April - June 1918

April 1918

April 1st Mon.  Cloudy:  warmer.  Mails leaving on new time, this m.- an hour earlier, but same hour by the clock.  Had one short April shower at 9-10 a.m.  Was at the E. Egg Hunt this aft’n.  3 girls found 7 eggs each – the highest number found.  I put down a number and the one guessing nearest it won the prize.  The number was 58, and Nela Weston guessed 54 and won.  The prize was a basket of toy chicks.  It is raining this aft’n.  Sunshine at 6 P.M.







2nd Tues.  Fair and warmer.  Encouraging news from the European war, last night-The headlines of The News and Observer said “German War-God did a Losing Business on Easter Sunday”.  God grant complete victory to our Allied Armies, and may we have peace, this year.  Been a fine day.





3rd Wed.  Cloudy and warm.  Clouds were a deep red at 6-30, this m. followed by sunshine.  Dinner at same Hotel, at the request of the Propr-., W. B. Swindell.  Nothing special the bal. of the day.


4th Thurs.  Cloudy and some cooler.  There was a meeting of the War Saving Stamps of Hyde Co., this P.M. in the Court Ho..  At 9, P.M. and before, it is raining, thundering and lightening.



5th Fri.  Fair, and a cold wind, this m’g.  Made a service - 1 star – flag.

6th Sat.  Fair and frosty.  One year ago, today (6th) the U.S. declared war against Germany:  3rd Liberty Loan launched today.  Maud Parkins, Edna Boomer & Willie Harris (3 young girls) came in to borrow my hammer to use at the Disciple’s Church. – in decorations I suppose.




7th Sunday  Fair and cool.  Rev. Walter N. Johnson, Bap. Miss. Secty., whom I knew in his native Co.– Sampson, is here, and may preach, as announced, in our church, this morning.  I went to the Swindell Hotel, last night, to see him; but he had gone to Dan Berry’s.  Getting cloudy about 9:30 A.M.  Bro. J. preached, this morning.  Rode in W.J. Harris’s car as far as Henry Boomer’s where I was expected for dinner.  In the car were Revs. Johnson & Raiolia; going to Fairfield.  It has been partly cloudy all day.  Rain was predicted by Bureau.  I attended the Exercises by the children, tonight, in the Disciple’s Church.   A rocking chair had been provided for me, and I was called upon to open the exercises with prayed.  Exercises were very, very, good.













8th Mon.  Partly cloudy and warmer.  Painted, or lettered, two card-boards, today, for the “Nigger Night School”, to be at Sladesville.



9th Tues.  Rain.  Rained in the night, and raining yet – 7-17 A.M.  Quite a storm on now -   11-10, advanced time, rain, wind and thunder.  A heavy peal of lightning at 11-28; I was dozing in my chair, and it scared me awake.  Afterwards was very heavy thunder.  Sunshine at 2-45.  Increasing cloudiness about 5 P.M.  Looks “squally”.




10th Wed.  Cloudy.  Cold west wind, or somewhere.  Cleared off this afternoon, and more pleasant.  Pastor sick:  No Pr. Mtg. tonight.


11th Thursday  Rainy.  Cleared afternoon.  Dropping rain again at night.

12th Fri.  Mostly cloudy, strong west wind, & colder.  There was a Play given by Fairfield folks Red Cross, in our Academy, tonight, and it was real good.  Bro. Grant gave me a ticket, and Bro. Lyda got a chair for my special benefit, at my request.  Appreciate all.



13th Sat.  Fair and cool.  I got up an hour late, as I went to bed nearly 2 hrs. late, last night, on acct. of the Play.  As the day passes, cloudiness increases.  Dark and cloudy at 5-20 p.m.



14th Sunday  Fair & pleasant, this m’g.  Only 4 in our S. S. Class, this m.  Service by the pastor.  Dinner at the parsonage.  Church service tonight.



15th Mon.  Fair.  Nothing to record.  Have felt sick all day long.


16th Tues.  Fair.  Better, this m.  Edna & Lillian, (Henry Boomer’s children) came with me to my room, this P.M.  Cloudy this afternoon.  All!



