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Brooks / Payne / Gibbs Photo Album
Penelope Swindell (1822-1902) was the daughter of Hardy Swindell (born 1784-1790 and died 1839) and Diana Gaskins?/Jackson? (born 1784-1790). Penelope married 1st Samuel Sheldon Brooks (1794-1865) on July 12, 1837 and they had 11 known children.

      1) Pardon Sheldon Brooks (1839-1901) - married 1st on Oct. 19, 1859 to Mrs. Mahala Hodges Spencer Gibbs (1830-1862); married 2nd Sarah Neal/O'Neal on July 31, 1867.
      2) Olivia Brickell Brooks (1841-1915) - 2nd wife of Daniel Shaw Pugh whom she married c1856
      3) Cicero Hawks Brooks (1842-1901) - married 1st Celestia Ann Midyett on Jan. 2, 1867; married 2nd Nancy Elizabeth "Bettie" Selby in Beaufort Co., NC on Aug. 17, 1884
      4) Arcadia Foreman Brooks (1845-1866) - married John Jasper Williams on Dec. 18, 1862
      5) Caleb Jackson Brooks (1848-1918) - married 1st Pembrook Gibbs on Jan. 17, 1867; married 2nd Laura Lee Tate on Jan. 22, 1890
      6) Almeta Brooks (1850-1941) - married Cason Walter Jones on Nov. 24, 1866
      7) Samuel Whitfield Brooks (1852-1923) - married Susan V. Looper in Beaufort Co., NC on Sept. 23, 1877.  Samuel is listed as "married" in the 1880 census where he's living with his brother, Cicero, but no wife is in the home with him.
      8) Adeline "Addie" Brooks (1854-1945) - married Millard Filmore Payne on Dec. 6, 1871
      9) Sarah Ann "Sally" Brooks (1856-1896) - married Banister Gibbs on Jan. 12, 1871
    10) Norma Elizabeth Brooks (1859-1932) - never married
    11) Patsy Hill Brooks (1863-1883) - 2nd wife of Daniel Midyette, Jr. whom she married on Jan. 7, 1877

After the death of Samuel Sheldon Brooks on Nov. 7, 1865, Penelope petitioned the Court at May Term 1866 for her dower wherein she stated the following:  That her husband, Samuel Brooks, died intestate in Hyde County seized of several tracts of land; 1) a 75-acre tract adjoining the lands of D.A. Gibbs, Anson E. Gibbs & Ira Gaskins; 2) a 200-acre tract adjoining Joseph Simmons; 3) a 30-acre tract adjoining D.S. Gibbs & Richard Sadler; 4) a 25-acre tract on Hatteras Banks adjoining Jesse Murphy; 5) a tract [no acreage given] on Lightwood Creek adjoining Caleb F. Brooks and others.  That his surviving heirs-at-law were Pardon S. Brooks, Daniel S. Pugh & wife Olivia, Jno. Williams & wife Arcada, Cicero, Caleb J., Almeda, Samuel W., Adaline, Sally Ann, Norma and Patsy Brooks.  Samuel's brother, Caleb Foreman Brooks (1797-1885), administered on his estate.  Not only did Caleb administer Samuel's estate but he wound up marrying Penelope on Dec. 10, 1867.  No children were born from this union. Penelope, both of her Brooks husbands, and several of her children, grandchildren and their spouses are buried in the Brooks Cemetery in Mount Pleasant (now Gull Rock) in Hyde County.

Picture made in 1914

Sitting on the porch - Norma Elizabeth Brooks (1859-1932)
Front Row - Ercell Rethelle Gibbs (1913-2005) [baby in chair], Carl Jennings Pugh (1911-1983); Adeline (Brooks) Payne (1854-1945); Sherrill Lee Midgette (1909-1955)
Back Row - Earl Dawson Pugh (1906-1993); Amanda Alvania (Payne) Pugh (1882-1980); Leonard Theodore Pugh (1909-2001); Mabel Ruth Midyette (1905-1992); Addie Filmore (Payne) Gibbs (1885-1977); Jennie (O'Neal) Midyette (1886-1917); Etha Amelia (Mason) Payne (1890-1972) holding Cora Lee Payne (1913-2005)


Adeline "Addie" (Brooks) Payne [younger]

Adeline (Brooks) Payne [older]

Millard Filmore Payne

Addie, born April 10, 1854, was one of 11 children of Penelope Swindell and her 1st husband, Samuel Sheldon BrooksAddie & Millard F. Payne also had a large family consisting of 10 children.  They were: Annie Lenora Payne, Lizzie McCallie Payne, Warren Benjamin Payne, Cora Lee Payne, Mary Alice "Mollie" Payne, Amanda Alvania Payne, Addie Filmore Payne, Kate Mildred Payne, Ronald Otto Payne and James Norwood Payne.

Addie in 1939 at her 85th birthday

Millard, born Jan. 10, 1850, was the son of Daniel Midyette Payne/Paine and Sabrah Jane Midyette.  He married Adeline Brooks in Hyde County on Dec. 6, 1871 and to them were born 10 known children.  Millard died on Apr. 27, 1930 and is buried in the Brooks Cemetery.

Children & Grandchildren of Addie Brooks & Millard Filmore Payne

Photo possibly taken in the 1940s or 50s

L-R: Annie Lenora (Payne) White (1872-1966), wife of James Joshua White; Lizzie McCallie (Payne) Credle (1875-1976), wife of Thomas Martin Credle; Warren Benjamin Payne (1877-1969) husband of Alwilda Arrington "Allie" Pugh and Etha Amelia Mason; Mary Alice "Mollie" (Payne) Cason (1880-1972), wife of Thomas Henry Cason; Amanda Alvania (Payne) Pugh (1882-1980), wife of Joseph James Madison Pugh; Addie Filmore (Payne) Gibbs (1885-1977), wife of Thomas Ruffin Gibbs.

