anyone with any information on William S. GIBBS would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Also looking for information on a William S. GIBBS and Nancy Ann GIBBS died in Beaufort County, Goose Creek District, between 1860 and 1870. They also had a daughter that is not accounted for after 1870. Her name was Hannah and she was born ca. 1856. Did she marry? Did she die? Anyone out there with information please contact me. Thanks. Kim SADLER


Kimberly Sadler November 28, 2005

I am looking for any information on Zachariah GIBBS and Mary GIBBS. Zachariah died approx 1824 and estate records (Hyde County) mention William S.GIBBS. Anyone with information on Zachariah or Mary GIBBS and any children would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Diane Cramer April 17, 2002

I am looking for more information on my GIBBS line. This is what I have: Stephen Owens GIBBS, born 18 April 1809, Hyde Co NC, died 21 May 1862, Jefferson, Marion Co TX. Married Lurana WELLS 26 Feb 1826, Perry Co. TN. She was born 7 September 1809, Perry Co. TN, died 17 January 1901, Kaufman, Kaufman CO. TX. They are both buried in Kaufman City Cemetery, Kaufman, TX Their children were: Mary Jane GIBBS (m Malcolm D. McDONALD), James William Wells GIBBS (m Mary Augusta SAWYER), John G. GIBBS (m Mary L. CANADA), Stephen Owens GIBBS (m Susan E. CANADA), Sarah A. GIBBS, Newton J.B. GIBBS, Malcolm McDonald GIBBS (m Eliza Rebecca ALVIS), and Lurana Frazier GIBBS (m Franklin D. HATCH). I am interested in further information on the ancestors of Stephen Owens GIBBS and Lurana WELLS. My g-g-grandfather is John G. GIBBS. He was born 22 May 1834 in Perry Co. TN, died 7 June 1903, Kaufman Co. TX. Married Mary L. Canada 7 June 1855, Kaufman Co. TX, daughter of James CANADA and Harriet ?. She was born 18 November 1841, TN, died 28 Oct 1895, Kaufman Co. TX. Their children were Anthony M. GIBBS, Mary Louise GIBBS, Harriet Augusta GIBBS (m Samuel Winston MARTIN), John Jackson GIBBS, and Jesse A. GIBBS. Harriet and Samuel Winston MARTIN were my g-grandparents. I am also interested in further information on any descendants of John G. GIBBS and Mary L. CANADA. Thank you.


Twyla Gibbs Johnson August 22, 2003

I am trying to link to the Jesse GIBBS who was shown as migrating to White Co., TN. My ggg grandfather was Jessie GIBBS, Sr., born ca 1793 in North Carolina, m. Sarah C. (__?__), 1796 in North Carolina. Some of their children however, were born in Wilson Co., TN. Don't know about others. Any info would be appreciated.


Diane & Rick Gibbs May 17, 2003

Seeking information, clues, or suggestions about the identity of the parents of David Doggett GIBBS and death dates of David and his siblings. From the 1850 census, in household of Henderson BALLANCE, it appears David Doggett GIBBS' mother is Rebecca, b. abt. 1796. Her children appear to be:
Joseph Benjamin GIBBS - b. abt. 1826
Rebecca GIBBS - b. abt. 1829
Georgia Ann GIBBS - b. abt. 1831, m. Henderson BALLANCE
David Doggett GIBBS - b. abt. 1831 ( twin of Georgia Ann? )
Thomas GIBBS - b. abt. 1838
Thank you in advance.


Harriett Harris Riggs August 4, 2004

It seems reasonable to me that Esther, wife of Capt. Joseph GIBBS was possibly a MORGAN. We believe she was Mrs. Esther EWELL as Capt. Joseph bought all of the estate of her deceased husband? and married her.  Their children were: Esther, Elizabeth, Charles GIBBS (oldest), Benjamin,  Amy and again David Morgan GIBBS. Charles also named a child David Morgan GIBBS. If I remember correctly Esther EWELL had a daughter who is not known again. Is she possibly one of the daughters we have named as Capt. Joseph GIBBS's children?  It appears the name MORGAN comes through Esther. Would appreciate answers to this if anyone knows differently.