17th Wed.  Fair and pleasant.  It is quite windy, here, tonight.

18th Thurs.  Fair and windy.  Increasing cloudiness and thunderings about 4 P.M., with a heavy shower following.  Warm & cloudy tonight.


19th Fri.  Cloudy and warm.  Thunder & lightning about 5 A.M.  Rain after 9.  Dinner at Mamie’s.  Lucile came around and spent about ½ hr. and cut out paper-dolls.  Later, Charles came; and then Mamie.  I gave them jello & cream, and cakes.  Gave Mamie a double boiler I had never used:  I got it to [unrecognizable word] for, but did not do any of it.  Had to get Dr. Plum Swindell to give me a dose of medicine for the bellyache.





20th Saturday  Cloudy. Nothing worth recording today.  Much rain this evening.

21st Sunday  Cloudy.  Heavy rains through the night.  Water covers the street in front of my room, and the next parallel st. east, and reaches a long ways on st. in front of Co. Ho., covering a part of the walk to our church.  Dinner at “Rom.” Watson’s home.



22nd Mon.  Cloudy and cooler.  No service, last night, too much water on the ground.  The water is lower, this morning.  Some sunshine before 10 a.m.  No rain today, but some tonight.



23d Tues.  Sunshine and cooler, this m.  A heavy rain last night followed by clearing and moonlight.  Nothing else to record.


24th Wed.  Fair.  Am lettering a notice for Overton and Berry’s Garage.  It is on canviss two ft. long.  I began it this morning late, and stopt about 6-35, not finishing it.  It is in verse form.  Our mail came in sooner than usual this evening, I’m glad to say.








25th Thurs.  A little cloudy. I finished the lettering job at 12:13.  Took it to the shop, got $2.00, with $1.56 due for it [above $1.56 the word “Pd.” is marked].  Went to Mamie’s and ate dinner with them.  Capt. Thad. Brown let me have 5 gals. Ker. Oil, at 20 cents per gal.  Mr. C.C. Cahoon hauled it up to the store, and Abe Smith bro’t it to my room.  It is windy today, but the sun is shining, but not clear.  Colder night.




26th Fri.  Foulest, rainy.  The day turns out to be a stormy one - wind and rain:  it is now 4-25 p.m.  I went to Dan. Berry to get some clabber.  The mail came in later than usual -  8-30.  It is still stormy, windy etc..


27th Sat.  Still windy, and indications of fairing off - some sunshine.  At night.  It is yet cool and a little windy.  The mail boat late - 9 P.M.


28th Sunday.  Fair and cool.  At S. S.  Dinner at “New Swindell Hotel”.


29th Mon.  Partly fair, cooler.  The day has been pleasant.

30th Tues.  Fair and more spring-like.  Clouding up tonight.


May 1st Wed.  Cloudy, warmer.  Rain in the night.  Sun at 8.  Fair and cooler this aft’n.  Prayer meeting tonight.  No mail as yet.

2d Thurs.  Fair and fine - weather, this m.  No mail.  Boat broke down.

3rd Fri.  Fair.  Had a little fire.  Two days mail came in this afternoon.


4th Sat.  Fair.  No fire needed to warm by.  Mamie is 27 yrs. old today.

5th Sunday  Fair and pleasant.  Preaching, at our church, by Rev. Rawles, the Baptist pastor.  About 4-30, three girls, - Mildred Mann, Marcelyte Swindell and Blanche Carrawan brot. me a caramel pie, as pay for the notice I lettered for the Pie Party last night.  Mrs. Howard (?) made it.





6th Mon.  Fair and warm.   7th Tues.  Fair and some cooler.  “Tommie” Swindell (27) came in this P.M. and spent a while with me and I was glad to see him.  He has been teaching in Beaufort Co..  On my invitation, Prof. J. N. Duncan, Prin. of one school, and Prof. Willie G. Credle, Co. Supt. of Ed. came in, and I showed them my scrap-book.





