Oct. - Dec. 1917


October 1917

















1st Oct [Monday]  Fair and cold.  60° at 6-30.  Has been fair all day.

2d Tues.  Fair.  62° at 8-38.  There is a Mr. Murray from Pender County, here.  He is a Farm Demonstrator for this co. and is to remain here indefinitely.  I had an interesting talk with him about Pender folks.  I was pastor there in 1903 & 1904.  This is the day when something is dated to come off tonight. (See entry of Sept. 28th, 29th)  Well, they are married (8-20 p.m.)  They were Burton H. Berry, 25 yrs. and Alma Lee Jarvis, 17; were married at J. M. Berry’s residence.  Rev. R.R. Grant was there at my request.  Fee $5.00.  Beside the couple there were four present, only, Rev R.R. Grant, Mamie (my daughter) and Nat Berry, and myself who officiated.









3rd Wed.  Fair and yet cool.  62° at 8 a.m. about nine of our young men went off to Camp Jackson, this morning.  Among them was Grady Credle, of this place, the others, I did not know.  They are digging a ditch to let the water off.




4th Thurs.  Fair and some warmer.  They put a 32 ft. bridge over ditch at the crossing.  The water is nearly off the road, and but little left.


5th Frid.  Fair.  Mrs. Lupton called on me for the mattress of her’s they loaned me; and I have ordered, through The Berry Co., a single iron-bed, springs and mattress, from Washington.  Pleasant Day.


6th Sat.  Cloudy.  No rain. Sunshine and clouds thru the day.  Bro. Grant came and carried his oil-cooker for the use in the oyster affair the ladies are having, this p.m.  I marked a notice for them.



7th Sun.  Fair and considerably cooler.  At S.S., Mamie sent Lucile to my room to ask me to dinner with them.  Carlos’ wife and baby there.  Carlos took Mrs. Sparrow down the Bay this m. and John and his two boys, J.M. and Chas., went with them.  It has been a cool day.  Service tonight.  Grant discoursed on the 46th Psalm.




8th Mon.  Partly cloudy.  63° at 8-15 p.m.  I took down the old bed-stead etc.  and put up my single bed-stead etc., this a.m. & p.m.  Cemented some cracks in the floor.  Got Nat Berry to help me move my beauro and place it back for me, as the slab was too heavy for me to lift.  Got a comforting letter from A. Cameron, tonight.




9th Tues.  Cloudy.  Rained before daybreak.  Cooler this morning.  It has been cloudy all day.  Colder this evening.  61° at 4-15 p.m.  Two young ladies, Miss Lucy Berry and Mrs. Leta (Thad) Brown came to my room to see me about printing notices of a play, Saturday night – 13th.









10th Wed. Cloudy.  60° at 7-35.  It has been inclement all day.

11th Thurs.  Fair again, and some warmer.  Cold wind – p.m.

12th Fri.  Fair.  No entry    13th Sat.  Fair and cold – 57 at 7 a.m.  Mr. S.S. Mann having rec’d his “Fox” Typewriter again, returned my “Emerson”, this evening.  I am certainly glad to get it back.  Went to the Play – “Breezy Point”, tonight.  Had a front seat.  The play was good.  All parties to it were women & 2 girls.  My new felt mattress came tonight.  It is in the warehouse.






14th Sunday  Fair and cooler – 52° at 7-30.  Service at our church, this m.  By invitation of both Mr. & Mrs. Grant, I ate dinner with them, in the parsonage, the first time in some months.  Little Jim Hayes, a dear boy, came in to see me this evening, and Craig Spencer called also.  At service tonight.




15th Mon.  Partly cloudy.  My mattress bro’t to me before I ate my breakfast.  It appears to be soft and comfortable.  Just what I need.  Court week here begins this morning.  Service in our church announced for every night, preparatory to the set meeting next week to be conducted by Rev. R.C. Craven, of Rocky Mount.  The Lord grants us a gracious and greatly needed revival.






16th Tues.  Fair and warmer.  I was glad to see my old friend, Rev. Edwin F. Sawyer, of Eliz. City, my home town.  He is here as agt. for the “Independent”, of E. City.  We were boys together.  He is now a Bap. Pr., he was a Meth. up to a few years ago.  I ate dinner with him at the Swindell Hotel, today.  I found a letter from Neppie in a shoe-box, that last night, that I do not remember having rec’d.  It was post-marked “Sept. 29”, and had never been opened.  I had been looking for a letter for some weeks, and wondered why she did not write.  It is a mystery to me how it got in here as I do not remember ever taking it out of the Post Office, but I did.










