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Norma Schaub March 1, 2004

William ABRAMS was born about 1795 and married Sarah McLEMORE.  William was the father of Lewis David Henry ABRAMS who married Nancy Amarica FAULKNER and John Washington ABRAMS who married Mary Elizabeth ABERNATHY. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Helen Austin March 9, 1997

ADAMS, John (1) b abt 1750, farmer of Hyde County, NC, wife unknown, thought to be the father of John ADAMS (2) b abt 1775/1780 Hyde or Beaufort, NC, d Abt 1828 Beaufort Co, wife unknown. John Adams (1) is the grandfather of John Quincy ADAMS b 1823 Beaufort Co, NC, m abt 1849 to Eunice Elizabeth SATTERTHWAITE b abt 1824. QUERY: I want to know the names of the wives of the ADAMS above. Also are there any published histories for the ADAMS family of Hyde Co ?


Debbie Adams Corbin October 10, 1997

Looking for information on Absalom ADAMS listed in the 1790 census for Hyde Co. Newbern District. I do not know anything about him. Am wondering if he is related to an Absalom ADAMS of Robeson Co. in 1800 census.


Sheri Bredeson 2003

Seeking any information about Lanier (Lenoir) ADAMS.  He's listed as a Pvt./Lt. from Hyde Co. serving in the American Revolution.  I think he died Dec 1806 in NC or TN?  Anything: birth date, spouse, parents, siblings, children, etc. would be great.  Thank you!!

ALLEN / HOPKINS / SATTSWATT (Satterthewaite?)

G. L. Roberts July 27, 1997

Looking for information on Laban Patrick ALLEN, born 1859 or 1860, supposedly in Hyde County. Parents are William ALLEN and Mary SATTSWATT. In 1887 he married Sarah HOPKINS in Tyrrell County, but he was previously married and had three children. Wife and children died. Would appreciate any information on possible spouse, or any leads on Laban Allen. My biggest obstacle is that Laban Allen doesn't appear in the Hyde County census until 1880, so I'm not sure if he was born in Hyde County. I also am unable to find any marriage record of his parents, and no record of them in Hyde County in 1860 or 1870 census.


Jane Goodwin July 25, 2007

Seeking any information on Frederick ALLEN in Hyde and Beaufort Co. First appearance 1810 Hyde Co. census showing 1 male (16-26) and 1 female (16-26). Frederick would have been twenty-three years old as he was born 17 Dec. 1787 on the east coast of Ireland. On the 1820 Beaufort Co. census Frederick is shown with wife, one daughter, 10-16 (Elizabeth / Betsy) and four sons under ten: Randall, Martin, John Henry and William Spencer. In 1824 another son, Seth was born. Some say his wife was Clarissa DAVIS but this is undocumented. The wife had died by 1834 and Frederick and children were in Williamson Co. IL by 1840. Frederick's parents were John ALLEN and Mary DAVIS. Family records say "the Davis's, Everetts, Carters and Allen's whose families were more or less intermarried came to the U.S. from Ireland and settled on Pungo River, Beaufort Co., NC". Somehow, the PAUL surname is connected to the Davis' in Hyde and Beaufort Cos. also. I believe William DAVIS (will probated 1803) and Elizabeth DAVIS (will Feb. 1814) were the grandparents of Frederick. In the will of John DAVIS 2nd of Beaufort Co. he mentions a daughter Clarecy /Clarrisa ALLEN. Does anyone know who she married?? Any info on any of these families will be so appreciated.


Carl Elks December 19, 2001

I am currently collecting family information on the ARMSTRONG's and DUNBAR's of New Lake, Hyde County. My grandfather was Mateus ARMSTRONG (born 1880) and my grandmother was Margaret "Maggie" W. DUNBAR (born 1890), both of New Lake. My mother is Inez (ARMSTRONG) F. ELKS (born 1920) and she currently resides in Yorktown, Virginia. I have a fair amount of information on the DUNBAR's, but very little on the ARMSTRONG's. I know my great-grandfather's name on the ARMSTRONG side was "Alec" ARMSTRONG, I do not know his birth or death dates. My ultimate goal is to put together a narrative history of New Lake, and the families that resided there. If anyone has any information on New Lake through their family connections, I would be most apprecitive.


Lynn Sanders January 5, 1999

I am seeking the parents of Cornelius AUSTIN (1832-1884), married Mary Harlow GASKINS. I have the family history from here. I think that his mother's name was Esther DERR from Virginia but that is questionable. I would appreciate any help. I believe that his name shows on the 1850 Hyde County Census as being 17 yr. of age. Thanks for any assistance.



