September - November 1916


September 1916


1st Friday Fair and cool. 66 at 5-45. No mail came, this morning, - rains failed to connect. Two autos stalled near here, today, both in the same place. Fair all day. Mrs. D. L. Berry [Noi Daniel] did me the kindness to bring the Postum and butter I ordered. Mrs. Tom Watson came with her. Another car got stuck in the mud at the same place, this p.m.





2d Sat. Fair. Cool. This p.m., I rode to town with Mr. Tom Benson: there were two others in his 2-horse surrey. I attended the meeting of the Masonic Lodge, and spoke about my condition and inability for work, looking forward to going to the Masonic & Eastern Star Home, in Greensboro. I rode back by asking Mr. George Howard to bring me home, as I was too feeble to make the trip without difficulty. It is cloudy this p.m.





3d Sun. A shower before 6 A.M. Mostly cloudy and some sunshine after 7 A.M. John Berry came for me, this morning, as I requested. Attended my S. S. Class; went to the service at the Baptist Church, ate dinner at the Harris Hotel, after which I went to Bro. Charlie Jones and stayed two or more hours; Went to Grants and came home in surrey of and with Mr. Joe Tunnell. It looked stormy for a while, this P.M. – passed. I saw no evidence that Mr. Mann has been here at all, today.






4th Monday Mostly fair. This is “Labor Day”. I rode to town with Mr. Henry McGowan. Went to the opening of the school. Several visitors there, several talks were made by trustees and Co. Supt.  Rev H. B. Hines and Rev. Hinderlite, and myself. Disappointed in getting a way to ride back, I had to walk a mile, then got in a cart and rode home. Glad the great strike for today was called off by a new law quickly passed by Congress. It would have been terrible on this country.











5th Tues. Cloudy. Rain at seven. Rain, more or less, all day

6th Wed. Fairing off. I suppose Neppie begins her career as teacher in the School for the Deaf, in Morganton, today.


7th Thurs. Fair. Grant came to see me, this p.m. about preaching at S. Qr. Sunday, as he will be at Amity at a special service. Rev R. C. Beaman is to be there. Hot, today.


8th Fri. Partly cloudy. Tonight, I went to Mr. Joe Swindell’s, got some sweet milk, stayed a while and returned home.


9th Sat. Partly fair. Lot of cleaning up done today. No specials.

10th Sunday Fair and cool, this morning. I walked to Sunday School; taught my class; preached on Prayer; took dinner at Mr. Alec Berry’s; left 20 min. to 5, walking. I stopt at Mr. Joe Swindell’s and came on home. Found Mr. Mann here, feeding the chickens. Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Cahoon and Haywood, came and spent a while with me, leaving at 8-15. I am glad they came. The day has been windy and cool.





11th Mon. Fair. Walked to town. Dinner at Mamie’s. Rode back with "Fonville" (col). Rode back to J.C. Swindell’s for milk and clabber and walked back home. Been cool, today.



12th Tues. Mostly cloudy, this morning. Increasing in P.M. (a  light fall of rain)

13th Wed. Cloudy. It rained in the night. No rain today.

14th Thurs. Partly cloudy. Sunshine and clouds all day.

15th Fri. Sunshine and showers together, this morning. Rode to town and back with Alva Roberts. Rain late this evening.


16th Sat. The day has been cool and mostly fair, I think.

17th Sunday. Partly fair, cooler – 61° at 6-15. I walked to our S.S. this m. conducted my class; took dinner and rice fermenty? (firmity?) at Mr. Charlie Jones. Dan Berry brot. me out home in his buggy and after feeding the chickens, I rode back, and took oyster supper, with him. I found and left Mr. Mann at our place. I attended service at our church; Rev. R. C. Beaman, D.D., Pastor at Henderson, preached to a large congregation. I came back with Harry Swindell and father.





18th Mon. Fair. 60° this m’g. at about 7 a.m. I rode with Mr. Albin Swindell to where the burial of Carl Overton [Carl Heits Overton - Dec. 18, 1881-Sept. 17, 1916; buried in Soule Cemetery] took place; about a mile or more on the new road, or the Credle road. The first service was conducted by his pastor, Mr. Hinderlight, Presbyterian, pastor. Overton was one of his members, I suppose: the second service was by the Masons, and in which I participated. I rode to town with John and Mamie. I rode back home with Abb Berry and Alexander.





