July - Sept. 1917

July 1917


Neppie Arrives               District Conference at
see 1st                            Ayden, N.C.


1st Sunday. Fair and and a little cooler, by daybreak.  We are expecting Neppie to come in a car, today, from Washington.  Ate my dinner (?) at home, today:  coffee, bread, clabber, and peaches, and that would be a feast to the starving Belgians and others.  2-30, p.m., Neppie has come with her friends, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, and Mrs. (somebody).  They have gone to the pumping station.  Neppie came around to my room and stayed a while.  Mr. Lupton kindly used his car for her to go to Oyster  Ck.  To see if we could find her trunk on the boat – Lucile.  We found it was, and so N. [Neppie] was greatly relieved, for she was uneasy about it.  At service in our church, tonight.







2d Mon. Fair.  Increasing cloudiness.  Rain about noon.  I ate dinner with Mamie and Neppie, today.  This evening, Neppie came around, and she ate supper with me.



3d Tuesday  Rainy, this m.  This is the morning we (Grant, R.D. Harris and A. B. Swindell and I) are to start for the District Conference in Ayden, in Harris’s car to Washington.  (I ate breakfast at R.D. Harris’s)  We left at 7 Minutes to 9.  Came over muddy bad roads to Wash. and got in a hole, once and had trouble getting out.  Pulled over at the W. Bridge on our way to Aden.  Got stuck again about a mile from A.  got a mule to pull us out.  Am stopping at Mr. George A. Johnson’s:  his family are Episcopalians.  A young boy,  Willie Johnson, a delegate from Aurora circuit is my roommate.  Service at church, tonight.  Sermon by Rev. L.S. Massey.  Conf. opens in the morning.









4th Wed.  Partly cloudy.  Had a good night’s rest.  Conference opened at 9 a.m.  I offered the second prayer.  Dr Few of Trinity College spoke at the 11:00 o’clock hour.  A very heavy rain fell during the afternoon session.  Bro. Lane, P.C., brot me home in his car, and got stuck in the ditch in front of the house.  Mr. Johnson’s wife is named Penelope, his children, Anna (16) Elizabeth (13), Tom (10), Ray (6).  Col. Benton, of Wilson, gave 65 minutes of address tonight, on the war situation and our duty to our boys.






5th Thurs.  Sunshine, this morning, a little.  Conference this morning.  Sermon by Rev. R. – Daniel, pastor in Greenville.  We (Grant, Harris, Hugh Fortesque and I) left Ayden at 2-25 p.m., came through Greenville without stopping, and reached Washington about 4:50 p.m.  I am with my good friends, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Harrison’s, for the night.  They received me most cordially.  He is out of the mercantile business and is running his farm.  We had a nice trip to Washington and did not get in a hole, this time.






6th Fri.  Partly cloudy.  I had Dr Carter to examine my eyes.  He prescribed for them  We (Grant, Harris and I) left Washington at 11 a.m., in the car.  We stopt at Pinetown to get some gasoline.  Went to Pantego, got more and some oil.  Rained right much while there: came off in the rain and reached Swanquarter at 6:26 p.m.  I am very much tired out.



7th Sat.  Cloudy and close.  Neppie came, this morning and brought my mail.  We ate dinner with Mamie.  Rain this p.m.







8th Sunday  Cloudy, with just a little sunshine.  Red Cross exercises in both S. S. and Church service hours, this morning.  At Mamie’s today, also, for dinner.  Rain this afternoon.  Service tonight.  As the gas lights are off, I carried my lamp and lantern.  Others took lamps.



9th Mon.  Mostly fair.  I turned one leaf, here, too many, and made an entry on the next sheet, as you will see. Learning that Florence and Maud Parkins are here.  I borrow Mr. Benners Swindell’s horse and buggy, and drove out to Joe Rayburn’s house – a mile – and saw them all.  Was real glad to see them again.  We made friends a year ago, in the savannah.  At 5 p.m. there is a dark, threatening cloud gathering: then rain.





