July - September 1918

July 1918


1st Mon.  Partly cloudy.  I attend service in the Disciples’ Church, last night.  Rev. Ellis of Englehard (?) preached a good sermon.  A special Term of Court, for Hyde Co., begins today - A 2-week term.  Judge W.M. Bond, of Chowan Co., presiding.  I had to hunt eggs before breakfast, this m., so I could observe “wheatless Monday”: got them (6) from Mrs. Tim. Berry.  I typewrote some Terms Notices for Harris Hotel, and I made no charge; but Bro. Harris (W.J.) asked me to take dinner with them; and it being an extra occasion, I willingly accepted the invitation.  At the table with me were Judge Bond, Lawyer Clay Carter, and the court stenog. - Mr. Boettcher, of Elizabeth City.  No others.  The other table was full.  I especially enjoyed the fish and egg-bread.  Dark clouds and thunders at 3 P.M.  Raining at 3-40, P.M.  A letter from my son, Weston, says he has been made a Sergeant.  He said, also, that he would make an allotment of $15.00 for me; this with $10.00 from the Govt - will help me very greatly till Conf.










2d Tues.  Fair, windy & cooler.  I was in the C.H. this m. and all of the afternoon session hearing evidence in case of Geo. W. Harris vs. The Sanford Harris numerous  heirs.  I hope “Uncle George” will win.



3d Wed.  Fair.  Court on the Harris case both morning and afternoon session.  It is in the hands of the jury tonight.  Prayer meeting in our Ch. tonight.


4th Thurs.  FOURTH of JULY 1776-1918 = 142 yrs. of our Independence.  Fair Fourth.  Picnic in C.H. yard in front of my room, for the township.  Judge W.M. Bond spoke an hour and ˝ on the war, in the C.H., to a full house of men, women & children.  It was a fine address.  Judge Brogan was then called out & he spoke a short while, in which he repeated his poem, “We are Coming”, etc.









5th Fri.  Fair at 7 A.M.  Ate dinner at the Lupton Hotel, today.  Cloudy this aft’n.  Court adjourned about noon until 9-30 Mon. morning.  Our News & Observers failed us tonight, and is very disappointing.  Bro. Geo. W. Harris brought me about 2 ˝ lbs. of honey:  Many thanks.



6th Sat.  Cloudy.  Rained in the night – 2 A.M.  Sunshine before 9.

7th Sunday  Foggy, early; then sunshine.  hot, today.  Dinner at Mamie’s.

8th Mon.  Cloudy.  Court again, today.  Light rain this afternoon.


9th Tues.  Cloudy.  Rain continued into the night.  Faired off, this morning.  Capt. Ed Harris little girl (6) died during the day.

10th Wed.  Fair.  I went to Capt. Ed’s home, this m.  This P.M. (4-40+) it is cloudy, dark, windy, thundering and dropping rain.  4:55 Raining.  Fair at 5:20.


11th Thurs.  Partly cloudy.  Faired off later.  Nothing to record, today.


12th Fri.  Fair.  Clouds and dark & thunderings at 2:00 P.M.  At 3 P.M. it is stormy with light rain.  This followed by harder rain & clearing.


13th Sat.  Faired off this m:  cooler.  Exchange of clouds & sunshine, today.

14th Sun.  First fair & then foggy:  then fair.  Service at our Church.  Ate dinner at A. Berry’s.  Service again tonight.  The day has been pleasant. 


15th Mon.   Fair, warmer.  Carried ribbon to Mrs. C.A. Jones, and she made and sent me (by her husband) another service flag: the other one is soiled.


16th Tues.  Fair.  Nothing to record today.  Our mail was an hour later.

17th Wed.  Red sky early, then cloudy    18th Thurs.  Cloudy yet.  Sunshine later.  Went around to Mamie’s, this m. and found Mary Weston and Etta Rina Barnes, M’s cousins, there.  I ate dinner with them.  Thundering, dropping rain at 4-50 P.M., and cloudy, of course.  Rain, thunder & dark, at 6-30.





19th Fri.  Cloudy right on.  Rain this evening, and also after night.

20th Sat.  Clouds & sunshine.  No rain today.  Nothing worth recording.


