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Edward Franklin Swindell
(1900 - 1994)

Edward Franklin Swindell, born on Feb. 3, 1900, is shown above in his early 20's. He was the youngest son of Henry Hardin Swindell (1858-1916) and Sarah Ann Rebecca (Swindell) Swindell (1862-1939). Edward had two brothers: Henry Herbert Swindell (1891-1893) and Henry Herman Swindell (1894-1963) and two sisters: Mabel Lura Swindell (1885-1991) and Erma Camille Swindell (1888-1980). Edward spent many of his childhood years at Swindell Fork in the homeplace and farm of his Grandfather, Leroy Merritt Swindell and his wife, Charity Ann Farrow, both buried in the Leroy Merritt Swindell Cemetery on the property. In his early 20's, Edward moved to Raleigh to start his professional life, working for various companies. He married Myrtie (___?___) and in their later years they operated a neighborhood grocery store near downtown Raleigh. They had no children. Edward was the favorite "Uncle" of my mother, Julia Campbell. When I was growing up, he visited a lot at our house in Greenville as we did in his home in Raleigh. My fondest memories are his joyful personality and quick wit ... always a smile. Edward Swindell died on Aug. 30, 1994 in Cary, NC.

(Photo and information contributed by Robert K. "Bob" Williams)

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