April - June 1917

[April 1917]

April 1st Sunday. Fair and pleasant. Funeral services over Mrs. Wm Benners Swindell – (“Miss Emma”) were conducted, in our church, this morning, by the pastor, Rev. R.R. Grant, assisted by Rev. Mr. Henderlite (a Presby. Min.) and myself. The burial was at “The Lake Cemetery”, nine miles east, near Soule’s Church. I rode with John and Mamie, in their car. A large crowd was there. I assisted Grant at the grave. Dinner at Mr. John Berry, Sr., John’s father. The day has been a fine one, glad to say.  [The "Lake Cemetery" is Soule Cemetery, named after the church.]





2d Mon. Fair and pleasant - springlike. The U. S. Congress is called to meet today in extraordinary session, to consider the war question relative to the part the U. S. is to take in the matter at issue between us and Germany, growing out of the U-Boat Affair as conducted by Germany. Grant paid a pop-call this p.m.




3d Tues. Cloudy, windy, dusty. Some rain, after 8 a.m. Began cleaning about 2-30. Ate supper at the New Swindell Hotel. After supper, Benners S. came home with me to see my typewriter.


4th Wed. Fair and frosty. 48° at 6 a.m. Cold wind all day. Bro. John W. Conner, of Belhaven, came in to see me, tonight.



5th Thurs. Rainy. At request of Miss Leta Berry, last night, I conducted the morning religious exercise at the Academy. I got quite wet returning, and went to Mamie’s and dried my clothes. There has been a very heavy rain, and much water on the ground. It is still raining – 12-50 p.m. Sunshine at 6-18, after a severe rain storm. Rain before 7 a.m.; stop before 11 p.m. = 12 hrs.  [Mary Leta Berry married Capt. Thaddeus Brown]




6th Fri. Fair and windy. P.M. Strong wind and cloudy. The mail boat sprung a leak, here, and we’ll get no mail, tonight. Went to see Grant, tonight, and witnessed a marriage there – Mr. Jeff. Credle, of Sladesville, and Miss Sallie Hooks, of Fremont, N. C. and who is one of the teachers in the Sladesville School. [Hyde Co. Brides' Index indicates that Sallie G. Hooks was age 24 and Jeff Credle was age 29.]  Cold, tonight.



7th Sat. Fair and cold, this m. The afternoon has been pleasant.

8th Easter Sunday, fair and pleasant, this morning. Easter Service and Communion at our Church, today. By invitation of the pastor, I ate dinner at the parsonage; after which I went to R.H. Tunnell’s [Robert Henry Tunnell] for a short while. Miss Annie Watson, also, ate dinner at the parsonage. Elizabeth & Minnie were not at home for dinner. Rain, this evening. Supper at the New Swindell Hotel. No service tonight, on account of the rain and the mud.





9th Mon. Cloudy and cold wind. Water backed up in the streets, owing to lack of drainage thru the piping. At 3-40 p.m. water is still backed up in the streets, and for some miles, in the country. Fair this p.m. The rain, last night, was very heavy. I finished reading the Old Testament, all of it, this morning. The mail was an hour late – bro’t three days mail in.










10th Tues. Fair and colder. At 2:00 F. Lodge tonight. Few out.

11th Wed. Fair and 50°, at 6-30 a.m. Painted a small sign.

12th Thurs. Fair. 60° at 6-30. Dinner with Dan Berry, today as I was invited to do, yesterday. This is a real spring-like day.


13th Fri. A little hazy, not right clear, at 7 a.m. 66°. Today is the occasion of the first Hyde County Commencement for the Colored people. Prof. N.C. Newbold of Raleigh delivered a good, practical, interesting address, after I led in prayer. There is a splendid and creditable exhibit, by the colored schools, in the Court House. At about 12-25 bad weather set in and dispersed the crowd just as the spelling class was spelling in contest. It is now, 12-37, thundering, and there is a light rain. It has turned cooler.  [Newbold was NC Director pf Negro Education.]






14th Saturday. “Overcast”. 48° at 6-40. Nothing special, today.

15th Sunday. Fair. 48° at 7-20. I went to S. S. to our class. Ate dinner at the Harris Hotel. After dinner, I went to the “New Swindell Hotel” and spent about two hours; of course I did not eat there, if dinner was on, and I was asked to it. I had aplenty, and good enough for anybody. The day is fair, but not clear. A__? Williams, of Boston, gave me the May copy of the “Cosmopolitan”. I attended service in our Church, tonight. Grant made a good talk.