17th Wed.  Fair and warmer.  Ate dinner at Mr. A. Berry’s with Rev. Edwin F. Sawyer.  This is the birthday of my grandson, Charles Clary Berry; and he is three years young.  Sallie Thompson is thirteen today.  I have not felt good today.  At service tonight, conducted by Rev. Edwin F. Sawyer of E. City.




18th Thurs.  Fair and pleasant.  Miss Maysel Lupton asked me, yesterday, to conduct chapel exercise at the Academy, this morning.  Have been, and gave a black-board exercise on the Devil.  I borrowed a horse and buggy and went after a jug of pump water.  At service tonight, Judge Kerr, who is holding court here, gave a very good talk on being “Good Witnesses for Christ”, and mastering ourselves.




19th Fri.  Fair and pleasant, this morning.  I found a dish of apple pie, or pudding on my table when I came to fix dinner.  I suppose Mamie brot. it or sent it.  It was good.  I conducted service or talked, tonight.



20th Sat.  Cloudy, cold east wind.  After 2-30 the sun shone and it is a clear sky tonight.  Fire in the Court House this m. cause probably by the explosion of an oil heater in the room occupied by Willie Cradle, the Co. Supt. Ed.  Some damage was done to the room:  walls were black, some letter files partly burnt, and glass in windows and the door were badly cracked:  learned of it this p.m.










21st Sunday  Partly cloudy.  52° at 6-30.  A Mr. Gregge, of Erie, Pa., a mechanical engineer, made a good talk to our Bible Class this morning.  I walked home with Mrs. E. Hatton Hayes and little Jim, at Mr. Calhoon Tooley’s and ate dinner as promised.  It is cloudy and cool this afternoon.  Drizzle of rain about sunset, then rain.




22d Mon.  Fair.  Rain prevented service, last night, I suppose.  It cleared during the night.  Fair most all day.  Service tonight.  Rev. R.C. Craven, of Rocky Mount came in late, but made some helpful suggestions:  he is here to conduct the meeting, and God grant him large success.  We went to the parsonage, after services, and Mrs. Grant served us to stewed oysters-good.





23d Tues.  Cloudy again.  60° at 8-45.  Late breakfast, and too much soda in my biscuits.  Went to John’s to have him put on some heels to my shoes, and stayed for dinner.  Afternoon service at 3-30, by Bro. Craven.  All three of us preachers, Craven, Grant and I, ate supper at Bro. Tim Berry’s, at his invitation.  Service tonight.  Rain before and during service, and is raining now.  9-10 p.m.  Sorry.





24th Wed.  Fair at sunrise:  cold west wind.  56° at 6-35.  Afternoon service at 3 p.m.  Night service at 6-30, so as for all to go to the “Liberty Loan” meeting at the C.H. at 7-30 p.m.  Mr. Mann introduced the prin. speaker, Mr. Steward, a young lawyer from Washington, N.C.  Mr. “Daisy” Carter followed him in a vivacious, short speech.  About 60 dols. were raised.  I gave $1.00






25th Thurs.  Fair and colder 50° at 6-30 a.m.  At the 3 O’clock service, the school children marched to it, from the school.  Bro. Craven had requested their presence; and that everybody should bring a nail.  He used a magnet to rep. [represent] Jesus Christ (John 12:32) “I will draw all men”.  Quite a number of the children gave him their hands for a better life.  Thelma Spencer rec’d a new dollar bill for giving the best recitation of the 23rd Psalm.  Service tonight.





26th Fri.  Fair and cold 52° at 6-30 a.m.  I made a combination Potato Pie yesterday.  Left over batter (for batter cakes) with oatmeal in it; and baked potato mashed & seasoned.  The crust would have been fine if I had cooked done.  This m.  I carried Annie Swindell (at the Hotel,-mind you) a piece, more from curiosity than otherwise.  She seemed very appreciative as well as surprised at my audacity (?).  I have carried Mamie a piece, also.  She tasted and liked it.  Bro. Craven, Rev. Grant, and I, took a good dinner, by invitation, at Bro. Chas A. Jones.  At service this p.m. 3, and we 3 preachers at supper at Bro. R.H. Tunnel’s. 








27th Sat.  Cloudy and warm – 66° at 5-25 a.m.  Probably rain today.  Dinner at- home;.  No service this after.  We three ate supper at Bro. R.D. Harris.  Service tonight.  Bro. Craven preached on breaking up the shallow ground.  This has been a warm day, and a fairly pleasant one, too.