21st Sunday  Fair.  There being no sexton, I rang the bell for S.S. and opened up the church -   my back hurts.  Dinner at Mamie's.  Service tonight.


22d Mon.  Heavy dew, this m.  8 or 9 young men left for camp - Job Berry in charge of them.  News tonight, that the Allies have broken thru Ger. lines.

23rd Tues.  Fair.   24th Wed.  Fair.  Mamie, L. & C. [Lucile & Charles]came to see me this evening.

25th Thurs.  Fair.  A wire message from Belhaven, this evening, that the Allies had captured the Crown Prince of Germany, and 150,000 prisoners.  I hope it is all true.


26th Fri.  Cloudy, and some sunshine.  Later full sunshine.  This afternoon dark clouds & thunders in the N.W.  I have been fortunate, this week: have had tomatoes, honey, potatoes, and grapes & grape preserves given me.  May the Lord bless the donors.


27th Sat.  Dark and raining at 7.05 A.M.  Rained in the night.  The news about the capture of the Cr. Prince was untrue; and I did not believe it when I heard of it.  So dark at 8-35 that I had to light a lamp to see how to cook breakfast.  Dark & raining.  Heavy showers until after 4 P.M.  Sunshine after 5 P.M. but no good signs of clearing.



28th Sunday  Rain before 6 A.M.  Was at S. S..  Went to the Disciples’ Church:  Rev. Smith, not our pastor, preached on “Give us this day our daily bread.”  I left before communion service, after a hard shower.  Charles came around before my breakfast, and said, ”Mama said come to her house for dinner; she’s going off after dinner.”  I ate my breakfast, went to the S.S., and then to Mamie’s, but they were gone.  Chas. must have got the message wrong.  No rain since about 1 P.M.  Attended service at the Disciples’ Ch. tonight.








29th Mon.  Fair.  A sprinkle of rain this P.M.  Service at Dis. church tonight.

30th Tues.  Rain in the night, cloudy this m.  Ate dinner, entirely unexpectedly, with Mr. Bob Tunnel & wife.  Yesterday, I began reading “Prudence of the Parsonage”, and finisht it this afternoon.  It is very good.  I have the sequel – next book “Prudence Says So”.  Mrs. D.L. Berry loaned them to me last week.  Still cloudy.  A letter from Neppie, tonight, says she expects to come Thursday.  As Mamie is going away Thur or Friday, I sent her (N.) a Special Delivery letter to not come until next week when M. is expecting to be back Monday.





31st Wed.  At 7 A.M., it is dark, cloudy and raining.  I have my lamp lighted.  Heavy rains this m.  It seems to be clearing off this afternoon:  glad of it.

 August 1918


1st Aug. Thurs  Indications of fairer weather.  John, Mamie, John Madison & Etta Rives Barnes left, (on the Mot) this m. for a trip to Wilson, via Washington.  The P.O. is being moved to the S cor. room of the Brick Building, glad to say.  I was the first to buy stamps & cards in the new P.O. and Jesse Murray the first one to put a letter in.  Neppie came in on the mail boat, unexpectedly; as I sent her a S.D. Letter not to come until Monday so as to come with Mamie.  Sprinkling.  The first piece of mail I got from the new P.O. was a long looked-for-letter from my dear boy, Weston.  It’s been about a month since I had heard from him.





2d Friday  Somewhat cloudy.  Began taking a qt. of milk (Friday’s and Tuesday’s) from Staton HowardOnslow brings it ˝ way – to Thad Brown’s house.  Dr Lewis Swindell, wrote an affidavit, and went before a Notary Public, recommending me to the Govt. for an allotment by Weston.  Several (12) friends signed an endorsement of the affidavit.






3rd Sat.  Cloudy and a little rainy.  A regtd pkg came for Neppie, and I sent it to her by Mr. Rube Harris who lives near Mrs. Etta WestonShe got it.


4th Sunday  Clear, this m.:  Cloudiness later, then fair.  Children’s Day Exercises this morning, but there was so much uncertainty about it, I left and went to the Disciples Church.  Bert. Berry took 2 letters for Neppie: he is to leave with 29 others for Camp, in the morning.  The class, all but two, ansd to roll call in the C. H. this afternoon:  both came in later.  At service at Dis. Ch. tonight.





