March 10th - May 31, 1916





Monday night March 13th 1916.

Note.  It is not probable I will ever need this book for sermon notes again.  So I start a new Diary on the opposite page - 23.  In this Diary, I want to be more brief than heretofore, and give, as a rule, only the main features of the day; largely leaving out details.  [This note seems to indicate that there were other diaries but, so far, none have turned up.]







10th Friday. Partly fair, and cloudy. I went to town yesterday. Mrs. Milton Credle [Aleph Evelyn (Watson) Credle], Mrs. Leon Harris [Florence (Boomer) Harris], Mrs. Jack Parkin [Mary Emily (Boomer) Parkin] and her two young girls - Florence and Maud came to see me this P.M


11th Saturday. Cloudy. Nothing special today. Windy.

12th Sunday. Fair-colder. Met my S.S. Class, service at our Church by the pastor - R.R. Grant [Rev. Rufus Rhodes Grant]. Dinner with Bro. Alec. Berry [Alexander Berry]. This P.M. went to see Grant, and then to see Mamie [Mamie Weston (Brothers) Berry, wife of John Madison Berry], my dau.


13th Monday. Fair. More Pleasant. Went to town this A.M. Dinner with Willie Credle at his fathers house - 1st time. Margt Swindell (5) & Haywood Cahoon (6) spent the P.M. with me.


14th Tuesday. Fair. Warmer. Got oil-Cook-Stove from Grant - a loan. Rode with Harry Swindell to town this P.M. Walked back.


15th Wed. Fair A.M. Cloudy P.M. Cold, light, rain this evening.

16th Thur. Fair, more pleasant, some wind. Walked to town and back again. Went with Grant to see Bro. Hines and his family.

17th Fair Friday. Frosty. Ice. More pleasant this P.M. I went to Mr. Jos C. Swindells, after dinner-supper and spent until 8-25 P.M.


18th Saturday. Partly fair and cloudy. Mr. J.C. Swindell kindly took me to the store of Edw. Ellis Bridgeman & Co., this P.M., at my solicitation. Very cloudy this P.M. Clearing later. Bath tonight.



19th Sunday. Not real fair. Walked to S.S. no Church service. Dinner with Mr. & Mrs. Dan. Berry. On way back, stopt a while at Staton Howards: his wife handed me a dresser scarf she made for me; and said she would make another.




My Birthday 24th




20th Monday. Fair. Walked to S.Qr., and back. Was at Mamies at dinner-time and ate with them. She hemmed a cloth for me. I brot. back several bundles. Stop to see little Margaret Swindell; shes sick.


21st Tuesday. Fair. Walked to town and back. Spring-like.

22d Wednesday. Cloudy. There is a heavy wind storme tonight. (8-20)

23d Thursday. Fair colder. Went to see Margaret this P.M. - better. As tomorrow is my birthday-56, I took a bath tonight, and am to go to Mr. Milton Credles for dinner. His is the 25th, and so we will have his and my birthday dinner together, on my birthday - 24th.



24th Friday Fair. My birthday - 1860-1916 = 56 yrs. It is right much cooler, this A.M. Frost and some ice. In my mail, this morning, I got a birth-day present from my cousin, John L. Brothers and his wife: it was a box containing two (2) pair of very nice socks; and four (4) good handkerchiefs. The blessing of God upon them. The prospect is for a pleasant day, as to the weather; and I trust as to every incident of the day. 2-00 P.M? Well, I have been to my birthday dinner at Mr. Milton Credles. It was a good, substantial, sensible dinner; and I enjoyed it. The time there was pleasantly spent - about 2 hours. No company there - just Mr. & Mrs. C. [Credle] and myself. The pleasure seemed to be mutual. I stopt in to see the sick girls - Myrtle and Myra Swindell; they are better. It is cloudy and warmer this afternoon. Partly Fair Later.














25th Saturday. Fair and warmer. Have kept close, today.

26th Sunday. Cloudy or foggy: heavy dew. Went to our Sunday School. Attended service in the Baptist Church. Ate dinner at the Harris Hotel, by inv. of the Proptr. Went to see Mamie; then to Mr. Tim. Berrys then to Mr. Joe Swindells, then home by 6 P.M. Fair most of the day. Quite warm.




