October - December 1918

October 1918

1st Oct. Tues.  Clouds chasing the sunshine most all day so far 4-30.

2d Wed.  Cloudy and warmer.  It was cool last evening.

3d Thurs.  Foggy and warm.  John came around and put in the new lining for my heater that belongs to him.  Cloudy - P.M.  The mail came in earlier than usual, today, am glad to say.





4th Fri.  Fair, mostly.  There were 1 white (Lou. Sawyer) and five (5) colored men buried in Fairfield today – subjects of Spanish influenza.  I hear that not enough are well, there to wait on the sick.  Several have it here – (Swan Qr).  It is in all the camps, I think.  My boy is at Camp Meade, Md.



5th Sat.  Fair.  Usual routine, and nothing of interest to record.

6th Sunday  bright and fair.  Jno. Mad. came around to say his “Mama said come and take dinner with her today.”  I sent her a Molasses-Ginger Cake I baked for her, yesterday.  No S.S. on acct. (?) of the prevalence of the Spanish Influenza.  It is warm, today.



7th Mon.  Cloudy, somewhat.  Occasional sunshine thru the day.  Mamie is around here now – 4-30 P.M.  No mail boat tonight.  Don’t know why.  Colder.


8th Tues.  Fair.  No mail-boat yet.  Cool, this m.  The boat came in about 9-30; it was delayed in the Bay at the Haul Over, on acct. of trouble with the pipe - it was stopt up.



9th Wed.  Mostly, or partly fair.  The Donnell Farm Sale comes off today.  The Atlantic Realty Co. is to sell it:  their band played on the corner, here, this morning.  The Donnell Farm Sale amounted to about $12,000.00


10th Thurs.  Fair and cold.  Not all of that Farm was sold, I learned.


11th Fri.  Fair and pleasant.  Mamie has a case of tonsilitisJoshua Cahoon, son of C.E. Cahoon was brot. in tonight, a corpse:  he died of pneumonia after influenza, at Camp Sevier.  A soldier came with him.



12th Sat.  Somewhat cloudy.  “Liberty Day”.  I assisted Bro. Grant in the burial service over Joshua Cahoon at his father’s home.  Cloudy this P.M.  A sprinkling rain about sundown.  It is right warm tonight.






13th Sunday  Partly fair:  warmer.  No S. S. today, - influenza scare and no church service.  Mamie sent Charles around to see if I was going there for dinner:  I went.  It is cloudy this afternoon.



14 Mon.  North wind. cold & cloudy.  No service last night, either.  This is court week, here; Judge W.M. Bond, presiding.  Adjourned at the morning session, and cases continued until the next term.  Influenza played a large part in the adjourning of the court.  Fair this P.M.    15th Tues.  Fair & cool.  J. Mad., Lucile and Charles spent a while with me this morning.  Oiled my T-writer this evening.





16th Wed.  Fair and cool.  Cold last night.  Nothing doing with recording.

17th Thurs.  Fair & warmer.  Painted a sugar sign for A D. Tunnell .47 cents.

18th Fri.  Fair and warm   19th Sat.  Fair, mostly, and windy.

20th Sunday  Mostly cloudy, and warmer than last evening.  No S.S., or Church service, today, on acct. of sickness and influenza.  It is raining tonight.  There has been no rain in some time.



21st Mon.  Rainy, but not much:  warm.  The rain was needed, I think.

22d Tues.  Fair and colder:  fair last night.  The Allies in Europe are still victorious, thank the Lord.  This morning I drew my check for my last dollar in The Bank of Hyde - $2.15.  I saw two men sitting in the sunshine – Mr. C.A. Jones who is just out of a case of the influenza, and Mr. Will Watson.  I showed my ck. to Bro. Jones and said “ I am drawing my last dollar out of the Bank”, or words to that effect.  Mr. Watson said, “Give me a blank check”:  I handed him a ck. book, and he drew a check for $5.00 (he owed me for Pecan trees) and gave it to me.  I drew the last dollar, and deposited the $5.00 check.  Minnie Grant bro’t. me a note from her Papa, in which he asked me to take his place at the burial of Norwood Harris, about 2 ½ miles out.  I went in Grant’s car, (Grant is sick) driven by Carlos Berry.  Service at the grave only.  I made the first fire, in my relined heater, tonight.  It has new lining, new elbows (3) – no joints, a new leg and damper handle.  The linseed oil on it is smoking off and filling the room.  It works O.K.