5th Mon.  Fair & warm, and mosquitoes a plenty: most this year.  To-Day, My Boy – Charles Weston Brothers, is Twenty Five Years Old.    30 young men started for camp in S. C. this m..  I saw them off.  Warm today.  Mamie & John & Jno. Mad. & Marjorie, came in on the Mot this P.M.  John went to Juniper Bay to take Capt. Thad. Brown’s car to him, and to bring his horse and buggy back:  he brought Neppie, Lucile and Charles.  I went around to Mamie’s and carried a letter from Dr. G. to “Randdie”.





6th Tues.  Fair and hot; yesterday & last night were hot times.  Lucille came around soon to get her great big soldier doll her Aunt Neppie brought her.  Neppie spent a short while with me this A.M.  Came again this evening; and I walked back to Mamie’s with her.  Hot today.




7th Wed.  Fair, hot.  Took dinner at Mamie’s today, with Neppie.  This is very, very, hot weather.  Papers report high temperatures.

8th Thurs.  Mostly cloudy & hot.  I had my bed set windows last night.  Today, My Baby Girl – Penelope Clary Brothers is Twenty Three Years Old.  Fair and hot late in the m.  Dinner with Neppie at Mamie’s today.  Neppie, and Agnes Weston (20), came around to see me tonight:  glad they did. 








9th Fri.  Fair and not so hot.  This is the day for the Singing Class from The Orphan Home - Goldsboro to come.  They came in at 11-10 A.M. from Sladesville.  I took 2 girls around to Mamie’s; she was not expecting them as John “FORGOT” to tell her last night.  I knew only one of the Class - Ruth Stout.  I am feeling too sick, & will not go out tonight.




10th Sat.  Partly cloudy.  Sorry, indeed, I could not go to the Orphans Home Concert last night.  Feeling weak this morning.  Have been feeble all day.  Neppie came around about 7 P.M.  I went to the Slide War Pictures in the Dis. Ch. by Rev. Mr. Smith, tonight.




11th Sunday  Partly cloudy, at 8-6 A.M.  At S. S. & Church Service.  Dinner with Mamie & Neppie & co.  Laura and Clifford were there also.  Neppie came around about 7 P.M.  Have been feeble today.  Service tonight.  Warm.


12th Mon.  A little cloudy.  Fair later.  This has been a very hot day.  One of the hottest of the hot.  Neppie came around this evening.



13th Tues.  Cloudy again.  Mamie sent J.M. around to come eat stewed chicken with them, and I went.  M. & N. came this evening.

14th Wed.  Fair, continued hot.  Neppie left, this morning on the Mot, for Washington.  Dinner with Mr. S.S. Lupton today.  Annual Meeting of the Knights of Hyde, today.  Rev. G T. Adams, P.E. Eliz. City, Dist. came last night.  He came in my room for a few minutes, this m. – too hot in here to have to stay long.  I didn’t light my lamp, last night, on acct. of gnats & mosquitoes.  I retired before 9 P.M.  At Prayer Mtg. tonight, Rev. Smith, of Vt. conducted the service.  He and every man there shed their coats – HOT!









15th Thurs.  Fair and not cool.  Am drinking artesian water at W.J. Harris’s, to see if it benefits me.  Went bathing this P.M. – first time this year.  Cooler today.


16th Fri.  Fair and cool.  Mamie and the children came to see me this P.M.

17th Sat.  Fair.  Nothing special.  Annie Swindell brot. her hand-bag for me to put her initials on it:  Miss Bruce accompanied her.  didn’t come in.


18th Sunday  A little cloudy and cool.  Increasing cloudiness through the day.  At S.S. & Ch. Service:  Service by Rev. Chas. C. Smith (Bap) of Durham.  He is here looking over the Baptist situation in this section.  He and I ate dinner at R. D. Harris’s.  They are to go out to Rose Bay this afternoon.



19th Mon.  Cloudy and cooler.  Mr. Smith preached again last night.  A letter from “Over There” somewhere in France came tonight to Neppie from B.M. Weston.


20th Tues.  Fair and continued cool.  Nothing further to record today.

21st Wed.  Fair, and some warmer.  At his invitation, I ate dinner with W.J. Harris today.  I recd a card from Weston, tonight.  He had just ar.at Camp Meade, Md.  This afternoon, I took up a subscription and secured $34.00 + $9.00 from Sec. Wesley Bible Class, all for the relief of the starving, suffering;  Jews in Europe.  Good!




