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New Life Assembly of God Church in Engelhard, NC

Most folks in these 2 black & white pictures taken in October 1959 are unidentified so if any of you can put a name to a face please let me know so I can update this page.  This church was rebuilt after hurricane Isabel hit Hyde County.  The new church is seen at the bottom of this page.

Front row (l-r): teenage girl was the minister's daughter (name unk.); little boy (unk.); short lady in the hat (unk.); tall lady was Alsy (Gibbs) Ward; Raymond Sanderlin, the guest speaker for the day; minister holding the little boy (names unk.)

2nd & 3rd Row (l-r): Margaret (Gibbs) Ward and directly behind her is Donnie (Davidson) Gibbs; the small boy on the back row is the minister's son (name unk.); teenage girl next to him is Wanda Sanderlin (daughter of Raymond); minister's wife holding her son (names unk.)

(l-r) Margaret (Gibbs) Ward; the minister's wife holding her son (names unknown)

Photo taken by Wanda Sanderlin Parks in June 2006

(Photos kindly submitted by Wanda (Sanderlin) Parks.