10th Tues.  7-30 a.m.  Dark cloudy, rain and thundering.  On account of so much rain, the crop prospect in Hyde Co. is serious.  Fairer, later.  Dinner at Mamie’s.  Neppie came around and ate supper with me.  I had cocoa, rice, batter-cakes, Bread, potted ham, etc.  Tonight, John Conner came in for a few minutes: glad to see him.



11th Wed.  Rain about 4 a.m.  Cloudy followed by sunshine: cooler early in the morning.  I put on a heavier shirt.  Mamie sent Chas. and Lucile around to tell me to go there for dinner.  I went.  It is fair, this afternoon.  Two little children – Earl and Fannie Gray Bell were with me a while this morning.  No lights.  No prayer meeting tonight.




12th Thurs.  Partly fair.  No rain today.  Cooler this evening.

13th Fri.  Partly cloudy.  Neppie, Lucile and Charles came to see me this morning, and I went home with them, and ate dinner there.  My little friends, Florence and Maud Parkins came to see me just after I got to my room; and they are here, now (4-10 p.m.) practicing on my typewriter.  I am real glad to have them with me.  I am!



14th Sat.  Fair, so far (8 a.m.)  Fair yet – 5 p.m.  I now have with me my little boy friends – Clyde Tim Smith and Berry Credle, who came specially to see me.   I called in another – Edward HayesJohn Madison, my grandson came, too.


15th Sunday  Fair.  I went with Grant to Soule’s Church, this morning, and preached for him.  Took “Moses” for my subject.  I am very grateful for the kind expressions on it from several.  To God be all the praise, if any be due.  We ate dinner at Capt. Jim Berry’s.  We went to “McGowan S. Ho.” in the afternoon where the S.S. had Children’s Day Exercises, and they were very good.  We came home, aft'w'ds.  Service at our church tonight.  Grant preached on the transfiguration.  The gas is still off and I carried my lamp and lantern again.







16th Mon.  Fair.  I had to go to the store and buy something for breakfast.  This P.M., I went to see little Maud Parkins who is sick at Mrs. Rayburn’s.


17th Tues.  Fair.  Stayed in the house most all day, for special reasons.  Went to Mamie’s about 5 a.m. and went with her out to Cecil Harris’s to get his wife- “Miss Eula”; brot. her back to go to Belhaven with her brother Carlos.  On the way out, I stopt to see Maud: she is up again.  Grant came around about 4-30 and brought me the bal. due, from Soule’s, on the parsonage painting and repairs.

[Here he made an entry for the 8th Sunday and 9th Monday and marked through it.  He had turned one page too many.  After marking through it, the next line read:  Turn back to Page 108]













18th Wed.  Fair.  Mr. S.S. Mann has, today, borrowed my typewriter until his is repaired, which will be about two weeks.  It is cloudy and a little showery this p.m.  A young man, Mr. Simpson, whose parents lived in Hatteras (not then married) when I was pastor there, called to me, made himself known, and came in and spent a ½ hr. or so with me.  He now lives in Washington.  There have been some showers, this p.m.  One heavy one fell.





19th Thurs.  Cloudy with some sunshine.  Rain before day and after.

21st Sat.  Cloudy and threatening.  Rain by 11-15.  A wind and rain storm about 1-30, lasted about ten minutes.  Rain this evening. Maud and Florence Parkins came in this evening and spent an hour or so.

22d Sunday  Cloudy: some sunshine.  Much interest and anxiety is shown in the government draft of men for service in the war.  After S.S., several young men came in to look over the list and check of the drafted.  Ate dinner at Mr. S. S. Lupton’s, so as to be with Florence and Maud Parkins.  More showers this afternoon.  Hot.





23d Mon.  Cloudy yet.  Went to Staton Howard’s for some clabber.  Got it and he cut a watermelon.  My first this year.  Maud and Florence are with me by invitation to have lemonade and cake.  I hope they enjoyed it.  I did. 