28th Sunday  Mostly fair and some cooler.  Bro. Craven preached a most forceful sermon, this morning from Ephs. 3:19 – The Love of Christ, the fullness of God.  He and I ate dinner with Mrs. Leilia Brinn.  3 O’Clock service for the children.  Subject “A Person’s Nose” – Knows and Noes.  Later:  He treated on Daniel’s No.  Mrs. S.S. Mann invited us preachers to eat dinner with them tomorrow.  Accepted.  Service tonight.






29th Mon.  Mostly fair.  Bro. Craven (Rev. R. C.) dropped in to spend a few moments, and they  were few.  We 3 preachers took dinner at Mr. Mann’s Service at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.  The mail came in some time later than sometime:  it was after 9 when I got home.  I marked a sign for Bro. Barnes.  He has been very liberal to me, financially, and it was a pleasure to make the removal sign – gratis.  We have invitations for both dinner and supper, tomorrow.  A letter from my son, Weston, a Corporal, in the Army at Camp Dodge, Iowa, says he sub. to $100.00 Liberty Loan Bond, and it will be sent to me to use as I like.  God bless my only living boy, and spare his life.








30th Tues.  Rainy.  It is thick cloudy, and much rain about 9 a.m. Sunshine at 10-30.  More rain after 11 a.m.  A heavy rain about noon, clearing since.  We 3 prs. ate dinner, by invitation, at The New Swindell Hotel.  We found Rev. Mr. Stuckenbroke (?), Bap. Minister, and a German by birth; and his wife, there.  He is pastor in Jackson, N.C.  He is here to inquire into the Baptist situation in this county.  He has been offered the field, but he seems unwilling to accept, from the present outlook.  We ate supper at Capt. Thad Brown’s.  The meeting closed tonight.  Several of our girls joined the church; some of the class, not having been baptized, were baptized by the Pastor, R.R. Grant.  Rev. R.C. Craven has given faithful service for 8 days and nights, preached splendid sermons.  Bro. Barnes handed me 2 one dollar bills, in church, said the Knights of Hyde paid for the sign I marked for him.  I reluctantly received it protesting against taking any price.  Had I made a charge, it would not have been over 50 cents.  Fair all afternoon and tonight, and a sight much colder.  No mail tonight, so far – 9 1/2 p.m.
















31st Wed.  Mostly fair.  Colder – 46° at 6-30.  Ate dinner at the New Swindell Hotel, again, by invitation of the proprietor, W.B.S. [Swindell].  Mail late again tonight, but got it before 10:00 p.m.  It is cold tonight.

[November 1917]


Nov. 1st Thurs.  Partly cloudy.  I got up late – 7-15, and everything, too late, this morning.  Have spent most all day answering letters.


2d Fri.  Mostly cloudy.  Cold yet.  Today, the 3 cent letter postage begins.  That was the postage about 35 or 40 years ago.  I remember it, but not the exact date.  Now, it is a War-measure.  The last letter last night was to dear little SallieThompson; and the last 2 cent stamp was put on the letter to her sister – Glennie.  The first letter under 3 cents postage was written to my son, Weston, this cold Friday morning.  Dan Berry invited me to eat wild goose, at his home, tomorrow (Sat)  Accepted!  There was a Halloween Party, tonight, at the Academy.  There were exercises by the children, fortune telling, apples, in a tub, to take out with mouth only, etc, Refreshments and so forth.















3d Sat.  Cloudy in the east, sunshine about 8 a.m.  46° at 7 a.m.  I helped Dan to eat that goose, and other good things – all O.K.  Went to Will Watson’s after dinner, and I spent an hour and more with the girls; drawing for little Marion (7).  She was sweeter to me than ever before – why I stayed so long.  Lillian gave me a bucket of milk.  I want to get sour milk.





4th Sunday  Partly cloudy.  50° at 7 a.m.  At S.S.  Dinner at Mr. W.B. Swindell’s, as I had no bread good enough to eat with my peaches.  I made a change of underwear, yesterday. Summer to winter.



5th Mon.  Fair and cold.    6th Tues.  Fair and cold  46° at 7 a.m.  Mamie and Lucile and Chas. came home with me and spent a while.  5-35 p.m.  It is right much warmer this evening.  There was a choir practice at Mrs. Lelia Brinn’s tonight:  I was phoned to go - I went.



7th Wed.  Fair.  50° at 7 a.m.  I went to see Mr. Tom Midgett, the R of D [Register of Deeds], near neighbor; he is sick.  Rode with Bro. Grant and Rev. W.J. Harris, in H’s [Harris] car, over the cCeek, and bought supplies.  I conducted prayer meeting tonight, as promised to Rev. Grant.