27th Monday. Partly cloudy. Rode to town, this morn. With Geo. Peterson (col) made no purchase, except stamps, came walking back. Stopt at Mr. J.C. Swindells, got little Margaret to come on home with me: she ate dinner with me. She was real nice.



28th Tuesday. Fair most of the day. Nothing special.

29th Wednesday. Cloudy. Walked to town; carried our first eggs (36) to the store and got trade. Stopt on way back at Joe Rayburns to help Mrs. Leon Harris to put up a horse she was afraid of. I went in the house to see Mrs. Parkin and the little girls, and invited the girls to spend tomorrow with me.




30th Thursday. Cloudy and colder, this m. The girls did not come until nearly four P.M. They spent nearly two hours with me. I walked home with them, and, being invited, I stayed for supper, and until about half past 8. It has cleared off.



31st Friday, fairest of the week. Windy. Nothing to record.

~~~~~~~ APRIL ~~~~~~~

1st Saturday. Fair. Frost. 34 at 6 A.M. I walked to town; rode back, 3/4 miles in car with Clifford Weston. 76 now - 11-20



Co. Commencement
C.S. Noble Speaker



2d. Sunday. Fair Warmer. Walked to Sunday School; taught my class. Attended service at Baptist Church. Dinner at Mr. Charlie Jones. Went to see Mamie. Walked part of way back; rode ballance of way with two Swindell boys. I am not feeling well, tonight.




3d. Monday. Cloudy and some rain - am glad to see it.

4th. Tuesday. Cloudy. Clearing this evening. E.B. Spencer came and got our incubator to see what he can do with it. Success to him!  I went to Mr. J.C. Swindells to see little Margaret.


5th. Wednesday. Partly cloudy. After dinner, I rode to town with Macon Harris; carried 2 doz-eggs. Walked back.


6th. Thursday. Cloudy. Rained last night. A little sunshine this P.M. Quite a no. of people drove by going to Swanquarter to be at the Co. School Commencement there, tomorrow. Fair tonight.


7th. Friday. Fair. Colder - 42 at 6-20, A.M. Left for town at 9-30; walked there. A large crowd there for the Commencement exercises. Prof. M.C.S. Noble made the address. I was one of the judges in the declamation and recitation contest; we gave the medals, one to Chase Benson; the other to Ellis Credle (a young girl) [see article on Ellis]. I went to Mamies for dinner; quite a no. there.  I walked the first part of the way home, and rode the ballance of the way with a stranger young man; he told me his name, but I forget it. It is cold, windy and cloudy. I got back just before four oclock. The Commencement last year was April 16th; and a larger crowd than today.











8th. Saturday. Rain, last night; cloudy, this m. Faired off, this afternoon. Took bath tonight. It is getting cloudy.


9th Sunday. Fair.  There was rain last night.  It is cold this morning, and windy.  Walked to the Church; conducted class; attended service by our pastor - Grant; ate dinner with him and family; went to see Mamie; then stopt at Mrs. Rayburns; then went over to Mr. Joe Swindells, and stayed until supper, but did not eat. Returned home found Mr. Mann had gone home.  Most of the day has been cold and windy and mostly cloudy.







10th Monday.  Fair and cold - 38 at 6-30 a.m.  The day has been mostly fair, moderating, and but little wind.

11th. Tuesday. Fair.  42 at 6 a.m.  Cecil Harris is moving his family, by here, this m. from the old to the new (rented) home down the lake. Went to J.C. Swindells for dinner. Grant and his children - Etta Beal, Elizabeth and Minnie; and Iredell Brinn and Jim Hayes, came out and spent a while with me this afternoon.




12th Wednesday. Fair and warmer.  Rode to town this m. with a Mr. Watson. Walked back, with two settings of eggs I got from Mrs. L.H. Swindell; and set two hens.