8th Wed.  Partly cloudy, this m.  Thunder about 8.  Some (3) little girls came in and wrote of my t-writer.  Dr. J.Y. Joyner, State Supt. of Education spoke tonight to a good sized audience in the Court House.  Windy this P.M.



9th Thur.  Prospect for fair, and it was fair.  Nothing special.

10th Fri.  Fair, with some clouds passing.  The body of “Flave” Spencer, Jr. (19 yrs age) came in from Raleigh, last night.  Apr. 25th, 4 - P.M. he, with a fellow student (Evans) of the A. & E. College, were recklessly riding a motorcycle, (about 60 miles hr) and to avoid a car they ran into a tele. pole, and were very seriously injured.  Spencer died Wed. night (8).  Evans is reported better.  Five cadet students came with the corpse.  I went of to his bro. Carol’s, this morning, and quite a few were there.  They are gone to Fairfield to bury him.  I carried some ribbon (for a Service Flag) to Mrs. C.A. Jones, to make for me.  She gave me a dish of stewed oysters.  It is windy and dusty, today.







11th Sat.  Fair and pleasant.  I have a Permit, from the State Food Adm & approved by our Co. Food Admr , to purchase flour without having to buy cereals with it, as is the law during hostilities.



12th Sunday:  Somewhat cloudy, and looks rainy.  Faired off before 9 (?).  S. S. & Church service.  Mamie sent Charles around to my room to ask me to go there for dinner.  I was making lemonade at the time.  I went with him, of course.  Recd a letter from Weston, last night.  It is fair and windy this aft’n.  At service by the pastor of our ch. tonight.









13th Mon.  Fair.    14th Tues.  Mostly cloudy, and windy.  Shower of rain now (11-20).  Mostly fair all day.  It is raining now (9-30) at night.


15th Wed.  Cloudy and wet.  Bro. Grant came around, this A.M. and had me typewrite 4 copies of Donnell Farm Ex. Acct.  Mamie sent Lucile & Charles to ask me to dinner there.  I went, and found 2 girls of the Oxford singing class there:  they were Agnes Holder; and Mary Shelton.  I came back and finished the accounts.  He pd. me a dollar check for the work, in behalf of the Donnell Farm Co.  W.T. Berry gave me a ticket to the concert, tonight.  There was a crowded house for the concert of the Oxford children.  Past 11 getting back home.






16th Thurs.  Cloudy yet, and dreary.  The singing class left, this m’g, all (16) in a truck car - benches on the sides.  The concert was good – O.K.



17th Fri.  Cloudy this m.  Have been lettering a 2-yd. cloth for the Red Cross folks -   Dinner served during Court, next week.  The Court will not begin before Wed. or Thurs., on account of the murder trial in Washington.  It is the case of Ormond & others charge with killing B.H. Thompson.  I started to the Academy to attend the “Musical”, but was too tired, and I turned back.  C.L. Read, P.E. is at the Swindell Hotel:  I called.




18th Sat.   and cloudy yet.  Rev. S.A. Nettles, of Fairfield, came with me to my room this P.M.  He is to deliver a sermon before the school, here, tomorrow.





Sunday 19th  Somewhat cloudy, as usual for a week past.  There was no S.S. this m.  The school children marched from the school to the church and occupied the middle row of benches; girls formed the choir; and 2 sang a duet at offertory.  Bro. Nettles preached about 57 min. to a large congregation.  Dinner with him at parsonage.  There is sunshine, this aft. and has been sprinkling somewhat.  As Bro. Grant had to take Bro. Nettles back to Fairfield, and will bring the P.E. back in the morning, there is no service tonight in our Church.  It is 9 P.M. and the Disciples’ bell is just ringing for ch.







20th Mon.  Fair.  The 2d Qr. Conf. here today - The P.E. - P.C. - 3 stds. and myself took dinner with the P.S. at parsonage - Bro. Maj. Fisher, std. was there too.  Bro. Read - P.E. - is sick.  Dr. Herbert Mann (Dentist from down the Co.) pulled a broken tooth for me this aft.:  using Dr. Plum Swindell’s forceps.  It save me a trip to Washington.  I am so glad it is out.  I went to the school entertainment by the smaller children tonight, and it was good.