23d Wed.  Fair and cold.   24th Thurs.  Cloudy and warmer.  Just as I was thru cooking my breakfast, (9-50) Artis Carrawan came and asked me to go burry his father’s baby (9 mos.)  I ate breakfast before going.  While I was out, Mamie and Chas. came.  I left them in charge of the house.  She made up my bed, as I requested.  Artis C. carried, and brought me back; returned at 11-30.




25th Fri.  Cloudy and warm.   26th Sat.  Fair and cooler.  Nothing else.

27th Sunday  Partly cloudy.  Clocks & watches are to be moved back an hour to-day, or at midnight, to Almanac time.  No S.S. or Church, today.


28th Mon.  Partly cloudy:  pleasant morning.  Faired off pretty warm.

29th Tues.  We are having a morning shower:  a rain is needed.  I began taking milk from E.O Spencer’s, this m.  Quite warm today & cloudy.


30th Wed.  Fair and warm.  Onslow Howard brot. me the regular bottle of milk, this m., as they are now able to re-supply me.  This morning, I borrow Dan Berry’s horse and buggy & drove “over the Creek”.



31st Thursday  Raining at 7, A.M. and before.  I borrowed $30.00 from the B’k today, on Weston’s Liberty Loan Bond.  First I ever borrowed from a bank.


November 1918




1st Fri.  Fair and much cooler.  Mamie and Lucile came around about 3 P.M. and L. begged to “come on, and let’s go”, that M. had to go with her after about a 15 min. stay.  It is right cool, this evening:  no fire yet.



2d Sat.  Fair and cold.  Breakfast, unexpectedly, with Mr. S.S. Lupton.

3rd Sunday  Fair and cold.  No S.S. or Church service today, as it is prohibited by county order, on acct. of the influenza.  The lid may be raised tomorrow at Co. Coms Mtg.   4th Mon.  Fair.  Austria has quit fighting.


5th Tues.  Fair and windy, growing cloudy in N.  Election Day.  I voted the straight Dem. ticket except for one on the county ticket.  It is reported, to-night, that Germany has surrendered: that a telegram received today so stated.  I truly hope it is true.



6th Wed.  Fair and cool.  Above report proves the usual fake.


7th Thurs.  Cold and cloudy.   8th Fri.  Fair and Frosty and cool.  “False Report on Armistice Biggest Hoak Recent Years”.  Fighting going on yet.  Republicans have a majority in Congress; prob. tie in Senate.

9th Sat.  Partly cloudy.  Usual Saturday duties; Nothing of interest.


10th Sunday  Somewhat cloudy:  continued warm weather  Increasing cloudiness before 9-30.  We had Sunday School and Church Service, this m. for the first time in over a month.  Bro. Grant, P. C. announced that I would preach tonight.  He goes to Soules.  It is now 12-30 and looks like a rain is on hand.  No rain today, here.  I preached tonight on david’s Lament for Absalom.







11th Mon.  Fair and colder.  As requested by the Prin. of our High School (Miss Maysel Lupton) I conducted the morning exercise for her, this morning.  Another telegram says, Germany has signed the Armistice terms.  I thank God, sincerely, that several have spoken in high terms of my sermon last night.  I am so glad I can render a service to God and man; but I am such a weak instrument. 
“Glory to God In the Highest”.  The War, Is Over, Over There!!  Germany Has Signed Terms of Armistice”.  The Kaiser Is a Refugee, fled to Holland.  “The World War Ended This Morning at 6:00 O’clock.”  Thank God!!!!!  The children are celebrating, tonight, bells, tin pans, hollowing, Bells ring, guns fired, speaches made. Hurrah!!!  The 4th Qr. Conf. held this 5 P.M.  Rev. C.L Read, P. E. here & presiding.










12th Tues.  Mostly fair.  All quiet, this morning.  Increasing cloudiness; windy from N..  Our News & Observer failed us tonight, sorry to say.