24th Tues.  No entry made or to make.  25th WedNeppie came in town, and finally  consented to  come to my room.  Spent three minutes.


26th Thurs.  Nothing to record today.  27th  Clouds still prevail.  At 3 p.m. there is a severe windstorm with thunder and lightning: some rain fell about 3-20.  No News & Observer tonight.


28th Sat.  Fair.  Rain before sunrise.  Some cooler:  the wind has changed, at last.  Mr. Isaiah, and Milton Credle, both, brought me tomatoes.


29th Sunday  Fair.  I used both a sheet and counterpane last night.  Florence and Maud Parkins came in to see me after I returned from S.S.  Am always glad to see them.  Miss Maysel Lupton came to my room and invited me to take dinner with them.  I did so.



30th Mon. Fair and hot & hot all day.  94°  in my room at 4 p.m.

31st Tues.  Fair and hot again.  Hot everywhere.  The hottest weather throughout the county in 2 ys..  90° in my room at 9-20 p.m.



1st Wed.  Fair and hot right on 87° in my room at 7:55 a.m.  Rode with W.J. Harris, in his car, with W T. and A., Berry.  The Berrys got out about 4 miles.  We drove on to Mrs. Etta Weston’s where I got out to be with Neppie until W. J. returned from somewhere.  It has been hot all day until this evening:  it is 5° cooler in my room tonight.  The paper reports frost and damage to vegetables in the State of Washington.









2d Thurs.  Fair and warmer – not so hot, today.  Had a screen door put up to my room, by John Berry, this p.m.  Quite a number of men, women, girls and boys, in two boats went out to “Sandies” and we went in bathing; this is my first time “in”, in about two years.  Water was warm.



3rd Fri.  Fair and hot again.  While shaving, before breakfast, Mrs. Jack Parkins and Florence and Maud, came to tell me goodbye.  They are returning to their home in Beaufort, N. C.  Glad to see them, if I was not presentable at the time.  I bought three fresh mullets and took them to Mamie, for dinner; and I am to be there, too.  “John Madison” and Lucile Berry, my gr.-chil. are in my room.




4th Sat.  Rain, last night, was much needed.  Partly cloudy today.  The Class from the Orphan Home is to be here to give an entertainment, tonight:  I painted a notice and put it up.  While I was shaving, after my bath, Mr. Wm. Bonner came and brought me a home-made loaf of bread, and a cooked spring chicken, and I greatly appreciated it.  The Orphan aggregation got in after 8 p.m. and went, at once, to the Academy:  They gave the play “Princess Chrysanthemum", to a crowded house; and it was well presented and well received.  Harry Holmes and Beulah Westmoreland recognized me.  I was once in the Old Folks Home.  This is an ideal night for the entertainment.  I did not get my mail tonight.









5th Sunday  Partly cloudy.  This is Weston’s birthday – 24 years old.  Mamie bro't. me some beef and cake for my dinner, today.  Willie Stout, of the Orphan Home is among them, too.  He is a substitute member.  Neppie went to church with me tonight.  The seven girls from the Orphan Home sang in the choir – two of the songs.




6th Mon.  Fair and hot.  “Co. Com’s. Court” here today.  The Orphanage crowd left in cars, this morning, for Sladesville.  Neppie spent awhile with me this m'g.  Grant came around here tonight.  Mr. S .S. Mann bro't. me a new typewriter ribbon he bought for me.



7th Tues.  Fair and warm.  Mr. Geo. Carter, Chair. Local Bd. for the Selection Draft, of Hyde Co., had me mark two (2) notices for the “Medical Examinations, here.  8th, 9th & 10th inst.  Charge 60 cents.


8th Wed.  Fair, and a little cooler.  Got up late (6-50) this morning.  Neppie is 22 years old, today 1895-1917.  Annual Meeting of the “Knights of Hyde”, today.  Draft examination began this morning.  Neppie came to see me and spent awhile, this a.m.  I went with a crowd of men, girls and boys, to “Sandies”, and took a bath in the pleasant waters.  I was late at Prayer Meeting, tonight.




