June - August 1916

June 1st Thursday.  Fair and much cooler.  56°  at 6 a.m.  I walked to town after 2 p.m., made several purchases, got some clabber from Emma Spencer again.  John bro’t me and my things, home, in his car.  Mamie, Lucile and Charles Clary came along, also Maud Brinn.  Let Mamie have my druggett.  [A druggett is a coarse woolen fabric felted or woven, self-colored or printed one side.]



2d Friday.  Fair and colder.  52° at 6 a.m.  The day has been pleasant.  This is nothing worth recording.


3rd Saturday.  Fair and warmer.  This is the day for the “Legalized “Primary for National and State officers.  I had not registered, and did not go to town today.  After taking my bath, there was rain, thunder and lightning.  It is now 7-43 & raining hard.  A sharp stroke of lightning near here while writing this.  A regular thunder storm.




4th Sunday.  Fair.  68° at 5-30 a.m.  I walked to Sunday School; on the way, I stopt at J. C. Swindell’s and Alec Berry’s; then to S.S.  After this I went to the Christian Church, for the first time in a year, I think.  I heard their pastor, Mr. Smith, preach on “The Two Covenants”.  I went with C. A. Jones, to his home, for dinner.  I left about 5-30 p.m. and started home.  I stopt at Bro. Alec Berry’s again, to tell them that I would not spend the night with them as I promised this morning.  Leaving there I resumed my walk toward home.  Dan L. Berry drove his horse out of the lot (his wife having just driven in from a ride) to bring me home, and I surely appreciated it.  Mr. Mann had returned home before my return.















5th Monday.  Fair, Nothing to record.  Pleasant day.

6th Tuesday.  Fair.  A light rain fell at 2 p.m. and after.  Mr. Albin Swindell bro’t me some butter his wife sent.  Thanks!


7th Wednesday.  Fair and pleasant.  Nothing to record.

8th Thursday.  More or less cloudy, all day.  Nothing else.

9th Friday.  Fair.  Took off another hen – ten black chicks.

10th Saturday.  Fair.  Walked to town and back.  Got caught in a shower of rain before I got home.  Took my bath and shave, this aft..  Mr. Claud Bonner kindly bro’t my 2 pkgs. from town.  One a suit of clothes for which I had my measure taken Apr. 14th, q.v. [stands for the phrase quod vide: "on this (matter) go see"]  It is a present to me from friends in Swan Quarter.  I do not know, yet, who I am under obligations to for it.  Would like to thank them.




11th Sunday.  Fair.  I walked to town to S. S.  Services by the pastor, R. R. Grant.  His family (5) and I took dinner at Mr. Charles A. Jones.  I went with him to Rose Bay and conducted service, there, for him.  Grant brot. me home in his car.  Elizabeth and Minnie, and other children came, also.  I wore my new, black, suit, today.  Circumstances are such that I almost wish I had not given my measure for them.  My impression was that the suit was to be a present from brethren who appreciated my services in the S. S. and the Church.  The day has been quite warm.  It is now (9-10 p.m.)  thundering, lightning and raining.









12th Monday.  Cloudy, and some rain, today.  Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Columbus (Lum) Cahoon, and little Heywood, came up to see me this evening, about 8 p.m.  Glad to see them.  I understand there have been ugly things occurring in town (Swan Qr) this morning.  Tom Long, (a lawyer) cut Mr. W. T. Berry [William Timothy Berry] in two places, having bought the knife and made the threat that he would use it on Mr. Berry or Rev. R. R. Grant.  Dr Dave Taylor, of Washington, N. C. was called:  He came and pronounced him seriously injured.  Dr Windley says he is not.  I hear they will take Bro. Berry to the Hospital, tomorrow, in Washington.  I hope he will soon be well.








13th Tuesday.  Fair.  Some sprinkling during the day.  I am told that Bro. Tim Berry was taken to the Hospital, today.

14th Wednesday  Fair.  62°.at 5-30 a.m.  Rode to town with Mr. Will Watson, as far as his house.  Went to attend a Preachers’ Meeting, but it had been called in, on account of the recent trouble in town.  I ate dinner at Mr. A. Berry’s, and rode a part the way home, with Mrs. Carlos Berry, in the auto-car.  Mrs. Lupton and daughter along, also.









15th Thurs.  Partly and mostly cloudy, increasingly.