19th Tues. Partly cloudy. Mr. Mann brot. his daughter, Miss Margaret, and Miss Annie Watson (his patners in this farm); and as Miss Margaret had not eaten breakfast, she ate with me and said she enjoyed it. Several col. men are cutting down trees on this place, this m. For breakfast, I had oatmeal , irish potato chips, toast, Postum, cold rice and sweet potatoes.









20th Wed. Fair. Colder – 56° at 6-30. Rode to town with Mr. A. B. Litchfield. In his car, in his car were he, Mr. S.S. and Thomas Mann. I walked back to Mr. Joe Swindell’s when Mr. W J. Harris came along with Mr. Herbert Griffin. They passed me and stopt, and called me to ride with them. They brot. me home. John was to have brot. me and the whole family, but he was so long about it. I walked on. I had to rest two or three times on the way. Has turned warmer.





21st Thur. Fair. Not as cold, this m. Recd 15 books – “The Fraters”, from Rev. John R. Steward, on consignment. The day has been pleasant.

22d [Fri.] Fair 56° at 6-30(?) Nothing special to record, I now believe.

23d Sat. 23rd  Fair. Warmer. Grant came out to see what I wanted to see him about. I made my usual preparations for Sunday a little after noon. Tonight, or evening, Mr.& Mrs. Lum Cahoon and Haywood came up to see me. They brot. a piece of fish (raw ) and some potatoes. I appreciate their kindness to me. It is clouding and thundering, tonight.




24th Sunday Fair. 62° at 7 a.m. I walked to beyond the turn of the road, or opposite the Co. Home, and Bennie Mason came along in his car, and took me to the church, in town. Attended service at the Baptist Church. Took dinner at W. R. Swindell’s. Started from there, at 4-13, to walk back home; got to Mr. Alec Berry’s and he had his horse hitched, and he and Abb., his son brot. me on home, except that Mr. B. got out at his farm. Found several ladies and Dr. Plum Swindell here, on my return. They left right away. Three rode in the surrey with Abb – they were Miss Annie Watson, Miss Hilda Mann, and Miss Gray. Dr. Plum took his fiancé (Miss Margaret Mann) in his car. They made some choc. candy, while here, and left a “toll” for me. It is good, too. This has been a pleasant sabbath day to me.











25th Mon. Fair. Started to town on a pen of hogs in a wagon, afterwards got in car with John Roberts. Came back with Willie Gray Harris.


26th Tues. Fair. 54° at 6-45 a.m. Got a note from my boy, Weston, this morning. He is back in the Army as one of the reserves. Says he is well. First news from him in about four months. Mamie &c. stopt, and went on to Miss Eula’s.



27th Wed. Fair. There has been nothing worth recording, today.

28th Thurs. Fair. Walked to town with paint & brush. ate dinner at W. B. Swindell’s. Marked the names – Romalda Swindell, and Marcelyte Swindell, in their parasols. Went to Grant’s. Sold three copies of “The Fraters”: and John brot. me home in his automobile.



29th Fri. Fair and warm. Cloudy and thundering this aft..At ¼ to 2 – Shower. No more rain, this P.M. Increase of the clouds.


30th Sat. Fair and colder. 56° at 6-15. While I was eating a late dinner (after my bath) Mrs. Mann and her younger children, Spencer, Grace, and little Lucile Louise came up in the cart to get chips and kindling wood. Lucile Louise came in and ate with me and Grace came a while after. This has been a very cool day.




Finis Sept.

October 1916




1st Day, Sunday. Mostly cloudy. Just a little sunshine. 56° about 6-30 a.m. I walked to Sunday School in town. Attended service at the Baptist Church; ate dinner with the pastor – Rev H. B. Hines. I walked back; stopt at Lum Cahoon’s; felt pains in my bowels and they gave me a dose of medicine. Met Mr. Mann going on home.




2d Mon. Partly fair. 56 degrees about 6:30. Nothing worth recording. Today.

3d Tues. Cloudy and windy. Cloudy all day. Nothing else.

4th Wed. Rainy, or showery. Nothing worth recording, today.

5th Thurs. Partly fair. Dr. E. H. Jones came in, this P.M., to see me, in answer to my letter to him. The day has been a fair one.


6th Fri. Partly cloudy, and mostly so. I walked rode to Mr. Lewis H. Swindell’s on a business matter, and stayed for dinner. I rode with a Mr. Hart (?) Berry, of Engelhard. There have been showers. I walked back, stopping at Mr. Joe Swindells to get some clabber.



