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Sarah Ann Rebecca Swindell

(Mar. 18, 1862 - Feb. 19, 1939)

This photo is of my great-grandmother on my grandmothers side. Below is what I know about "Grandmama Sarah". I had been to her house at Swindell Fork many times as a child. I was seven when she died. Sarah Ann Rebecca (Swindell) Swindell was the first of five children of Cason Emory Swindell (1835-1914) and Dorcus Jane Gibbs (18452-1908) in Fairfield Township. In 1885, she married Henry Hardin Swindell (1858-1916), the son of Leroy Merritt Swindell (1809-1876) and Charity Ann Farrow (1820-1892). Sarah and Henry Hardin Swindell had five children: Mabel Lura, Erma Camille, H. Herbert, Henry Herman and Edward Franklin. Sarah had three brothers and one sister: Thomas Alexander Franklin, Samuel Lindsay, Helen Wise and James Grey, all born in Fairfield Township. She died at the home place at Swindell Fork on 19 February, 1939 at age 76 and is buried in the Leroy Merritt Swindell Cemetery on the property.

Mabel Lura Swindell
and husband
Theron Cleveland Swindell
with daughter
Mabel Lucille Swindell

Photo - 1910

Theron Cleveland Swindell was the son of Thomas S. Swindell (1857-1913) and Elisa Missouri (Spencer) Swindell (1864-1940). His wife, Mabel Lura (Swindell) Swindell, was the daughter of Henry Hardin Swindell (1858-1916) and Sarah Ann Rebecca (Swindell) Swindell (1862-1939) (See Above).

Children of Theron Cleveland Swindell
Mabel Lura (Swindell) Swindell

(left to right)
Walter Branch Swindell, b. 1915
Mabel Lucille Swindell, b. 1910
Julia Campbell Swindell, b. 1912

(left to right)
Erma Rosalyn Swindel, b. 1920
Lois Frances Swindell, b. 1924

Henry Herman Swindell
(Nov. 2, 1894 - May 23, 1963)

"Uncle Herman... the hermit"...... is what the family affectionately called him. He was a son of Henry Hardin Swindell (1858-1916) and Sarah Ann Rebecca (Swindell) Swindell (1862-1939) and lived at Swindell Fork.

Suggested reading: Letter from Herman Swindell to his mother, Sarah Ann Rebecca Swindell - 1918 which was a letter during World War I from son "Herman" while in the trenches of France during the last days of the war in 1918).

NOTE: Sarah's picture was scanned from a small "Tintype" photo that has turned almost black. No date was found but it appears she may have been in her late 30's or early 40's).

Photo and information submitted by Robert "Bob" K. Williams.

Copyright 2004
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