16th Fri.  Cloudy.  Rained last night.  Rode to town with Henry Green (col) [colored] he had to have his mule shod.  I ate dinner at Mamie’s and Henry drove around there for me, and he brot. me home.  I found a hen off with 6 chicks.  She stole her nest over ditch.


17th Sat.  8-20 a.m.  Clearing off after heavy rains just before day.  I rec’d a photo of my dear, sweet little darling, Mildred Thompson (5 yrs. old), this morning.  I am so glad to get it.  Standing beside her is her little brother, Leon.




18th Sun.  8-50 a.m.  Mamie and family, (as pre-arranged) came about 10-05, a.m. and I got in the car with them, and we went to Cecil Harris’ to spend the day.  I think we all enjoyed it.  Had a splendid, common sense dinner.  Grant came by Harris’ about 3 p.m., and I stopt him and got in his car, and we went to the Lake School House where he conducted service.  Three other men in the car with us.  I got back home about 6-30, found Mr. Mann here.  He went to town with John, my son-in-law.  No rain today.







19th Mon.  Fair today.  Nothing to record here.



20th Tues.  Fair.  No mail came, this morning.  the cause not known to me at 8-7, a.m.  Later, found the mail boat.  The mail boat was burned in Rose Bay.  Crew and passengers were saved, only.  Did not get in, last night.  I walked to town, and was hot and tired.  Had my hair cut.  Dr Windley kindly offered to bring me home, and I gladly accepted.  His car is a new one “Paige”, seven passenger; it is a splendid car, too.



21st Wed.  Fair.  I wrote a long letter to Dr Windley, yesterday, about his spiritual interests.  Hope it will bear good fruit.  It was about 11 p.m. when I got thru copying it – 2 copies from the corrected original.  I sent it to him by mail, this m.  I kept one copy of it for myself. 




22d Thurs.  Fair.  Heavy rain about midnight, with thunder, lightning and wind.  Had my sitting room and kitchen scoured, this morning.  Am rather expecting Neppie, this P.M.  Nearly 10 P.M. and I have not seen her.  Am disappointed.



23rd Fri.  Fair and cool.  60° at 6 a.m.  Nothing to record.

24th Sat.   Fair warmer.  Pickt nearly a qt. bucket full of blackberries, this m. – 11-12, and stewed ‘em.  were good, too.


25th Sun.  Somewhat cloudy.  Mr. Erwin Williams came to see about his goats; after feeding them he kindly took me to our S. S. in S. Qr.  Had 24 in class, this m.  Took dinner with Dan Berry and wife, her brother’s wife and little son are visiting her.  I went to see Mamie, but the house was locked.  I then went to see Mrs. Tim Berry and Miss LucyBro. Berry was to leave the Hospital today, with his son-in-law, Clyde Smith, of Pantego, N.C.  I walked home in a light rain – had my umbrella.  Mr. Mann was still here.  Did up my chores, and made some cocoa for my supper:  had light-bread and stewed peaches.







25th contd.




26th Mon.  Cloudy.  Rained early, this m.  Nothing to record.

27th Tues.  Fair.  About 2 p.m., I rode to town with Mr. Cecil T. Harris.  I have had a spell of weakness all day:  got up feeling weak.  I went to see Mamie, and got two of my cups.  I then went to see Bro. Tim Berry who got back home from the Hospital, last evening.  He is very much better, glad to say.  Bro. Grant met me there; and he brot. me home in his car.  I had sent him a note asking that favor.  His 3 girls and Mollie Swindell came with us.  I showed Grant a letter I am very much interested in, and he spoke in high times of it.






28th Wed.  Partly cloud:  Fair most of the day: partly cloudy this evening.

29th Thurs.  Fair.  I walked to town, starting at 2-04, and carried fifteen eggs.  The rocking chair, ordered through Howard & Berry came on the gas-boat Mot.  I went around to Mamie's and they bro’t me home in their car.  It is raining, now.  8-38 P.M.- a thunder storm and lightning.  The day has been quite warm.




30th Fri.  Cloudy, rainy, stormy, thunder, lightning at and before 10-45 a.m.  Last night, lightning struck the “New Swindell Hotel, and shocked several persons, I am told.  There has been no sunshine, I think. 