16th Monday. Fair. Wrote 22 cards to advertisers, 3 letters to different ones, one of them to Weston’s Capt. inquiring about him, another to Neppie and one to Camilla Byrd. I rented a “Safety Deposit Box in the Bank of Hyde”, and placed in it, “My Last Will”. My paid-up Policy ($200.00) in The Equitable; and also Mother’s two china goats, the gifts of both her husbands. Clouding again.






17th Tuesday. Overcast, some sunshine. Nothing to record.

18th Wed. Fair. 64° at 7 a.m. Dinner with Mamie today. Dr L.H. Swindell examined and prescribed for me this a.m.


19th Thurs. Fair and warm. I got my old Panama Hat, this morning. I had it cleaned, blocked, and re-trimmed, thru D.L. Berry. It was in very bad condition, but is now as good as a new one. The work was done in Charlotte. Cost $1.50. Quite a number of people from different parts of the Co. are here for the Co. Commencement tomorrow. I ate supper, by invitation, at the Lupton Hotel. Debate at the Academy tonight, held by the High Schools of the county. I went, but my seat, (on the steps) was too uncomfortable and so I left.






20th Fri. Partly cloudy, early, fairing, warm. County Commencement today. 2:10 p.m. I ate dinner at Mamie’s. Am glad to say I was not one of the judges in the contest: I was for two years past. The day has been fair and warm up to this time. Quite a large crowd in town today. There were several of the Berry family at Mamie’s for dinner. This aft., I went around to the Academy and saw the jumping contests and the hurdle contests and, at another part of the town, I saw a baseball game. 8-37 p.m. The day has been fair and quite a warm one.







21st Sat. Fair and warm. Nothing special to record today.






22d Sunday. Overcast. I did not attend S.S. this m. John and Carlos Berry carried me, in a car, to C.C. (Lum) Cahoon’s, a mile out, where I stayed until about 4 p.m. I ate dinner there, as promised. Mr. J.S. Barnes brot me to town, in his buggy. Ate supper at Bob Tunnell’s.



23d Mon. Fair and pleasant. Bro. Grant, PC., came in this p.m. I put up two screens to the front windows, one Sat., the other this morning. John Berry (my son-in-law) put up two at the ends.


24th Tues. Fair and cool. No mail, last night. Here this morning.

25th Wed. Cloudy, cooler. Rained, last night. Mamie sent me a piece of lemon pie, by Lucile and Chas. Fair, mostly, this afternoon. At prayer meeting, tonight. Invited to R.H. Tunnell’s for dinner tomorrow.


26th Thurs. Showery. Dark cloudy at 8-50 a.m. Dinner, at Tunnell’s was of “turnip-greens, dumplings, and pot-liquor”, as was promised. I enjoyed it, too. After eating and sleeping, I arose – 3 p.m. and found a storm on - rain, hail, thunder and lightning: the street in the front of this house is covered with water. No mail again, tonight.




7th Fri. Partly fair. Nothing to record. Mail too late to wait for.

28th Sat. About as yesterday. No mail for three nights. Late.

29th Sunday. Overcast. Rained last night. Colder. This is the first Sunday in two years, or more, that I either did not go out for dinner, nor have an invitation, somewhere. With a N.E. wind it is cold and unpleasant service tonight.



30th Mon. Sunshine before 9. Nothing else.


May 1917


1st Tues. Partly fair, and warm. Cloudy and stormy, this afternoon, and windy, too. School Exercises at the Academy, tonight. They were interesting, especially “The Tom Thumb Wedding.” The Groom was little Jimmie Hayes, the Bride was little Christine Windley [born 1909 & daughter of Dr. Richard E. Windley and his wife, Pearl]. The officiating minister was Edward Credle in the garb of an Episcopal Priest. There were several attendants. Little Margaret Swindell sat in my lap.



2nd Wed. Fair and pleasant. At the Academy, tonight the school held its closing exercises. An able address from Mr. F.C Harding, of Greenville, was greatly enjoyed. He told me he knew my wife, called her name and told me that his brother, Judge Harding of Charlotte, wrote him a letter saying he met me in Troy. The gold medal for Proficiency was given to Blanche Caraway [this should be Blanche Carawan], and books, went to two other girls, one of whom - Marcelyte Swindell [daughter of Wm. Benners Swindell, Sr. and his 3rd wife, Emily "Emma" Jordan], was not present. _______ Ballance received the other book. The prizes were delivered by Rev. R.R. Grant, with a talk. [The blank space before Ballance means he did not remember her name. It was probably one of two sisters, Thelma or Gladis.]