Lizzie McCallie (Payne) Credle

Photo taken in 1975 at Lizzie (Payne) Credle's 100th Birthday

L-R: Amanda (Payne) Pugh, Addie Filmore (Payne) Gibbs, Lizzie (Payne) Credle

Source: Hyde County History published by the Hyde County Historical Society in 1976
Mrs. Lizzie Payne Credle was born March 26, 1875 at Mount Pleasant (Gulrock), North Carolina. She was the daughter of Millard Filmore Payne and Adaline Brooks . Mrs. Credle was the second child of 10 children and an adopted brother. As a young girl Mrs. Credle worked on the farm and fish boat with her father. They camped out during fishing season near Stumpy Point. Her home was a gathering place for the young people, where they had "candy-pulling parties" and enjoyed playing the organ and singing.  Mrs. Credle was married to Thomas Martin Credle on May 23, 1894 in the Bethany Church at Mt. Pleasant by Rev. John Bagnell. This couple had nine children. The oldest, Milburn Thomas, died April 12, 1975. Thomas Martin Credle died Oct. 12, 1945. [In Memory Of states 1944]  Mrs. Credle divided her time with her children, spending most of her time with her son Edward in New York and her daughter, Beatrice Williams, in Swan Quarter. On April 6, 1975, with all the members of her family, Mrs. Credle was honored on the 100th birthday in the Providence United Methodist Church in Swan Quarter. Her grandson, Paul Credle, delivered the sermon and her great-grandchildren were the members of the choir.

Thomas Ruffin Gibbs

Addie Filmore Payne at age 21, and friend, Ralph Hodges




Thomas Ruffin Gibbs, son of Israel Watson Gibbs & Elizabeth Ives Saunderson, was born Jan. 24, 1866 & died Jan. 31, 1927.  He married Addie Filmore Payne at Mt. Pleasant, NC on Feb. 2, 1913.  [Thomas' death certificate states he was born Jan. 24, 1865 and was age 62 yrs. & 7 days when he died of heart failure.  His tombstone in St. George's Episcopal Cemetery states his birth year as 1866.]

Thomas & Addie had the following children:
   1) Ercell Rethelle Gibbs born Dec. 2, 1913 & died Nov. 13, 2005.  She married Wilton Atmore Gibbs (1897-1984) on Dec. 23, 1931.
   2) Lila Elizabeth Gibbs born Mar. 24, 1915 & died Jan. 8, 1983.  She married Benjamin Ellis Mason (1913-1979) on Dec. 25, 1936.
   3) Alva Payne Gibbs born Jan. 11, 1919 & died Mar. 9, 1997.  She married Leland Graham Wise (1915-1985) on Nov. 5, 1937.
   4) Edna Gibbs born May 28, 1922 & died Feb. 4, 2012.  She married Lesta Newkirk Willis (1919-1979) on Oct. 19, 1945.
   4) Mather Thomas Gibbs born Oct. 3, 1925 & died Aug. 27, 1972.  He never married.  His death certificate states he was a disabled veteran of World War II but his instantaneous death occurred when he walked into the path of an oncoming automobile.

Left to Right - Front Row: Ercell Rethell (Gibbs) Gibbs; Addie Filmore (Payne) Gibbs (mother); Alva (Gibbs) Wise
Left to Right -Back Row: Edna (Gibbs) Willis; Mather Thomas Gibbs;
Lila (Gibbs) Mason






Mather Thomas Gibbs signed his World War II Draft Card on October 4, 1943, one day after his 18th birthday.  It states that his usual residence was Oxford Orphanage in Granville Co., NC and that he was born in Gulrock, Hyde Co., NC.  He was 5'10", weighed 165 pounds, had brown eyes and black hair and a light complexion.  He enlisted in the Army at Fort Bragg, NC on March 22, 1944.  His military marker in the Brooks Cemetery indicates he was a PFC in Co. A, 410th Infantry.




Wilton Atmore Gibbs, son of Jesse Robert Gibbs (1859-1943) and Sarah Jane (Gibbs) Gibbs (1864-1949), was born on June 15, 1897 and died in Washington, Beaufort Co., NC on April 4, 1984.  He signed his World War I Draft Card on Aug. 24, 1918 in Fairfield, NC.  He married Ercell Rethelle Gibbs in 1931.  At the age of 44 he signed a World War II Draft Card in Swan Quarter.  He was 5'7" in height, weighed 135 pounds, had blue eyes, brown hair and a light complexion.  He listed his wife as Ercell Laura Gibbs of Lake Landing, NC.  Ercell & Wilton are buried at Middletown Christian Church Cemetery.




       Wilton Atmore Gibbs & wife Ercell Gibbs

Left to Right - Lila (Gibbs) Mason holding Dorothy Mason and Alva (Gibbs) Wise holding Robert G. "Bobby" Wise




Summer Visit to Stumpy Point, NC - Home of Alva (Gibbs) Wise

Benjamin Ellis Mason & Lila Elizabeth (Gibbs) Mason

Edna Leone (Gibbs) Willis

Front Row: Denise Hope Willis, Sharon Michelle Willis, Linda Wise
Back Row: Alice Wise, Sally Midgette

Photos courtesy of Sharon Willis Guthrie, daughter of Edna (Gibbs) Willis; granddaughter of Thomas Ruffin Gibbs & Addie Filmore Payne; great-granddaughter of Millard Filmore Payne & Adeline Brooks; and great-great-granddaughter of Samuel Sheldon Brooks & Penelope Swindell.  No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.  Images are for personal use only, not for redistribution.

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