8th Tues.  Fair.  48° at 6-30 a.m.  I conducted the opening exercises in the Academy, this morning, at request of Miss Maysel Lupton a week ago.  Spent the morning session in 3 rooms:  the little children had me drawing for them.  I enjoyed them.  Went to “Will” Watson for sour milk, this p.m.  Neither Lillian (21) or Hattie Belle (16) were there to get it for me; and I stayed with the smaller children – Marion and Ruth, and Louise Watson Mann and Grace Windley, and drew for them, and played with them until Hattie Belle came home and got the milk for me.  Choir practice again at Mrs. Brinn’s tonight and I went.  The first 3-ct letter I received was tonight; it was from Jesse G. Wilkinson, a Sherrills Ford, N.C. boy, now in Kansas City, Mo.  Carl’s brother.
[Charles Clary Brothers was a minister at Sherrills Ford, NC in 1897 when his wife, Mollie died.  They are both buried there at the Catawba Church Cemetery.  The Sherrills Ford Church was one of those Charles pastored as part of the Catawba Church group.]










9th Fri.  Fair and cool.  At urgent request of Mr. Silas Lupton, and was hunting something for breakfast, I ate breakfast with them at the Hotel.  About 9 a.m., I got in the car with Bro. & Mrs. Grant, and Mrs. Bob Tunnell and went with them to Fairfield to the Q.C. which we thought was to be in the forenoon: but the people said it was to be at night, as heretofore.  So arrangement was made for me to stay over, and the others return home.  We ate dinner at Mr. Allen Midyett’s: Mrs. Tunnell stopt at Mr. L.C. Mann’s.  I went to the Academy with the pastor - C.C. Carson, and heard some of the exercises.  I was placed at the “Hotel Fairfield” for the night.  I took supper there.  In the absence of the P.E., Rev. C.L. Read, who has a carbuncle, I preached to a small congregation; after that the fourth Q.C. was held, and I asked the usual disciplinary questions, at the request of the Pastor.   Several expressed appreciation of my sermon on “Moses”.  I returned to the Hotel for the night.  One of the lady teachers, Miss Scarboro is boarding there, and we had a talk about the “School for the Deaf”.  She went there, once, in a hurry.  Neppie wrote me about it at the time.  Miss Scarboro said she remembered her, there. 


















10th Saturday  Fair and warmer.  I found us a way to come home before dinner.  I ate dinner at Dr. A.G. Harris’s; and he and his little son, John G., brot. me home, getting home at 3 p.m.  I was very tired, and rested on my bed for an hour and a half.  Being reminded of a promise of supper at Mrs. Staton Howard’s, I went rather reluctantly because I was so fagged out.  Went then with Bro. Grant.  His wife and Mrs. Tunnell preceded us.  We certainly had a good supper which was not surprising; but rather, expected.  So I have eaten nothing at home since Thursday night, so you see.  Received a letter from Neppie, tonight.  Her last was written September 28th.  The 1st new-3-ct stamp on a letter to me was received today from Funk & Wagnalls.








11th Sunday  Fair and pleasant, this morning.  At S.S. and our Church service.  Grant preached in the providential absence of our P.E. - C.L. Read.  Ate dinner at Mamie’s.  Clifton Cahoon and wife were there.  After service, tonight went with Grant, and spent a while at the parsonage.



12th Monday  Fair, but not clear.  Had to hunt up a wash’-woman:  this morning.  I borrowed Mr. Rufus Smith’s horse and buggy to go in.  I have suffered right much, today, with my hip and back – using my cane.



13th Tues.  Cloudy.  50° about 7 a.m.  Still suffering in hip and back.  As I was preparing my dinner, today, my friend, D.L. Berry bro’t. me a dish of wild goose, oyster dressing and baked potatoes and said his wife sent it.  I very much appreciated it.  The day has been cloudy:  a sprinkle of rain about 1 p.m.; and no more.





14th Wed.  Rain.  It began before day.  Nothing special, today.

[15]th Thurs.  Still cloudy but with appearance of clearing.  I received a letter from Weston, last night.  He said he had insured his life for $10,000.00 premium of $6.60 per month.  I have been painting Bazaar notices, this p.m. and night for the Ladies Aid Society, to be held Saturday, November 24th.  The day has been partly cloudy.  Mr. Lupton asked me to a collard dinner, today, and I went.