Harriett Harris Riggs July 27, 2004

I'm trying to identify Rebecca GIBBS, born 1829, who was enumerated in the household of BALLANCE family with Rebecca GIBBS, 54 and her sons, Thomas M., David M., & Joseph Benjamin GIBBS in 1850 Hyde Co. census.  Rebecca born 1829 is not listed in estate of Charles GIBBS, nor in will or estate records of Rebecca GIBBS who wrote her will in 1849 and died 1852/53.  Charles' estate also includes son, Riley Murray GIBBS as well as the other sons.  States his only children.  Rebecca (b1829) is still alive in 1870 census who married David A. HATHAWAY in 1853 in Hyde Co.  Others have suggested she might be Charles' daughter by an earlier marriage to Sophia GIBBS (dau. of Thomas & Jennie GIBBS).  Also that Sophia GIBBS & Rebecca married to Charles are sisters.  Ivy GIBBS is reputed to be their brother.  If she had been Charles' daughter, she would have been included at least in the estate records.  Anyone with information, please respond to 919-787-2770.


Brandi Howerton February 17, 2005

I am searching for any information on Joseph Burns GIBBS from Engelhard. Some of the information provided about him on the Hyde Co., NCGenWeb site is a bit confusing because there seems to be more than one Joseph B. GIBBS. His parents are Christianna and Nathaniel GIBBS, who are listed, but we need a bit more. He is my great, great grandfather. I am in search for info because my father is trying to join the Sons of Confederate Veterans and in order to join he needs exact information on the Company as well as Regiment that his great grandfather served in; a copy of the muster record to be exact. We don't have any relatives who remember him well enough to provide more details. Do you happen to know of whom we may contact to get more information? I appreciate any leads that you may have. As we have been searching for some time now. Thank you in advance.


Cal E Gibbs, Jr. October 27, 2006

I am looking for information on my grandfather, Samuel Spencer GIBBS, (Benjamin S, Carney, Cason, Joseph, Henry, Henry) was born Mar. 16, 1864 in Hyde Co. NC and died Feb. 18, 1936 in Hyde Co. NC. He married Indiana Agnes GIBBS on June 29, 1897 in Lake Landing, NC, daughter of Matilda E. PAYNE. She was born Jan. 9, 1882 in Hyde Co. NC and died Mar. 16, 1961 in Hyde Co. NC. Her father was R. C. GIBBS. Samuel Spencer GIBBS was the son of Benjamin Solon GIBBS and Nancy Elizabeth HATHAWAY of Englewood, NC.


Jacqueline G. Matthews November 27, 2006

We are looking for the ancestors of Samuel GIBBS (African-American) who was born in Hyde County in the late 1800's and who died around 1954.  He had one brother, possibly Isaac or Isaiah GIBBS that we are aware of and both of them moved to Pamlico and Craven Counties.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Marc Gibbs December 11, 2006

My name is Marc GIBBS and I am researching Henry GIBBS. Henry was born in Hyde County in 1802. This is all I know about him as far as his North Carolina roots are concerned. He left Hyde County and showed up in Clay County, Kentucky in the Federal Census of 1830. Thank you very much for your assistance.


Reg Gibbs October 16, 2007

My name is Reg Gibbs and we are from Billings, Montana. We are visiting Mill Spring, NC this weekend. My grandfather, Roy Gibbs, emigrated from there to Jordan, Montana 100 years ago this year. I am speaking at a conference in Charleston on Saturday and then staying in the Columbus, NC area for a couple of days. My great-grandfather was named Henry Harrison Gibbs and he lived in Mill Spring and is buried at the Coopers Gap Cemetery. Is it possible that he was a grandson of Henry Gibbs, Sr.? We are just curious and are looking for relatives in the NC area. Thank you for your time.