 July 1916

1st Sat.  Fair.  Mrs. Staton Howard [Sheila Tunnell] sent me some vegetables this m. - beans, squash and cucumbers.  Am cooking them now, (2-20) the first I even tried to cook.  Am going by the cook-book.


2nd Sun.  Fair and warm day.  Walked to S. School  Went to see Bro. Tim Berry:  he is right much better.  Took dinner with Bro. C. A. Jones again.  Stopt, on my way home, at Bro. Alec. Berry’s, and at Joe Rayburn’s.  Miss Annie Watson and Mildred Mann came and spent the day here at the farm, in place of Mr. Mann who had business elsewhere, today.





3rd Mon.  Fair.  I pickt nearly a qt. of Blackberries this m’g.  Wrote a letter to C. L. Read, P.E. in ref. to R. R. Grant, P. C. The latter came by just as I finished writing it.  He kindly gave me some fruit he bro’t. from Fairfield.  Thanks!



4th Tuesday Fourth of July –Independence Day.  I walked to Mr. Joe Swindell’s, taking my new dress coat to get Mrs. S. to shorten the sleeves.  She will change it.  I then walked to Mr. Milton Credle’s gate and opened it for two young ladies, of Sladesville, to drive through.  Behind them was Miss Lillian Watson (and two little sisters) driving.  She invited me to ride to town with her.  I gladly accepted and rode as far as her home, and walked up town; but she offered to carry me on.  I attended the trial that has been looked forward to by the whole county with much interest – that of Thos. S. Long, (Lawyer) and W. T. Berry an honored citizen.  It was tried in the Recorder’s Court -  Chas. Carter, presiding.  The C.H. [Courthouse] was crowded to hear the trial, by the citizens from various parts of the co..  The judgment of the court was “Guilty as to Long:  Not guilty as to Berry”.  I ate dinner at Mamie’s.  Albert Cartright kindly consented to bring me home in his car and he wasn’t long about it.  I appreciated it, too.

















5th Wed.  Fair.  Letter from Rev. C. L. Read, P. E. inviting me to go to the Dist. Conf. at Stantonsburg.  Cannot go.  Grant came up, in his car, with Rev. W. P. Constable, Mrs. G. [Grant] and Miss Annie Watson, telling me he expected me to preach for him at Swan Quarter, next Sunday, in his absence at the District Conf.




6th Thurs.  Fair, early; clouding and cooler, later.  District Conf. to convene in Stantonsburg, today.  Would like to be there.  Walked to town this afternoon.  Mr. Isaiah Credle bro’t. me back.


7th Friday.  Fair and much cooler – 61° at 6 a.m.

8th Sat.  Fair and warm.  Rode in a wagon – Mr. Cahoon’s, to Mr. Joe Swindell’s, to get my coat.  Got it and walked back.

9th Sun.  Partly cloudy:  warm.  John Berry came, in his automobile, to take me to church.  I conducted my class, then conducted the 11 o’clock service; then went with Bro. Alec Berry to his home for dinner.  Went to see Mamie; and she and John brot. me home in the car.  Several girls came along also.





10th Monday.  Partly cloudy.  Nothing special, today.

11th Tues.  Fair and warm.  80° at 5:30 a.m.  All quiet.

12th Wed.  Fair and warm again.  Nothing to record.

13th Thurs.  Fair, and partly cloudy later.  Neppie came, on the boat, today; and John brot. her and his family out to see me.  They stayed about an hour.  She looks very thin.  Says she is to be back to Morganton about Septem. 6th.




14th Fri.  Mostly cloudy, today.  A light sprinkle about noon.  Rode to town with – Topping (col.), carried a rooster to Mamie to prepare for me when she and Neppie come out to spend the day with me.  I rode most of the way back with Caleb Holloway (col.)  Neppie went out bathing.



15th Sat.  Fair and warm.  No incident to record, today.

16th Sunday.  Fair, this m. Walked nearly about half way to Sunday School, rode in Mr. Litchfield’s car back to the ‘turn of the road’, then back to town.  Neppie was in my class at S. S.  Dinner with her at Mamie’s.  Met some of the children from the Orphan Home, and the two managers of the Singing Class – Mr. Ray Funderburke and Miss Lessie Perry.  Went to see a sick man – Ephron SpencerJohn brot. me, Mamie, Neppie and Lucile & Chas., out in his car.  They are to spend the day with me, here, next Tuesday, D.V.






