The Church Moved by the Hand of God

In 1876 the Methodist people in Swan Quarter decided to abandon the temporary places where they had been holding services and to establish a permanent church building. They agreed on a spot on which to build the church, but the landowner would neither sell nor give the land. Therefore, they selected another site and erected a one-room frame building.

On September 16-17, 1876, three days after the church had been completed and the dedicatory service had been held, a severe storm swept through the coastal section. The town of Swan Quarter was flooded and the newly built church floated intact to the very spot the church people had wanted.

The landowner was so impressed he immediately conveyed the land to the people, and they named the church "Providence", declaring it was moved by the hand of God.

By 1907 the congregation had grown and it was necessary to build a new structure. The brick building was erected in 1912-13. E.O. Spencer purchased the old frame building and used it for a barn for many years.

About 35 years ago the building was moved back to the original site and attached to the brick building. It was renovated and is now being used as a fellowship hall and for Sunday School classrooms. A modern kitchen and bathrooms are contained in this building.

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