16th Fri.  Cloudy and colder.  52° at 7 a.m.  I finisht painting the Bazaar notices, this p.m.  Was paid 75 cents for the three; but I took as much time and pains with the last one.  It was really worth a dollar.  Every letter of the 160 was a capital.  Leslie Jones is back home, in his Khaki uniform; he is from Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga.




17th Sat.  Fair and colder – 48° at 7 a.m.  Will Swindell (druggist) came, before my breakfast, to see if I was sick:  said Mr. Spencer (Dave) said he heard me making a noise, and he was scared to come in to see.  I told Swindell that perhaps the noise was me gargling my throat as I do every morning.  He said, “That’s it.”  The inquiry was kind.




18th Sunday night  The day has been fine.  At S.S.  Early dinner at Mamie’s, as they went “Down-the-Bay”, soon after.  I spent a while at W.B. Swindell’s and ate a dish of pudding.  Came home and slept an hour and more.  Walked via Academy to  R.H. Tunnell’s.  At service.








19th Mon.  Not right fair:  windy.  Marked 2 boxes for Abb. Berry, before I ate my late breakfast.  Nothing else, today.


20th Tues.  Cloudy and warmer.  Got in John’s car, and went home with him, and ate dinner with them.  Raining now.  4-20 p.m.  At 9-30, there is a heavy down pour of rain and hail; there has been right much thundering since 8 p.m.  It is turning cooler.



21st Wed.  Cloudy and misty-looking.  Charles and Lucile (my grandchildren) came around, this m. and said Mama wanted me to go there for dinner, as she (Mamie) had greens.  I went.  About 4 p.m.+, little Louise Mann and Marion Watson (1st cousins) came home with me; they had a good time cutting out paper-dolls.  I saw both to their homes.  The latter part of the afternoon was pleasant.  At prayer meeting tonight.





22d Thurs.  Rain and windy.  Mr. W.B. Swindell sent me 4 small cakes made with the Egg-Sub I handed him about 4 weeks ago.  He likes it and recommends it.  Bishop Darst, of the P.E. Church [ Protestant Episcopal] (here on an Episcopal visit) told me his wife likes it, and uses it.  I took the remainder of the pkg. and left it with Mrs. Grant.  I have ordered 50 packages to sell at good profit.  Bishop Darst prd [preached] in our church, here, tonight. 





23d Fri.  Somewhat cloudy, I painted a basketball notice for the game tomorrow, for Prof. J.N. Duncan who paid me for it – 30 cents.  Good news from the Western Front in Europe, last night and tonight.  Gen. Haigh has broken into Hindenburg’s Line six miles, etc.




24th Sat.  Mostly cloudy and cold.  Went to the Basket Ball Game.  The score was 27 to 9 in favor of Belhaven.  The Bazaar and oysters are on, this evening, in Odd Fellows Hall.  I hear they cleared about $37.00 – pretty good.  Tonight, I was invited to a birthday dinner next Monday.  “Egg-Sub”, seems to be making good on trial.  I had a sample box and let several use from it, all say it is good:  that is, all I have heard from, I have ordered fifty packages of it.





25th Sunday  Fair and cold – 36°.  Our class in S.S. contributed $5.00, and the S.S. $4.09, to the Orphanage, this morning.  I took dinner at the Harris Hotel today.  I announced I would conduct services, tonight in the interest of the State Sanatorium and the Red Cross work.  May the Lord bless the service.  I am back from the night service.  As I found that the day for the Special Service was fixt for Dec. 9th, I explained why I postponed it.  Preaches on Love.





26th Mon.  Fair and cold – 36° at 7 a.m.  My postum was on, boiling while I was eating my breakfast.  I got up to see to it, and possibly I kicked this block from under a leg of the oil-stove, and down came the stove, the postum and all.  So I lost my Postum for supper.  Ha!  No, I didn’t fret over it either.  Was so glad there was no explosion, either of the stove or myself.  The birthday dinner was for Leslie E. Jones (31).  Besides myself, there were Dr. L.H. (Plum) Swindell and wife and A.B. (Abb.) Berry and wife & baby.  I think all of us enjoyed it.  Other contributions from our class swelled the total col. to $11.00 today.  The mail was late, tonight.  Reading kept me up until eleven o'clock.











27th Tues.  Cloudy early.   Sunshine about 9 a.m.  Not finding any Ker. Oil in town, Bro. Grant took me over to Bridgeman’s store, and he and I both bought oil:  he 5 gallons and I 6.  Bro. C.A. Jones was with us.  On returning home, I found Mr. S.S. Lupton mending or filling in the holes in my room walls, and I was glad of it.  The day has been more pleasant.  Now night.