22d Thurs.  Fair and warm.  Sent check $45.00 to A.B. Joseph, Treasurer, Goldsboro, for the Jewish Relief Fund.    23rd Fri.  Fair.  Nothing else.


24th Sat.  Fair.  A shower before day layed the dust for a while.  Increasing cloudiness, and occasional light showers.  Stormy and rain, and heavy clouds – storming on tonight.  No mail at 9 P.M.  South East wind, and the tide rising in the streets & walks.







25th Sunday  Retired at 10 P.M., last night; arose at 12 m.& and found water coming in my room.  I hurriedly dressed, and waded to Mamie’s, nearly waist deep.  Found Ephron Spencer and family, and Macon Harris & family there.  Wind S.E.:  it later shifted to S.W. & then W.  The worst storm I’ve seen since 1887 – Hatteras.  The water is swaged much but still covering the land.  I waded home about 7 A.M. over ankle deep:  found my floor in bad shape:  the water rose 10 ˝ inches in my room.  It is raining yet.  Got breakfast at about 11 A.M. at Mamie’s.  Came back and hired two boys to help me clean up my bedroom.  I had to scour it Sunday as it was, but it had to be done.  I ate supper and spent the night at Dan Berry’s.  This 4 lines is written Tuesday morning.









26th  Fair.  Late breakfast – 9 A.M.  Returned home and set to work on my dining room.  A boy helped me about 10 min and left.  Could get no help and I had to tote the things out doors.  Scoured the floor thoroughly – all by myself.  Ate dinner at Harris Hotel.  Drinking water is at a premium.  Now.  I was literally fagged out, and about every strand on me wet with “sweat”:  looked bad about 7 P.M. and put on dry clothes.  I retired at half past 10.









27th Tuesday  fair.  Got my Sat., Sun. & Mon. mail at 6 A.M. this morning:  it came too late – (9-30 P.M.) for me to wait for it last night.  I had to go to Mamie’s to get a bucket of drinking water.  I made up a batch of dough, and found I had used a rusty fork in mixing it, and I had to make a new batch.  This afternoon, I bought linoleum for my bedroom, and Dan. Berry put it down for me, and I am so glad he did.  It is lightly raining at 8-20 P.M.





28th Wed.  Mostly cloudy at 7-45.  Nothing special occurred today.

29th Thurs.  Fair.  Rained last night.    30th Fri.  Fair, cloudy and thundering in the afternoon.  Dark and sprinkling tonight.


31st Sat.  Fair, this m. & cooler.  Mamie & L. and C. came around this evening.


1st Sept.  Fair with clouds:  clouds increasing before 10 a.m.  At our S.S; attended service in “The Christian Church”.  S.T. Smith, pastor.

2d Mon.  Partly Cloudy.  A quilt cooler last night.  This is Labor Day, and a holiday.  Luke Sawyer, deserter several mos. came in today. 



3rd Tues.  Fair and cooler.  Two more young men to go to camp tomorrow.

4th Wed.  Fair & cool.  Neppie’s school begins today in Morganton.  I walked – a mile – to Joe Rayburn’s and took dinner with them.  I went chiefly to see Florence & Maude Parkins who with their Mother and little sister are visiting Mrs. P’s Mother - Mrs. R.  Rode back in the buggy with Joe.



5th Thur.  Partly cloudy, warmer   6th Fri.  Fair cloudy, & rain at 7-23 p.m.  A heavy rain after night fall.  Boat late.  Mail came up about 9-10 P.M.


7th Sat.  Cloudy.  Colder.  I received Weston’s Liberty Loan Bond for $100.00, this morning.  I have deposit it in our bank here.






8th Sunday  Cloudy, warmer, and rainy.  Heavy rains before day.  Sunshine by 9, A.M.  I rang the bell for S.S., but only a few came out, but we had our S.S. Lesson with all present (men, women & children) in one class.  Rain fell during the time.  No service on acct. of conditions.  Dinner at Mamie’s.  It is still cloudy and light raining at 3-30 P.M.  Prospect no night service.