9th Thurs.  Fair.  But she never has (see last two lines on page 23) but she has given me a lot of clabber which I greatly (unrecognizable word).  Went to his home, this morning and got more clabber.  She has been sick for several days and is some better this m.  I rode part of the way there in Mrs. Sam Windley’s car, by her invitation.  Walking the first part (to our church) rode to their house, and walked to Mr. Howards.  Jack Windley went there for me, and brot. me back home in the same car.  I was fortunate.  Rain from 5-5 to 6.  There was a black cloud in the N.W. before the rain.  I signed a petition of Sanford Brinn for keeper of the Co. Home.  I attended service in the “Disciples” Church tonight.  Thos. S. Long, a lawyer of Washington, came in for a social chat, after 9:00 p.m.  See entry of June 12, 1916 – This is in reference to the Berry-Long case.












10th Fri.  Partly fair, and warm.  An excursion to Great Island was planned for today.  I may be one of the party to go.  3-50 p.m.  We are all back.  Had a bathing about noon; 28 went in the water, and all of [us] seemed to enjoy it.  Neppie was along, but did not go in the water.  Had a fish-fry on landing from the place of bathing, as we had to go about ½ a mile in a boat to shallow water.  I have eaten nothing since breakfast; but I bro't my fish lunch along with me.  Bro. Grant caught some perch and at his request I took 3 of them.  Mrs. Annie Jamie? (nee Annie Whitfield) who was in Cohari High School with Etta, Mamie and Weston) was along, and her little son Rowland.  A heavy cloud threatening a storm hurried us home – six miles away.  We went on the Gas-boat Mot, Capt. Thad Brown.  There was a heavy rain all the way home and after we reached the wharf.  It slacked so we could walk up home.  It is still thundering.  Quite a large crowd of women, men, and children were along.  I think everyone enjoyed the day, while we were away.  Rainy on.

















11th Sat.  Cloudy and thundering, this morning – now 6-35.  Raining at 7-40, while I was at breakfast.  Sunshine before 8.  Fair the rest of the day.  Ate dinner, at Mamie’s, with NeppieMr. Mann bro't. my typewriter home, and I cleaned and oiled it.



12th Sunday  Fair.  Late, purposely, at S.S., but in time to attend class at the beginning of the lesson.  Church service followed.  Dinner of postum, bread, butter, and honey, at homeNeppie came around just before dark, and went part of the way to church with me.  She followed shortly, after with her twin friend Annie Swindell.  I went home with her, and came home.  Grant preached on “Thomas the Unblessed friend of Jesus”, and at his request, I read the General Rules without comment.






13th Mon.  Partly cloudy.  “Nothing Doing” today.  Pleasant day.

14th Tues.  Fair.  Mrs. Staton Howard is to go to the Fowle Memorial Hospital, in Washington, N.C. this morning.  She (Shelah) has been very kind to me; and I pray God she may return much better.  Neppie came in with me, and is now (9-18) reading the “News & O.”.  There is light rain now (3 p.m.) falling.  Cleared off.  Neppie came home with me, and we had cocoa for supper, with loaf bread only.




15th Wed.  Partly cloudy.  I rode in Bro. Grant’s car, with him to Rev. Mr. Hinderlite’s parsonage (2 miles out).  He went for Mrs. Elmore (nee Rosa Langston) to bring her to his home for the day, or longer.  She is the daughter of Rev. J.D. Langston, one of our fellow – superannuates.  She has been blind for ten years.  She is visiting among her friends.  Grant kindly invited me to take dinner with them, but I declined, pro. bono.









16th Thurs.  It is now (8-10 a.m.) raining.  My egg-bread, this m. was good; so was the mullet & postum – all I had, and all I needed.  Thunder at 9-15.  Heavy rain.  Mrs. Howard (Shela) is getting along nicely, as her husband reports: am as glad to hear it.  He bro't. me 2 erasers – ordered.