28th Wed.  Cloudy, and some drops of rain about 9 a.m.  Some warmer.  Accepted an invi’. to eat a turnip dinner at Mr. S.S. Lupton’s, and I went.


29th THANKSGIVING DAY  Cloudy.  Mamie sent me a custard-pie for my dinner, and they are gone “Down the Bay.”  Thanksgiving service at one church, today.  Mrs. Zadie Tunnell asked me to take dinner with them, and I took it.  It is raining.  Just a little rain this p.m.  Troy Jennette died in Washington about 2 a.m. at the Hospital and they are bring his body here, on a boat.  A boat has gone to meet the other at the “Haul-Over”.  It seems like Sunday, today, with church service and closed stores.  There is neither sugar nor kerosene to be had in the stores, here, now.  I have about 7+ tbs of sugar, and about 5 gals of K. oil; including what the lamps and stove and heater hold.  Troy J. was brot in about 4 p.m.  Raining about all the afternoon.  [Melville Troy Jennette was born in Hyde Co. on Nov. 15, 1898 and died from surgical complications in Washington, Beaufort Co., NC on Nov. 29, 1917.  He is buried in Soule Cemetery with his parents, Robert & Veanna (Benson) Jennette.]







30th Fri.  Cloudy, foggy, warm.  Funeral services over Troy this a.m., in our church.  I did not go to the burial, 9 miles away.  The day has been cloudy and no rain.  Nothing special.



December 1917

1st Sat.  Cloudy in the early part of the morning, clearing and sunshine later.  Took my bath this m.  Took two new shirts to Mamie for her to take up the sleeves.  Got them this p.m.


2d Sunday  Fair and colder.  Yesterday, I had my black suit cleaned and pressed; also a pair of pants.   At S. S.  After S.S., I went “Down The Bay” with Mamie and Family and Carlos Berry driving his car.  Mamie and I stopt and ate dinner with Mrs. Bettie Holderby (John’s sister)  John, Carlos and the children ate at his father’s, in sight.  Got back here little after 4 p.m.  Grant held the last service for this conference year, here, tonight.






3d Mon.  Partly fair.  I am to start for Conf. either this p.m., or in the morning, D.V. [God Willing] Conf. meets in Greenville, 5th.  I ate dinner with Dan Berry, and had wild-duck.  Mr. Walter Harris, Chm. Co. Comis. his brother-in-law, was there also.  As Bro. Grant could not leave this p.m., we are to start about 6-30 in the morning.  D.V. Supper at Swindell Hotel. 






4th Tues.  Got up at 4 a.m.  Time set to leave is 6-30-don’t know when we really will start.  Left at 6-25 for Sladesville.