Marolyn Bailey Green July 21, 2001

My great-grandfather, Sidney BAILEY (son of David BAILEY), probably married around 1800 in Hyde County, N.C. Does anyone have info on marriages around 1800? Any information on David BAILEY, William BAILEY, and James BAILEY of Hyde County, who are my are my ancestors, would be most appreciated. Thanks!


Marolyn & Bill Green September 15, 2002

I am looking for info on either William or Sidney BAILEY.  My great-grandfather is believed to be in Hyde County in the late 1700's and up to 1820's.  Is there a list of names of pioneer families who came there in the 1700's.  Thanks for any help.


Jim Johnson August 29, 2000

In Pierce's Register, page 217, Hyde Co., NC, there appears a Solomon BAKER who served in the American Revolution. I have a Solomon BAKER, b.c. 1745-1770 who was found as part of Captain David SMITH's Company in 1812 in White Co., TN. Does anyone have information on the BAKER's who migrated from Hyde Co., NC to White Co., TN area? Or, on a Capt. David SMITH? Thanks.


Charles & Susan Wilson March 28, 1998

BALLANCE - Seeking parents and ancestors of Penelope (Penny/Fanny) BALLANCE, b. 1826-1834, in NC, probably in Currituck Co., Pasquotank Co., or Hyde Co.; married 6/1850 to James D. MOSELEY, Jr., in Norfolk, VA, b. 1816, son of Dr. James D. MOSELEY, Sr. and Elizabeth MARCHANT. Penelope BALLANCE died between 1880 and 1900 in Norfolk, VA


Donna Crossman October 10, 1999

My name is Donna Crossman and I live in Gates County, NC. Many of my ancestors were from Hyde Co., including SWINDELLs. I have a lot of info on them. I received a message that Laban BALLANCE was listed in the 1850 Census as living with Mary H. I think this Mary H. may be Mary "Polly" (HALL) CREDLE, because later down the line is Polly Ann "Mary" FARROW. Concidence? Also, I'm looking for Pheby ____?____, wife of Zedekiah SWINDELL (1700's). Thanks!


Yvonne Gray November 4, 2002

I am searching for names and birth and death dates for Green BRIDGMAN's wife Courtney (BALLANCE) and his children including Courtney's child born before she married BRIDGMAN.


Harriett Harris Riggs July 29, 2004

Henderson BALLANCE's first wife was Mary (___?___).   His 2nd wife was Georgia/George Ann GIBBS. Who were her parents? Rebecca GIBBS and her children by Charles GIBBS are in this household, but neither she nor Charles are parents of Rebecca GIBBS, age 21 in same household in 1850 Hyde census or George Ann. Who was either or both of the Rebecca GIBBS'?


Ron Dailey August 28, 2004

Looking for info about Sarah (Sally) BALLANCE (b. 1813 in NC; d. Aft. 1880 presumably in Hyde County, NC).  She was the mother of Thomas M. (H.) DAILEY (b. 3 Feb 1833 in Hyde County, NC; d. Aft. 22 Dec 1894 at Ocracoke).  She appears in 1850 and later census as Sarah/Sally JACKSON.  Who was her JACKSON husband?  Who were her parents?  Thanks!


Lason Mackey September, 10, 2002

I'm searching for the maiden name of Marena BARBER who was married to Bartee BARBER (Bartis) of Hyde County, North Carolina.


Lillian Barnes September 27, 1997

I am seeking information on my great-grandmother Billie Ann BARBER b. abt 1850 in Hyde County. She married John COLLINS b. abt 1844 in Hyde County. Their children were Sylvester, Jonah, Pemma, David, Lemuel, George, Celia J., and Samuel. I have been told she was a member of the Indian/Black BARBER line in Hyde County. It has been said she was a midwife. I am looking for birth/marriage/death dates. Also any info about the Indian/Black BARBER line. Any help would be appreciated.


Jan Brodie August 29, 2000

I am doing the BARNES tree for my husband's mother. Her mother was Eliza Ellen BRIDGEMAN. Eliza's father was Robert BRIDGEMAN. Any information on them would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Diane Barrow-Clark January 25, 1999

My surname is BARROW, from VA, NC, GA, FL, AL. I am looking for anything about Reuben BARROW'S family. Reuben BARROW, born 1734 in Hyde Co., NC, died 1812 Warren Co., GA.; married Milby GREEN. His father was Richard BARROW, born 1701 in Perquimans, Co., NC; married Mary (__?__). His father was Capt. William BARROW, born Feb. 20th, 1671/2, Perquimans Co., NC, died 1716 in Hyde Co., NC; married Elizebeth ELKES-COOK. His father was John BARROW, born 1642, probably in Lower Norfolk Co., VA. He married Sara SUTTON, Feb. 1667/8. Reuben BARROW'S sons were James, John Green and Absolom. Very little is know about these men. James BARROW had a daughter named Nancy and possibly sons named Green, John and David. I think Green BARROW is my great-great-great-randfather. Absolom BARROW possibly had sons named of Julius Green, John Gray and daughter Nancy. John Green BARROW'S children are all accounted for. Any info will be cherished. Thanks.