3d Thurs. Fair and pleasant, again, and some warmer. I ate dinner with Mamie, today. Nothing else to record.


4th Fri. Overcast. This is Mamie’s birthday - 26 years old. She and Lucile and Charles are now (8-48 a.m.), I suppose, on the mail-boat going to Belhaven to be with Carlos and Helen until Sunday. I wish them a pleasant trip there and back. Half past ten, and there is rain. Partly fair before night. Mr. R D. Harris is trying a new remedy for rheumatism; he told me about it. It was: (unrecognizable two words) - 2 parts, sulphur - 1 part, honey to mix well. Am trying it, too.  [Carlos Randolph Berry, Sr. married Helen Eugene Jarvis.]









5th Sat. Overcast and warm. 70° at 8-15 a.m. Nothing special.

6th Sunday. Partly cloudy, and mostly, it is much cooler this m’g: Was at S.S. and taught the W.B. Class, in the absence of the teacher, W.F. Credle, who has gone to Raleigh to enlist in the Army. After S.S., I went to see R. H. (Bob) Tunnell, who is sick. From there, I left in a buggy, with 2 young ladies, for Thomas A. Harris’ for dinner, as promised, yesterday. I learned that Mr. Tripp (Harry) had his arm broken while cranking his car in Currituck. It is cloudy and right cool. It has sprinkled rain, a little. Service tonight. Few out.






7th Monday. Partly fair, but not much. Tom Harris asked me to go with him over to Bridgeman’s Store. I did so. He made me a present of a 4 in hand tie which I appreciated. It is cold and cloudy. The mail-boat has an earlier schedule. Came an hour or more sooner. Raining, tonight.



8th Tues. Cloudy, windy and disagreeable. Rained last night, all night, perhaps, and this morning is misting. Tide rising, also. On account of the rough day, the mail-boat stayed here, so no mail tonight.


9th Wed. Fair, this m. The Epis. minister, Rev Mr. Noe, is conducting a “mission”, or series of meetings in our church, here; Rev Mr. Matthews, of Ohio is doing the preaching – only night service. I attended, tonight.  [Noe was Alexander C.D. Noe.  He later would be appointed to St. Thomas Parish in Bath, NC with the mission of restoring the Colonial church.  He retired from St. Thomas in 1953.]

10th Thurs. Cloudy early, but fair the bal. of the day. Cool weather now.


11th Fri.  Fair and pleasant. I arose a little after 5 a.m., got my breakfast and went to the boat to see if frances had come. Bro. Grant kindly took me, in his car, to service at the Presbyterian Church, this afternoon. With us were Bro. Robt. Jennette, and Grant’s three girls. The girls stopt at Essie May Harris’s. Bro. J. stopt at Mr. Bridgeman’s store and there-about. G. & I went to the church where the prot. Mtg. was. Rev. Mr. Crane was doing the preaching, helping Mr. Hinderlite, the pastor. Mr. McNut was song leader. I bought some things at Bridgeman’s; and coming back, we stopt in at “The Co. Store” where I made some other purchases. Nice daytime. Mr. Lupton invited me to a dinner of turnip greens and so I gladly went. The mail boat came in sooner than usual. At service tonight. Some rain.











12th Sat. Cloudy with occasional sunshine. Took my bath this a.m. Mrs. Leilia Brinn gave a supper to Rev. John Matthews, tonight and Rev. R.R. Grant and I were invited, and we went, and all enjoyed the occasion. Service tonight, by Mr. Matthews. Fair.  [Leilia was the widow of Greely Brinn, Sr.]



13th Sunday. Fair and cool. This m. - 6 a.m. At S S. and taught the class. Service by Mr. Matthews followed with the communion. Dinner at Mr. C.A. Jones. Cloudy, in part this afternoon. Special service for men at 3-30. I took part – hymn – prayer & reading. Mr. M. played the organ. Supper at the Swindell Hotel. The “Mission” service closed, tonight. Sill cool.





14th Mon. Fair. Still cool. Nothing special.

15th Tues. Fair and more pleasant. Mamie and the children (Lucile & Chas.) are here (11-05) for a while. This evening, Mamie handed me a Marriage License for Clifford Cahoon and Laura Berry, who wish me to marry them at her (Mamie’s) home tomorrow night. There is a $5.00 bill with the license – Good.  [Hyde Co. Bride's Index states Laura Berry was age24 & Clifton C. Cahoon was age 25.]