Carol Giles September 26, 2002

Looking for where William GILES moved after his father's death in 1837.  He was executor for his father John GILES's estate and is listed in the Hyde County census in 1840 but not after that.  I know that he married Sally BERRY (d/o John BERRY, Sr. & Rebecca BENSON) and they had at least one child, John Taylor GILES, but I can't find where they were.  John Taylor GILES is buried in Hyde County, in Soule Cemetery.  I have a picture of the headstone his grandson Marshall RADCLIFF placed on the grave.  Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Christine Cox November 15, 2000

I'm trying to search a lead on my family. The surname I'm searching is GOLDEN (GOLDING, GOULDING). My father has always told me that we had a GOLDEN in the Lake Mattamuskeet area who married an Indian woman. They had 7 to 8 sons. Unfortunately, right now that's about all the information I have. I don't know what year or anything. Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks.


Margaret Gower Leggett March 30, 1998

My father, Rufus Hoyt GOWER, was born in Hyde County. His Father was Seth Henry GOWER and his mother was Susan (Sudie A. SWINDELL. His grandfather was James Henry GOWER and his grandmother was Francis E. NEAL. His greatgrandfather was Joseph G. GOWER and his greatgrandmother was Elizabeth J. ??? All of these people were from Hyde County. This is as far back as I have been able to go. There are no wills on record in Hyde Co. or in the archives in Raleigh. My father said his grandfather brought the brick from England to build his home in Hyde Co. I would appreciate any information on these people including the site of any graves. Many Thanks.


James Hodges Gradeless June 19, 1997

I am researching the GRADELESS family in Beaufort County. Timothy Gradeless came to the area from Dorchester County in Maryland. I am trying to make connections between Timothy GRADELESS, who appeared in the Hyde County in 1749 (North Carolina Record of Deeds A, 1736-1762), with John GRADELESS who was in the 1790 Federal Census in Beaufort County (age 17), or with any GRADELESS that prceeded him. Also, Amariah B. GRADELESS appears on the 1850 Census in the household of Redding GRADELESS and is listed as a farmhand. I know that Amariah GRADELESS was not the son of Redding. I would like to determine who Amariah's father was. Any one with documentation on these persons who can make connections would sure be appreciated.


Jane Gradeless Phillips November 25, 2007

One of my ancestors, John GRADELESS, migrated from the Eastern Shore of Maryland to Hyde County about 1750. Does anyone have any information on a migration pattern from that area in this time period? If so what were some of the other family names that came to Hyde County from the Eastern Shore? Your assistance is appreciated.


Gloria Kelsey July 31, 1999

Researching Edgar GREENE, Mary Eleanor CREDLE, and Hattie SIMMONS. I need any information I can get to complete a family tree, i.e., birthdays, death dates, ancestors, descendants etc. Thank you.


L. Shelton December 3, 2000

I need info on William Henry GREENE who married Susan (___?___). One of their sons was named Tully GREENE who married Margaret WHITNEY. Margaret's parents were A.R. Whitney (the "A" may stand for Augustus) and her mother's name Susan or Emerline. They lived in Hyde Co., Swan Quarter, Juniper Bay area from the early 1800's to 1900. Another side of my family that I need info on are Andrew SHELDON who married Della GIBBS. They lived in Lake Landing in the early 1800's. My family is African American & Native American. The SHELDON family changed their name to SHELTON but I don't know when.


Robin Griffin September 22, 1998

I am researching: Jesse L. GRIFFIN from Swan Quarter, N.C. (b:1846- d.c. 1891); wife: Nellie Jane WESTON (b:1841 ); Son: James Jesse GRIFFIN (b:2/23/1879-d:10/25/1934 ) wife: Lillie Mae TAYLOR (Oct. 6, 1889 - Sept. 17, 1971) These GRIFFINS eventually moved to Morehead City, N.C. Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks.

GURGANUS (All spellings)

Ray Gurganus April 10, 1997

I have compiled a database of all the GURGANUS's (including all spelling variations) that I have been able to find, dating from the 1800's and back. I included those at my local LDS Family History Center, all the data others have sent me, and other bits and pieces I picked up along the way. At this point, it has over * 1100 * people, mostly GURGANUS's and the rest spouses and children of females whose maiden name is GURGANUS. A lot of the families are connected, while a lot of others are waiting to be connected. I would like to include any information you may have. Let me know if you would like a copy of my data. I can send a gedcom or if you would prefer, a text report of some kind. Also, if you know of any other GURGANUS (any spelling variation) researchers, please pass this message on to them, or pass their address on to me.
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