William Freeman May 9, 2006

I am helping a friend research her family, and one of her ancestors is John BARROW from the Beaufort/Hyde Co. area. He was born about 1789 and died in Monroe Co., Iowa in 1876, buried in Trussell Cemetery (no headstone), where he is incorrectly listed as a Civil War veteran. His family said (in a 1906 book on northern Idaho) that he was a veteran of the War of 1812. One of his sons ended up in Clearwater Co., Idaho, after living in Holt Co, NE, in the mid-1880s. He was in Ohio (don't know where) and married in the 1830s, moving to Tazewell Co., IL, in the late 1830s. His wife, who according to the family was Sarah CULLUM, died about 1845, and a few years later he moved his family to Iowa. I am trying to pin down his line of descent, plus information on his time in NC. By his age, I wonder if there was an earlier wife in NC and other children; when he moved to Ohio; and whether there were other stops before Ohio. William H. Freeman, Buies Creek, NC


Betty Ricks November 7, 1998

Seeking information on Dorcas BARTEE, date of birth and death unknown, married Joseph GIBBS, Jr. (later Sr.). Joseph GIBBS was born between 1740 and 1750 and died at Hyde County on 13 August 1818. I can find the cemetary record for Dinah (Dianna) BARTEE, her sister, but not for Dorcas (BARTEE) GIBBS.
. . Also seeking information on family of Alice (CREDLE) ROPER, who married John Wesley ROPER (b. btw. 1794-1800) place unknown but probably Hyde County. He was the son of Frederick ROPER. He married Alice CREDLE bef. 1825. His date of death is unknown. Thanks for any help you can give.


Mary White May 4, 2006

Am doing genealogy research on William BAYNOR d. 1895 in Leechville, buried 5 miles from Leechville at the "old homeplace" (believed to be on the Hyde County side of the county line). He had full Masonic Rites at his burial. Widow was Mitilda Jane (Robbins) BAYNOR. Sons: Eli Lafayette "Fate" BAYNOR and Fenner Tilden BAYNOR (my line). Would love to know exact burial place and if Eli "Fate" BAYNOR has any living descendents with whom I could collaborate on our genealogy research.


Mark & Sandy Felsher  January 20, 2008

My roots from several directions seem to be pointing me to Hyde county but so far I have not been able to make definite connections.

I have been able to trace my roots to a James R BELL (abt1822) who appears in the 1850 federal census, in Livingston Missouri, with presumed brother Jasper BELL (abt1817) and his mother Catherine (Katherine, Kate) Tyler JASPER (abt1795) who married a Samuel BELL who was deceased prior to 1850.

James BELL married Elizabeth WALLACE (1834) of Stewart Tennessee in 1851.

James BELL, Jasper BELL and Catherine JASPER were all born in North Carolina. I do not know about Samuel BELl.

In Hyde county around 1800 I have noticed BELLs living near JASPERS and then other things appeared.

This family line routinely names their children after the maiden name of a former generation and James R BELL's youngest son was Spence(r) G BELL. I also noticed SPENCERs living in the same area of Hyde county at the same time.

In addition I have been able to trace another branch of the same tree to an Andrew FOREMAN (b. abt 1775) and a Phillip JARVIS (b. abt1757) both living in Belmont county Ohio in 1820. I noticed these two surnames also appear in Hyde county around 1800.

So I am looking for any connection between BELL, JASPER, SPENCER, JARVIS and FOREMAN families of Hyde county and my ancestors of the same names.

One item I am particularly interested in is that Seldon (Sedon) JASPER and Littleton BELL were living next door to each other in 1810 in Hyde county. (The last two entries for the county) Seldon had a female in his house the right age to be my Catherine JASPER and Littleton has in his house a male the right age to be my Samuel BELL. Does anyone know if these are my ancestors?


Tanya Bell February 1, 1999

Emmaline Spencer BELL, mother of Mamie Bell COLLINS, Katie (?) and William BELL. Grandmother of Lillie Bell MANN, Vernois (?) BELL, and Mabel BELL. I believe she was born in 1881 (she is listed in the Hyde County History Book, but sorry, I no longer have the book and don't know where to get it), lived in Swan Quarter, and spent some of her years living on Lake Landing. Thank you for any information you may have on this family.


Madelyn Bell July 20, 2002

Joshua Bell and his descendants are recorded in the BELL Family bible.  The members from the bible match the last will and testament written June 1810 and recorded in Hyde Co.  I am trying to fill in the blanks and facts on the family in between the 1810 will and Francis Marion BELL who moved to Alabama and married Martha MARSH.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


Robin Bell June 30, 2002

I am looking for any information on Richard Dixon BELL born about 1745 and died about 1805 in Hyde County.  His wife's name was Dorcas.  Also on William BELL who was born about 1710 and died about 1775 in Hyde County.  His wife's name was Susannah.  Thank you.


