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Thomas Alexander Harris & Violet B. (Little) Harris

Violet B. (Little) Harris & Thomas Alexander Harris
Date of photo not known

Left to right: Violet (Little) Harris, Thomas Alexander Harris, unknown woman
Date of photo not known

Arthur, Jamie & Henry Harris

It was at first thought that these three little barefooted boys were the sons of Thomas Alexander Harris and Violet B. Little but a viewer to our web site, Wilbur Cook Harris, recognized the middle boy as his father, William Jamie Harris. The other two are Jamie's brothers, Arthur on the left and Henry on the right. Mr. Harris states the following: "William Jamie Harris was born on October 5, 1908 in Washington, N.C. and died in Rockledge, Florida on November 1, 1978. My grandfather's name was William David Harris who died at the age of 52 when Jamie was in about the 8th grade which was when he had to quit school and work to help support his mother and younger siblings. Arthur, Jamie, and Henry had a baby sister named Elizabeth and three older brothers named Fred, Sanford and Floyd. William Jamie was an automobile and marine mechanic as were his older brothers. All four were well-known for their skills. William Jamie Harris married Mattie Sherrod Cook of Enfield, N.C. Mattie was born November 15, 1908 and died in Knoxville, Tn. on February 23, 1997. They had 3 children: Wilbur Cook Harris who was born in Portsmouth, Va. on September 14, 1943, Marion Elizabeth Harris who was born in Enfield, N.C. on Nov. 18, 1944 and Jamie Sherrod Harris (female) who was born in Morehead City, N.C. on Nov. 9, 1952. William Jamie Harris and his wife, Mattie, are both buried in Brevard Co., Florida."

Mr. Harris also stated that he believes that Thomas Alexander and Violet B. Harris are his great Uncle and Aunt. "I remember my daddy had two first cousins who were brother and sister. The brother was called Abe Thomas Harris and the sister was called Viola Harris. Daddy played with them when he was a child and remained close to them as he grew to a man. Neither one ever married and they lived together till they died. My father and I used to spend time with cousin Abe at his cabin in the east Carolina woods."

If anyone has further information please send an e-mail to me so I can update this page.

UPDATE from e-mail received 9/8/2009 from Cindy Lewis who said "Sounds like my great-uncle Abb Thomas Harris and Viola Dell Harris Rambo. He did own a cottage in North Carolina and Aunt Viola did live with Uncle Abb and their mother, Virginia Helen Sadler Harris (Jennie) after her husband died. Aunt Viola died in 1989 and Uncle Abb in 1991.  Thomas Alexander Harris was the brother of my great-grandfather Jessie Monroe Harris."

(Photos courtesy of Dan Griggs.)

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