21st Tues.  Fair and warm.  This is Red-Cross Week.  Drive for $100,000,000.  The school closed tonight with Graduating Exercises, - 3 girls - 1 boy.  Three prizes were offered, or, presented.  First was the Greeley Brinn Medal”, won by Mildred McGowan:  Second one went to Etta Beal Grant for best progress in music; Third won by John Madison Berry (my grandson 7 years) for winning the most hundred marks:  his prize was a Thrift Card with 4 stamps in it.






22d Wed.  Fair.  J. Mad. [John Madison] came around, as I told him to do, this morning, and I added another Thrift Stamp to his card.







23d Thur.  Fair.  As the pastor (R. R. G.) was at a Red-Cross Meeting out of town, last night, I conducted the prayer meeting for him.  Hyde Court began this m.  Judge Conner, Jr. presiding.  The court was detained in Beaufort Co. on account of a murder trial, and continued until 3 P.M. yesterday.  This court should have begun last Monday.




24th Fri.  Fair.  The “KooSuit” came last night, and the coat is too large.  The suit is a gift from Bro. Grant:  his came also.  Later, he came around with his “KoolSuit”, and we concluded the clothes were O.K.  He tho’t the coat not too large for a summer suit.  Bro. Grant has been very kind to me since we have been here; this suit is one gift of many he has given since he came - Suit, rocking chair, typewriter paper, R.R. fare to conf. & others:  May the Lord graciously reward him.  This morning, Mrs. W.L. Spencer, having collected from several, paid me $1.50 for the banner I painted for the Red-Cross chapter.  I immediately turned over to the “Second Red-Cross War Fund”, to Mr. A. B. Litchfield, collector.  I have patronized the Red Cross yesterday and today.









25th Sat.  Fair.  This is a Special School Tax Election day in the Co.  I did not register, as I have not been paying taxes for three years.


26th Sunday  Fair.  I layed off my winter clothing (underwear) last night, for the summer.  At S.S., this m. I was elected teacher of the Wesley Bible Class.  I was its first teacher.  Willie Credle was elected as my successor, and now I am his:  he is to leave for Camp Tues.





27th Mon.  Fair and warm.  Today, about 40 were here to be sent off to the training Camp Jackson, tomorrow; among them is Munsey Weston, my wife’s nephew.  Tonight, the soldier boys were served Ice-Cream and Cake; and after the girls and the boys had formed a ring, and skippt around the O. F. [Odd Fellows] Hall.  I left.




28th Tues.  Fair.  I went down to the Boat to see the 42 boys leave for Camp Jackson.  There were quite a number of girls and men there to see them off:  they went on the gas-boat Mot. 



29th Wed.  Fair and warm.  I painted, this m’g, a Memorial Day Notice giving notice of the Pres. call to prayer for the success of our armies and for our glorious cause; by suspending all business from 11 A.M. to 1 P.M.  I painted 2 crosses red with black border, and a white star in center.  It is admired by many, and complimented.  A real warm day.




30th Thurs.  Fair.  Memorial Day, and Day of Prayer for the success of our Armies.  Services at our church, at 11 A.M.  Bro. Grant came around, this aft. and got me to typewrite a page of accts.  A light shower, or sprinkle fell on our dusty streets, this p.m. glad to say.




31st Fri.  Cloudy.  Signs of a refreshing rain, last night.  It is getting hot and sultry before 11 A.M.  Went to Mamie’s, and they were eating dinner; I ate with them.  John Berry (my son-in-law) came around and changed the screen door from the upper to the lower door:  it was much needed.  Mamie and the children came also, and spent a while with us.



June 1918

1st June:  Fair & hot.  Painted a notice for Mr. A. D. Tunnell, this P.M. 25 cents.  Little Jim Hayes came in while I was cooking dinner.  He ate honey & biscuit.