17th Mon.  Fair.  Pleasant night early, increasingly warm.  Bro. Grant came out to see me this m., and bro’t. with him, in his car, Bro. _____ Harris, George Brown, and Grady Credle.  I was baking a cup-cake.  Grant handed me a check for $23.40 - a collection taken up for me at the Dist. Conf. at Stantonsburg, by Rev. Charles L. Read, P. E.  I am truly thankful, and pray God’s rich blessing upon Bro. Read and all contributing.  He is good to me.










18th Tues.  Fair and cooler.  70° at 5-50 a.m.  Neppie, Mamie and hir two children, Lucile + Charles, came, this morning.  Albert Cartwright brot. them in his car.  John Berry and “John Madison”, came later in his car.  They all spent the day with me.  John made screens for three windows.  Cartwright did not spend the day; he returned at once.





19th Wed.  Rainy, today, and it is needed.  Torrential rain and floods in the western part of our State:  loss of property and damage to crops, reaches into the millions.  Railway bridges washed away; Mills destroyed, several lives lost, and traffic, on many lines, suspended: some trains marooned; and suffering is predicted.  God help them.




20th Thur.  Fair.  I rode to town with Mr. Loyd Weston, and his little son “Lawrence Blair”.  Spent the day with Mamie and NeppieJohn brot us all and Mary Weston out to our place.  I went with Grant to see Ephron Spencer.  He came to Mamie’s to meet Neppie.  He and I treated each other to ice cream.  Neppie drove the car that brot. us out here, today; and drove back.





21st Fri.  Rained last night and this morning and it is still threatening.  Rains and showers thru the day.


22d Sat.  Inclement.  Nothing worth recording, today.

23d Sun.  Raining.  No prospect, now (7-20) of leaving for S. S. or Church service; the first time since I began here, last Sept.  10-30 still here held in by the rain, but it is lightning up –“Rain before 7, stop before eleven”.  I cannot stay here for dinner, as I have none.  I must go out and find one in a hospitable home.  4-50 P.M.  I walked to Bro. Louis Swindell’s – ½ way to town, and ate dinner with him and his wife.  On the way back, I had the good fortune to ride home, with Mr. Tom Lee.  Good!  It has not rained since I left home.  Had pleasant time.






24th Mon.  The first part of the morning indicated clearing; but later it began to rain, and has since been showery.  It is raining now – 9-55, P.M.  It is bed time.



25th Tues.  Cloudy with just a little sunshine.

26th Wed. Cloudy again.  Rode to town with a young man – HodgesGrant asked me if I did not want to go out to the Pumping Station; and I gladly accepted a ride in his car.  With us were Mr. Polie Spencer, and uncle of Mrs. Grant, and Mr. S.S. Mann [Samuel Spencer Mann].  Got back home at 12-55, P.M.  I had been wanting to go out there, sometime.  There has been more or less rain all the afternoon.





27th Thurs.  Fair.  An unpleasantness with my washer woman, this m. was settled by my apologizing.  She had sent my clothes back.  She sent for them again, by her brother.






28th Fri.  Fair.  Some clouds.  Light rain this evening- 6+.

29th Sat.  Cloudy.  Rode to town with Tillman (col) and walked back.  I had to rest awhile, and then lay on the bed.


30th Sunday  Cloudy, but the sun is trying to shine thru.  I hope it will have a clear track, today.  Started afoot to town, but about a ¼+ down the road Mr. Will Swindell stopt his car and took me in town.  Attended S. S.  Had 25 in my class.  Went to Bro. Jones with him; but took dinner at the Harris Hotel.  About 5 P.M. Bro. Harris brot. me home in his (?) car.  Found Mr. Mann here.  He went back with them.  The day has been fairly pleasant.  There has been no rain.






31st Mon.  Cloudy all day.  Grant came to see me this aft.

August 1st Tues.  Cloudy yet.  Wilbur Swindell came, in a buggy, to feed his hogs;  he kindly took me and 2 ker. cans to town; and he will bring them back at noon, he said.  I went to our parsonage and got three cantaloupes, as the P. C. told me to do.  I walked back as far as J.C. Swindell’s (after stopping at Mr. Isaiah Credle’s where I got some tomatoes.).  Mr. Charlie Harris came along and brot. me home in his buggy.  Thanks.  I got home before 10 a.m.  It is thick cloudy at 3 P.M. and looks stormy.  Some rain this evening.  For some cause Wilbur did not bring my cans back.  Mr. Tom Jennette stalled his car just above the house; he came and got our shovel and some blocks, and finally they got off.  There were three of them.











