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The Olde Store

In the village of Nebraska on the canal that was once called the Burnt Ground Canal were several general stores, as many as three at one time. The green building once owned by Octavious C. Ballance once stood across the canal but was moved to where it now stands by Bill Jones for Marcus A. Ballance to keep store in. Previous to this, Marcus Ballance had kept the Rollins Store which still stands, it being the last store used by J.R. McKinney & Son. In 1918 Marcus Ballance built a new store which was closed in 1938, four years after his death. Today the building is owned by the Watsons Chapel Methodist Church, is named "The Olde Store", and is used as the church fellowship hall.

(Photo courtesy of Margie Brooks of the Greater Hyde County Chamber of Commerce. Information from Hyde County History published by the Hyde County Historical Society in 1976.)