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James Edward Berry, Sr.

Left: James Edward Berry, Sr. (1844-1928) - Right: His brother, John Henry Clay Berry (1848-1948)

Martha Rebecca (McGowan) Berry
(November 6, 1851 - November 11, 1881)

James Edward "Cap'n. Jim" Berry, Sr. was born April 10, 1844 and died July 15, 1928. He was first married to Martha Rebecca McGowan , daughter of William McGowan and Rebecca Davis. This union produced Alice Virginia Berry (1873-1952), Dallas Matt Berry (1874-1897), Sarah Rebecca Berry (1876-1963), Martha Elizabeth Berry (1879-1902) and James Edward Berry, Jr. (1881-1882). After the death of Martha Rebecca, he married Evelyn Benjamin Williamson (Nov. 25, 1862-Oct. 19, 1948), daughter of Tully Williamson and Sarah Ann Eastwood. This union produced Daniel Lafayette Berry (1885-1959), James Edward Berry, Jr. (1888-1964), Burton Haywood Berry (1892-1967), Harry Betts Berry (1895-1895), Myra Gladys Berry (1900-1900), Benjamin Linwood Berry (1904-1904), and Harold Mayhue Berry (1907-1907). John Berry, Sr., his two wives and most of his children are buried in Soule Cemetery in Hyde County.

(Photos and information courtesy of John McGowan.)

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