13th Wed.  Cloudy and cool.  Cleared later.   14th Thur.  Fair & frosty.  Mamie and Charles spent an hour or more with me, this morning.


15th Fri.  Fair, Foggy, Frosty early this m.  Has been a pleasant day.

16th Sat.  Cloudy & warmer.  Raining at 3 P.M.  I made a mince-pie for my Sunday dinner:  it looks O.K.  It’s the 1st (?) I have made.


17th Sunday  First cloudy then fairing:  warm.  Service tonight.

18th Mon.  Fair since 7-15 a.m.  Mamie went to church with me last night.  The service was a “Praise for Peace” service.  Grant, I. & Guthrie made short talks on the subject.  There was a rain in the night, I see.







19th Tues.  Fair and colder.  I changed my underwear, last night, by putting on an old union suit so as to have a gradual change from thin to thick.  More comfortable, now, than the legless, armless, summer suit.   20th Wed.  Fair and, not as cold today.  I lettered a nice sign for “The Women’s Auxiliary”, of the Episcopal Church, today:  am to get 2 Thrift Stamps for it.  Bro. Grant spent a while here, tonight.




21st Thurs.  Fair and some warmer (?).  Grant wants me to collect bal. on his Conf. Collections; and I will try to raise $75.00, here.  Ate dinner at Mamie’s today.  Mrs. Holderby & 2 children are there, from Wilson, N. C. (John’s sister)



22d Fri.  Cloudy & warmer.  Some sunshine this P.M.  Went to the salad & Jelly & cake affair, this P.M. – 4 +, and ate only Jelly & cake.  I was disappointed in not being permitted to pay for it, as I expected to do.  The ladies said it was their treat, and refused the offered pay.



23d Sat.  Cloudy and colder.  I attended a social gathering of our Bible Class, last night, at D.L. Berry’s.  9 women, 3 men, and 2 little girls were there.  Changed to full winter wear this P.M.


24th Sunday  Cold and cloudy.  Began to rain while in S.S. and is raining now – 12:35, and rained to near night:  disagr’ day.


25th Mon.  Fair, but not clear:  red sky about sunrise.  Not as cold.


26th Tues.  Partly fair, and colder.  No incident to record for today.

27th Wed.  Cloudy and warmer    28th Thurs.  Cloudy & warm.  THANKS-GIVING DAY   Raining, at 10, A.M. and on.  This is a happy Thanks-Giving day, if it is disagreeable weather.  The Lord met me at my morning prayer and anointed me with the oil of gladness, and I rejoiced greatly in his presence.  About noon, Mamie sent, by “John Madison”, two pieces of potato pie; and I am baking a plain cake.  Rain prevented service in our Church, this morning, sorry to say.  Two years ago, today, q.v., I was with sweet little Mildred, in Rich Square.  The cake and pie were a good desert; I had a pretty good dinner.











29th Fri.  Fairest:  pleasant.   30th Sat.  Cloudy.  A letter from my boy said he would be here Christmas Day.  Thank the dear Lord.  I hope to see him then:  haven’t seen him in six years & over.


Dec. 1st Sunday  mostly cloudy.  Dinner at Mamie’s, today.  I attended morning service in the Disciples’ Church, after our Sunday School.  At service in our church, tonight.  Rain while we were in the church.


2d Mon.  Very disagreeable weather, this m.  I heard that there was snow falling just after I got in the church last night.  I cut out some 6- in. letters for Capt. Zack Boyd’s vessel – Sea–Gull.  This has been a very disagreeable day.  Mail boat late tonight.




3d Tues.  Fair, this m., but see O. how muddy!   4th Wed.  Fair & colder.  Went to Mamie’s and found her up but sick.  I ate dinner there.  I went to get John to trim my hair, or shave my neck, as I had cut my own hair with a “Hair Cutter”.  Right good Job.



5th Thurs.  Fair & colder.  Mamie has the influenza.  May the Lord spare my child, and restore her to health and service.






