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Stacy Wilson & Elizabeth (Ballance) Howard

Stacy Wilson Howard, son of Perry Coleman Howard (1835-1902) and Ann Mariah Williams (1850-1930), was born at Ocracoke on April 9, 1885 and died there on October 24, 1968.  Stacy married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Evans Ballance in Hyde Co. on February 12, 1908.  Lizzie, daughter of Aaron William Ballance (1851-1915) and Lois Ann Williams (1856-1935), was born at Ocracoke on October 13, 1885 and died there on August 6, 1970.  Stacy and Lizzie are both buried in the Ballance-Howard Cemetery on Howard Street in Ocracoke.

Stacy's 1918 WWI Draft Registration Card states that he was 33 years of age, had blue eyes and brown hair and was currently a Captain for the American Dredge Co. in Camden, N.J. but his permanent address was Ocracoke, NC.  Stacy later became a fishing guide.

Stacy & Lizzie had the following children:
   1) Kenneth Lawrence Howard was born Dec. 22, 1909 at Ocracoke and died there on March 17, 1915 at the age of 5 years, 2 months & 16 days of a "meningiel tumar".
   2) Lela Grafton Howard was born Sept. 4, 1911 at Ocracoke and died in Dare Co. on August. 9, 1998 of cerebrovascular disease.  She never married.  [See her obituary here.]
   3) Laura Blanche Howard was born on December 8, 1919.  At the age of 37 she married Guthrie Harold Jolliff (1920-2001) in Hyde Co. on January 21, 1957.
   4) Etta Mae Howard was born Nov. 22, 1922 and died at Sealevel, Carteret Co., NC on December 24, 1980.  She married Preston Jule Garrish (b.1922).
  5) Lois Ann Howard was born at Ocracoke on January 14, 1925.  She died in Salem, Virginia on March 27, 2004.  [See her obituary here.]  She married Archie Thompson Wahab (1925-1975).










Elizabeth Evans (Ballance) Howard

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