17th Fri.  Cloudy and close.  Neppie came around this morning; I treated to choc. milkshake, her favorite.  It is raining, at three p.m.  Another rain since the above; and still another about 7 p.m.


18th Sat.  Partly cloudy, early: fairer later.  Took my bath at noon.  I received a much appreciated letter, tonight from my dear friend – Bro. A. Cameron, Vass, N.C.  It greatly relieved my anxiety at his delay in answering a former letter: he, at once, answered my letter of inquiry.



19th Sunday  Fair and pleasant.  After S.S., I went to see Troy Jeannett who is just out of the St. Vincent Hospital in Norfolk.  I found him eating watermelon.  I ate some of it, then went to Mamie’s and while there, I saw someone driving Tom Harris’s calico horse, and I went and we found Miss Dollie Ball, and Annie Bertha her sister, who had come for me to go to Tom Harris’s (the girls’ uncle) to spend the day.  I went, and had a pleasant visit.  The same girls brought me back home this evening.  Neppie came around, and we went to church – Grant’s service.  I went with her to Mamie’s and returned home.  Mamie and Charles are planning to go to Belhaven, tomorrow on the mail-boat, and later go to Aurora, N. C.










20th Mon.  Fair.  Got up about 5 a.m. to mail three letters for Dollie B.  Mamie is now (6-50 a.m.) at the boat for her trip.  Increasing cloudiness.  I did a trick, this morn'g: I left my postum to boil, and as I did not need it for breakfast, I forgot it, and found it still boiling at about 1 p.m.  It boiled out about 2/3 and I put that much boiling water to what remained, and it was o.k.  In the meantime, I made another pot full.




21st Tues.  Mostly fair, now – 7-22; but there was a sprinkle between 5 and 6 o’clock this morning.  I cleaned up my two rooms, before breakfast, in anticipation of company this a.m.  Annie Swindell was coming with Neppie, but home duties kept her away.  Neppie came.  There is now (6-30 p.m.) a shower of rain.  Another shower after 9 p.m.  The mail was very late tonight.





22d Wed.  7-40 a.m.  Fair, but rain before 6 o’clock.  Fairing, later.

23d Thur.  Partly cloudy.  No rain, today.  Nothing special.  Suppose Neppie went “down the Bay”, sometime today:  she did not come around.


24th Fri.  Partly cloudy, this morning.  12-50 p.m.  A storm brewing – heavy clouds and thunderings.  Rain began at about 1-40.  I ate my dinner by the light of the lamp, about 2 p.m.  Mary Rives arrived this p.m.  She went out to Tom(?) Weston’s.  I saw her and Etta in Washington last February (?)






25th Sat.  Mostly fair, this m.  82° at 8-40, a.m.  Rev. C. L. Read, P.E., came in with Grant, from the Quarterly Conf. at Sladesville, this p.m

26th Sunday  Fair and cooler.  74° at 7 a.m.  Got up at 5-15 to get my breakfast, and be ready to go with Mr. Tripp who will take me out to Soule’s where I am to conduct the service in the absence of the pastor, Grant, who is to be at Sladesville.  The Protracted Meeting begins at Soule’s this morning.  Mr. Tripp and I left a 1/4 to 9, and I got out near the Church (at the corner) and went to the church, before S.S. time.  I conducted the service, using the words “We shall all appear”, (2 Cor 5:10) for a text.  I rode in the surrey with Mr. John Berry, and took dinner with him.  Came back here, in a car with Mr. Ed O. Spencer and family, getting to my room at 5-55 p.m.  It has been real cool all day.  I went around to see Mamie, tonight.  She left Mrs. Rives (her aunt) beyond Aurora, this morning at 20 ms. to 8, and came all the way home-100 miles (?):  then had to go “down the Bay” to carry Rube’s car they used, and then came back with Rube who wanted his car tonight.  They must be tired.