13th.  Thursday.  Fair and warmer.  nothing special.





14th Friday. Fair and warm.  Rode, in a wagon, to town, with Mr. Rose.  Had measure taken for a suit of new clothes; it was proposed to buy me a suit by my friends.  I walked back feeling sick and tired; rested twice on the way.  Have had to lie down twice this P.M.  Feeling some better tonight




15th Saturday.  Fair: some cooler. Nothing special.  9-30, P.M. I have made all my preparations for Sunday.


16th Sunday. Fair, some warmer.  Walked to S.S. Ate dinner at Mr. Charlie Jones. Went to see Grant who was getting off to Rich Sq. To marry his brother Kelly. Went in to see Mr. Rube Harris who is laid up with rheumatism; stopt in to see Mr. Lewis Swindell, and stayed for supper. Walked home; Mr. Mann gone.




17th Monday. Fair.  Rode to town with Mr. Gibbs of Middleton; rode back with Mr. Jones of the Lake section.  I raked the lot, front, sides and back of the house; and am tired tonight.


18th. Tuesday. Fair.  Cool.  There was rain before 10 P.M. last night.  Got a pkg. from Neppie this m. ["Neppie" was Penelope Brothers, daughter of the diarist, C.C. Brothers.]  She sent me her sheets, pillow cases, towels, napkins, and counterpane.  I walked to town and back this m.  Went to J.C. Swindell's this evening; back about 9-10 P.M.



19th. Wednesday.  Fair.  Nothing worth recording today.

20th. Thursday. Fair.  warmer.  Mamie and her children came this morning, and spent the day with me, am glad of it.  The left about five-30.  The day has been quite warm.


Easter Sunday


21st. Friday. Fair and warm.  Walked to town, this mg. Mr. Sam Windley kindly brot me back from his place, in S Qr. where he is building a new house.  Two goats were left here this afternoon; they are in the back of the farm.  More are coming I am told.  A warm day.




22d Saturday. I broke my glasses tonight, thru carelessness.  Bath &c [etc.] tonight.


23d Sunday. Easter Sunday.  Fair and cooler.  Walked to the Sunday School, conducted my class on the resurrection of Christ.  Attended service at the Baptist Church.  Took dinner at Mr. Bob Tunnells.  A dense smoke hung over this way, enveloping this place.  I was right much concerned about it.  But no fire was in sight, and the smoke soon passed off, glad to say.






24th Monday. Fair this morning.  Cloudy this evening.  Leslie B. Jones came and brot me a percolator. I asked him to get one for me on his off trip. He would receive no pay. I appreciate his kindness, most sincerely. He is the Rep. candidate for Congress, in this 1st District. He is a Christian gentleman, a young man of fine parts, and worthy of highest esteem.






25th Tuesday. Partly cloudy this morning.  I rode to town just before noon, with a young man - Mr. Midyett. Dinner with Grant.  Walked back toting flour &c. [etc.]








26th Wednesday. Fair.  Partly cloudy this p.m.  At 7-15 it is raining right hard--good for more drinking water.  Rain gone and stars shining before 8-30.  One barrel filled.  Sent my glasses to Dr. J.D. Hathaway, Monday morning, and got them back this morning, from Elizabeth City.




27th Thursday. Partly cloudy most of the day.  Fair this evening.  Charlie Boomer stopt in for a few ms. School closing Ex. tonight.

28th Friday.  Fair.  Cool.  Made inside steps at the fence this p.m.

29th Saturday.  Fair in the morning, rain after noon.


30th Sunday. Fair and colder.  Walked to the S.S.: preached, or lectured, or talked on Church Membership and the obligations.  Grant was there, unexpectedly to me.  Ate dinner at his home; had other invitations.  Walked back home, on the way I stopt at Lum. Cahoons [Columbus Cahoon], for a while.  The day has been pleasant.