16th Wed. Fair and pleasant, this morning. I married the couple – Cahoon- Berry – at the home of John and Mamie, tonight. Fee $5.00.


17th Thurs. Fair and warm. I learn there were four marriages, last night, in this section, Cahoon-Berry; Nat Credle – Eloise Lupton; Branch Spencer – Ora Caraway [Carrowan]; and another couple I do not know Carrawan – Bridges: all four married by different ones: Later – heard the last two not married – no license issued said the R. of D. [Register of Deeds]. Dinner at Bob Tunnell’s today – not expected. [Eloise Lupton, age 18, married Nathaniel Credle, age 25, on May 16, 1917; Ora Carrowan, age 18, married Edward B. Spencer, age 22, on May 16, 1917]



18th Fri. Fair, Foggy early this m. Warm day. Mrs. Lupton again invited me to eat turnips with them, and I did. It is warm weather.


19th Sat. Fair and continued warm. Nothing transpiring.

20th Sunday. Fair and warm. At S.S. Dinner at The Swindell Hotel: had turkey, and strawberry short cake. Service at our church tonight. I asked Mr. C.A. Banks, of Windsor to go with me and we went and came together. He is a Baptist.



21st Monday. Fair and warm. I changed to summer under-clothes, this morning. Superior Court, this week. Judge Frank A. Daniels, presiding is a brother of Josephus – the Sec. of the Navy.



22d Tues. Fair and pleasant. Henry Boomer, from the Lake, brot. me a piece of butter that his wife sent me. Mr. T.R. Benson also brought me some (1/2 #) butter. I ate dinner at Mamie’s today. John’s Mother, father, and bro. Rube, and little Marjorie were there for dinner, also. It is a warm, windy and dusty, and disagreeable day.  [Henry Clay Boomer of Lake Comfort married Ina Ballance Benson.  T.R. Benson was Thomas Ruffin Benson and was Henry C. Boomer's father-in-law.  Rube was Reuben Walton Berry.  Marjorie was Marjorie Holderby, daughter of Betty (Berry) Holderby.]





23d Wed.  Some rain, last night. Partly cloudy, this morning. Cloudiness increasing before 7 a.m. By invitation, I ate my dinner at Mr. Lupton’s Hotel, after which, I came home with a piece of their cake, and ate it with the nice strawberries brot. me, this morning, by my old friend and former school-mate [in Elizabeth City] Dr (Bob) R.N. Cartwright, of Fairfield. It is now (1-22 p.m.) thundering and cloudy – looks rainy. At 1-34, it is hailing. Broke out two south window lights in this house. I learn that cotton is badly injured by the hail. There were two hail storms, and another storm, all three making up in about the same place. Cleaning. At seven p.m. another rain and thunderstorm is upon us.








24th Thurs. Fair and cooler, since the hail, of course.

25th Fri. Fair, and a little warmer. Had oysters for supper.

26th Sat. Fair and a little cooler. Bath this m’g. Nothing special.

27th Sunday. Dark clouds gathering 7-32 a.m. At 8-30 the sun is shining, there has been no rain, so far. At S.S. Class this morning. Dinner with my daughter, Mamie Berry. There has been no rain here today. Somewhat cloudy this p.m.




28th Mon. Fair and warm; it is not clear, this morning. Today 33 years ago, wife and I were married. She has been dead nearly 19 years – July 31st next. 14 yrs. of married life. It is cloudy and very windy and dusty, this afternoon. Up to 2:15 p.m., I have not been off the lot, today. Quite windy.









30th Wed. Fair. Nothing to record yesterday. This evening I secured $28.00 in subs. & cash for painting the parsonage. This is Memorial Day in the State and Nation.


31st Thurs. Somewhat cloudy. Sub. increased to $42.50


June 1st Friday] Fair, this morning, and warmer. Some clouds. Went, in the car with Bro. Grant, to the burial of Bennie Cahoon [Benjamin Franklin Cahoon was born Nov. 3, 1890 & died May 31, 1917], about 1 ½ miles east, on Credle Road. Very warm weather.

2d Sat. Fair and warm. Qr. Conf. at Soule’s, today. I went to Soule’s with Bro. Grant. Constable preached, and the Qr. Conf. followed. Grant, Read and I went to Bro. Fisher’s [Major Graham Fisher] for dinner, and we had a good one. We came to S. Qr. in the afternoon, leaving at 3 p.m. Bro. Fisher came with us. The others returned to “down the Bay”, and I stayed home.