13th  I did not take my Diary with me, and so I will have to tell of my trip to Conf. and back, now, Tuesday 5th.  We got on the boat at Sladesville and went to Belhaven.  Grant pd my fare – 40¢.  I ate no dinner, only 2 oranges and an apple.  Left on train at 1-20 p.m.  Grant bo't. the tickets and paid for both:  his was to Washington, N.C. and mine to Greenville - $1.40 for me.  Reached Greenville O.K.  Mr. Jas. Long, my Conf. host, met me at the station; his home about a half block from the station, and two blocks from the church.  He has a fairly good house with electric lights and water-works.  He and wife have no living child.  Their one baby died about two years ago.  He is a Methodist, his wife is a Baptist.  They are plain people and no airs and frills.  I had a comfortable bed, a good room and good fare, not elaborate.  He is said to be wealthy.  The service at night was the “Historical Society Annual Meeting - Rev M.T. Plyler read reminiscences of Rev. G.W. “(Uncle) Ivey”, father of Rev. T. N. Ivey, D.D.  The Conference convened in its 81st session, at 9-30, a.m. Wednesday, December 5th.  I was continued in the superannuate relation.  I found a dear friend-a girl, of course, in Ruth Proctor, niece of Mrs. Long.  Next day she bro’t her little friend, Mary Emma Gaskins (7 years) to see me.  Ms. Ruth is ten, and large for her age.  They were both devoted to me to the end.  I certainly enjoyed them.  Ruth went to a night service with me.  Not necessary to speak in detail of the Conf.  Rev. A. Cameron of Vass, one of my best friends was there, glad to say.  Sat. after the morning session, Bro. Hornaday distributed conf. claimants’ check:  mine was for $130.00 or $14.00 more than a year ago.  I left for Washington on Saturday evening.  Mishap to the engine at Greenville, and at Grimesland, caused a delay of 2 ½ hours.  Got to Clyde Harrison’s house about 9-30 p.m.  His wife and 2 children were visiting in Norfolk.  Clyde was looking for me.  I phoned him from the next house, he being a clerk at S.R. Fowle’s Store; he told me the door was unlocked, to go in, he had a fire for me.  It was nearly midnight when he came.  He gave me a cordial welcome, said he was lonesome, and was glad I’d come.  I wrote him I was expecting to spend Sunday there.  Next day, Sunday, he took me to his S.S. in the “Christian”, (Disciple) Church.  The Pastor, Rev. McIntyre, insisted on me preaching for him at 11:00 a.m.  I reluctantly did so.  When the service was over, quite a number shook hands with me, and spoke most encouragingly of my sermon on Moses and his Mother, Jochebed.  In the afternoon, there was a funeral service in that church.  The subject was a young soldier who died at Camp Jackson; his name was Hubert O. Ellis, a sergeant, from Washington.  His father is their cons. P.M. there.  The casket was draped with the U.S. Flag and covered with flowers.  Five preschoolers took part in the service.  The pastors of the “Christian”, Presbyterian, Baptist and Episcopal, churches and I participated in the service.  There was a large congregation, and many outside.  I also assisted at the grave.  Monday morning was quite cold.  I went to see our presiding Elder, Rev. C.L. Read, who was in Fowle Mem. Hospital.  Has been there five weeks.  He has a carbuncle on his neck.  He was not at Conf.  He was some better, and seemed glad to see me.  At his request, I read a ps. and had prayer with him, part before leaving.  On Wed. morning, I left the house for the train to Belhaven.  It was detained an hour and 20 minutes, waiting on a delayed train.  We got to Belhaven about 4 p.m.  Revs. J.P. Bross, and W. P. Constable was along.  We left on the mail gas boat at 5-05 p.m.  Had a nice trip until we got aground at the “Haul-Over”, on account of the beacon lights being out.  We got off after a half hour’s hard work, and got here (Swanquarter), about 9-30 p.m.  First snow of the season, here, met our eyes this morning (Wed).  It was quite a Snow.  I went to Mamie’s house, but got my key and came to my room.  It has been cloudy and some warmer, today, and some rains this p.m.  I ate breakfast with the Lupton’s, and my dinner at Mamie’s.  Had cocoa and crackers for supper.





































































14th Fri.  Cold yet, if fair.  Painted a cloth notice of “Ye Olde Time Party”, for Prof. J.N. Duncan, Price  pd.- 75¢.  Am selling “Egg-Sub”, tested and approved by several homes here.  I ordered and received 50 pkg. and sell at 25 cents a package.  It takes the place of “3 dozen eggs in cooking” only.  Eggs now sell for 40¢ a doz.  Nothing else special.




15th Sat.  Fair and cold.  Mrs. Abb Berry made me one mince pie, today.  I carried her the mince-meat, flour and “egg-sub”.  I am heating up my room, tonight, preparing to take my bath and retire.  I have the oil-heater, Rayo Lamp, small lamp, and the Rayo Latern, all burning, for it is intensely cold, and my room is hard to heat, for a bath with the heater and one lamp.  I was shown, this afternoon, a hyena, by Mr. Wheeler - the show man.  I do not remember having seen one before, although I have seen many animals.  He is rare.









16th Sunday  Fair and continued cold; and no Sunday School this m .  Ate dinner at the New Swindell Hotel.  I am not well, today.


17th Mon.  Cloudy and some warmer.  Rained in the night.  It is colder and still cloudy this p.m. – 3-30.  There is no change.


18th Tues.  Cloudy, and disagreeable, and muddy, all day long. 

19th Wed.  Cloudy, this m’g.  Bro. Grant returned, last night.  We have some sunshine this afternoon.   20th Thurs.  Cloudy.  Nothing worth recording, except that I went to a number of houses to sell “Egg-Sub” and sold about 20 packages.  Was out before and after dinner.  Good sales.



21st Fri.  Not fair.  Rained off about noon.  Recd a Christmas present from little Eddie Credle, here, - a front and a back, collar button.  It was a surprise.  The mail brot. me a Christmas present from my cousin John Brothers, Columbia, S.C. – 3 pair of socks.  Thanks!  Also recd 3d Annual Check from Mr. Jas. Duke, through Trinity College.  The Duke Fund is for all the Conference Claimants.





