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O'Neal / Rose / Gibbs Photo Album




Left to right front row: Major Warren O'Neal; Melvin Robinson O'Neal; and Laura Lee O'Neal

Left to right back row: Major Jerry O'Neal; Nancy Murray (Gibbs) O'Neal holding her granddaughter, Marguerite Spencer (only child of Eva Mae & Harry Lee Spencer); Eva Mae (O'Neal) Spencer [hidden by the baby]; and Annie O'Neal.

Major Jerry O'Neal (left), son of Hugh J. O'Neal & Mrs. Agnes Tate Rew Sermons, was born October 6, 1865 and died January 14, 1937.  He was first married to Martha E. Brooks who died c. 1906 and they had 6 children; three did not live to maturity.
   1. Locker Lee O'Neal (29 Feb 1888 - 27 Mar 1961) md. Lucy Cahoon
   2. Irvin Randolph O'Neal (Aug. 1890 - ???) md. Lessie Spencer
   3. Lillie M. O'Neal (Dec 1896 - ???)

His 2nd wife (shown on right) was Nancy Murray (Gibbs) O'NealNancy was born March 2, 1895.  She was almost 14 years of age when she married Major Jerry O'Neal in Hyde Co. on July 26, 1908. Seven children were born from this union.

   1. Eva Mae O'Neal (9 Sep 1910 - 27 Sep 1990) md. 1st Harry Lee Spencer; 2nd Ottis Lee Gurganus
   2. Lucy Pearl O'Neal (1913 - 11 Dec 1914)
   3. Lula O'Neal (2 Apr 1917 - 16 Oct 1978) md. Roy C. Todd
   4. Annie Mary O'Neal (21 Dec 1919 - 3 Jun 2005) md. Chester L. Simmons
   5. Major Warren O'Neal (26 Jan 1925 - Jan. 22, 2009) md. Ida Louise Edwards in 1946. Ida died Apr. 4, 2004.
   6. Laura Lee O'Neal (2 Jan 1928 - 19 July 2010) md. Raymond Guyton Sanderlin
   7. Melvin Robinson O'Neal (2 Jan 1928 - Aug. 28, 2015) md. 1st Joyce Jones; 2nd
Dorothy Butt (c1929 - June 29, 2009)



Photo taken summer 1948

Nancy Murray (Gibbs) O'Neal holding her granddaughter, Wanda Sanderlin.  The little boy on the left is Wanda's brother, Richard Sanderlin, both children of Laura Lee O'Neal & Raymond G. Sanderlin.  The oldest little girl is Linda Lee Simmons, daughter of Annie O'Neal & Chester Simmons.





Left to right: Eva Mae O'Neal, Claude Ward; Lucy Pearl O'Neal

      1928 - twins, Laura Lee and Melvin Robinson O'Neal                        Melvin Robinson and Laura Lee O'Neal

Laura Lee O'Neal, age 13, 8th Grade

Wedding Day 1946

Left to right - Major Warren O'Neal with his new bride, Ida Louise (Edwards) O'Neal; man on right is unidentified



Left -
Martha Rose Gibbs--her hair came out and she always wore a bonnet.  She is holding Walton Samuel Gibbs, son of William Fred & Donnie (Ambrose) GibbsWalton was born circa 1937 & died in Norfolk, Va. on July 7, 1993.

Right -
Mary Ann Gibbs Rose

(Photos and information  kindly submitted by Wanda (Sanderlin) Parks.

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