3rd Sunday Shower about 5 a.m. followed by sunshine and the prospect of more showers. Went with John Berry and Mr. Alec Berry, to Soule’s Quar. meeting. Mamie and the children were along, but stopt at Mr. John Berry’s (Sr.). Bro. Read preached on “Render to Ceasar &c”. The Communion followed the sermon. Returned to Mr. Berry’s for dinner. About 3 p.m., I walked on to see Mrs. G.H. [George Henry] Weston (my wife’s sister) [who was Henrietta Tripp (Weston) Weston] attend services, at the School House in front of Mrs. Weston’s,. Service by Mr. Hinderlite, the Presbyterian Preacher. Quite a dark cloud hung over us, and Dr Baxter-Bell kindly brot. me, in his car back to Mr. Berry’s. While there, we had a very heavy rain, and we came off before it stopt. The rain stopt just after we got back to Swan ¼ about 7 p.m. On account of the weather &c. the P.E. did not preach here, tonight.











4th Mon. Cloudy and cool, and some rain early this morning. Some sunshine, this aft’n. On my way home for dinner, Walter L. Spencer called me in his home to talk about Rev .13 in ref. to this world war. He insisted on me staying for dinner, and I did so, reluctantly. Rev. Jno. P. Bross, now of Oriental, came in my room to talk to me on the Pecan Tree Business he has engaged me for, in Currituck Township, of this co., and for Beaufort Co. Nothing else special.





5th Tuesday. Cloudy with a little sunshine. This is the great Day in the whole nation for the Registration, under the “Selective Draft Law”, of young men born between June 6th 1886 and June 6th 1896, to be drafted into the military service of the country; and may God have mercy on us, and give us victory. This is for the “War of 1917”: between the United States with her allies and Germany and her allies.







7th Thurs. Fair Went to see Mr. Jim Hayes who is sick; afterwards, rode out to the Co. Home, in car with Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Harris. Went to see Mr. Joe Sawyer, the Supt., who is very low. Between 2 & 3 p.m. it is very cloudy and dark; now misting rain and thundering (3 p.m.) Got a long delayed letter from Weston, my soldier son, tonight. He is now in Cal., again.








8th Friday. Fair and warm. Our S.S.  W.B. Class went on a picnic to Great Island, this morning. I did not care to go, and did not. Stormy, this afternoon, and raining at four thirty. Dark.



9th Sat. Cloudy yet – looks stormy. No storm, however.

10th Sunday. A good deal of rain before 7 a.m. and occasional showers and sunshine since. It looks like a stormy day. I attended S.S. and taught the class, in the absence of the teacher. A very heavy rain fell during preaching service, and rained and poured for quite a while. I went home with Staton Howard, in the rain and we were all wet, more or less. I gave my umbrella to Mr.  H., as I had my raincoat and overshoes. The rains were severe and frequent. Part of the road and walks are under water, so I had to go around another street to get home; but I stopt in to see Bro. Rube Harris, and stayed for supper. I left there after 8 p.m. My windows were all up, but fortunately very little rain came inside. Windows are all on the North East and South, but none South West when rains came.








11th Mon. Thick, cloudy and showery, this morning. Another dreary rainy day (10-30 a.m.) Still rainy, thunderous & gloom. A wide drain is being made to run off the water in front of the C.H. Went to see Eddie Credle – he is sick. Mr. Milton Credle loaned me his horse and buggy, and I drove up to Staton Howard’s, got some clabber; stopt to see Mamie, on the way back. It is fairing off some; it will ruin potatoes & truck for the sun to shine out hot for a day or so, now. Nothing else.








12th Tues. Fair, with some clouds. Nothing worth recording.

13th Wed. Fair and hot. I drest to go out calling and (Soto Voce) to get my dinner, without special invitation, with visiting kin folks of my wife’s people; but after I bathed, shaved, put on my white tie with blue cross-stripes, and my best summer black suit, and sallied forth to the expected, I learned the aforesaid kin folks had gone elsewhere for the day; and so I returned and donned my every day suit for the balance of the day. The painter (Jones col.) began painting the parsonage today. I am given the honor of being the starter of this much needed work. I have collected, to date, $48.25, but we want to raise $100.00. Prayer Meeting tonight.







14th [Thurs.] Partly cloudy. Watched the painters. Went to see Eddie Credle.

15th Friday. Mostly cloudy. Some rain in the night. Still cloudy.