27th Mon.  Fair 74° at 8 a.m.  Neppie came in about 11-30 to get her mail:  Marie Rives is with her at Mamie’s, I suppose.  Yes!  I went around and ate dinner with them.  I went for a ride to Rose Bay with Mr. S.S. Lupton and others:  on the way there, the inner tube bursted; and a new tube was inserted.  Two other cars came along, and rendered aid.  It being late, I rode back with Mr. Sam Spencer, of Engelhard.  The other car returned later.







28th Tues.  Fair.  Neppie is to leave us, this morning.  Before seven it began clouding up.  I met N. [Neppie] on the way from M’s [Mamie's], and went with her and Annie Swindell to the gasboat, MotTroy Jennette was taken to the boat, on a cot, to go to the Hospital in Washington, N.C.  Rev. C. L. Read, P.E., and several ladies also went as passengers on the boat.  Darkening clouds, and some rain-light, as we returned home.  Thundering and some sunshine at 9-45.  Nothing else to record this evening.






29th Wed.  Showering now (6-50 a.m.)  Went to see the new principal of the school, who came in last night.  He is quite sick from eating stewed fish yesterday, in Belhaven, he thinks.  He is at Harris Hotel.  Dr Swindell thinks the trouble with him is a gall-stone.


 30th Thurs.  Fair and warmer.  84° at 10-15 a.m.  I bought a suit – 2 piece – light, summer suit, as I needed something decent to wear.  I also bo’t a belt to go with it – My first belt.  I shaved, put on a clean shirt and collar, and I feel better.  Took dinner with Mamie, today; she has a case of “Mad-Itch”, and is lasting her longer than heretofore; she is subject to it, from youth.  Mr. E.J. Perry, the new principal of the school, referred to above, died about night.  He is being carried to Washington, on the “Mot”, uncoffined, to be embalmed awaiting location of and instructions from his people.  He has one sister.






31st Fri.  Partly cloudy and hot, this m'g.  Dinner with Mamie, again.

September 1917




1st Sat.  Fair and hot.  85- at 8:45 a.m.  I learned, last evening, that Mr. Perry’s sister telegraphed to send his body to Wilson, and she would meet it there.  It was embalmed.  I painted a notice for the Red Cross Concert, tonight, by the Belhaven talent.  They gave a fairly good entertainment in the Academy, but not by the program, as all the members were not here.  It began at 9-30, and lasted about 2 hours.






2d Sunday  It is foggy, this m. at 7-45.  It is cloudy, also.  Mamie and family came around, in their car, about 9 a.m. and she brought me some chicken, biscuits and jelly-cake.  Thanks.  They are going “Down-the-Bay”.  Attended service in our church tonight.



3d Monday  Labor Day  Partly cloudy.  Preston Jones came in, this m., and told me he bro't me some butter.  He had me to give him some points on Baptism:  I did so.  At 2-30 p.m., there is rain and very heavy clouds from the east.  Quite a rain.


4th Tues.  Not fair, but sunshine.  Mrs. Leta (Berry) Brown and Miss Essie Brown called at my door, last evening and invited me, (as a preacher) to attend the supper, given last night, to the young men who are to go to the war-camps.  There were only two of them present, out of 12 or 17 certified boys.  They were Rube Berry and Grady Credle.  Two of the five colored boys were also entertained, at separate tables, in separate rooms.  Beside quite a number of ladies present there were the four men of the Local Board of the Selective Draft present.  Messrs Geo. Carter, Chrm., S.S. Mann, Dr R. E. Windley and Will Watson.  Rev. R.R. Grant was an invited guest.  We were all the men there.  It is to be greatly regretted that all the drafted boys were not there.  Mr. Mann was called upon and gave and edifying account of the work of the Selective Draft and the Local Board.  The ladies had prepared a splendid menu for the occasion.  The supper was given in the Odd Fellows Hall. It is cooler today.  The thermometer at 9-21, tonight is down to 71°.















