Division of Negro Slaves
belonging to
Wm. Marshall, dec'd.
(Researched and contributed by Mona Marshall Prado)

Negro Slaves

Division of Negro Slaves under order of Court belonging to the estate of William MARSHALL Nov Term of Court 1810.

David GIBBS and Henry GIBBS 3rd and David CARTER cousins. (David GIBBS was the father of Seth GIBBS. The grandfather of ____? & Seth __ and Henry GIBBS 3rd was the grand father of J.S. MANN.

Facts about John Marshall, Nancy Northan & Thomas John Marshall

Thomas John MARSHALL attended Normal College in Randolph County which became Trinity College in 1859 and is what today is known as Duke University.

Braxton CRAVEN was president of Normal College which was a teacher training institute with a three year degree. In 1858 in the MARSHALL guardian papers, a bill from Braxton CRAVEN is found for tuition--$8.00, Food--$1.50, Board--$20.00 and Room & Washing--$5.00. Braxton CRAVEN died in 1882 and records for Normal College can be found at Duke University Archives in Durham, NC.

Thomas John MARSHALL named a son after Braxton CRAVEN. I am not sure if Thomas John boarded with Mr. CRAVEN or elsewhere at the school.

John MARSHALL died sometime in 1836 per his estate papers. His wife Nancy remarried Hilliard GIBBS and she apparently died about 1840 after her son Felton GIBBS was born.

Robert M. BURRUS was guardian to Thomas John apparently after the death of Nancy's parents. John NORTHAN appears to have been his guardian from May 12, 1839 to 1842 and Mary NORTHAN received payment for six months board 23 Feb 1843. John NORTHAN died in 1840 and Mary NORTHAN, his wife, died in 1846.

Robert M. Burrus is guardian in 1842, 1846, 1849, Dec. 1848, 1850-1855 and 1857 with a guardian bond signed May 31, 1841. A petition was filed in Feb. court 1857 for a settlement of the estate due to Thomas John MARSHALL's age of 21 but was refused by Robert M. Burrus. A court docket notes that 98.50 was paid Feb 21, 1857 to Thomas John MARSHALL as an apparent settlement.

Thomas John MARSHALL married Sarah Ann TODD and Nancy L. was born in 1858.

Names listed in guardian papers include:

Sources: Hyde Co. Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions and Julian Mann Private Collection Hyde Co. at N.C. Archives. Written on a piece of paper as indicated. Titled: Negro Slaves.

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