7th Sat.  Fair. Rode to town on Mr. Cahoon’s wagon. Took dinner at Mamie’s. Registered for the coming election. John brought me back in his car. Stopt at C. C. Cahoon’s, and got two pieces of fish.



8th Sunday.  Fair and pleasant, this morning. I walked to Sunday School; taught my class: preaching by the pastor – Grant: dinner at C.A. Jones’: came back in Mr. Alec Berry’s surrey. Abb kindly brot me home. With us were Abb’s Mother, wife and boy. Mr. Mann returned to town with them. A pleasant day.





9th Mon. Fair. Rode to town in John Roberts’ car with him and A.B. Swindell. Took dinner with R.D. Harris and Dr. Windley brot. me home, in his car, and went on to a patient.


10th Tues. Cloudy and North East Wind – cold. Rained, last night. Fair this m..

11th Wed. Fair. Coldest morning – 44° at 6-15 a.m. In expectation of company, I baked some Ginger Bread. It is right good. The company came: Mamie, John & the children, and Millicent and Daisy. It is quite cold tonight – 49 at 8 P.M. A fair day.



12th Thurs.  Fair and colder 39° at 6 a.m. Nothing to record, tonight.

13th Fri. Fair: some warmer. Walked to town. Ate dinner at Harris Hotel. Bro. Jones gave me some honey. John brot. me nearly home.


14th Sat. 8-35 P.M. Fair day; cool. Nothing worth recording.

15th Sunday. Fair and cold – 40° at 7 a.m. Walked to Sunday School; taught my Bible Class. Went to H.B. Swindell’s for dinner; arranged with John and Mamie to go to the “Lake School House” for service, this p.m. Dinner was late – about 2 o’clock’ but we went to the service which I conducted for Rev. R. R. Grant. Came back about sundown, after stopping at C.J. Harris, after service. It is some warmer.




16th Mon. Partly cloudy and warmer. Court week in town. Rode to town in Mr. Jno. Bonner’s surrey. Attended the court, heard Ex. Gov. W. W. Kitchen speak on State and National issues. Went to Mamie’s and ate my dinner after 3 o’clock. No one was at home and I pitched in to what I found, and it was enough. Walked over half way home, and rode ballance of the way with a school boy on his way home. It has been a warm day.











17th Tuesday Partly cloudy. Nothing doing to write of.

18th Wed. Cloudy and cooler. Rode to town in Jno. Robert’s car, and came back in Cecil Harris’ wagon. It is windy. Got in home at noon. I sold 2 books – “The Fraters”, all sold but one copy. It began to rain, lightly, about 4-30, and continues tonight.



19th Thurs. Cloudy. The rain gave me two barrels of water, last night. I got a lamp – “Giant Heater”, in the mail, this m., and if it does as recommended, I will take the agency for it. 2 P.M., it is raining again. The dust is laid, I am glad to say.



20th Fri. Cloudy. Some sprinkles, and some sunshine, today.

21st Sat. Fair and cooler. Rode to town with a colored man, from Fairfield. Walked about half way back home, and Willis Credle came along in his car and brot. me on home, glad to say. The day has been pleasant. Took my bath and shave this aft'n.



22d Sunday.  Fair and cooler – 50° at 6-30 a.m. I walked to the “turn of the road” about 1/8 or ¼ m., then rode in a car to town. The Negros are having a “Sosation” near here. I went to see Mamie before S. S. and it was not as pleasant as it should have been. Attended service in the Baptist Church. Came with C.C. Cahoon, and ate dinner with them. Rev. Mr. Marler was at the next home, and after dinner they all came over to Mr. Cahoon’s. I walked home, found Mr. Mann here. Wrote letter to Mamie tonight.








23rd Mon. Cloudy. After 4 P.M., I rode to town and back with John Roberts, in his car. I was not gone an hour. Cloudy yet.


24th Tues. I did not record anything today: I forgot it.

25th Wed. Partly cloudy. Nothing to write about, tonight.

26th Thur. Cloudy. I got no mail this m. It rained, this eve’g.

27th Fri. Mostly cloudy, and cool. Rode to town with Mr. John Bonner. There was political speaking in the C.H. - Daniel & Small; and the crowd was small, too. John Berry sawed down a box for me. Have filled it with my library, and am to send the books to my Alma Mater – Rutherford College. I came back home with Mr. McGowan.




28th Sat.  Fair. Nothing out of the ordinary routine, today.

