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Some Descendants of Benjamin Mackey & Mary Jane Barber
(The Mackey surname is also spelled at times as Macky, Mackie, Mackay, & MaGee)

According to the Fairfield Township of the 1860, 1870, 1880 and 1900 Hyde County census and the personal records and photographs of Lason Mackey-Hines, the following information has been obtained on Benjamin Mackey and his wife, Mary Jane Barber, and some of their descendants.

Benjamin Mackey was born in November 1822. He was listed as a free black in 1860, mulatto in 1870 & 1880 and black in 1900. He married Mary Jane Barber around 1850 according to the 1900 census. She was born in March 1832 to Bartee Barber and his wife Marena. Mary Jane was listed as mulatto in 1850, a free black in 1860, black in 1870, mulatto in 1880 and black in 1900. Benjamin Mackey served as a private in Company "F" of the 33rd Regiment in the Confederate Army and on September 12, 1861, he was issued his uniform pants and shirt at a cost of $2.25 in a bill sent to the Hyde County War Fund by Captain Thomas Mayhew.

Benjamin Mackey and Mary Jane Barber had the following children:

Benjamin Luther Mackey died in Elizabeth City, NC on January 31, 1935 and is buried there in Oak Grove Cemetery.

(Possibly Fannie (Price) Brothers Mackey, 3rd wife of Benjamin Luther Mackey)

Benjamin Luther Mackey and his 1st wife, Clarissa Burrus, had the following children:

(Left & center photo: Vanus Mackey; Right photo(l-r): , unidentified lady, Vanus Mackey, Blanche Mackey)

Some Unidentified Photographs pertaining to the Mackey family

(Back of this photograph said "Mackey")

(Back of this photo said "Mackey/Barber Clan")

(Information and photographs kindly supplied by Lason Mackey-Hines whose grandfather left her the above photographs before his passing. If anyone has more information or photos to share with us on any of the above persons please let me know so I can update this page.)

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