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Samuel Warren Spencer, Jr.

circa 1863 - 1940

Samuel Warren Spencer, Jr. was born in Hyde County, ( Lake Landing Township) NC about 1863 to Samuel Warren Spencer, Sr. and Mahalia (maiden name unknown). He had brothers named Jones, Lincoln, Eliza, Joseph, Nat, Dennis, and Noah Spencer, and sisters Albina, Martha, and twins Bettie and Emma Spencer.

Sam Jr. was a farmer by trade and was very fortunate to have owned two farms. He is described as a light skinned big boned black man, standing well over 6 feet tall and weighing in at over two hundred pounds. His large frame gave rise to the nickname "Big Gawky Sam."

Sam Jr. married 3 times. He married his first wife Annie about 1883. After Annie's death he married his second wife Harriet in 1909. After Harriet's death Sam married for a third time (wife's name unknown). After the death of his third wife, health failing, Sam turned over his farm land to his son Mathew and moved to Aurora, Beaufort County. Sam lived in Aurora with his daughter Anganora (Peachy) until his death in 1940.

Samuel Warren Spencer, Jr. fathered the following children:

With Annie:

With Harriet:

Sam Jr. also fathered a child by the name of Jacob Gibbs out of wedlock. Sam and his third wife did not have any children together.

(Photo and information kindly submitted by Paulette Midgette.)

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