Florence Fulford Moore April 21, 1999

Seeking information on a Richard Beverly BERRY, whose people might have migrated to Hyde from Chowan/ Bertie County in the late 1700s or early 1800s. Richard Beverly BERRY married Martha McMINN. Does anyone have any information on this group of BERRYS that would be willing to share with me? I have found a John BERRY, who served in the Revolutionary War, who had a son, Richard, but no middle name (or John's wife's maiden name) was given. The time frame is a distinct possibility. Many thanks if you can help.


Florence Fulford Moore May 25, 2001

I found my grandmother's death certificate in New Bern today. According to information about her father, Richard Thomas BERRY, he was born in Hyde County. His date of birth was Sept. 16, 1832. I have been told that Richard Thomas BERRY's father was Richard Beverly BERRY. This information was based on a Biblical record; however, the Bible was destroyed in a flood in PA in the early 1960s. My father, Richard Berry FULFORD, told me a number of times about being kin to the BERRYs in Hyde County - all of 'em - but he never told me who, how, or any of the other relevant information. Can any BERRY researcher help me here? This line has been my own personal "brick wall" ever since I began my genealogical research. Thanks for your assistance.


Florence Fulford Moore July 4, 2002

Page 20 of Hyde Remembers lists births of children to John and Rebeckah BERRY.  One child, in particular, is of particular interest to me.  His month of birth, December, was the only information listed.  He was probably born around 1802 approximated by listed birthdates of other siblings Ellender, Anson, Nancy, and George.  Rebeckah BERRY may have been a BENSON.   Does any BERRY researcher have any information on the children born to John and Rebeckah BERRY who could shed some light on  Richard BERRY, born ca. 1802, or know of someone who may be able to open a door or two to this person?  His middle name may have been Beverly. There appear to have been two Richard BERRYs, probably cousins, in the Hyde County area in the same approximate timeframe.  The Richard T. BERRY, son of John and Sally BERRY, does not appear to be the ancestor that I am seeking.  Information on this individual is listed in another John BERRY Bible (see page 21 of Hyde Remembers).  Thank you for your assistance. 


Florence Fulford Moore August 27, 2004

Seeking information on a John BERRY, possible father of a Richard, James, and Edward BERRY.  This John may have also been high sheriff of Carteret County and may have married a NELSON widow, apparently traveling among several towns in the region.  No daughters of this person are known, nor has the name of any wife been discovered.  This John BERRY also owned a schooner ca. 1730s and sailed frequently to Barbadoes to bring back quantities of rum which were sold in the ordinary of his house to persons who came to court or attend to other business in Old Bath Town.  (This information documented in the H. Paschal papers, ECU's Joyner Library.)  If anyone knows anything about this particular family in the Germantown/Woodstock area, please contact me - this may be a long-lost BERRY line that I have searched nearly seven years for information concerning.  I'm still stuck at the 1810 marriage of Richard BERRYand Mehitabel REW, of Hyde County, whose father Southy, had land and lived in Hyde County.   Thank you for any response.


Kathryn Sue Berry Parks November 4, 1999

I am searching for information pertaining to William Benjamin BERRY, born ca. 1833, who married Mary Jane GIBBS. William Benjamin BERRY was my great grandfather; my father is William Aaron BERRY from Englehard who married to Guelda Joy McKINNEY. I have reached a road block and would appreciate any information about his father, mother and farther back.... Thanks.


Kathy Berry Parks March 26, 2000

I'm looking for any information on William BERRY (b. 1788), John BERRY (b. 1810), and John BERRY, Sr. (b. 1778. They are listed in the 1850 Hyde County Census. I am trying to find their fathers. Thank you.


Jane Gibbs November 6, 2001

I am looking for any information on a B. B. BERRY, b. about 1838, son of John BERRY. According to a marriage license I have, he married Jane BERRY Aug. 15, 1889. They were married in Lake Landing Township by R. F. WATSON, JP. Also, I am looking for any information on Mary JACKSON and Lavinia JACKSON, listed in household of John BERRY in 1850 Hyde Co. census. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jane Gibbs February 19, 2005

Trying to find out if Richard "Dick" BERRY had any brothers or sisters. He was a veteran of the Confederate Army and was married to Louisa Elizabeth "Betty" GIBBS, sister to Mary Jane GIBBS. Richard was born July 12, l838 and died Dec. 28, l910. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Vernon "Bud" Daniels August 14, 2007

Need information on Olivia BERRY that married Isaac BRIGGS and her two daughters, Matilda BRIGGS and Eleanor BRIGGS. Did Olivia (BERRY) BRIGGS die in the 1850s? If so, what date? Or did she divorced Isaac BRIGGS and remarry? If so, to whom and on what date? .Matilda BRIGGS married David Green CARAWAN, Sr. on Apr. 30, 1863. What happen to this couple? .Eleanor BRIGGS married John EASTWOOD on Apr. 18, 1864. What happen this couple? I will share what info I have with others. Thanks.


