December 1916

1st Friday  Fair and colder.  Herbert left, this m. on his salesman route; will return tonight.  Mr. Hunter is also a traveling salesman and expects to leave on the 12:45 train.  He came tonight.



2nd Sat.  Fair.  Nothing special thru the day.  Mr. Chappell, Ora’s father came in and took supper with us.  He invited me to his home. 


3rd Sunday night.  Partly cloudy thru the day.  We all went to S.S.  I taught Mr. Weaver’s class.  No preaching, but the pastor, J.E. Holden, had previously told five men he wanted them to give 3 reasons why they were thankful; and then he left it open for any to do likewise.  He announced that I would preach, tonight.  After dinner, Mr. & Mrs. Chappell, Ora’s parents came in; soon after.  We went to ride in the automobiles.  Mr. Chappel’s and Herbert's.  Mr. C. and H. and Leon in H.’s car.  Mrs. Chappel, Ora, Mildred, Mrs. Harvey Martin and her 2 little girls – Audrey and AgnesRonald Chappel [unrecognizable word] the car.  I conducted the service tonight, and had a large congregation.  Text - “Heb. 2:3” So grate salvation”.  Several kindly came up and said they enjoyed the service.  I did not feel much in the spirit of preaching.  Whole service was less than an hour.  Closed service with a song and the benediction.













4th Mon.   Mostly fair, today, and warmer.  Nothing special.

5th Tues.  Partly fair, this m. - heavy rain just before day.  Tues.Night.  It has been fair today.  Nothing special today.

6th Wed.  Fair and cooler.  Our Conference convenes, this morning, in Memorial Church, Durham.  We (Ora and the children) are going to spend the day, or take dinner, with her sister, Mrs. Harvey Magnus L. Martin.  Mrs. J.E. Holden, wife of the pastor, called me up, and insisted on me holding Prayer Meeting, tonight.  I consented.  Well, we are back home after a pleasant visit as stated above.  Mrs. Conner, eldest sister of Ora, came in the afternoon, her little girl – Lucile – came in the morning.  We are to go to Ora’s father’s home, tomorrow, I am informed.  We expect Herbert back home tonight.  Ora, the children, Mildred and Leon, and I went to prayer meeting.  Had but a few out, as a service was not really expected.  We were back by eight fifteen.








7th Thurs.  Fair.  About 11-30, Ronald Chappell came for us, (in his father’s car) to go out to their home.  Herbert’s family, Mr. Martin’s family and I went, taking on the way Lucile Conner (6) a niece, and the granddaughter of Mr. Chappell.  We had a good country dinner – just the kind preachers like.  We all returned home a little before sundown after a very pleasant day’s visit.  It is some cooler tonight.





8th Fri. .Fair this m.  I rec’d a letter from S.R. Thompson, last evening:  he sent me the bal. on the horse and buggy – ck for $55.00.  He also gave an invitation for me to spend Christmas, and an unlimited visit.  Ora and her children – Mildred & Leon, and Mrs. Mangus Martin and her children, Stewart and Harold, and I, all went to see their sister – Mrs. Archie Conner; they were in hog works there.  Herbert came back home tonight:  he made me a generous offer if I would go to see his brother – Ed & family.  Think I will go.







9th Sat.  Cloudy.  A sprinkle of rain:  cleared off cooler this afternoon.


10th Sunday  Fair and colder.  We all went to S.S.  I was pressed into service as teacher of the Wesley Bible Class.  Herbert and I went to service in the Baptist Church – Rev. Cole Pastor.  Mr. Archie Conner and wife and their two little girls came to see us this afternoon; Mrs. J.E. Holden the wife of the P.C., here, came awhile after, then came Mrs. Miller and her two children, and following her came Mrs. Benthal and her two children.  So we had quite a social gathering.  We are not at church tonight.





11th Mon.  Cloudy.  Herbert left, this m. to be gone until Thurs. night, so he bade me goodbye, as I am to leave, tomorrow, D.V. [Deo Volente - God willing]  It has been raining, today.  I rec’d, as a present from Herbert, a shirt and four prs black socks, which I appreciate cordially as a gift of pure friendship.



12th Tues.  Rain before and after daylight.  I left, this m. in a buggy for Kelford – eight miles from Rich Square.  Allen Shoulders driving.  Fair the latter part of the morning.  It was hard parting from Mildred and Leon.  Got to Washington about 2 o’clock.  Came to Mr. Clyde Harrison’s for the night; after having first seen him in his store.  As the “Mot” leaves for Swan Quarter at 8 a.m. tomorrow.  I will have to leave a day sooner than I expected.  My welcome was cordial.






13th Wed.  Fair.  Mr. Clyde Harrison went to the boat with me taking my suit-case for me.  He went to his store, and he gave me some butter, and a pkg. of “Teco” [self-rising pancake flour], and some fruit to eat on the boat.  Rev. R.R. Grant was a passenger; and Jim Brinn also, on the Mot.  We left a few ms. before 9 a.m. got here (Swan Qr.) a few minutes after 3 p.m.  Bot. some presents for Mamie and her children here and took them to them.  I ate supper with them.  Mamie gave me a dollar with which to buy me a walking stick, next week, on my way to Cameron.  I met Jethro Hooper and Geo. Fearing, here.  I knew them when they were boys, one on Hattaras; the other in Elizabeth City.  I am to breakfast with Hooper tomorrow.












14th Thurs.  Fair and cold, very cold.  Ate breakfast with Hooper.  It has been cold all day.  I slept none too warm last night.