9th Mon.  Cloudy, damp, cool.  Mr. O.B. Eaton, of Winston-Salem, was to have spoken in our church, last night, on W.S.S. and Patriotic subjects, but weather being inclement, he did not.  No service at all.  I went to the School House this m. to see what was to be done.  On acct. of the condition of the House and lot, the school was postponed indefinitely, by the Masters.  The teacher – Mr. Parham- is not suited for the position, and there is dissatisfaction.  I learn that the school committee will discharge him, on the ground of incompetency.  Later:  he has been notified; another teacher is being sought for. J.N. Duncan, teacher for 2 yrs. past, will be telegrapd for. 







10th Tues.  Partly fair.  Mr. Parham left this morning, not so “Happy” apparently, as he was yesterday morning.  The Com. gave him $25.00 for his expenses home near Hendersonville, and are to pay his board-bill here.



11th Wed.  Prob fair.   Cool.  Nothing transpired today worth recording.

12th Thurs.  Partly fair.  REGISTRATION DAY!  Those who are 18, and not 46 have to register for Army Service, except those who previously registered in former drafts.  Quite a number of people in town today.  Increasing clouds this P.M.






13th Fri.  Somewhat cloudy.  J. Mad., Lucile, and Charles came around and spent a while.  Nothing else today or 14th Saturday.....


15th Sunday  Mostly cloudy, and cool, at 7-30.  Sunshine later.  I was elected Sec. of our Wesley Bible Class, this morning.  Dinner at Mamie’s home.  Fair this afternoon.  No service today, nor tonight.


16th Mon.  Fair and warmer.    17th Tues.  Fair and warm, today


18th Wed.  Fair becoming somewhat cloudy about noon.  Incr. clouds and thunders.  Darkening clouds and rain about 2 P.M.  Wind W. or W.N.W.  Cleared off.  Ate a fish-supper at Mamie’s this P.M.  She gave me a can of honey.


19th Thurs.  Partly clear at 8-30    20th Fri.  Mostly fair.  I rode out to Soule’s Church in car with Bro. J.C. Whedbee, Bro. R. R. Grant and Etta Bell GrantBro. W. has been helping Bro. G. in his meeting, this week.  Service morning and night.  Dinner at Bro. Major Fisher’s; supper at Mrs. Etta Weston’s.  In the afternoon I went to see Mr. & Mrs. John Berry; then we 3 preachers and Bro. Fisher rode out in the Donnell Farm.  We preachers, Etta Bell & Minnie Grant returned home after night service.  I reached my room at 20 minutes to Eleven P.M.  During service a very heavy rain fell; stopt before service was over.







21st Sat.  Rained through the night.  Faired off about 9-30 a.m.  COLD!


22d Sunday  Fair and cold.  I rang the bell for S.S.; taught our class.  Mamie and L. & Chas. came around and stayed a while with me.  It is so cold.  I brought my oil-cook stove in my room.  Fall has begin in earnest.


23d Monday  Fair and cold yet.  I attended the 2d opening of the High School, here, this mMiss Maysel Lupton is the Principal.  Misses Lillian Watson, Ella Credle and Viola Williams – teachers.  Lucile Berry, my gr-dau. began her career as a pupil, this morning.








24th Tues.  Fair and warmer.  John Berry helped me put up my wood heater, yesterday.     25th Wed.  Fair & cool.  Nothing doing.


26th Thurs.  Cool and cloudy “somewhat”.  Capt. Thad Brown took his wife (Leta Berry) to the Hospital in Washington, N. C. this morning.  She was carried to the boat on a cot; by several of the citizens here.


27th Fri.  Mostly fair, I guess.  A letter from Neppie, last night, says she had a chill the night she wrote before; and “Taking some of the worse medicine ever put up”.  Hope she will soon be well.



28th Sat.  Thin cloudy all-over.  Sprinkle of rain, and more tonight.

29th Sunday  Cloudy altho it was fair at 4-30 this m., stars & moon.  It is fair weather this afternoon.  Dinner with Mamie, today.  Rev. Mr. Noe, (Episcopal Clergyman) preached in our church, here, tonight.  I went with Mamie to church, and came back with her, as promised.



30th Mon.  Heavy fog.  Fair this m.  Cloudy this aftn..  So it is tonight.