6th Fri.  Fair, A.M., cloudy, P.M.  Mamie is feeling some better.  I swept and straightened up two rooms - her bedroom and the sitting, or dining room, and swept the steps inside; and made a fire and carried up wood.  My back has been feeling the effects of the turn of the wood, I suppose.  Went to see her tonight: she says she is better.  Hope it is not the “flu”.




7th Sat.  Fair & colder.  Mamie is up, and I trust the worst is over.

8th Sunday  Mostly cloudy and warmer.  At S.S. & Church service.  Mamie cooked breakfast, this m. and is certainly improving.


9th Mon.  Fair.  Bro. Grant preached his last sermon, before conference, last night, as pastor of S. Qr. Circuit.  7 P.M.  I am getting ready to start to Conf. tomorrow.  Going on the “Mot” to Washington.  Bro. Grant gave me $5.00 for collecting the Conf. collections:  lack $19.35 getting the full amount.  Rev S.A. Nettles of Fairfield & Will Watson spent a while with me tonight.



10th Tues.  Fair.  I got up about 5 A.M.  Boat left at 8-20.  On the boat are Rev. Nettles & Grant.  Abb Berry, wife and babes, Mrs. Tom. Long and 2 boys, Evie Cherry, John Roberts and his hogs.  The  pipe on the boat being stopt they were 25 min fixing it so it would go again.  We all had a plenty to eat.  We will miss the train going to New bern, and will have to go via Tarboro, to get to Goldsboro - due there 10-20 P.M.  A.C. - L. Donte, Bro. Best bro’t. me, in his car, to the Orphan Home where I am assigned.  I room at the Supts. House which in 1908 was the Infirmary. 






11th Wed.  Cloudy.  Mr. Baird took us to town, in his car, this m.  Bishop Darlington is presiding over our Conf.  I was continued on the superannuate relation.  I bot. several things, of course that I had on my memorandum.  I am not going out to the church tonight.




12th Thurs.  Cloudy all day.  This is Centennial Missionary Day in our Conference here.  I was only at the morn’g service.


13th Fri.  Raining before & after day.  No rain until after night.  Did not go to town or Church, this afternoon or night.  My old tooth aches.  Lee Fulton, Harry Holmes & Casper Thomas (S.A.T C Boys) are here from Wake Forest College.  They were in the “Home” here ten year ago, when I stayed in “The Old Folk’s Home”:  they all recognized me.  Several of the little “Home” - Girls love to be with me while I am here.





14th Sat.  Cloudy, foggy, damp, warm.  Some sunshine before noon.  I saw my first aeroplane about 1-30 p.m.  They (2 or more) passed over while we were at dinner, at the Orphan Home.  I have arrange to have a Kodak picture made of Blanche Adams (nearly 10 years old) one of the orphan children here; because she is so much like Olivia Matthews was when I was on the Vass Ct. in 1912.  Miss Leftwitch, a nurse at the Goldsboro Hospital, opposite - The Orphan Home, is to take the picture and send it to me, or perhaps Miss Singleton, a matron here, will.  A very heavy rain before 6 P.M., the lot almost covered with water.  Dr. McMillan treated my teeth this P.M. Charges $1000.00, he said.







15th Sunday,  but sun-shine.  Cloudy and warm yet.  I attended Love Feast;  heard Bishop Darlington preach:  he ordains 6 (?) as deacons.  Remained at “The Orphan Home” ballance of the day.  At the Home S.S. Rev. A. S. Barnes, Supt. Meth. Orphanage, Rev. S.P. Turrentine D. D. Pres. of G. C. W. and Rev. E.C. Few made talks.  Heavy rains tonight, and no one went out to church.









16th Mon.  Raining right on:  Rained all(?) night.  Our Conference comes to an end this morning:  it is to meet at 8-30.  Conf. adjourned this morning.  N.H.D. Wilson is P. E. of Wash. Dist. and L.T. Singleton is P. C. at Swanquarter.  After adj’m’t, Rev. W.P. Constable handed me $25.00, as “A gift from the Brethren”, with which to buy me a suit of clothes, and told me to see Dennis Cobb:  I went to see him, and he took me to Edwards’ Store, and picked out a suit for me.  The suit value was $35.00  Extra Pants $7.50,  Rubbers $1.50  total $44.00.  I advanced $5.00 and pd. the $25.00 and got the whole.  I am duly grateful to God who does all things well; and to those dear, brethren.  I knew the Lord had something in store for me, for he so greatly blessed my soul about a week before Conf.,  I said then, He had something good for me.  It is still cloudy and gloomy outdoors, but joy and gratitude within my soul.  Thank God!