5th Wed.  Cloudy and cool.  72 at 6 a.m.  Neppie’s school-work, at Morganton, begins today.  Haven’t heard from her since she left, August 28thMr. Mann came and borrowed my Typewriter again this morning before 9 a.m.  Surely regretted seeing it go, but he is perfectly welcomed to use it.  I letter 2 signs - "Keep Out”, for Mr. W.B. Swindell, and stayed for dinner there, the first meal there in many weeks.  I had to do the talking at prayer meeting tonight, as Grant was tired.  I suppose he was tired from working on “The Old Ark” (his car) as I call it.  He conducted the service, and had me to read and talk.








6th Thurs.  Rain.  Colder.  66° at 6-14.  Nothing to record, today.

7th Fri.  Fair, mostly.  80° at 7-30.  Some of the drafted boys left, this morning.  This p.m., clouds are gathering thick and thunders are rolling: now 4-14.  Rain at 4-26.  Some cooler this evening.







8th Sat.  Fair, some wind, warm.  It is thick cloudy at 5 p.m.  Looks stormy.  Raining at 6 p.m. and till night.

9th Sunday  Cloudy with sunshine.  At S.S. and taught the W.B. Class, in the absence of the teacher.  Church service followed with Grant, P. C. preaching of the message of John the Baptist to Christ.  A shower at 12-55, but soon over.  At service tonight.



10th Monday  Rainy.  The High School begins this morning.  John N. Duncan, principal, as last year.  This is a week late in opening, on acct. of the death of Mr. E.J. Perry, prin., elect.  Well, I have been up to the school opening; not many “old folks” out; and not a full attendance of the students.  A song, prayer and talk by County Superintendent Credle, Rev R.R. Grant, Dr “Plum” Swindell, and Mr. Is. Credle.  Mr. J.S. Barnes threw a dollar bill in my cap, in the store, and passed on out.  Thanks, and God reward him:  this gift on his part is one of many he has given me.  Much cooler, and cloudy this afternoon.







11th Tues.  Mostly fair.  Colder-60° at 6 a.m.  More cover last night.  I married a couple, at the parsonage, tonight, in the absence of the P. C. who is assisting in a meeting at Watson’s Chapel  The couple were Harvey Credle and Mary Elizabeth Fortiscue – ages 23 and 16, with written consent of the girl’s father.  The fee was $5.00.  I received a nice letter from Carl Brothers Wilkinson, tonight.  Still cool.




12th Wed  Fair, cool.  61° at 6-30 a.m.  This morning, I was asked to perform the rite of matrimony, tonight, at 8 p.m.  I will:  D.VI united in matrimony Metra Swindell and Luella O’Neal, at the residence and Hotel of W.J. Harris, between 8 & 8-30, tonight.  The Ring Ceremony was used.  I not being aware the ring was to be used, I had to make up a ceremony for it.  I did not use a book at all, have never committed the ring part to memory, as this is my first.  The fee received was $3.00.  The party left for Belhaven after the service.







13th Thurs.  Cloudy.   66° at 7-50 a.m.  I took dinner at the Harris Hotel, by invitation of the Proprietor W J. Harris.  It is yet cloudy at 3-19 p.m.  It kept cloudy and cool all the day.


 14th Fri.  Raining and warmer.  77° at 7-20 a.m.  This morning about 8 a.m., I carried a birthday present to little Minnie Grant.  It was a box of Lowney’s Choc., and a hkf: they were wrapped several times, put in a rolled oats box, wrapped again and put in a sack.  When she saw the oats box, she did think I brought her oats.  I told her to open that, and then she pulled out the package, and began unwrapping again.  She is 10 today.





15th Sat.  Rainy-probably rained all night.  Breakfast by the lamp light at 8 a.m.  High water on the streets.  Mail boat did not leave today.  No mail before Monday night, now.  After dinner, light rains most all day.  Occasional let-ups.  Water is standing in the street in front of these rooms.  Sunshine 1-4.