16th Sat. Cloudy and cool, this m. A card from Neppie, this m. said she was in Washington: am somewhat expecting her here tonight. She did not come. I went to the boat, in a car, to meet her. Disappointed.


17th Sunday. Fair and warmer, glad to say. At the kind invitation of Miss Annie Swindell (Neppie’s special friend) I am to eat dinner with her today. Afternoon, I went there for dinner and had a good one. Visited the sick this aft. Service at our church tonight.








18th Mon. Nothing to record.    19th Tues. Partly fair. I ate dinner at Mamie’s, and left immediately afterwards as she made it unpleasant for me by talking politics.


20th Wed. Partly cloudy. There was a meeting in the C. Ho. tonight, in the interest of the Red Cross. An organization was effected. Several speeches were made. About $79.00 raised.



21st Thurs.  Partly cloudy. Looked for Neppie on the Mot, but not contrary to what was to be expected, she did not come. O. well!

22d Fri.  Fair. Made coffee, this m., the first in many years. It was weak. There was a good shower during the night. Didn’t hear it. Grant and I went out (3 miles) to Joe Tunnell’s and took dinner there, as arranged previously. Minnie G. stopt to visit Marina Jarvis. I spent an hour or two with Cecil Harris’s family, next house. This evening, late, I rode in the car with Mr. W.J. Harris. He carried Rev. Mr. Crawford, (Presby.) to Rev. Mr. Hinderlite’s (Presby.) – two miles or more. He came in on the mail boat. There is an ice cream affair in the C.H. yard, tonight. I loaned them my lantern, and bought some ice cream and cake.  [Marina was daughter of Jerome Jarvis and Annie Harris.  Marina later married Robert Glenn Baum.]






23rd Sat. Fair. Hot, today. Dinner with Grant, today, unexpectedly.

24th Sunday. Fair and hot. At S.S. this m. Dinner at Mr. Lupton’s. I went up to see Edward Credle; he is up, now – about well again. Two girls Beattrice and her little sister, Lizzie May, and Maggie Griffin went with me to see Mrs. Tooley who is very low. Mamie and family came around, in their car, for me to go over the creek with them, to Cecil Harris’s. The family were not at home. “Miss Mary” Somebody was the only one of the family there. We soon came back. I am to have service at our church, tonight, not to preach. The lighting plant being out of commission, there was no service tonight.  [Edward, Beatrice & Lizzie May were children of Thomas Martin Credle and Lizzie McCauley Payne.  Maggie was daughter o David Macklyn Griffin and Sallie Bett Cason.  Mrs. Tooley was Petrona Conklin, wife of Calhoun H. Tooley.  Cecil Truman Harris was husband of Eula Ree Berry.]





25th Mon. Fair and hot. Went out to Mr. Sanford Harris’s, (after dinner) and got some new honey, just taken. Elizabeth and Minnie, Grant went also, in their car. Mr. Grant went on after a lady, and we stopt at the lane, and got the honey. Grant drove in for us, on his return. Rev. Mr. Crawford preached in our church, here tonight. A small congregation.




26th Tues. It is hot again. Dinner at Harris Hotel, by invitation of Mrs. Harris.  [Mrs. Harris was Amanda Swindell, wife of Wm. Jabin Harris of the "Harris Hotel".]

27th Wed. Fair and no cooler. Dinner at Mamie’s. Painting the C. Ho. red. Grant had me to hold Prayer Meeting, tonight. He went over to the “Tiney Oak” S. Ho., with others, in the interest of Red Cross Work.

28th Thurs. Still fair and hot. We had no mail, last night, because some fool had tampered with the boat machinery as she could not leave here at all, yesterday. A miss hurts.


29th Friday Fair and windy. This aft. I attended the burial of Mrs. Calhoon Tooley [Petrona (Conklin) Tooley was born Dec. 2, 1850 & died June 28, 1917] at the residence. Went and came in car with Mr. W.J. Harris. The Episcopal Minister, Mr. Noe, conducted the service. Bro. Grant led the prayer, at the grave; I pronounced the benediction. A new pr. of shoes were given me, today, to go to the Dist. Conf. in next week. (See Sept. 24th 1917) Grant and C.A. Jones gave 50 on them, Bro. Tim Berry [William Timothy Berry] made made a present of the ballance: the special price was $3.25. God bless these men. Very dusty and windy this p.m. There is rain, tonight & thundering.






30th Sat. Fair. Nothing special. Annie talked with Neppie on phone.