17th Tues.  Yet cloudy.  I slept in the Main Bldg. last night, and took a warm bath before retiring.  Arose at 5, A.M.  Left Goldsboro Union Station near 8 A.M. almost an hour late:  ar. at Washington via Newbern about noon -  ¾ hr. late.  Came to Clyde Harrison’s, of course.  I stayed in the ballance of the day.  Cloudy yet.






18th Wednesday  Cloudy.  Walked up town, and spent money, of course.  Peeps of sunshine about noon.  Walked up town again after 2 P.M.


19th Thurs.  Fair, am so glad to say!  Mrs. Clyde Harrison, for little Mildred, gave me a nice 4-in-hand tie, last night:  and this morning, Clyde sent up 3 pr nice grey socks, and three collars, as his Christmas gift to me.  I bade them goodbye, and rode in a hack, Clyde sent up for me, to the N. & S. Depot:  left about 9 A.M. for Belhaven:  left on the mail boat at 11 ms. to 4 P.M.  Arrived home (S. Qr.) at 7:-7 p.m.  There were about 14 white passengers on the small mail-boat.  Tonight I received my first Allotment Check - $75.00 from “The Bureau of War Risk Insurance” Dept., on account of my Soldier-Boy-Weston.




20th Fri.  Fair.  42 degrees through the night.  Rev. Mr. Howell (Bapt.) came in to see me today:  I hear he will be the B. pastor here, the first of the year.


21st Sat..  Cloudy and warmer.  The day of three regular Jobs – B. S. P.

22d Sunday  Cloudy.  Our Bible Class had Bro. Howell to talk on the Lesson:  he also preached, after S.S.  Dinner at Mamie’s.  The inclement weather prevented services tonight.  Raining at 8-30.



23d Mon.  Cloudy & warm.  59 degrees at 7-15.  A lot of rain, last night.  Raining before noon.  I have made a pretty Welcome Card on the wall for my boy, and several have been in to see it.  My dear Boy came tonight.  I was not surprised, but did not really expect him until tomorrow night.  He first went to the Swindell Hotel with others.  I waited for him, and then went there after him.  I went with Weston to the Harris Hotel where he is to spend the night.  I received the Duke Check tonight: it is for $71.43.  It is misting rain, and is very disagreeable.







24th Tues.  Cloudy and warm – 56 degrees at 8-15.  Weston came in for breakfast, as expected, and helped me with it.  Mamie came around to see him:  she was “up town”, and had not heard W. was here.  We all 3 went around to her house.  I am back to paint a Play-Notice for the Miss’y Soc’y.  Miss Maud Griffin came yesterday to get me to do the work for them:  I promised I would today.  Dr. R.N. Cartwright, Fairfield, N. C. sent me a nice box of sausages yesterday.  He and I were school-mates in Eliz. City our old home.  By invitation of Mr. & Mrs. S.S. Lupton, Weston and I ate supper with them tonight.





25th Wed.  Christmas Day – fairer this morning than for several.  Last night, I received a letter from Mrs. H.C. Tripp, of this place (S.Q.) containing a check for $5.00.  The Lord has been so good to me through my friends.  Weston and little Charles came around in time for breakfast.  Miss Maysel Lupton brought me a box of layer cake, this morning.  Mamie sent me 21 eggs and 2 lbs. sausage.  I read, aloud, my morning Bible-Lessons, and Weston and I bowed in prayer, and I prayed for each of my 3 children.  May God Bless them.

See next Diary (no other diary has ever been found)








How to address a letter to a soldier in France:

Sergt. Charles Weston Brothers
Co. H. 72 Infantry
American E. F., via N. Y.

Am. E.F. means
American Expeditionary Forces




Mr. S. S. Mann
245 House Office Bldg.
Washington, D. C.