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William Watson Family

(Photo made in 1896 by Lester & Land Photographers)

William Watson (1866-1941) was the son of Joseph Masters Watson (1837 - 1904) and his second wife Elisha Ann Burrus (1835 - 1896). Hattie Elizabeth Harris (1870-1915) was the daughter of Captain John Graham Harris (1841- 1915) and Lillian Deborah Vernelson Carkeet (1843 - 1919).  Seated on William's lap is Robert Earle Watson; in the center is William Miller Watson and sitting on Hattie Elizabeth's lap is Lillian Ann Watson.

William Watson and Hattie Elizabeth Harris had 8 children:

Eulogy for Joseph Masters Watson given by Pastor J. Robert Nordlander

(Snug Harbor was a retirement home for sailors who would live their
lives out close to the water that they loved so much.)

(Photo of Wm. Watson not too long before he died in 1941.)

Resolution of Death of William Watson by Oddfellows Lodge #233

Lillian Ann Watson c. 1922 while still in nursing school

(Photos and information courtesy of Lillian Ann Masch who found these items while cleaning out her grandmother's house.  She offers the following: Lillian Ann Watson was my grandmother. An interesting note on her--she was actually born with the name Annie Lillian, but she hated the name Annie so she had her brother Arthur Graham Watson change her name in the family bible so that when she got her social security card her name was legally Lillian Ann. My mother named me after my grandmother and she told me the story. My name is Lillian Ann.)

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