2d Wed.  It is cloudy, yet.  I rode to town with Mr. Lawrence Spencer.  Dem. Con. [Democratic Convention] in town, and a big crowd.  I ate dinner at Mamie’s.  Grant brot. me back in his car.  Rev. J. P. Bross, of Fairfield was along, also.  They came in to hear me read a letter I had written to Mr. J. Bush Leigh, Elizabeth City, in regard to the Grant-Spencer & Berry-Long Cases.  Grant appreciated the letter.





3rd Thur.  Fair.  Sunning my clothes, mattress, &c. [etc.]  Many of the clothes were mildewed on act. [account] of the long rainy spell.  Several small boys came this P.M.  After they left, Myrtle and Margaret Swindell and Heywood Cahoon came in.



4th Fri.  Partly cloudy and hot.  No rain, today.

5th Sat.  Partly fair.  My boy, Weston, my only living son is 23 years of age today.  I do not know where he is.  I rode to town with a Mr. Rose.  He also brot. me back.  I went to see Mamie a few minutes.  It is hot, today.  It is!



6th Sun.  Fair.  John Berry and family came for me, and we spent the day at Mrs. Etta Weston’s (except John who went to his father’s for dinner) The most of us went to Soule’s Church and heard a strong sermon by Rev. John P. Bross; his subject was “Has a Man a Right to Sin?” Rev. Mr. Henderlite, a Presbyterian, preached in the school House in front of Mrs. Weston’s.  I attended.  We took supper at Mr. John Berry’s, Sr.  Brac Weston took me to their store and gave me 3 pr. of socks.  Neppie has been there for more than two weeks with his Aunt.











7th Mon.  Fair.  The day has been quite warm.  Nothing else.

8th Tuesday  Fair.  This is Neppie’s birthday.  She is 21 years of age, and therefore free from my authority.  I gave her a present – 21¢ .  I rode in town with Bro. W. J. Harris, in his car.  Ate dinner with Neppie at Mamie’s.  Bro. Grant kindly brot. me home in his car.



9th Wed.  Fair  I raked the yard this m.  Showery about night.

10th Thur.  Fairing off, probably.  Hot. Nothing to record.

11th Fri.  Mostly cloudy.  Hot again.  1 P.M. – A heavy rain is falling now.  Thunder and lightning.  Fair at 5-30.


12th Sat.  Partly fair.  No mail this m. – boat broke down, so I learned.  Mr. Albin Swindell bro’t. me some fresh beef.  I cooked it, and it was just fine enough for anybody.  Tender?  Yes, sir!


13th Sun.  Fair.  I rode to town with Mr. Claude Bonner.  Service by the Pastor -Grant.  Dinner at Mr. W. Tim Berry’s, as Neppie was there.  I went around to Grant’s, to Mr. Charles A. Jones and to the “New Swindell Hotel”.  While at the Hotel a heavy cloud arose, followed by a hard blow and rain.  Mr. Swindell told me I was “interned”, and so had to stay for supper.  Elbert Midgett kindly brot. me home, in his car; and several children at the Hotel also came for the ride.  I found Mr. Mann had locked up and gone home.  I was to hold service tonight, as G. [Grant] had to go to Sladesville, but the weather was too inclement, and we had no service.









14th Mon.  Fair and cool, early.  I rode to town in Mr. John Roberts’ car, and back again in the same.  I went to see Mamie and Neppie:  took them some of the bread-pudding I made today, as I thought it was very good.  So did Neppie.



15th Tues.  Mostly cloudy.  Neppie came this m. to spend the day with me.  She made some chocolate candy for me.  In the evening, Mamie, John, Lucile, Charles, and Mrs. Charles Brinn came out after Neppie.  They stayed a short while and left.  There was some light sprinkles of rain.  Cloudy about all day.




16th Wed.  A heavy shower before seven a.m., since then it has been fair.  Rained again between 6 and 7 P.M.

17th Thur.  Fair.  Nothing of interest to record today.  Fair.