29th Sunday. Mostly cloudy. I rode with Grant, in a buggy, to Soule’s Church. After he conducted service, he gave me a chance to sell books – “The Fraters”. I carried six, and sold them, and three more – have five at home. We ate dinner at Sam. Boomer’s. Mrs. Zach, Benson [Mary Matilda Watson] gave me a large paper sack of sweet potatoes. Mr. Mann was here.





30th Mon. Warmer and somewhat cloudy. I sent my library, (except a few books) to the wharf warehouse to go on the boat “Mot”, in the morning. Am sending them as a present to my Alma Mater – Rutherford College. Asa carried them in the cart, and I rode to town with him. I got dinner at the “New Swindell Hotel”. Walked back, and stopt awhile at Mrs. Joe Rayburn’s, and then at Mr. Joe Swindell’s. It is still warm and cloudy. Some drizzle rain.







November 1916




Oct. 31st Tuesday. Fair. I walked half way to town, and rode the bal. of the way with Columbus (col) and little Benners Millikin. Went to see if my “new” apartments were ready for me to move in, tomorrow. They are ready - 2 rooms at Lupton’s. A 2–room house in the middle of the five “quarters” of a similar build. The bed being in the wrong room, I had it moved to the other one. I rode back with A.B. Berry. Fair. I suppose this is my last night at Battle Ground Farm. The chicken project proved a miserable failure for several reasons. Instead of several hundred expected, there are only 25. I have been here about 14 months, keeping batch at the expense of Misses Mann & Watson, - S.S. Mann & Miss Annie Watson I go, tomorrow, Deo Volente [Latin for "God willing"], to town, and have to support myself.









Nov. 1st Wednesday Fair, so glad to say. Mr. Mann came to the Battle Ground Farm, this m. at my request to see the things before I moved. Mr. Joe Swindell and Hugh came with horses and wagon; also, Asa (colored) with the cart, and they moved me to my rooms in S.Qr. I am now again a resident of the town, and glad to be away from the farm where I have been for about 14 months. Grant came around and helped me move the oil stoves in. I went to see Mamie: She came with me. I ate supper with them, and went to Prayer Meeting in our church.











2d Thurs. Fair and cooler. Ate dinner at Lupton’s Hotel. I painted a dark chimney, in my room, with alabastine. It is now white and a decided improvement in appearance.


3d Fri. Fair and colder. I attended “Arbor Day” exercises at the Academy, this morning. Mr. S.S. made an address, at the close.


4th Sat. Fair and cold – below 50°. Mamie and the children were around to see me, this a.m. She brot - me 3 tomatoes. Bath &c at (unreadable word)


5th Sunday. Fair and warmer. At S.S. went to service in the Baptist Church. Ate dinner at R.H. Tunnell’s [Robert Henry Tunnell] by invitation. Went around to Grant’s this eve. He preached on The Love Chapter.


6th Mon. Partly fair, but increasing cloudiness. Mrs. Grant kindly patched my two dress shirts that had holes in front, worn out by the collar. Bishop Darst, of the Eastern Diocese, preached a most impressive sermon, in the Baptist Church, tonight. His text was Luke 15.1-2 – Christ, the Friend of Sinners. Large congregation.




7th Tues. National Election Day and for State and County. Fair and cool. I ate dinner at Mamie’s. I have a deep cold, and I don’t feel good. The day has been fair.


8th Wed. Fair. Election in the union in doubt, as we have heard. It is reported this P.M. that Pres. Wilson is re-elected President.

9th Thur. Partly cloudy. Warmer. The result of the election is still in doubt up to 10 a.m. I ate supper with our P.E. – C.L. Read, at Grant’s. No definite news from the election.



10th Fri. Fair and warmer. Heard Wilson is re-elected. Attended service at the church, preaching by the P.E. – C.L. Read, the session of the 4th Qr. Conf. followed. Ate dinner, with the P.E., at Swindell Hotel. The National election is still in the ballance, tonight. I got medicine for bowels, from Dr. L.H. (Plum) Swindell.









11th Sat. Fair. Nothing special to record today.

12th Sunday Cloudy. Met my class; church service by the pastor – R.R. Grant; went home with him, and ate dinner there; after which he went to the “Turnpike” and we met the P.E. – Rev C.L. Read, and brot. him to Rose Bay where he preached; after which we returned to Swan Qr., and the P.E. preached at the night service.




13th Mon. Cloudy, and quite warm. Nothing to record.