22d Sat.  Fair and Frosty and Frosty° +1.  Dinner at Mamie’s.  Mr. and Mrs. Holderby and babe were there.  It has been cloudy.







Sunday 23d  Fair and cold – 32° at 7 a.m.  At S.S. that was late in assembling – after 10 before a fire was made or the bell rung.  Dinner at Mamie’s.  After we had eaten, Carlos Berry, wife and child came in from Belhaven.  Feeling bad, I came home and went to bed, for two hours.  No service tonight; but it was announced in S.S.  I would preach tonight.  The bell was not rung, no fire and no lights in church.  I spend an hour at the New Swindell Hotel, tonight.







24th Mon.  Fair and 41°.  Late (9) Breakfast.  John Madison B. and Bernice Credle have paid me a Christmas Call, this morning.  Dinner at home today, as I had more than enough.  Mamie wanted me to eat there; but came to mine.  Mr. Charlie Jones handed me a dollar-bill for a Christmas Gift.  Ate supper at the Lupton Hotel, by invitation of Mrs. L.  She asked me to take breakfast with them, in the morning.  Tonight’s - mail brot. me two (2) packages from Neppie, my sweet Baby Girl.  One was a pr. of slippers (too short) and two (2) pr of socks.  The other was a white shirt, very sensible Christmas Gifts.









CHRISTMAS DAY  It is much warmer, and is somewhat cloudy.  50° at 7 a.m.  There is some sunshine; however, I am returning the slippers to Neppie.  I ate dinner with the Benners Swindell, Jr. and his two girlfriends, at his father’s Hotel, as invited by him, one day last week, sometime.  It has been mostly cloudy all day.  Windy tonight.  Not cold.





26th Wed.  Snowing at 8-20 and before.  I got up at seven-thirty, this m.  Right much snow has fallen today, and but little of it layed.  Went to Will Watson’s for milk, and they had me to stay for dinner; it was my first meal with them.  I received a delayed Christmas present, this morning; it was handed me by Dan Berry; it was to be delivered Monday night.  It was two hkfs. from Miss Lillian Watson.  I gave her, last week, two pieces of sheet music, “Somewhere in France” and “Hawaiian Dreams”.







27th Thurs.  Cloudy and cold.  Nothing to record.  3 meals at home.


28th Fri.   Rainy.  Mr. Jos. S. Barnes gave me a silver dollar, last evening, as a Christmas present from him and his wife.  He has given me several dollars since I have been here.  God bless him.  I took a notion to change rooms, using the kitchen and dining room for my bed room and vice versa.  I got some Muresco, and whitened the walls, but not over-head, as the paint gave out, and as I do not want the over-head job; but it needs painting, bad.  Mr. S.S. Lupton came and plastered the broken places in the wall.  I painted the wood-work a lead color.  “Clyde Tim”, and Eunice, children of Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Smith came in to see me, and return my call of yesterday, but they were not at home.  I changed my clothes to be with them.  I may not get moved in several days.  The reason for the changing rooms is that the other room is more easily heated than this one:  It is a southern room.  It heats up quicker.
















29th Sat.  Snowing and very cold.  34° at 10 a.m.  It has been snowing, more or less all day.  I have exchanged rooms, using the kitchen for a bedroom.  I got Mr. Mac Vaughn to whiten the plastering overhead.  The room is in very nice shape, now.  John Small Spencer helped me to move my bed, trunk and bureau.  I moved the rest.





30th Sunday  Heavy snow – dry & drifting; but little on the roofs.  Deep in places.  Partly fair, after 10 a.m.  As per promise, last night, I ate dinner again at Will. Watson’s.  It was bitterly cold facing the north wind and the flying snow.  The walk being too deep in snow, travel was mostly in the road where comparatively little snow lay.  In some places along the fences, the snow was nearly fence high.  The thermometer was 15° at about 8 a.m. and 14 at 6 p.m.  Ate breakfast at about 10-30; dinner at 2:00; and supper at 7-40. 







31st Monday  Cloudy and cold – 16° at 8 a.m.  Breakfast at 10-20 this m.  In front of the Harris Hotel the snow is banked up on the walk higher than the fence while but little snow is on the street.  I took dinner at the Lupton Hotel, today.  Went to see Mamie before dinner.  Several of the stores had sugar, this m., but were sold out before I got to any of them; I have a few lbs on hand.  Kerosene oil is as scarce as sugar.  Abb. Berry let me have one gallon.  No mail boat went out, today – frozen up.  Some land? will stayed? in too.  [See The Big Freeze article in The State magazine - January 2014]