18th Fri.  Fair and cool.  Rode to town, with Harry Swindell in a wagon.  Went to Mamie’s: rode back, in a wagon with a spring-seat, with Sam Neil (col.).  'Cool' wind this morning.


19th Sat.  Fair and cool.  Mrs. Dan L. Berry and Miss Hollowell drove up and called me just to speak: that’s all.






20th Sunday  7 A.M. and cloudy.  I walked to town to Sunday School, but was very tired when I got there.  There is a series of meetings held in the Baptist Church, conducted by Rev. Alexander Midler, of Red Sprs.  He attended my class.  I attended his service – 11 A.M.  Mr. Mann invited me to dinner at his house, as both Bros. Mills and Hines (Pastor) were to be there.  I gladly accepted, and they had a good dinner.  I attended a men’s meeting at 4 P.M. after which Willie Credle, Co. Supt. of Ed. bro’t. me home in his car, arriving at about 5.10.







21st Mon.  Fair.  Rode to town with, (I think he said) Will Stevens of Rose Bay, or somewhere up that way.  I had the barber to cut my hair: went around to Mamie’s, then to the meeting in the Baptist Church.  Back to Mamie’s for dinner, as Neppie is there and is to go to Washington in the morning.  From there she will, after some visiting, go back to the School for the Deaf, this time as a teacher.  She and the whole of Mamie’s family came with me, in John’s car.  Neppie was driving.  They spent a while and then left.





22d Tues.  Fair and warmer.  I know nothing else to say.

23d Wed.  Fair again.  John told me that Neppie got off, for Washington yesterday.  When will I see her again?  There is lightning in front of the house, I think N.W. by North.




24th Thurs.  Not right fair, today; but the sun shines.  This P.M., I rode with Herman Swindell as far as Mr. Joe Swindell’s.  I bo't 6 eggs, and walked back.  Herman brot. me a package of Crisco I sent to Washington for.  It is cloudy and thundering this afternoon.  Roads are dusty.




25th Fri.  Increasing cloudiness.  Fairing this p.m.

26th Sat.  Heavy showers after midnight, and in a let up, I got up, emptied a water-barrel, and it filled before I got up again.  Had a late breakfast.  It has been fair this afternoon.  Nothing special to write about.



27th Sun.  Fair.  It was right cool before day.  I walked to Sunday School: attended service at the Baptist Church; ate dinner with Rev. H. B. Hines.  After dinner, John Berry and Mamie & the children drove up, inquired where I was, and I got in the car with them, and we went to see John’s Mother who was sick.  We had watermelons there.  We went to Mrs. Etta Weston’s (Mamie’s Aunt) stayed a few minutes, and then went back to Mr. Berry’s, and then John brot. me home.  I found Mr. Mann had been here, by the chairs being not as I left them.  The day has been pleasant.







28th Mon.  Partly fair, and pleasant.  1-6 P.M.. increasing cloudiness, and thundering, and lightening in the North.  1-10, it is raining.  Cloudy the remainder of the day.


 29th Tues.  Rainy.  Mr. Joe Swindell came to feed his pigs, and came in and spent a while with me.  At 11-15, a hard rain is falling.  Rainy off and on through the day more or less.







30th  Wed.  Cloudy.  Mr. Joe Swindell came, and after a hard chasing, took his last remaining sow and pigs.  Hope they will not bring them back.  Now if Mr. Erwin Williams would get his goats away, I would be very thankful that a large part of my annoyances was gone.  I need more of the Grace of God to help me be more patient and forbearing.  I rode to town with Mr. Carol Spencer and his brother Walter, in C’s [Carol] car.  Went to see Bro. Grant about the situation I am in about the new suit of clothes, I supposed were a present to me; but up to this time, no payment has been made; or had not been last week when the merchant, A. B. Berry, told me so.  I have been asked how much I could pay on them – “Think of that!  For a present to me.  Not one cent, Sir!  Brother W. J. Harris got the loan of Dr. Plum Swindell’s Ford car, and kindly brot. me back home.  It is now (12-42) raining again.  The water is higher than I have seen it, here.  It is standing in the lot, overflow ditches, and water running across the road in front of this house, and apparently still rising.  At 12-50 the sun is shining.  There has been no further rain.












31st .  Fair and cool.  Rode to town, and back, with Mr. Wilson Swindell.  Went to see Mamie, the first stop.  Nothing else.