Sharron Brace  September 27, 2012

For the Lost Colony Research Group, I am researching all the Berry families in Hyde County. We are trying to determine if all those families are descended from a single individual. So far, I have been unable to find the piece of information to prove or disprove a relationship. I welcome any information on ANY Berry with Hyde County roots. Examples of information that would be helpful are copies from old Berry Bibles, marriage certificates, death certificates, wills, estates, deeds, old family stories. My brother recently had his yDNA tested as part of the Lost Colony yDNA project. One of the objectives of this research is to identify a Hyde County Berry male descended from John Berry (b. 1817) and Sallie Stotesbury who is willing to have his yDNA tested. If you are unsure if you are descended from this individual, I am willing to help you trace your line back. Thank you for helping solve the mystery of the Lost Colony of Roanoke.


Richard Bilbrey November 2, 1998

Duel BILBERRY was on the 1787 Hyde Co. Census with a wife, son, and four daughters. I know his wife was Sally SESSUMS. In 1790, Duel had moved to Edgecombe Co., but William BILBERRY was in Hyde Co., with his wife and son. I'm assuming Duel moved from Hyde Co. before 1790, leaving his son behind. William had moved from Hyde Co. by the 1800 census. Since Hyde Co. had Atlantic shipping ports, I'd like to find a connection with England. I have an extensive file on the BILBERRY (BILBREYS), but lose all trace before 1750.


Arthur C. Bishop Jr. March 24, 2005

My great-great-grandfather was Burage/Burrage BISHOP, my great-grandfather was Sylvester BISHOP, and my grandfather was William Albert BISHOP. My grandfather's wife was Lula Estella HARRIS. I have little info on the above or on their wives or children. I have no idea where they came from? I do have most of the data of my father's brothers and sisters and their family members. Any help or info on my ancestors would be greatly appreciated.


B.J. Roundtree November 22, 1998

I am looking for the family of Myrdis BLAKE (birth date not known) and her husband, James Rufus WATSON (9-2-1924 - 12-4-1959) buried in Fairfield (Hyde County, NC). Also Selma Lenora BLAKE who married to Clifton Credle WATSON and their son were Clifton Caryle WATSON (10-10-1946 - 9-25-1965) in Fairfield (Hyde County, NC). I am trying to find out the parents and siblings of Myrdis and Selma BLAKE. Thank you.


Jane Gibbs September 10, 2001

I am looking for information on John BLAKE born 1794 , wife Aquilla O. born 1821. Lived in Hyde County in 1850 census. Also looking to see if she could have been on the Trail of Tears. Also looking to find information on William Henry BLAKE, Sr., Capt. born 1830-1840. Possibly came from Illinois.


Gladys (Blount) Harris June 14, 2003

I am searching for any information concerning the BLOUNT family of Hyde County. Any assistance is appreciated.


Tammy Barrow July 26, 2007

Hello my name is Tammy BARROW. My mom and dad were both born in Swan Quarter, NC. My Mom left and moved to New York and had me and my brother and sisters. My Mom was murdered in 1968 and I was born in 1965. Me and my brothers and sisters were all separated after that. This website has helped me so much. I am so glad 1 found it. I am looking for information on the following families: BLOUNTS, MCCABE, WHITES, ROPER, MERRICK, LUCAS, SHELDON'S, GREEN, SANDERS, MCCOLLOR-McCOLLOUGH, PETERSON, WILLIAMS. My maternal Grandparents (daughter Doris ROPER, my mother): Martha ROPER & Samuel Atmore MCCABE. My maternal Great Grandparents: Dilsie Blount MCCABE & William MCCABE. Lenes ROPE & Lydia (Ludie) Merrick ROPER. My father (Henry Lee BARROW) named after my Grandmother's boyfriend, Raleigh BARROW. My paternal Grandparents: Ethel MURRAY WHITTAKEr & Herman HARRIS. My paternal Great Grandparents: Lizzie HARRIS & Linwood WILLIAMS. Jim Murray & Amanda McCOLLOUGH. My Great-Great Grandmother is Grizella (Ella) WHITE ROPER, the daughter of Horace WHITE & Julliett MERRICK WHITE. Any cousins please email me so we can get to know each other. And also Mamie ROPER SANDERS who married George SANDERS is my cousin.