~~~~~~~ MAY ~~~~~~~

1st Monday. Fair.  Cool.  Rising temperature.  Finished the fence steps about 1 P.M..  Walked to town this afternoon. Walked back, some over a half mile, then rode with Mr. Henry McGowanMr. J.C. Swindell brot. my bundles to his house when I got them and rode on home here.





2d Tuesday. Fair and pleasant this morning.  I went to town, stopt at Mr. Milton Credles, on the way. Carried 15 eggs to market. Ate dinner at Staton Howards; walk home.  Stopt at Credle's again and got some radishes & cakes.




3rd. Wednesday. Fair. Chicks hatched under the two hens.

4th Thursday. Partly cloudy and warm.  This is Mamies Birth Day - 25 yrs. of age.  She and her family - John and three children came after about 11 o'clock and I put her to cooking dinner - biscuits and muffins.  They left about a qr. to 2 in their car and I went with them to town.  Got my hair cut.  The 2 hens hatched 16 & 11=27 for both; that beats the incubators we had.  I walked back except about 100 yds.  Brot a pk. of potatoes home from Mr. J.C. Swindell's.  Got a letter from Neppie inclosing five Kodak pictures in which she figures as one.









5th  Friday.  Fair. Warm.  Mr. Mann came in this P.M. and we made a coop for a chicken - hen; he sent one up by Asa this P.M.


6th Saturday. Fair.  Cooler.  Took my bath this aft.  3-4 P.M. Messrs. Grant, Mann, & Tunnell, and Miss Annie Watson came just as I finished bathing, before I had put on any clothes. A fire is raging to the south of us, and hands are being secured to help fight fire. God spare our property, and that of others. Several hands here. The brush-pile around the house, was fired and they are still (9-45) pouring water on the fire. Miss Annie and Mildred cooked supper. Mr. Joe Swindell, Mr. Leon Harris, Mr. Mann, ate supper with us. Several hands left before night. Fire, I hope, is controlled.











7th Sunday. Fair.  I walked to town to S.S., met my class; went to the Baptist Church with Mamie; went to dinner with her. John brot. Us all out here in his car; Found a force of hands, on the back fighting and setting fire. Mrs. Mann and Miss Annie I found cooking supper again.



8th Monday. Fair.  I retired, last night, at 1-5 A.M. and Mr. Mann and Wilbur Swindell came in some later. A force is here again, this m. putting out the ground-fire. 9-40 P.M. The fire is said to be under control. I sure hope it is.




9th Tuesday. Fair.  12, Oclock-fire across the road from the house, but wind seems favorable for the house.

10th Wednesday. Hands still fighting ground-fire.

11th Thursday. Fair.  Had a bad night with my back &c. [etc.] Rode to town and back with Arthur Graham Watson (boy). Paid 10 for the round trip which was an extra one in part. He lives in town. Fire is yet burning the ground to the east of us, for a distance.



12th Friday.  Cloudy.  Had rain about 3 to 4, last night, I am glad to say. The ground fire-needs more rain. Children of Oxford Orphanage are probably giving their annual entertainment, in town tonight. I not able to go to it. Hands have been here this P.M. working on the ground fire.




13th Saturday. Partly cloudy during the day.  Took bath after 4 P.M.  Wrote to Ab. Berry for someone to come for me, in the morning, as I am not able to take the walk to S.S. He replied he would come for me about 9 or 9-30. Very kind in him, indeed. John Berry put up a screen-door for me at the kitchen door-outside. He made no charges. Mamie and the children came with him: she swept two rooms for me: I did not feel like sweeping.






14th. Sunday. Fair.  I walked toward town, a short distance, and met Abb. coming for me: got in and rode to the Church. Conducted my class work; stayed for service by the pastor-Grant: went to dinner with Bro. Chas. A. Jones: about 4 P.M. I went to Mamies, and they were about ready to take Mrs. Jerome Jarvice [Polly Anna (Harris) Jarvis] and Marina home: Emma Spencer [Emma (Tunnell) Spencer] (Efrons wife) [James Ephron Spencer] and Mildred also went, and so did I: there were only ten (10) in the auto-car, including children and babies.  We had a good outing in the country.  Returning, I went to Grant's After supper there we all went to the "Children's Day Service at our Church.  They all did well.  I returned with Grant and family and to spend the night.  I had arranged with Mr. Mason to stay off tonight; he staying at the house.  This is my first night away from them since the begining?.








15th Monday. Fair this morning.  Grant brot me home : Elizabeth and Minnie came with us. While in town (on Sunday) I learned of a sad affair that occurred there. Walter Spencer, a young lawyer, made a cowardly attack on bro.[sic] Grant: it shows Spencer up in a bad light. It is too much to record here. It may go to the court next week. It is cloudy, this evening, and a light rain has fallen: more needed. 11-8 P.M. Having good showers. Been sitting up to get both barrels filled with rain-water; afraid to wait lest it clears off.










16th Tuesday. Good rains last night; a heavy rain today.  Mr. Will Harris came in; little Jack Watson was with him.  Have had sunshine this P.M.  Thundering this evening some.


17th Wednesday. Fair, cooler.  Rain last night.  I rode to town with Mr. Gatling Bridgeman; rode back  with Mr. Jno. Lee. I went to see Mamie a few minutes. Mrs. Cecil Harris [Eula Ree (Berry) Harris] and Myra (8) came in to see me this P.M. I was glad to see them.



