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Thomas Bennett Gibbs & Nancy Nelson Selby Gibbs

Thomas Bennett Gibbs was born March 5, 1860 and died July 9, 1930. He is buried in the Fulford Cemetery. In Memory Of shows no father for Thomas but does show his mother as Salina _____. His first wife was Nancy Nelson Selby who is listed in In Memory Of as being born in 1863 and dying in 1909 and was the daughter of John Selby and Sallie Davis. Nancy supposedly has an unmarked grave in the Gibbs-Midgett Cemetery in Lake Landing Twp. According to the 1900 Hyde Co. census, Thomas B. Gibbs and Nancy Selby (census states born Sept. 1862) were married circa 1883 and had the following children plus two more that died before the taking of this census:

According to Hidden Ancestors by Crestena Jennings Oakley, Zerlina S. Gibbs, a single woman, delivered a bastard boy child sometime before March 8, 1860. She declared under oath that Ozias B. Bridgman was the father of this child. Salina listed in In Memory Of and Zerlina S. Gibbs listed in Hidden Ancestors are one in the same and the bastard boy child was Thomas Bennett Gibbs, having taken his mother's maiden name.

Note: Zerlina Gibbs also gave birth to another male bastard child before May 28, 1868.  In this bastardy bond she also declares that Ozias B. Bridgman was the father of this child.

UPDATE: Information received from Ann Williams who abstracted this marriage license:

(Photos courtesy of  Kathy Berry Parks.)

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