Isler Malisa January 19, 2007

I am researching the BOOMER family. My great-grand mother was Dora SPENCER-BOOMER (b. 1886/87). Her parents were George W. (b. 1844/45) and Ellen SPENCER (b.1850) of Hyde County. The family is listed on 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920 census residing in Lake Landing. She is listed in the 1910 census residing in Pantego with her brother George W. SPENCER, Jr. and his family. I was told that she was married to a George W. BOOMER. I am unable to find either of them listed in the 1920 census. Additionally, I have been unsuccessful in my search for any info on the date and place of their marriage and his date and place of death. They separated sometime between 1910 and 1919 and she moved to Lenoir County. The one George W. BOOMER listed in Hyde County website was born 1882. I don't know if he is my great-grandfather. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Charles Shepherd March 28, 1998

I'm interested in any knowledge of the two "BOSTONS" listed on the 1790 Heads of Household, Newburn District, Hyde Co. Census pg.139. They are listed under the "All Other Free Persons" column. Would like to know if anyone has any knowledge af a Joshua BOSTON and/or an Indian woman named DA'KE. She is said to have been an Independant Tuscarora woman who married a man named BOSTON. The descendants of DA'KE reside today in Jamesville "Free Union - Pineywoods Community" in Martin Co., NC, as the Tuscarora Indians.
I'm also looking for info on Sally BOSTON who married Thomas LEWIS Mar. 17, 1791, and Harriet BOSTON who married Abijah LEWIS Dec. 14, 1819 in Tyrrell Co., and Sarah BUSTIN who married Samuel SPARROW in 1755 in Beaufort Co. Were they "persons of color"?
I'm also requesting info on Israel and Thomas PIERCE (Machapunga / Mattamuskeet Indian ??). They're listed in Tyrrell Co., Edenton District in 1790 "Free Colored", but it's believed they were from Hyde Co. Any info on any of the above would be greatly appreciated.


Harriett Harris Riggs July 29, 2004

What is  the HATHAWAY connection with David Hathaway BRADY in 1850 Census with parents William BRADA/BRADY & Leanzy, age 23? Who was Leanzy? Was she a HATHAWAY and possibly a sister of David Hathaway? Who was Polly JENNETT born 1834 married to Richard JENNETT?  There was a 16 yr. old male, Hathaway JENNETT, mariner, in the 1860 census.  Was she a sister of David HATHAWAY or were they both his children? He had a female, Elizabeth or Betsy, born 1839 with him in a census. Was she his child?  Who was the child of the Bastardy Bond issued on him on Jan. 8, 1853, who was born to Mozelle/Moselle CUTREL? Hilliard GIBBS whose sister, Nancy Elizabeth HATHAWAY, lived with his family in 1850 census, & Robert JENNETT posted bond for him. There seems to be a connection with these families. Would appreciate help.  Harriette Harris Riggs, 919-787-2770


Kay Lynn M. Sheppard March 15, 1997

Searching for the parents of Thomas BRAGG born Feb 1798 and died 31 Dec 1884 probably at Ocracoke, Hyde Co. One source states his father as Jesse BRAGG and indeed a Jesse BRAGG is listed in the 1790-1830 Carteret Co. census (Ocracoke Dist.). Need proof that Jesse was Thomas BRAGG's father. Also need the name of Thomas' mother.


Forrest B. Jackson June 4, 2000

My William BRAGG was born in Carteret Co. probably around 1700 and died about 1750. His son, William BRAGG, (c. 1740 Carteret Co., NC - 1799 Madison Co., GA) had a son named John Benjamin BRAGG, Sr. who was born about 1786 in Madison Co., GA and died in Screven Co., GA in 1863. I strongly suspect that this line of BRAGG came from Ocracoke. I would like to correspond with anyone researching this line.


Brenda Lackman May 21, 2002

I am searching for the correct information on the William BRAGG family. I have that William BRAGG was born 1625 in Scotland was sold into servitude and sent to Barbados, St. Michael's Parish and he died there 1678. His widow and three sons were sent to Carteret Co., N.C. into domestic servitude. I am looking for the three sons and mother. That's a start for my research. I am a descendant of Thomas BRAGG and Susan Ann BURKE. If you do not have the info, maybe you can direct me to one of the BRAGG descendants of Ocracoke to help me. Thanks so much.


Walt Howard August 4, 2002

Hello, my name is Walter T. HOWARD Jr. and I lived on Ocracoke in the late forties and early fifties. I have been trying to find a connection between the BRAGG family of Ocracoke and Gen. Braxton BRAGG, the Confederate general. I was wondering if any Ocracoke BRAGGS have ever made the connection?