15th Friday  Cloudy; rain this m.  Got up about 8-25 this morning.  Ate dinner at the Swindell Hotel – invited by Mrs. Swindell.  “The Ladies Aid” gave a bazaar tonight.  I went: bot only a 5¢ blotter.


16th Sat.  Fair and cold and windy.  34° at 7 a.m.  Bath this p.m.

17th Sunday.  Fair.  In absence or tardiness of the Supt., I opened the S.S.  Met my class. Ate dinner and supper at Mamie’s.  Carlos Berry and his wife, Helen [Jarvis], and babe were there, too.  At Service in ourCh. tonight.



18th Monday.  Cloudy.  Left on the “Mot” for Washington, N.C.  Rained on the way, and there.  Went to Clyde Harrison’s, as usual.  Warmly recd by the family.  Heavy rain after supper time.



19th Tues.  Fair.  A little snow on the houses.  This p.m., I went to see our P. E., Rev C. L. Read.  He came up town with me.


20th Wed.  Left on N.S. train for Raleigh, at 6-55 a.m., got there about noon.  Left at 4-40 p.m. on S.A.L. train for Cameron.  On the train, Katie Tyson, of Vass came and spoke to me after leaving Sanford.  Miss Jacksie Muse of Cameron took a seat with me, and we renewed our pleasant acquaintance.  We got off at Cameron.  I fell on a concrete pavement but sustained no damage worth mentioning.  I came to Dr. M.L. Matthews’ home, rang the bell, stepped off the porch; as two girls opened the door.  I asked if that was the Hotel, and if I could stay for the night.  As the girls, Olivia, and her young cousin Velma M. went to see about it, I followed to the family room, was recognized and welcomed.  Olivia jumped to me, put her arms around my neck.  Dr. M. soon came in and added his welcome.  The reception was cordial.











Thurs. 21st  Cloudy and warmer.  Dr. M. and I went to the parsonages.  The retiring pastor, Rev. W.B. Humble is preparing to move to Elizabethtown.  Dr. M. gave me a pair of pants, as my others need cleaning at the knee where I fell, last night.  Mrs. M. darned them, and did it well.





22d Friday.  Went with Dr. M., in his car, to Vass, while there, I visited several homes, hurriedly, and was most pleasantly greeted.  Ate dinner at Bro. Angus Cameron’s, my old house.  We returned to Cameron.  At night we attended an entertainment at the Academy.  I received a fine pair of kid gloves today from Neppie as her Christmas gift. 









23d Satur.  Olivia M. left for a visit to her maternal grandmother’s in Yadkin Co., before day.  Arthur Thompson came after me, this m., driving my old Dan and the same buggy I once owned.  Ed. Thompson’s family recd me cordially.  John and Ford. T. are here on a visit for Christmas time.  They live in Hamlet.  We all went to the school house to a Christmas tree.  I got a stick pin, the gift of precious Sallie T.  There were recitations &c. & Santa Claus, too.  Several there I had known.







24th Sunday  Cloudy.  Arthur and I drove old Dan out to S.S. at Johnson’s Grove (One of my former churches)  I taught Dr. Matthews’ (J. H.) Bible Class, in his absence.  Sacks of confectioneries & fruit were distributed.  I got one, too.  Bro. A. Cameron, one of the biggest hearted men in the world, put a V. in my hand as a Christmas gift.  I was grateful.  Several invitations to me.  Tonight, at E.B. Thompson’s (my host) I baptized his baby girl – Alita, and Alsie T’s boy – Russell, and Relmond, their sister’s [unrecognizable word]Will McCraney son.  Yesterday, Ernestine Matthews was 18, and I gave her 18¢.  She gave me a Handkerchief, later.







25th Christmas Day.  The sun is now (10-40 a.m.) shining out.  At Grandma Thompson’s for supper and night.  Several members of her scattered family are here.  Joe T. and Paul Davis (his wife’s brother) and Roby T. and wife, all of Aberdeen; Clyde Thompson, wife and Mazie, of Vass.  All spent the day, and all seemed to enjoy themselves.








26th Tues.  Cloudy with a little sunshine.  I returned to Ed’s and found Mrs. Edwin Thomas & 5 children here.  I baptized the children, using our service for the larger ones, and the infant service for the small ones.  Glennie T. and I came to Mr. Bennett Cox’s for the night; but before we left home, Mary, and Lenora Cox and Lillian Henderson came.  I took Lenora in the buggy with me and G., and drove to near L.'s home, and she and G. got out, and I drove back and met the other 2 girls, took  them in, gave them the horse to drive home.  I visited, for a few minutes, Ab. Thomas’ family (he was away) and then at Mr. Peele’s; then I walked over to B.L. Cox’s home.









27th Wednes.  Cloudy, and a little rain.  Glennie and I returned home about 9 a.m.  Nothing, else, special, to record.

28th Thurs.  Ed. left for Hoffman; John, Fred and Bryant left for Hamlet, today.  Ate dinner at Grandma Thompson’s – Rain about noon and after.  Mary is to sleep with me, tonight.



29th Fri.  Cooler & broken clouds.  Arthur T. brot. me to Vass, this m.  Am at A. Cameron’s, of course.  Dr. J.H. Matthews prescribed for me, and gave me a dollar as a Christmas gift.  Attended a “Singing” at Pres. Ch. tonight.








30th Sat.  Clear and colder.  Nothing to record, today.

31st Sunday  Fair, colder.  At S.S. at Johnson’s Grove.  At Pres. Ch. for service.  At W.J. Cameron’s for the night.