14th Tues. Partly cloudy, and still warm. Same as above "  "

15th Wed. Rainy, and some cooler. Met Geo. Fearing, of Eliz. City, tonight. I also met John Conner in the Post Office; I was his pastor once.

16th Thurs. Fair and cold, and ice, this morning. 39°.

17th Fri. Fair and colder – 35°. It is warmer, tonight.

18th Sat. Fair. 48° at 7 a.m. – Mrs. Silas Lupton brot me some buckwheat cakes, beef, and biscuits for my breakfast: I was cooking my breakfast, and had b-cakes and hominy &c. Ate dinner, by invitation, at the Lupton Hotel. Took my bath before dinner – an hour.



19th Sunday. Fair. 44°. Met my S.S. Class; ate dinner at Swindell Hotel. Took a long walk this P.M. Went to service, tonight.




20th Mon. Fair. 49° at 8-20 A.M. Eloise Lupton brought me some buckwheat cakes and a biscuit, before I got up, this m. – before 7 o’clock. There has been nothing, since, worth recording.


21st Tues. Fair. 50° at 7 a.m. Cloudy this evening, and cooler. I carried Mrs. Lupton some Gelatine I made. She ate it and enjoyed it.


22d Wed. Fair, and warmer during the day. Got a proof of Weston’s photo. I had enlarged from a P.C. to a much larger size. Rec’d a long letter from my boy – Weston, tonight.


23d Thurs. Rainy. Mrs. Lupton has sent me a nice plate of breakfast: The Lord graciously bless her for her kindness to me, which is often. It is stormy – rain & wind, this after.



24th Fri. Fair and pleasant. Bro. J.S. Barnes asked me if I knew how Primitive Baptists shake hands. He showed me by shaking hands and leaving a half dollar in my hand. I appreciated the gift.


25th Sat. Fair. Nothing occurred today worth recording.

26th Sunday. Fair and colder – 41° at 7-20 a.m. Met my S.S. Class; attended service at the Baptist Church; ate dinner at Mr. Alec Berry’s.  Mamie sent John Madison and Lucile to see if I wanted to go with them to Mrs. Eula Harris’s. [Eula Ree Berry, wife of Cecil Truman Harris] I could not go. At service again, tonight.



27th Mon. Fair. 40° at 7 a.m. Mamie, Lucile and Charles, came around to see me, this morning.  I got my dinner at the Harris Hotel. Rev H.B. Hines was going up to Grant’s, and I went with him. I found Elizabeth sick, and I sent Minnie to get some oranges for her. I gave M. one, and Elizabeth the other two. This has been a pleasant afternoon. I am making preparation to leave, on the “Mot” for Washington, in the morning. From there, I am expecting to go to Rich Square to see my good friend – Herbert Thompson and family, who are looking for me Wed. It is much warmer, now.











28th Tues. Partly cloudy. Some rain just before day. We left about 10 ms. to 9 a.m. Several ladies aboard; Mrs. S.S. Mann [Magnolia May Watson] the only married lady; the others were young ladies, most of them going to the Teachers’ Assembly. We got to Washington about ¼ to 4 p.m. I left on the A.C.L. train at 4-39, and reached Hobgood after 7 o’clock.  I am at the Hotel Davenport. Have a good room & bed.




29th Wednes. Cloudy, rain before day. Room and breakfast cost me only $1.00, 25¢ off for being a preacher. The train to Kelford left 38 ms. late, or at 10-35. K. is 14 miles run. I found no one to meet me, on getting off the train, but a few moments after a car came from Rich Square for me. I got to Herbert’s house, and met a most cordial welcome from his wife and dear little Mildred and Leon. Herbert is a traveling salesman, and away from home. Still warm.






30th Thurs. This is Thanksgiving Day. It is yet warm and cloudy. Herbert returned home, last night, glad to say; and gave me a hearty welcome. Mildred slept in a crib in my room last night. We had a good Thanksgiving dinner. Ora and the children and I walked up town, this afternoon. Still cloudy. Mr. Walter D. Hunter, Herbert’s brother–in-law, came this p.m. and is to spend the night with us. Egar [Edgar] Chappell & wife came in, tonight. Edgar is Herbert’s wife’s brother. His wife was Celia Cash whom I knew as an orphan in the Orphan Home in Goldsboro. They live about two miles out, and came in, possibly, to see me and renew acquaintance between Celia and me. I was real glad to see her again. They stayed until bed-time and returned home. Celia has two sisters near here, somewhere in the country. I also knew them – Cora and Ethel – at Goldsboro. I hope to see them.