Jack Bright August 29, 2000

My cousins and I are trying to locate fellow cousins who are descended from John BRIGHT or Elias Godley BRIGHT, Sr. One of my grandfather's siblings, Sallie BRIGHT married Owen GURGANUS in Beaufort Co., NC. We have no information about any descendants from that marriage, about 1880. Can anyone help?


John Brinn January 19, 1998

I am primarily interested in any information on Jesse BRINN, who was born in 1800 in Hyde County to Richard BRINN and Mary (CAHOON ?) BRINN. Very interested in any information about their ancestors, dates, etc. Actually, any information about the BRINN family in North Carolina or Virginia would be useful, too. I owe some very nice BRINN family members from North Carolina a favor for helping me identify Jesse's parents.


Ralph V. Green March 4, 1999

I would like to know the parents of John FOREMAN, who came to NC in 1702 and was married Margaret JORDAN, dau. of John JORDAN. John FOREMAN's will was in Hyde County in 1744. Does anyone know where he came from? Also would like to know who the parents of Aritta FORTISCUE, who married George FOREMAN in 1851 were? Or who the parents of Dennard BRINN (c1849) were? I think they were William BRINN (c1825) and Nicy (c1823). Who was Nicy? Who were the parents of William? Am researching the following: BRINN / FOREMAN / FORTISQUE / JORDAN.


Sallie Gargis March 26, 2000

Seeking information on W. R. BRINN and wife, Nicey Swindell parents of: Martha M. BERRY b. 1853, married William A. ROSE, Dennard BRINN b. 1846, married Jane SAWYER 11/15/1918, Dorcus BRINN, b. 1862, William Riley BRINN, b. 1855, married Sally SWINDELL 4/29/1876, James B. BRINN, b. 1857, married Mollie MASON 4/15/1883 and Jeptha BRINN who married Olivia BRINN. I have marriage records of the children but no information on the parents. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Richard Nash October 25, 1999

I am in a dark room fumbling for a light switch, and the switch may be in Hyde County. Please let me explain. The BROCKETTS came down from Princess Anne Co., VA into Pasquotank and Currituck Cos., NC. My ancestor, Benjamin BROCKETT (born ca. 1720-25), is never mentioned until he appears receiving a 200 acre land grant in Craven Co., NC in 1743. By that time he was married to Sarah Ann SANDERSON, daughter of Benjamin SANDERSON. The SANDERSON were in Currituck Co. rather early, and I picked up Benjamin SANDERSON in Hyde Co., NC in 1704/5, and again in Craven Co. later on. Lacking other possible answers, I am thinking along the line that Benjamin BROCKETT may have been (as many children were) orphaned and raised in Hyde Co, possibly by the SANDERSONS. I can think of no other way he could have met Sarah. When Benjamin BROCKETT died in 1758, Sarah married Simon FOSCUE III (possibly an uncle). The FOSCUES were also formerly in Hyde County. Any assistance will be appreciated.


Helen Shaw March 13, 1997

Am searching for date and place of birth of Stephen BROOKS who died May 16, 1775 and was buried at Mattamuskeet Lake, Hyde County. Also want the dates and place of birth of his three sons, Stephen BROOKS who married Mary FARROW; Thomas BROOKS who married Angelica REORDAME; and William BROOKS who moved to Tenn. about 1748. I understand that the records that show them coming from the Connecticut family are incorrect. Thanks for any help. Helen Brooks Shaw


William S. Pate, Jr. March 4, 2000

I am working under the supported, but not proven, assumption that Stephen BROOKS, Sr. of Hyde County (abt 1700 in ? - 16 May 1776 in Mattamuskeet, Hyde Co.) had three children:
• Thomas BROOKS, Sr. (7 Mar 1738 in ? - 1 Jun 1822 in Tennessee) m. Angelica RIORDAME (abt 1764 in ? - 19 Sep 1847 in Tennessee)
• Stephen BROOKS, Jr., RS, (15 Apr 1728 in ? - 15 Jul 1797 in Lightwood Creek, Mt. Pleasant, Hyde Co.) m. Mary FARROW (1730 in ? - 1795 in ?)
• William BROOKS (abt 1723 in ? - ?) m. Mary (___?___).
It appears that I descend from Thomas BROOKS, Sr., through his son, Thomas BROOKS, Jr. (1784 in Hyde Co., N.C. - aft 19 Jan 1857 in Greene Co., Tenn.) m. Mary WHITTENBURG (1781 in Washington Co., Tenn. - ? in Greene Co., TN).
QUESTIONS: Who are the ancestors of Stephen BROOKS Sr.? Where did they come from? Does anyone have any information on these families, including any proof to corroborate or dispute these relationships?
I also have received stories handed down to the current generation in Tennessee through an oral family tradition about an ancestor of Stephen BROOKS, Sr., possibly the grandfather of Stephen, Sr., being killed with Blackbeard on Ocracoke Island, and that his son being hanged in Virginia for piracy. The source of the story said she later found in the state recorded minutes of court that Stephen did have a ship and it was confiscated and he tried unsuccessfully to get it back, and that the list of names of Blackbeard’s crew included Joseph BROOKS, Sr., who was killed on Okracoke and his son Joseph BROOKS, Jr., who was hanged in Virginia.”
FINAL QUESTION: Does anyone have information that would illuminate this story from oral family history?