18th Thursday.  Cloudy most all day.  Not much to record.  I got a setting of eggs from Mrs. Milton Credle [Aleph Evelyn (Watson) Credle] and set a hen.


19th Friday. Fair this m.  Rain and lightning last night.  I walked to town. Dinner at Mamies. At the C.H., the case of the lawyer Spencer came up (see May 15th). I attended. Spencer submitted and plead guilty. After some evidence, the case of amicable.  I hope, settled, and he and Grant shook hands. Mrs. Sam Weston [Sarah Lucy (Boomer) Weston] kindly offered to bring me home, and I gladly accepted, as I am sick.




20th Saturday. Fair.  Mecklenburg Declaration Day in Charlotte and a big day it was, I suppose. President Wilson was to be there and give an address. Would like to have been there.  I have swept my house and out houses; took my bath and a shave, all before night; and I am glad of it, certainly.





21st Sunday. Fair except partial clouds.  Qr. Conf. at Soules Church yesterday: service there today: am expecting to go with John [Madison] Berry, my son-in-law. Not coming at time aptd. I walked to C.C. Cahoons and waited some time; walked on toward town, rode in surrey with Mr. Alec. Berry to town, and met John just starting - 10-25 A.M. We got to Soules in time for service. Rev. C. L. Read, the P.E. preached a splendid sermon on progressiveness. Ate dinner at Maj. Fishers - my first time there. Efron Spencer, his wife and child who came with us stopt there also. John and Mamie went to Mr. Holderbys. I walked over there after 3 P.M. We all went to Mr. John Berrys Sr. stayed a while, ate supper and came on home. Mrs. Berry gave me some clabber. The P.E. preaches in Swan Qr. tonight. I did not go to it.











22d Monday. Cloudy early, clearing later.  Court in town today; Judge Oliver H. Allen presiding. I rode with a young man I did not know.  I heard a part of the judges charge. I rode back with Mr. Albin Swindell, about noon.  It was cool this m. 52 about 6 a.m.  Cloudy this P.M. and a sprinkle.




23d Tuesday. Nothing to record.  Raining more or less - 8 P.M.

24th Wednesday. Cloudy, cool wind. Drizzling rain this evg.

25th Thursday. Cloudy.  Hugh Swindell brot Myrtle & Margaret to stay with me while he was looking after their hogs in the back lot. They stayed until nearly 2 oclock.  I had but little for dinner, but divided with the girls.  I rode most all of the way to town with Cecil Harris and Mr. Albin Swindell.  Rode back with a young O'Neal to Mr. Joe Swindell's, I got out, and after staying awhile 2? in the wagon with Hugh and Myrtle Margaret and Julian Harris; H. [Hugh] was bringing a trough and corn for the hogs.  The weather has been fair and pleasant today.












26th Friday.  Fair.  Mamie came this P.M., left her car at turn to the new road.  I went back with her via the Credle road to town.  Emma Spencer and her Mildred were with M. [Mamie] & her children.  Mamie brot me back to the same place I got in, as she could not turn around.




27th Saturday.  Partly cloudy.  Faired off.   This afternoon I took my bath, put on my summer underclothes.  It is now (9-45 P.M.) Thundering and lightning from the N.W.



28th Sunday.  Partly cloudy.  Later clearing.  I walked to Sunday School.  Attended service in Baptist Church; ate dinner at W.B. Swidell's [William Benners Swindell] - 1st time in six months.  Returning afoot.  I stopt at Milton Credle's, J.C. Swindell's and C.C. Cahoon's.  Mr. S. [Swindell] walked along with me.  Mr. Mann did not come today.



29th Monday.  Partly cloudy again.  I started to town and I walked over a 3/4 m. when Dr Windley overtook me, and I rode with him.  Went to Mamie's:  she went to Mrs. Ephron Spencer's and got some clabber for me in my qt. bucket.  I went over there for a few minutes.  Bot some supplies and walked home.


30th Tuesday.  Partly cloudy some more.  Thunder clouds showers and sunshine.  This being Federal Decoration Day, we had no mail bro't. to us on the R.F.D's.  Frequent showers, and some heavy ones this afternoon & night.





31st.  Wednesday - Same - Partly Cloudy.  Cecil Harris brot me some home-made butter this m. as a present.  Thanks!  The day has been clearer and pleasant since early morn.