16th Sunday  Cloudy.  74° at 8:30 a.m.  Spent latter part of the morning with Mr. W.B. Swindell (Hotel).  Ate dinner with Mamie, about 3 p.m.  No S.S. on account of high tide.  Still cloudy & windy.






17th Mon.  Mostly cloudy, some sunshine.  70° at noon.  The mail came in after 9 p.m., too late for me to wait for it to be opened and as I am home, and sleepy enough to retire.  It is cool tonight.



18th Tues.  Fair and cool.  66° at 7-30.  Got 3 days mail this a.m.

19th Wed.  Fair and cooler 60° at 6-15.  Grant came in tonight.

20th Thurs.  Fair and warmer 70° at 8 a.m.  12 young men were taken to Belhaven, today, to be sent to Camp Jackson in S. Ca.


21st Fri.  Fair.  72° at 7-45.  By invitation, I conducted the opening service at the High School, this m., and gave a talk on striving for the “Best Things”.  I stayed until recess at 10-30.  Bo’t  a dish of oysters-stewed, at the Episcopal supper for their church.



22d Sat.  Cloudy at 6-35, and temperature 70°.  Nothing else to say.

23d Sunday  Cloudy, cool wind and high tide.  68° at 8.  Dinner today with W. B. Swindell (Hotel).  Equinoxial storm appears on.

24th Monday  Rainy.  The shoes I got, June 29th (q.v.), having given way at the soles, were exchanged today, for a new pair, by Dan L. Berry-the merchant I got them of, at even exchange.  Thanks!  The new pair have the “Neolin” soles, and rubber heels



25th Tues.  Still cloudy, damp and cool and I have a cold.  Brother Grant came to see me, again, last night, and I was glad of it.  Four more young men were taken, by the Hon. Pomposity, G.P. Carter, to Belhaven, this m. to entrain at for Camp Jackson.  Good Luck to them.




26th Wed.  Fairing 68°  at 6-45.  Presbytery over the creek today; but I found no way of going.  Grant came in the p.m.  Am glad the day has been fair.  Sun set was clear.  O.K.  Bright moonlight. Rains predicted for tomorrow.  At prayer meeting tonight.




27th Thurs.  Fair, so far.  70° at 8-20.  Rode with Mr. Alec Berry out to his farm to get water from his pump, three gallon jugs, one for me and two for his son.  We have been using it for some time.  Cloudy at 11 a.m.  I painted a notice for a “Pie Party”, at the Academy.  It was in rhyme by Willie F. Credle who brought it to me.  It is to be tomorrow night.  It has been fair all the afternoon.




28th Fri.  Fair mostly.  76° “summer heat”, at 6-40 a.m.  About 9-30, a young gentleman came in and asked me a few questions about, - O, well – Good morning, sir.  I’ll see you later.  At about 11  I rode over the creek with Mr. R.D. Harris (in his car) and Mr. W.J. Harris.  We went to attend service at the Presbyterian Church, but found no one there.  Stopt at E.E. Bridgeman’s store, and I bo’t some canned goods (83 cents), and an extra vest for 25 cents.  It was left out of the suit they sold.  It clouded up while we were out, and rain began to sprinkle before we got home.  It looks a little stormy, now – noon.  Varying sunshine and clouds later.  Went to the pie-Party tonight.








29th Sat.  Rainy and warm.  The same young man came this morning, and left two important papers and made arrangements for - q.v. further on.  It still rains.  1-35, and raining right on, and my dinner is not ready.  I took a bath this morning 6-12, and the rain is falling and has about all day long.  Ice Cream Supper by the Episcopalians, and Professor Duncan insisted on treating me, because I would not charge for marking the notice for the Pie-Party.











30th Sunday   Cloudy and warm.  As there is so much water on the ground, there may be no S.S. this morning: and there was none.  Went around to the parsonage to see Brother Grant who is ailing somewhat, and the weather kept him at home, or, rather, the condition of the road, and lack of a horse to go.  1-25, after dinner, and it seems to be faired off again.  So it is.