Olive Thornton January 22, 2000

Would like to be in contact with someone who has researched the 1700's BROOKS family in Hyde County to help me confirm that Rhoda BROOKS was married to Thomas DANIELS and to determine from whence they came and the names of their children. I have some family history of Clement being born to Thomas and Rhoda DANIELS in November 1790 from Bible record, and Clement named a daughter Rhoda BROOKS DANIELS.


Linda King December 14. 1999

I am looking for information re: Mary BROUGHTON and any of her family. She married ___?___ WHITE, and had the following children: Rufus WHITE, Willis Broughton WHITE, James Harry WHITE, and a female child. These people would have probably been in Hyde County app. 1850 - ?. Mary and her husband were my husband's g-grandparents. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Linda King January 6, 2000

I am looking for any BROUGHTON'S in Hyde County. The particular person I am looking for is Mary BROUGHTON (c.1850-c.1860). She married Brascoe Elex WHITE. They then moved to Perquimins Co. where they had 4 children. I would like to find her parents. Thank you.


Gladys Shelton June 10, 2002

Is anyone researching the BROWN  family of Hyde County/Tyrell County?  I would like info on the family of Thaddeus BROWN born 1803. He had a son by the name of Graham BROWN who was my great grandfather. Graham supposedly married Lydia INGRAM and had 3 children. I would like to find the marriage record on this marriage if possible.  Does anyone have access to marriage records in the aforementioned counties?   Thanks.


Danny Bunn October 26, 1997

Seeking information on James BUN who lived on Ocracoke Island, Hyde County, NC, about 1734. He purchased a town lot in nearby Portsmouth, Carteret County, NC, around 1759.


Lason Hines April 19, 2002

Searching for information on Clarice BURCH of Hyde or Pasquotank Cos., N.C. Clarice was born about 1860/70 in North Carolina.


Bill Rhodes June 12, 1997

My name is Bill RHODES, and Hyde County is my second home since I'm connected with the JENNETTE and BURRUS families. I need to confirm information that I recently received in connection with the BURRUS family. Copied from an Old English Prayer Book is the following: John BURRUS was born in England January 6, 1738; was ship wrecked on Hatteras, married Margaret HOWARD, Dec. 15, 1762. There were two sons I know of...Rubin b. 1766 and Zachariah b. 1786. I would greatly appreciate any information you care to share in connection with the aforementioned BURRUS families. Thank you, Bill


Bill Rhodes March 27, 2000

I have gotten back to my ggg grandfather, John BURRUS born 1738 in England and died 1791 while a resident of Cape Hatteras. He was married to Margaret Howard who had his six children. I have my gg grandfather, Zachariah BURRUS, and his brother Reuben BURRUS pretty well recorded and certainly happy to share what I have with others. My big problem is finding the birthplace of John BURRUS in England and other related information in his connection. Any help will make my days of spring more beautiful. Also, I have my JENNETT/ JENNETTE line back to John JENNETT, Sr. ca. 1670 and his wife Dorothy BIGGS ca 1670. This is still a 'work in progress' and any help will be appreciated. This is a share project too. Thanks.


Jack Oden July 5, 1998

Looking for information on Courtney BURRUS. I have some old notes of my Mother's, Mrs. Edna R. (AUSTIN) ODEN, born in Hatteras, N.C.: . Courtney BURRUS 1st married James QUIDLEY (?), 2nd married Harmon AUSTIN (?). Her father was Zacharaiah BURRUS, born March 7, 1786 - died July 8, 1844 (?); married on March 22, 1809 to Elizabeth WILLIAMS, born Dec. 30, 1784 (?). Probable children of Zacharaiah & Elizabeth: Courtney, Leven, Delany, Comfort, Verron, Edmond, Emeline, Allen, Betsy Credle, Ann Marie. Will appreciate any assistance. Thank You.


Rosalyn Horne July 9, 2001

Hello! Does anyone know if Emily (HARRIS) BURRUS, mother of Andrew BURRUS, was a descendant of Jack (John) HARRIS? Thank you for your help. I have been researching my family and Jack HARRIS is a mystery to me.


Craig Austin July 27, 2010

I am looking for the family of John Burrus and Margaret Howard; this means their children and parents.  They married on 15 Dec 1762.  I am descended through their son, Zachariah.  Thanks to all for your help.


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