2nd Sunday  Fair and warm.  After S S., I stopt in at W.B. Swindell’s Hotel to see Benners, Jr. who returned home last evening.  Being asked to stay for dinner I reluctantly (?) stayed.  I enjoyed the good dinner which was finisht up with ice-cream and cake, twice.  I attended the Childrens’ Day Exercises at the Disciples Ch. tonight.




3d Mon.  Fair and warm again.  “J. Madison” is 8 yrs. young, today.  It is cloudy, and thundering, and sprinkling rain bet. 4 ½  and 5 P.M.  John Madison rec’d a dollar and 17  from his “Daddy” and brot. it around to me and I gave him 50 cents to complete his Thrift Stamp Card; I went with him to the P. O., and exchange the T.S. [Thrift Stamp] Card for a W.S.S. Card & 1 W. S. Stamp; after which, I typewrote his name and address on his W.S.S. card.  We have had a shower of rain, this aftn.  It is still warm and cloudy, 8 P.M.






4th Tues.  Cloudy.  Fair later in the day; and right much cooler at night.

5th Wed.  Fair.  This is Registration Day for those who have become twenty-one since the 1st regis. a year ago today, for military service.


6th Thurs.  Fair.  Nothing worth recording.  Show in our town tonight.

7th Fri.  Cloudy.  I attend a marriage in the Disciples’ Church, this morning – 8-30 o’clock- the couple being Rev. “Willie” J. Swindell and Miss Blanche Swindell.  They expect to be in Charleston, S.C. tonight.  I ate dinner (bread and chocolate) with Mamie, today.  There seems to be a storm on hand, (8-25 P.M.) heavy clouds, wind and rain & lightning.





8th Sat.  Partly cloudy.  A needed rain fell last night:  cooler today.  Eclipse of the sun, this P.M., promised.  Cloudy weather may obscure it.  Sunshine this aft.  I saw the partial Eclipse – about 2/3 of total.  Cool today.





9th Sunday  Cool.  At S.S. & church service this m. ate dinner at the parsonage, as usual on 2d Sundays.  Cloudy this evening.  Service tonight.  A larger crowd out than usual.



10th Mon.  Mostly fair.  I filled out my Thrift Card; surrendered it to the P.O., and got my first “War Saving Stamp”, and put it in my Safety Deposit Box in the Bank of Hyde.  A Red Cross  speaker – Mr. Lane, of Boston, who has charge of the So. Div. of the R.C. spoke in the C. Ho. tonight.  It was a splendid talk he gave us.  He is a Methodist preacher, he said, (privately).




11th Tues.  Fair.  Have been unusually feeble - weak today.   12th Wed.  There has been a high wind all the afternoon & evening.  Did not go to the Prayer Meeting, tonight, as I was feeling as unwell;  if they had any.


13th Thurs.  Wind quiet, this m.  Partly cloudy.  Nothing else special.

14th Fri.  Fair.  The mail came by auto: the boat is being repaired.

15th Sat.  Cloudy.  Took my bath about 1 P.M. instead of 10 P.M. as I usually do.  It is much cooler this evening.  Fair most all day.



6th Sunday  Fair & cool.  I was prepared to go to Washington, this morning on the “Mot”, as Capt. Thad. Brown told me it would leave today, or, tomorrow.  While in S.S., he came to the door, and told me they would leave at 6, a.m. tomorrow.  We have a new sexton, and S.S. was earlier today.  I ate dinner at the Lupton Hotel, today.  Service in our Church tonight.




17th Mon.  I got up about 3 a.m., 20 m. earlier than I set the alarm for.  Capt. Thad. said he would leave at 5-30 A.M.  I took a shave, cooked oatmeal, and cocoa.  Went to the boat at 5-30, and no one was there.  We finally got off at 7-40 a.m.  Mr. Stronalan and I, the only passengers, Ar. in Washington exactly 7 hours from starting.  I went to S.R. Fowle’s store and saw my friend Clyde Harrison who told me arrangements were made for me to eat at his house, and room elsewhere, as they were “full up”.  Went to Dr. A.S. Wells’ office to get my teeth examined.  He pulled three, after much effort, as they were hard to loosen up.  Rode in back to Clyde’s home.  Sent for Neppie, and she came over right away: she is stopping not far away.  She brot. me over to a Mrs. Willis house where I am to room while here.  My gums and head are paining me.
















18th Tues.  Fair & cool.  I rested better than I feared I would, as my gums were so sore.  I stayed at Clyde’s until after dinner, except about an hour at Mayhew Paul’s, where Neppie is.  Walked up town this P.M.  Neppie came in a car for me (at Mr. Fowle’s store) to take a ride around town, and out to the park.






19th Wed.  Fair, becoming cloudy.  Raining again.  Walked up town, made some purchases, of course.  Rev. C. L. Read, our P.E. hailed me across the street, came over, and treated me to a milkshake.  On nearing house (Clyde’s) I stopt to see “Marget” - Mrs. Harrison’s sister Margaret Foreman.  I did not go up town any more during the day.  Neppie came about 3, and stayed an hour with me.  Rain this P.M.  4-30 - 7 (?)  Neppie came again after supper & stayed until my bedtime, and she and I went to where I room, and she bade our goodbye.










20th Thurs.  Cloudy and windy.  Left Washington, on the “Mot” at 9-35 A.M., instead of 8, as anticipated:  We passengers were myself, Guy Guthrie (our Co. Supt.), Mrs. Tom. Long and her 2 little boys, and “old man” Adams.  We reached S. Qr. at 5-5 P.M.  Just 7 ½ hrs. coming.  Lucile (my little gr dau) came around; I gave her a penny, and she had to go spend it.  Mamie (my dau) came later.







21st Fri -  Fair, and cool.  My gums are still aching.

22d Sat.  Cloudy & windy.  Rain fell before day,  I am glad to say.  Alternate clouds & sunshine throughout the day.


23d Sunday  Fair and cooler.  As I found difficulty in teaching class, this m., owing to my teeth being out, I offered my resignation, and Prof. Guy Guthrie was elected as teacher.  Mamie sent Lucile around, this m., as I was preparing to get my breakfast; she sent fried chicken and biscuits.  But my gums are so tender, I cannot eat any but soft things with any comfort or pleasure.  Rev. Mr. Rawles, Bap. Pastor; preached in our church, this m.







24th Mon.  Fair.  Nothing to record, today.    25th Tues.  Cloudy.  At 3-10 P.M.  There is a windstorm, and a heavy cloud in the S. & W.  Darkening followed by rain about 3-15 but there was very little of it.








26th Wed.  Cloudy.  Rained in the night.  Mrs. Alec. Berry gave me a large paper-sack full of irish potatoes, and four eggs.  Faired off warm, by 10 A.M.  Cloudy again, this P.M. and much colder;  I had to change coats.  I rec’d a letter from the Y.M.C.A in San Francisco from D.H. Klinefelder, as best I can make out the name.  It is puzzling to me:  1st, it was addressed to me at Cameron, N.C.”  2d,  It stated my son had confessed Christ.  This is gratifying to me; but 3d, It said he had “confessed” to him (the writer) that he had not written to me “In years”, while the truth is I have had several letters from him this year, and for a year past.  I do not understand this.  I have written to Weston about it, and enclosed the letter I received tonight.  It is drizzling rain.










27th Thurs.  Yet cloudy and cool & drizzly.     28th Friday  Cloudy early;  Sunshine later.  Mamie sent Lucille & Charles to ask me to eat dinner with them.  I did so.  Jim Hayes, Jno. Madison and Lucile & Chas. spent a while with me, this m.  There is to be Patriotic Exercises etc. at the S.H. at 6 P.M. in the interest of W.S. Stamps; today closes the drive begun Monday.  This is a national affair for every  S.Ho. in the union.  Not many there.





29th Sat.  Fair, and warmer.  “District Mtg.” of the Disciples, here, today.

30th Sunday  Fair and pleasant, this m.  Ate dinner at Mamie’s.  Pleasant day.